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ICEHOUSE 1982 Classic “Great Southern Land”

Extract of some key Lyrics

Anyone will tell you it’s a prisoner island,

Hidden in the summer for a million years

So your looking to the land,

It will tell you a story,

A story about a journey ended long ago

They’re gonna betray you,

They’re gonna forget you,

Are you gonna let them take you over that way?


Our Australian Nation has been betrayed by Socialist Political Mentality

Since 2000 C.E. my home Australia has been in a state of serious decline, we have sacrificed our once great ‘Lucky Country’, when we were reasonably self-sufficient in Manufacture and Primary Industries, including Quality Food Production.

Violence on our streets were low, women and children for the most part lived free and safe. People could walk the dark streets at night, without fear. But now that has all changed.

The degree qualified fools responsible for this disturbing state of incompetent affairs are our leaders, yes you are right, our politicians are directly responsible for the decline of Australian Self-Sufficiency.

There are many independent politicians that have contributed to this foolish position that now darkens Australia’s right to live free and self-producing. But the three major culprits that contributed to this demise of Australian Quality of Life are the following three main political parties that became so selfish in their own obsession for greed and power, completely self-serving that they failed to consider the rights of the people, the ‘True Blue Aussies’ that worked collectively, in a wide range of different skills in Primary and Secondary Industries, the backbone to our Nations Quality of Life Survival.

These Three Incompetent Political Parties are as follows…

The Greens Party.

The Labor Party

The Liberal Party

We could write volumes of pages, in fact volumes of books, about all of the reasons these political fools smashed the quality of life standards that we once enjoyed.

The food industry, our lifeblood is becoming a disgraceful supply process. CEO’s are betraying the people and failing to be openly honest with the consumer. Quality of food sizes and quality of food standards are in decline and only we the ‘Baby Boomers’ seem to notice the difference today in food standards, compared to the higher standards that once existed before the late 1990’s.

Clothing standards are weak, as cheaper imports which lack strength and reliability that once existed in our clothing manufacturing process, before like idiots, we gave it away to overseas countries that have failed to meet our standards, which are clearly no longer defined by the greed obsessed CEO’s importing overseas goods, which we Aussies, once could make better.

Australia in minerals is a wealthy very fortunate country. We have the ability to make our own steel, our own cars, and many other products. But now we sell our raw materials and buy back again and again, different substandard levels of metallic and machinery products.

We have the ability to make our own military products, planes, boats, submarines etc. We do nothing because incompetent politicians void of pragmatic vision and love for their country are intellectually lazy. And they say we humans should respect people with University Degrees for leadership jobs. Like Hell! College People? Bah! Far too many degrees are awarded to people that are clever in courses and exam rooms, but are not smart in real life. They lack courage, vision and calm pragmatic persistence to always strive to do the right thing.

There is no place for Socialist Political Correctness in a wholesome self-sufficient quality of life society.

‘Cosmicism’ is now here, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ and it will effectively and efficiently evolve if people have the courage to stand with its commitment to evolve and build a better quality existence for all human beings.

In bullet list objectives we must start turnaround recovery of rebuilding Australia. This task belongs to the Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren of the ‘Baby Boomers’ now mostly retired and many sadly deceased.

First Priority

  • Abolish anti-freedom of speech 18C. A good wholesome society cannot fix problems without the eternal human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’.
  • Stop accepting immigration of any ‘Jihad Muslims’ that demand replacement of the Australian Constitution with ‘Sharia Law’. Permanently Expel any person, Muslim and non-Muslim, that seditiously fights to impose anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ in Australia.
  • Reduce the cost of Energy to more than half of current costs. This means rebuild the coal industry and reduce the renewable excessive costs energy process. Stop using tax payers money to support the Renewal Energy Process. If renewable energy cannot stand on its own two feet, it should be marketed out of business. Businesses need lower energy costs to survive and pensioners and poor people definitely need lower energy costs.
  • Renewal Energy must be a permanent evolving alternative energy objective, but it still must be competitively affordable. Society has long way to go in evolution of better technology before that alternative becomes achievable.
  • Coal and Nuclear Energy are still the best choices to help rebuild Australian self-sufficiency.
  • Never vote for the Anti-Freedom of Speech Socialist Greens and never support the anti-freedom of speech GetUp organisation, they are directly responsible by their idiotic policies for the decline of Australian Freedom and the demise of Australian Self-Sufficiency.
  • Demand that the Labor Party returns to once more becoming a genuine ‘Workers Party’, which means they must get rid of their Socialist mentality and completely divorce themselves from the Greens. If Labor cannot stand on its own two feet as a genuine ‘Workers Party’ like it once did, then it is not worth a damn.
  • Demand that the Liberal Party gets rid of its Socialist mentality which rules some of its political leaders. Sack backstabbing Socialist Malcolm Turnbull and bring back Tony Abbott or Peter Costello to help build the Liberal Party, until a new younger wiser leader comes forth to strengthen the goal of rebuilding Australian self-sufficiency in Manufacturing and Primary Industry in materials and food.
  • Gradually phase back in import Tariffs, to help rebuild our own self-sufficiency. Do so calmly, wisely and pragmatically. It will take thirty years to rebuild Australian Self-Sufficiency.
  • Get rid of knee jerk, shooting from the hips emotional politics, stay focused on pragmatic logical thinking and measured objectives.
  • Work towards lowering of taxes.
  • Young ones must work for a living not sit at home collecting hand-outs.
  • Pensioners must qualify for the pension at 65 years of age, not at an older age. If Pensioners are being denied retirement at 65 years, if they so choose, then the political income of politicians in retirement must be slashed by 70%, to stop their greed obsessed demands. Remember it is the peoples taxes that are paying for Politicians and retirement benefits. And if they refuse to support the pension age of 65 years then politicians should also be ruthlessly slashed in retirement benefits.
  • Always remember, Anti-Freedom of Speech ‘Politically Correct’ Socialism/Marxism is a transition stage of ‘Communism’ and is focused on the complete destruction of Capitalism, Democracy and Freedom Values. Never tolerate Socialists in politics always vote them out. There is no place for Socialists in a ‘Free Society’.

There are obviously many objectives needed to be launched to return Australia to a freedom quality control Capitalist Society that creates a constant flow of job opportunities for people to help them live quality of life self-sufficiency, without need of government aid, until pension retirement age at 65 years.

Begin implementing the above critical path objectives to get rebuild of Australia started, and then add other common-sense objectives gradually, on an as required, achievable objective.

Never tolerate Socialism.

Allan Ivarsson 2018

“I Still Call Australia Home”

Released June 1980… Song written & Sung by the Boy from OZ,

Peter Allen







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