Should Allan Ivarsson Apologize to Xi Jinping for his past harsh criticism of Jinping?

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Mao Zedong the evil one revered by Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades.

The Chinese People are forced to speak publicly well of this Mao Creep that murdered over 80 million people and use money with his image of violence imposed upon them.

Should Allan Ivarsson Apologize to Xi Jinping for his past harsh criticism of Jinping?

Read Allan’s answer below…

‘Tiananmen Square’ the region of the 1989 Massacre of Peaceful Ahimsa Students.

Even today the ‘Reverence of Violent Mao Rules the Chinese People’ and Xi Jinping supports this submission to oppression.


This article is important as tabled by the Guardian on the 13th, September 2021, because it opens the door towards deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the ‘Cultural Revolution’ launched by Mao Zedong in 1966 after he took control of China in 1949 (except ‘Taiwan’) and Tibet in 1950. The political violent bully process used by Mao and other subsequent leaders is inspired by the evil 1848 published ‘Communist Manifesto’ dark wrong thinking philosophy of German Karl Marx (1818-1883).

This report is titled ‘The Guardian view on Xi Jinping’s China: rectification, not revolution’. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This Guardian viewpoint simply opens a door of inquiry and learning about the evolution of ‘Communist China’ since 1949 through to 1966 and forward to 2021 present. If this report encourages us to explore more needed understanding, then it has done its job. Whether we like it or not, we must learn about the dangers of anti-freedom ideology ‘Marxist Socialist Communism’ lest we and the world loses its eternal human right to live free.

If ‘Communist Beijing’ succeeded in ruling the world as a Superpower, 25% of the World’s population would perish in every generation thereafter. Communists do not care about God, Decency, Children, Humanity and the eternal right of people to live free.

In the past I have persistently attacked Xi Jinping and Communism head-on. I have a zero tolerance towards any anti-freedom ideology. And that lack of ‘Tolerance’ is eternally correct and justified. But if Xi Jinping and his family is a history victim of unjust treatment by past enforcers of ‘Communism’ and if he is doing a Gorbachev working inside the ‘Communist Party’ system striving to soften ‘Communist Dictatorship’ to improve the quality of life for all I shall be the first to apologize for my critical attacks against Xi Jinping.

But right now, I have not seen any evidence that Xi Jinping is focused on freeing Chinese Society or threats against other Nations and thus I must hold Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party accountable for their regime of dictatorship, focused on oppressing humanity one evolutionary step at a time, until no one on this planet shall ever live free again. Such a Society Existence Result is not an acceptable consequence, caused by an evil dark thinking philosophy created by a disgraceful person, i.e., Karl Marx.

“Should Allan Ivarsson Apologize to Xi Jinping for his past harsh criticism of Jinping?” The answer is, “No!” Because ‘Communist Beijing’ continues to revere and praise Mao Zedong who was a cruel man responsible for the deaths of millions of Chinese people and for destroying the lives of millions of Chinese Families. Xi Jinping failed to criticize and reject Mao, even during his term of power in the Communist Party from 2012 to now plus. Xi Jinping has supported his father’s commitment as a revolutionary communist leader pushing the cause of ‘Communism’ against the Chinese people that simply just wanted to live free. Xi Zhongxun his father, was a member of the Communist Party of China from 1928 to 1993. He lived from 1913 to 2002 (age 88).

“Fifty-five years ago, China was in turmoil. Mao had launched the ‘Cultural Revolution’ to eradicate opposition in the party and cleanse the country’s political soul, using the power of the masses. It would last a decade and claim well over a million lives; 36 million people were hounded, including Xi Jinping’s father, who had previously been a senior leader. The current president [Xi Jinping] was himself denounced and spent years living in bleak rural poverty.(i)

A.I. comments… There is a serious flaw in this Guardian statement it stated that over a million lives were lost during the ‘Cultural Revolution’ 1960’s to 1970’s, a key intense date of 1966 for millions of Chinese people victims of Karl Marx/ Mao Zedong evil oppressive political philosophy. Out of 36 million people victimized it has been recorded that over a million lives were killed, often very cruelly. But it fails to put the overview truth on the table and mention the ‘Great Chinese Famine’ in which over 30 million people cruelly died due to Mao Communist Policies in ‘The Great Leap Forward’ (Second Five Year Plan) 1958 to 1962.

Hereunder are the overview facts…

‘The Great Leap Forward’ (Second Five Year Plan) 1958 to 1962.

‘The Cultural Revolution’ aka ‘The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution’ (former name), was a violent movement in China from 1966 until Mao Zedong’s death in 1976. Mao playing the role of ‘Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) decided which he stated that the goal of the ‘Cultural Revolution’ was to preserve Communism by violently purging all capitalist and traditional elements from Chinese society. He deliberately destroyed statues of Chinese history to eliminate Chinese culture. Mao failed in his ‘Great Leap Forward’ campaign which caused the ‘Great Chinese Famine’ five years previously when he cruelly destroyed the lives of millions of people by starvation.

Mao created a ‘Cultural Revolution Group’ and demanded young hoodlum Chinese people to use violence against all that opposed the ‘Communists’. He fought to wipe out all so-called bourgeois [Middle Class] elements (bourgeois a Karl Marx terminology) that were focused on restoring Capitalism. Mao used the violent Marxist ideology ideas of ‘Class Struggle’ to remove revisionists by force. Rebel groups around the country were created engaging in grab power struggles including the formation of the ‘Red Guards’. ‘Revolutionary Committees’ were established in 1967 and the ‘Peoples Liberation Army’ was sent in to restore order, an Army that is still operational today in 2021 used constantly by Xi Jinping.

The ‘Red Guards’ were a mass student-led paramilitary organisation created and guided by Mao Zedong. Like Mao, they were a treasonous group of hoodlum youths that were focused on destruction of the Chinese people’s right to live free.

‘The Cultural Revolution’ was responsible for the death of over 20 million Chinese people. A history of massacres followed during ‘The Cultural Revolution’.

The history of ‘Communist China’ is founded upon ‘Five Year Plans’ from 1953 to current date interfaced with many internal violent periods and great starvation periods in which millions starved to death or were cruelly killed, many women raped, others imprisoned and forced into suicide, tortured, hard labor, harassment and seizure of property and public humiliation.

Even today enemy of the Pro-Chinese people that want to live free…  namely, Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades, still revere Mao Zedong. I wish hell existed because that is where that evil creep belongs.

By Mao destroying an agrarian culture millions of Chinese people died of starvation that is the legacy of Mao in his ‘Great Leap Forward Plan’ followed by other massacre assassinations of people, supported by circles of other mass killings since 1949 and after his death in 1976.

The truthful history has been oppressed by Communist Beijing hence a muddy information trail hides historian information. Since 1949 as I have tabled previously over 80 million Chinese people have been murdered by the anti-freedom ideology of ‘Communism’, including one million people in Tibet since the 1950 ‘Communist Invasion’; and thousands murdered in Tiananmen Square and surrounding rural regions whose only crime was to peacefully in support of their right to live free, be Pro-Democracy Demonstrators, wanting an important discussion and hearing with the existing 1989 Communist Beijing Government, who responded by cruelly massacring all peaceful people for having the courage to ask for the right of change. Even the famous brave ‘Tankman’ vanished.

Given the bad dark experiences Xi Jinping and his father endured, we now need to ask the question, “Why is Xi Jinping so aggressive towards the ‘Free World’ and towards the people of Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia? What is he thinking? What is his agenda? Has he been brain-wrecked by the anti-freedom ‘Belief System’ of Communism? Or is he thinking like Gorbachev, looking for a gradual way to dismantle the oppressive rule of ‘Communism’?

We may never know the truthful answers to theses questions, all we can do is focus on reading his decisions and the consequences of Xi Jinping thinking. I do not believe Xi Jinping will be truthful about his motives, hence we must measure Xi Jinping ‘Belief System’ by his decisions, results and consequences.

“Unsurprisingly, Mr. Xi has spoken scathingly of the ‘Cultural Revolution’ in the past. Yet many now see growing echoes of the era. The Communist elders who survived the disaster sought to cage the power of the leader through consensus and new conventions. Under those, Mr. Xi would be expected to step down as general secretary of the party – the role that gives him real power – next autumn, after 10 years. But putative successors have been sidelined or ousted, and # dismantling term limits for the presidency, his other position, was a clear sign he plans to continue. The overt hostility to foreign influences is growing. A personality cult is flourishing; new textbooks on Xi Jinping Thought tell young schoolchildren that “Grandpa Xi Jinping has always cared for us … ” (i)

# A Despot tactic also used by Vladimir Putin Russia.

Previously I wrote, “That’s on the surface… But what is underneath?”

Given that the Communist Elders have chosen to enjoy a position of Greed and Power, it suggests that whatever bad experiences they suffered in the past they have chosen not to care about others and focus on caring only about themselves. It appears like Xi Jinping influenced by his own younger year bad experiences, is reacting in a somewhat similar way but is focused on overthrowing the wrong attitude of the Elders to stay in power following his agenda. It suggests that Xi Jinping aggressiveness towards the West is too send a message not only to the West to lift its game or submit to his dictatorship but also to all ‘Communist Elders’ that want to remove him from office that he will not tolerate their efforts to oust him from his position of authority and supreme power.

I sense that Xi Jinping’s efforts to publish and share new textbooks to schoolchildren may be a softening attempt to help children enjoy a better quality of life than he enjoyed, helping them to build a better society, not following the foolish societal mistakes made by people in the West who have abused and misused their privilege of freedom void of respect of others. If Chinese Education teaches children to respect and care about others, then Xi Jinping will have succeeded where the West since the 1980’s has failed due to the incompetence of Psychology, the cowardice of Christian Leaders, and the acceptance of the disruptive invasion of ‘Politically Correct anti-freedom Socialism’ which is designed to weaken ‘Western Freedom Values’ and allow ‘Communism’ to take over control of the West.

However, that sense maybe an illusion because other thinking and behaviour enforcing unjust regulations suggests the opposite is true and the hypocrisy of Xi Jinping so-called caring thinking… is not so caring after all.

The Textbooks no doubt promote the anti-freedom dangerous negative thinking of ‘Politically Correct’ Marxist Socialism, which denies children growing into adults to ever live free; and worse they will never know the value of ‘Freedom’ and what it is. Their minds will live in an oppressed controlled state never knowing something better. And when their creative mind starts to work and Socialism says, “No”, they will feel frustrated and powerless to change their position and create significant new opportunities for themselves and others. Thus, the children following Xi Jinping Textbook training will become ‘Puppets on a String’.

China’s turn towards increased repression has accelerated under him [Xi Jinping]. The crackdown in familiar realms – on civil society, religion, academia, the defence of Hong Kong’s autonomy and minorities, especially Uyghurs – went further and faster than anyone expected.” (i)

“Now it is expanding into areas that the party had long ago retreated from. Recent weeks have seen a spate of attacks on everything from big tech firms to actors and pop stars, to private tutoring. Children will be allowed to spend just three hours a week on online gaming. Ride-hailing services are under pressure. Regulators have ordered broadcasters to shun talent shows and “sissy men”. And a key party committee announced that China needed to regulate “excessively high incomes” to ensure “common prosperity” – suggesting a substantial turn towards redistribution.” (i)

A.I. comments… This increased oppressive control of the people proves that anti-freedom ideology ‘Marxist Socialist Communism’ is not and will not ever be a justice system and will always vary in rules depending on whoever is in power. This Despot method of ‘Communist Control’ is no different to the centuries of ‘Monarchy Rules’ where people were cruelly mistreated or kindly treating by the changing seats of Kings and Queens. There was no true ‘Freedom’ and ‘Justice” under rule of Monarchies and likewise there is no true ‘Freedom’ and ‘Justice’ under the dictatorship of ‘Communism’ and ‘Socialism’. The ignorant people of this world need to wake up.

The idea of controlling ‘Capitalism’ is designed to pass forward greed and power advantage to all ‘Communist Leaders’ like Xi Jinping but such ‘Communism’ tactics will backfire because it will discourage effort to achieve more, hence people in frustration will automatically reduce their performance in work standards delivery. Where is the motive to excel in work performance at any level of work, if they are denied the right to earn more income? Only lazy greedy people want handouts and are focused on scam tactics to get something for nothing with no concern about others. And that is what Communists are… users, thieves and betrayers of good people that value their right to live free. I will never apologize to Xi Jinping. He is not worthy of respect.

One of the envy mistakes ‘Greed People’ make is to whinge about the vast gulf gap between the rich and the rest of society. I know people who started poor and became wealthy rich because they worked hard and used their talent to achieve their vision. Many I never met but read about including actors, made it from poor to rich by hard work and talent. If people do not make it, it is because they were lazy, negative and refused to work hard and upgrade their education and skills. Sadly, some may be victims of accident or inherited health problems. The most amazing courageous man during my lifetime history is ‘Stephen Hawking’ (1942-2018 76 years). 99% of people have skills ability at different levels, they are accountable for their own money management skills performance and their achievements. No one is responsible for their performance level; every person is accountable to themselves in a free world. In an anti-freedom ideology world people are unjustly slaves to dictatorship, hence they gain nothing, supporting evil tyrannies like ‘Communism’. I have no sympathy for fools that support Socialism and Communism; they will get what they deserve oppression, suffering and cruelty.

On September 20th, 2013, Kathrin Hille Financial Times Beijing correspondent delivered an important must-read report, titled ‘China’s ‘sent-down’ youth.’ Additional reporting by Zhao Tianqi. (ii)

(ii) China’s ‘sent-down’ youth | Financial Times (

“In the 1960s and 1970s, millions of young Chinese were sent to the countryside to ‘undergo re-education by poor peasants’.” (ii)

A.I. comments… There is a high risk this report of important information vanishing from history and that loss would be sad disappearance of important historical understanding about the bad experiences of millions of Chinese people during the so-called ‘Cultural Revolution’ organized by evil Mao Zedong.

Meanwhile Across the Sea, we Australian ‘Baby Boomers’ were luckier, we lived free as ‘School Children’ in the early mid 60s and as young working adults into the 70’s plus years. We did not know what was happening in ‘Communist China ‘and what evil Mao was doing to the young Chinese people. It was not until the early years of the Twenty-First Century that I and many others began to learn more about the ‘Dark Thinking’ and tragic experiences that the Chinese people endured since 1949. We learned of the 1989 ‘Tank Man’ news flashes of Tiananmen Square’ before the Internet took off into a technology expansion process. Even today many of the young Aussies still do not know the tragedy of the Chinese people and their suffering caused by the anti-freedom ideology of ‘Communism’. Most of our knowledge about ‘Communism’ only came to us through the Vietnam War and its horror. And via the history of the Communist ‘Soviet Union’ since 1917 through to Mikhail Gorbachev ending the Soviet Union. The dark side of China was not in knowledge available to the average Australian and no doubt American. But the truth is now expanding out into the open and must be told to stop more ‘Communist Deceit’ tabling propaganda lies.

Unlike many others I read the Karl Marx ‘Communist Manifesto’ in 1984 motivated by own self-education study of Philosophy, Belief Systems, Science and History since the late 1960’s.

I have condensed this important history to critical path information so that the tragedy of this history is not forgotten. “We shall remember; Lest We Forget”.

Forced Hard Labour on Farms and in Forests by Communist Gangster Mao Zedong.

“On September 17, 1968, the train took an 18-year-old [lady] Ma [Shangzhu] and 305 other students more than 2,000 km from her middle school in Shanghai, to the wooded hills and deserted plains of China’s far northeast, close to the Russian border. They were among more than 17 million Chinese urban youths sent to the countryside to do hard labour on farms and in forests in the 1960’s and 1970’s.(ii)

Mao Zedong ordered, “It is necessary for the educated youth to go to the countryside and undergo re-education by the poor peasants. We must persuade the cadres [people trained for a particular skill] and others to send their sons and daughters who have graduated from elementary school, middle school and university to the countryside, let’s mobilise. The comrades in the countryside should welcome them.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Thus, Mao cruelly focused on oppressing millions of youths so that he could control them and use them as poor slaves to work unjustly like prisoners to support his greed for ownership and control of China and Tibet. Mao truly was an evil man and is a traitor of once ‘Free China’ (1912-1949). Mao Zedong for the history books is guilty of ‘High Treason’ against the ‘Free Republic of China’ (1912-1949). And his portraits around China including in ‘Tiananmen Square’ should be torn down and destroyed. Mao Zedong is not worthy of recognition in history- he was not a good man.

“With the start of the cultural revolution in 1966, schools all over the country closed. Many of the children who followed Mao’s rallying cry to “go up into the mountains and down to the countryside” ended their education after elementary school. The transfer engulfed about 10 per cent of China’s urban population.” (ii)

A.I. comments… The lives of millions of young Chinese people were unjustly destroyed by driving them into poverty as labour workers. Their loss of education and opportunity to do better was taken away by Mao’s dictatorship uncaring mentality. In short millions of young people were conned, manipulated by Mao’s pretence that he cared about them.

Xi Jinping was also a victim at the age of 15 years. He was sent to the poor Chinese province of Shaanxi. He returned home seven years later to Beijing at the age of 22 years. His young years childhood was taken away from him to serve as a labourer. When Xi Jinping left home, his father (Xi Zhongxun) who was a veteran revolutionary leader had just been imprisoned.

“… Mao’s rule: a violent intrusion of a totalitarian state into people’s lives. For many, it amounted to outright deportation and imprisonment in labour camps, depriving an entire generation of their youth and ripping millions of families apart.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Even now the Communist Beijing Government reveres Mao Zedong and his evil seditious (treacherous) treasonous behaviour against the once free Chinese people (1912-1949).

As I previously said… “Should Allan Ivarsson Apologize to Xi Jinping for his past harsh criticism of Jinping?” The answer is, “No!” Because ‘Communist Beijing’ continues to revere and praise Mao Zedong who was a cruel man responsible for the deaths of millions of Chinese people and for destroying the lives of millions of Chinese Families. Xi Jinping failed to criticize and reject Mao, even during his term of power in the Communist Party from 2012 to now plus. Xi Jinping has supported his father’s commitment as a revolutionary communist leader pushing the cause of ‘Communism’ against the Chinese people that simply just wanted to live free. Xi Zhongxun his father, was a member of the Communist Party of China from 1928 to 1993. He lived from 1913 to 2002 (age 88).

“… in the Communist party’s official narrative, the hardship, loss and terror disappear behind tales of adventure and romance. In the party-controlled media’s reporting on Xi, those years made him a practical, thrifty person, sharpened his eye for the needs and concerns of the ordinary people and heightened his understanding of the countries economy. # Other official accounts praise the wonderful years the young people had amid nature and say that the movement formed an elite that became the backbone of the “New China”, a generation with a strong ability to endure hardship.” (ii)

A.I. comments… in other words the Communists put on their coloured ‘Red Glasses’ to hide the truth and deceitfully present a false knowledge history to cover up what really happened, an existence of hardship, suffering, cruelty and miserable death. Xi Jinping and all of the Communist Beijing Comrades are guilty of dishonour and treason against the Chinese people, millions of them that just want to live free as displayed in 1989 Tiananmen Square where hundred were massacred and thousands more in surrounding areas. Their crime as decided by anti-freedom Communists is that they simply wanted to live free. And the ‘Communist Manifesto’ doctrine by Karl Marx approved of this massacre.

One thing is true… the generations of China do have a strong ability to endure hardship. But Communism did not give them that ability. The ‘Chinese Culture’ and centuries of historical experience taught them to endure hardship, generation after generation, those that migrated to the USA and Australia in the 19th Century also demonstrated their ability to endure hardship and their ability to work as a team. The oppressive nature of ‘Communism’ during the Mao regime and thereafter did more than use their historical ability to endure hardship, it cruelly killed those that rejected ‘Communism’ and wanted to live free.

# As for the idea that Xi Jinping is concerned for the people is a lie. He only cares about those he can rule by dictatorship. It was evil Jinping that instructed the arrest and imprisonment of people, owners and journalists in Hong Kong in 2021 and closed down ‘Freedom of the Press’ to silence opposition criticism of him and the ‘Communist Beijing Government’.

# As for the idea Xi Jinping increased his understanding of the country’s economy that is no doubt true, because he focused on increasing the wealth and power of China not to help his people but rather to satisfy their own greed lust for wealth and power, to rule others by aggressive oppressive tactics. And that is the truth, the motive of Xi Jinping and the ‘Communist Beijing Government’.

“From the perspective of a historian, from the perspective of the entire nation’s development, this period must of course be negated,” says Liu Xiaomeng, a history professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing and author of some of the most authoritative books on the subject. “This is a very dark era in the history of mankind.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Read the Rest of the Article… (ii) China’s ‘sent-down’ youth | Financial Times (

It is a well written report that reveals the feelings and experiences of good Chinese people that endured during the ‘Cultural Revolution’. I hope this important history is not lost, because it is a truthful reality that ‘Communist Beijing’ including Xi Jinping, wants that history hidden and forgotten for ever, so that new generations never know the truth about the evil that existed during the rule of Mao and thereafter even to the current day of the year 2021, when oppression increased in Hong Kong and the increase of aggressive threats towards Taiwan and Australia and others began in the early year of 2020.

Lest We Forget… never forget the tragedy of the Chinese People during the ‘Cultural Revolution’ in which 30 million deaths happened during Mao Zedong’s “Great Leap Forward” campaign, , followed by another 20 million deaths, and this is only a part of the death tragedy. Since 1949 to 2012 over 80 million people have unjustly died because of the evil anti-freedom ideology of ‘Marxist Socialist Communism’ violent oppressive regime tyranny.

Actually, during the “Great Leap Forward” Campaign the number of estimate famine deaths varied in estimates from 15 million to 55 million over the years, 30 million is the probable number of deaths that died of starvation during the ‘Great Chinese Famine’ caused by Mao Communist policies.

Xi Jinping and Mao Zedong and many others must not be forgotten for encouraging ‘Totalitarianism’ to destroy peoples lives, including tens of thousands of families and for deceitfully lying, pretending that it never happened. They cannot be forgiven, and history must never forget  their evil.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Millions of Chinese People suffered being ‘Great Pretenders’ because of Communism.

Allan Ivarsson & Xi Jinping

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