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My God is not a creator of physical reality. My ‘God of Creation’ is a ‘Spiritual Engineer’ a ‘Great Spiritual Guide’ of wisdom teaching immutable laws that have always existed. True to the infinite nature of God’s ‘Cosmic Consciousness’… I receive through channelling ‘Cosmic Communication’ which is passed down to all intelligent life forms that reject hate, abuse and violence.

My God is a ‘Great Spirit’ Mentor that teaches how to solve problems, how to discover things and how to upgrade knowledge and skill when we are ready to comprehend such valuable insight.

My God is within self, being true only to people that reject hate and violence and all fixed dogma ritual ‘Belief Systems’.

My God only recognises ‘Open Mind’ that values ‘Truth’ and ‘Wisdom’ founded upon the essential learning of Communication, Mathematics, Science and the ‘Art of Philosophical Intelligence’.

My God rejects ‘Totalitarianism’ in all forms.

My God treasures ‘Liberty’ the eternal value of the Universe.

My God is ‘Nameless’ and only has a ‘Nametag’ for ease of communication.

My God is ‘Of the Creation’ like us and all of life and all existence.

My God does not promise a life hereafter…

My God simply says that… “Something Beautiful Will Happen.”

Allan Peter Ivarsson 2014

P.S. “I believe, all science knowledge that has helped mankind, improve the quality of life, was given to us, through automatic channelling process, even when we humans did not recognise the source.”

I am not asking anyone to believe what I believe…I am simply sharing what I believe…which takes me above the clouds with the eagle.

Authors Note: ‘My God’ was published on e-mail to ‘Global Friends’ November 15th, 2014.

Source: Kindle & Paperback book… ‘Philosophical Intelligence’

“In God We Trust”

Means we ‘Trust in God’s Spiritual Guidance’ which teaches Love, Peace & Non-Violence.

Becoming a ‘Cosmicist’ is not a conversion process. It is an adaptation process, which is forever learning and upgrading knowledge and skills, on an eternal ‘Quest for Truth & Wisdom’ that recognises no limits, no end to learning.

The way of ‘Cosmicism’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’, the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of 100% ‘Freedom & Equality’, using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is a continuous improvement process, backed by philosophical courage, persistence, determination, and Positive Mental Attitude, void of ‘Optimism’, motivated by reality-based ethics belief in “Strength, Honour & Chivalry”, founded upon the art of living life free in spirit, without surrender, being true to thy own self, living life as the eye of calm in a storm, facing reality head-on and treasuring ideality as a vision, a goal, an evolutionary plan.

As a ‘Cosmicist’ the spirit of caring goodwill, is committed to reaching ascension at the end of a lifetime of experience, way past the adventure of enlightenment. The great challenge is to never stop learning more input.

‘Optimism’ is a negative feeling treasured by weak thinking dreamers, that lack the willpower to make their dreams come true.

‘Positive Mental Attitude’ people, never allow depression to infiltrate their personal feelings. They are always ‘Can Do People’ that stay focused on wholesome achievable projects every day of their life. To the best of their ability, they make good things happen.

Quote Source: Paperback ‘The Ant & the Frog’ [Quote not published in Kindle Edition)

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