Enemy in the Wind wants to close down the IOC Olympic Games

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Reminders of Ancient Greece Olympic Games.

Allan Ivarsson Presents…

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Enemy in the Wind wants to close down the IOC Olympic Games.

Olympic Games – To Be or Not to Be…

Why? Why Not?

The Future of Olympics Games needs the expansion of ‘We Mentality’; we are all in this effort to strengthen ‘Homo Sapiens’ unity… and the inspiration of enjoying and sharing the fun thrills of ‘Olympic Games’ competitive strength and character, helps the ‘We Mentality’ become stronger, more free and more peaceful, discouraging the ‘Habit of War’ Mentality.

Allan Peter Ivarsson 2021

Don’t Miss Out on the Baby Olympic Games at the end.

Watch the Selection Children’s Partner decisions.

Allan Ivarsson comments 2021… I have had people in the past say to me, “I don’t like Philosophy.” And I said, “Really? What do you believe?” And when they replied, I said, “That is your Philosophy, your beliefs. Whether you like it or not everyone is a philosopher, their beliefs, is their philosophy, be it, right or wrong.”

Thus, it is true, all good progress and all injustice is the consequence of our belief system philosophy. We cannot escape the importance of learning good wholesome wise philosophy versus incompetent wrong thinking philosophy. Our behaviour is the consequence of our thinking right or wrong, good or bad, just or unjust.

The above Olympic Games transcript reposted for anyone that wants to copy my words outside of using slide image. Now we explore the philosophical concerns plus more…

It seems that the new generation has failed to understand the importance of the Olympic Games. Not only does it encourage the importance of sport to creation of a happier more peaceful society, but it also encourages free countries to live more in peace with each other as global United Nations team players.

The global fly in the ointment is all of the anti-freedom ideology Nations, namely at the top of the list is Marxist Communist and Marxist Socialist Nations and ‘Sharia Law’ Countries that live fanatically oppressed, obsessed with the use of violence instead of the eternal spirit of peace.

It is time for the ‘Free World’ to wake up and lift its game and learn the most advanced dynamic intelligence in the world, it is called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. A person with P.I. and good communication skills cannot be defeated by people that do not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Don’t believe me? Use my website Chatline go against me and see what happens. I do not believe in debates, no one wins debates. But if people want to debate it must be in writing for historical checking. Wiser discussions are more successful than debates.

These negative statements below and more have failed to comprehend the important value of the Spirit of the Olympic Games Competitions for Earth. The games are not about economics it is about strengthening the spirit of character in preference to the insane ‘Habit of War’.

“…with the exception of Barcelona 1992, no modern Games has raised a host city’s rate of economic growth, levels of skills and employment, tourist income or productivity.” (i)

“Olympians might inspire other Olympians – but as physical and psychological outliers they have absolutely no impact on the behaviour of the general public.” (i) #

Knock, Knock, people need to learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

As for all of the ‘Totalitarian’ Nations ban all trade with them, exports and imports. It is time for them to shutdown their anti-freedom ideology and free their people. ‘Civil War’ is their problem, not ours. Ban Nuclear capability in those Nations. Use force if necessary to shutdown Nuclear Weapons manufacture in ‘Totalitarian’ Nations. Life on Earth will become extinct if it engages in a ‘Nuclear War’, which creates a ‘Nuclear Winter’.

Forget the inferior thinking idiot ‘Climate Change’ Activists, focus on learning ‘Gaia Management’ and elimination of all anti-freedom ideologies.

Never trade with any country that does not live free.

Enemy in the Wind wants to close down the IOC

Olympic Games.

Why we must keep the Olympic Games and support the IOC.

Why we must oppose the banning of the Olympic Games.

Published by The Guardian, an opinion piece, interfaced with present history, titled ‘After Tokyo, we should bring the Olympic charade to an end.’ By David Goldblatt.

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/after-tokyo-we-should-bring-the-olympic-charade-to-an-end/ar-AAMvCZv?

A.I. comments… Charade? This suggests bringing the absurd pretence to create a pleasant respectable appearance to an end. So now we shall look at what is a pretence.

This negative opinion article attacks the IOC. So, before we think about the critics against the IOC, let’s look briefly at the overview of the IOC.

The ‘International Olympic Committee’ is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Under the Swiss Civil Code, the IOC is constituted in the form of an association, a non-government sports organisation. The IOC was founded by Pierre de Coubertin and Demetrios Vikelas in 1894. It has evolved to become the authority for organizing modern Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

The 1916 Summer Olympics were cancelled during World War I.

The 1940 Olympic Games were cancelled during World War II. And resumed in 1948 in London.

Thus, during World War twice in the 20th Century, the Olympic Games were cancelled. We can correctly argue that during the COVID Global ‘Cold War’ that the Olympic Games be cancelled. But they were not cancelled and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics summer games were temporarily postponed until 2021.

The reason for the rescheduling of the games was to protect the health of all people involved in the staging of the games, including the athletes. The focus of the change in date was to first contain the virus. Problem is that in 2021, whilst improvement of control of the virus had evolved, nevertheless, the globe still has not eliminated the virus, a large percentage of people have not yet been vaccinated and a new Delta Strain of the Corona Virus is now threatening the world with more virus dangers to health and survival. Thus, the Cold War against COVID still continues.

With this understanding David Goldblatt is right to suggest that the Charade must come to an end, but only in so far as allowing games to occur in the dangerous anti-freedom of speech region of ‘Communist China’ scheduled in next year’s 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

It is too late to stop the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2021; it should have been cancelled when the ‘COVID War’ began in February 2020. Just like the games were promptly cancelled during the ‘Hot Wars’ of WWI & WWII.

Given that ‘Communist Beijing’ is constantly threatening war in the region of the South Pacific, including against Taiwan, Australia, Japan and The Philippines, why would the IOC authorize Olympic Games to be held in Beijing, which endangers the lives of all athletes staying in Beijing? This suggests that the current management team of the IOC has limited thinking skills and is more focused on playing charades to protect their image than in doing what is right by codes of honour and integrity.

So now the charade players need to guess what word or phrase is going to identify whether athletes will be caught trapped in the centre of a Communist War conflict with the ‘Free World’. Right now, such a game of charades is a battle of prophesy as to what will happen, good or bad. During the game searching for clues, one can speculate upon the consequence and timing of bad experience versus good experience, but in the moment of unhappy event, it will jump out as a surprise time. And for that reason, due to the aggressive thinking behaviour of anti-freedom ‘Communist Beijing’, every Nation must plan their self-defence by expecting the unexpected. It seems no such thinking exists in the IOC management decision process for where to hold the next Olympic Games and who to select as hosts.

If the selected host is motivated by greed and profit to host the games, then they are the wrong host. For the purpose of the games is to establish not only fun, friendly spirit of competition, but to also encourage the elimination of the ‘Habit of War’ to replace such violent misery and cruelty by a ‘Global Goodwill Spirit’ that is… the joy and quality of life as free people in speech, choice and equality for every generation eternal.

I return to my previous comment… “The games are not about economics it is about strengthening the spirit of character in preference to the insane ‘Habit of War’.” Whilst this objective is correct, the problem is that the history of the world since 1894 has not supported the evolution objective of stopping the ‘Habit of War’. Conflict continues because of the greed for power to rule others by forced oppression.

Hence, David Goldblatt is right to suggest that Olympian achievements has no impact on the behaviour of the general public. #

“The empty seats in the stadiums of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics [now 2021 Olympics] are a blessing in disguise, for the sporting spectacle, no matter how good, will not be able to dispel the fact that this super-spreader event is being held in the midst of an unprecedented public health crisis and against the wishes of the vast majority of the Japanese public.” (i)

A.I. comments… I checked his logistics link and Goldblatt is correct, 80% of the Japanese people, opposed hosting the Olympics this year in 2021. (ii)

“In so doing, the International Olympic Committee – which earnestly believes itself to be the leader of a global social movement – has been revealed as no more than the travelling circus of the global sports industry, ready to make sure the broadcasters get what they need come what may.” (i)

(ii) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/may/17/tokyo-olympics-more-than-80-of-japanese-oppose-hosting-games-poll

A.I. comments… No wonder Goldblatt is not impressed by the IOC decision to not cancel the games. Given the nature and history of the global COVID crisis, the Japanese Government should have cancelled the Olympic Games. Every participating country should have cancelled their desired appearance. Health and Safety comes first in survival stakes, and the globe has not escaped the dangerous threat of COVID-19 and now in 2021, we have a Delta strain COVID-21 danger. Our planet of Homo Sapiens are not yet safe. We are all very vulnerable. The OIC has irresponsibly behaved in its decision making, and thus is currently incompetent, and should be reprimanded by governments for failing to close down the Olympic Games this year.

As I said previously, “The games are not about economics it is about strengthening the spirit of character in preference to the insane ‘Habit of War’.” But the global threat of COVID is a cold war and the rules of war demand cancellation of the Olympic Games in much the same way they were cancelled during WWI & WWII. The decision-making process is survival common-sense.

Japan’s cost of $30bn plus hosting the Olympics is crazy. The problem with the Olympic Games is the excessive costs of supporting people to compete. I have no doubt the original Ancient Greek Olympics were cost effective by low-cost participation. We need to learn from Ancient Greece.

The games should not be founded upon making a profit. Why would a Nation bid for the games if they cannot afford the expenditure? The needs of the people must always be first priority over promoting sports. Allegations of corruption exist in every country and is a separate concern. The claim that forced eviction of citizens from their homes to provide space for the games is a serious concern. Any government that evicts people from their homes just to clear a path for Olympic Games is a disgraceful political force government. And all Politicians that support such eviction process should be evicted from their homes as a foreclosure of their unpatriotic behaviour towards the people, whether they own their home or not.

Previous disasters like the 2011 tsunami and a nuclear meltdown and locations still hurt by environmental damage in nuclear waste like in Fukushima region, does not justify clinging to the desperate idea that the games are economic recovery games. How can a government recover $30bn plus when the seats are empty and spending is almost non-existent? The Japanese Government made a bad decision trying to make a profit out of the Olympics. The purpose and meaning of sport games, must never be about profit it must be about creating team spirit and encouraging ‘Patriotic Free Nations’ to interface their freedom goodwill in friendly competition with each other. Participation of ‘Totalitarian’ Nations is hypocritical of the essence of what Olympic Games are about and that is competing free, sharing the important values of freedom.

“Paris, Los Angeles and now Brisbane are signed up to host the next three summer Olympics, and the IOC continues to argue that its Games catalyze economic growth and leave positive urban and sporting legacies. Yet the research is unequivocal: (iii) with the exception of Barcelona 1992, no modern Games has raised a host city’s rate of economic growth, levels of skills and employment, tourist income or productivity.” (i)

(iii) https://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/may/22/circus-maximus-andrew-zimbalist-review

Thus again, I return to my previous comment, like a yo-yo, The games are not about economics it is about strengthening the spirit of character in preference to the insane ‘Habit of War’.

If a city enjoys economic growth, it will not succeed to stay stronger if the only source of its prosperity is a once only opportunity to host an Olympic Games event. Economic growth of a city comes from the continuous improvement of expanding quality performance industries. Levels of skill grow as a consequence of economic growth in industries. The best industries are those founded upon the economic self-sufficiency of the Nation. Tourist income is a nice gain but it is not lasting after the end of hosting the games. Tourism needs a constant successful delivery of opportunities for tourists to enjoy year after year, not just as a once off adventure. Thus, to make hosting the games focused as a financial gain, is the wrong motive and reason for hosting the games, as I have said previously.

Sadly, seats may be empty for years at sporting events if we fail to defeat the constant threat of Coronus Virus strain variations. And this means that restrictions in travel will hurt the tourist industry and make it impossible for Olympic Games to become a profitable benefit. The bigger the city, the less likely the games will inspire economic growth. Only small cities that need more growth in industry might enjoy some profit advantage, but that gain is only lasting, if the economic growth encourages the expansion survival of industries, which improve permanently, the economic growth of the city, or country town location. Delivering economic growth as hosts for one moment of time which is not lasting, is not good investment. Hence, I return to the motive of hosting Olympic Games should not be about striving to make profit, the motive should be focused on the reason I tabled earlier.

“Similarly, the claim that the Olympics raise the level of sporting participation is a myth.” (i)

A.I. comments… The motive of human nature from infant into adult years is to enjoy playing games. Even non-human animal cubs love playing games. It is a natural instinct to play games, and in the more intelligent ‘Homo Sapiens’ society, the fun of games has expanded in adult years as the working life of adults improved and they earned the right to enjoy more leisure time and thus instinctively many choose the pastime of enjoying the pleasure of games. Not everyone enjoys the preferred pleasure of learning more, in preference to games. I am one of those persons that enjoyed games in my youth but grew away from that need, preferring to learning more constantly and enjoying upgrading my skills in a variety of ways and increasing my knowledge to a dynamic higher level of experience, insight and understand. To die and not know is to me a waste of life. But then not everyone feels comfortable with the ‘Quest for Truth’ and Wisdom and expanded dynamic skills. Thus, they enjoy the goodwill benefits of playing games, void of the need to be active in the misery of the ‘Habit of War’.

Therefore, Goldblatt is correct, the claim that the Olympics raise the level of sporting participation is a myth. We only need to look at the sporting activities in Primary and High Schools and in Physical Education to recognize that it is a natural instinct of humans to enjoy participating in sports. The Olympics is simply a higher-level challenge for the rare few in every generation that want to excel and become one of the best in their time in sport. And the general public who are not motivated to reach for the stars in such a challenging ambition, do simply enjoy the ‘Patriotic Spirit’ of watching the sporting events for entertainment as fans of the athletes striving for the highest delivery of performance. This sport thrill is far wiser than striving to enforce the ‘Habit of War’ on the streets or overseas, or next door to a neighbouring country.

Now I have put the critical path need for the Olympic Games on the table despite the negatives but David Goldblatt raised several other negatives which should be reviewed, because they highlight a deeper problem which has expanded around the globe, caused by the expansion of oppressive anti-freedom ideologies which are responsible for increasing misery and suffering in the world.

“Olympians might inspire other Olympians – but as physical and psychological outliers they have absolutely no impact on the behaviour of the general public.” (i)

As I wrote previously… David Goldblatt is right to suggest that Olympian achievements has no impact on the behaviour of the general public. #

However, that does not mean that we should become negative about the Olympic Games. Certainly, the IOC Management Team needs to be reviewed and questioned as to whether they are on track supporting the original objectives established by the founders in 1894.

The Winter and Summer Olympic Games founded upon a four-year cycle started in 1896 were held in the same year until 1986 replaced by a new rotational scheduling process since 1992. After this year the IOC started a new system separating the year of the Winter and Summer Games using the four-year cycle, to holding an Olympic Games every two years. Summer one year, then two years later Winter and two years later Summer again, rotating Summer and Winter every four years but ensuring Olympic Games occurred every two years.

Hence, as you can see, the scheduling process of the Olympic Games changed after 1992 to once every two years. Alternating Summer and Winter Games, each still maintaining a four-year cycle. Even so, the public chart of Olympic Games Cycle is tracked every four years, with Summer and Winter alternating every two years.

The First Winter Olympic Games began in 1924.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympiad

Summer and Winter Olympic Games Chart…


With the pdf Olympic Charter defining the structure and authority of the IOC as the governing body it seems strange that the four-year cycle is still tabled for tracking of Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics tracking is not clearly listed in the first slide above. Surely after changing to alternating Winter and Summer Games every two years the public history charts would have been changed to one table standard presentation. There is the odd article that identifies the dates of Winter Olympics coming, but a past, present, future tabled history inclusive of Winter Games, only seems to exist in Wikipedia above. I do not have time to research the missing pieces of history and future plans that should have been efficiently tabled by the IOC. The IOC does need to lift its game in history and reporting process.

One thing that troubles me is that Yu Zaiqing is one of four Vice Presidents in the IOC. He reports to Xi. Jinping President of Communist China. Yu Zaiqing has an impressive profile history and certainly appears to be capable of making good decisions. But given the anti-freedom aggressiveness of Xi Jinping towards his own people and on the World Stage towards other Nations, it creates an uncomfortable status for the IOC in decision making. Attendance of Athletes and Tourists at Olympic Games events in ‘Communist China’ creates an unstable high-risk status if Xi Jinping spits his tantrum dummy and declares hot war.

Yu Zaiqing would be caught in a crosswind conflict because he is duty bound to give his loyalty to Xi Jinping.

Refer… https://olympics.com/ioc/mr-zaiqing-yu

Click Here for IOC Executive Board.

Impressive Professional Team Member Board.

A.I. comments… There is no such thing as a perfect executive, we are all human, but as a retired Senior Executive and Consultant, I am excited by the efforts of this team of executives striving to do the best possible for the advancement of Global Olympic Games.

Click on here to read an overview of current objectives.

And now we move forward reviewing negative ideas towards the IOC.

Goldblatt… “Ask the Finns, who abandoned the state-sponsored pursuit of medals and spent the money instead on active transport and accessible facilities. They barely win anything anymore, but they have the most active and healthy old people in the world.” (i)

A.I. comments… David Goldblatt’s use of Finland as an example of a positive variance that does not need to host the ‘Olympic Games’ is not a good example of why the Olympic Games should be abandoned. The population of Finland is only 5.54 million in 2020.

The harsh climate in the northern part of the country has encouraged a concentration of the population to live in the southern third of Finland. Helsinki Finland’s largest city, Europe’s northernmost capital, houses one-fifth of the country’s population living in and around the city.

The age distribution of Finland population as of 2020 is estimated at… 903,494 young people under 15 years old that is, 459,742 males and 443,809 females. Between the ages of 15 and 64 years old, 3,723,422 people thrive that is, 1,883,049 are males and 1,840,374 are females. Reference: Internet sources. [There is a logistics gap here that needs update. But that update solution is not that important for the purpose of this subject paper.]

It is good news that old people in Finland are healthy and active, but that logistics indicator is not evidence why participation in Olympic Games should not be encouraged. There are thousands of people around the globe that are healthy and active in old age, in countries where Olympic Games activity thrives.

Logically by common-sense Finland does not have the population numbers to host an expensive ‘Olympic Games’ venue, but that does not mean that their best athletes cannot compete in the games. It is all about individual commitment, choice and opportunity. And Athletic performance is a young peoples sport.

Goldblatt… “In Britain we have a sack of gold and an obesity crisis.” (i)

A.I. comments… Obesity problems is not a reason to dump participation in Olympic Games. All this means is that obese people need to lift their game and wake up and become physically active. We should not discourage sport because lazy fools refuse to be physically active. And we should not discourage upgrade of education because lazy people refuse to read and upgrade their education and communication skills.

Goldblatt… “The urban programs that accompanied Seoul 1988 and Beijing 2008 saw almost 2 million people displaced. More recently, Rio was staged on the back of over 60,000 people who had to get out of their homes and businesses: they were often intimidated and moved to inferior and distant housing. The vast majority were barely compensated. And then there are the police sweeps that clear homeless and mentally ill people from previously public spaces.” (i)

A.I. comments… Yes, I agree with David Goldblatt’s concern about all the people that have been forcibly unjustly displaced, moved from their homes. But whilst the ‘Olympic Games’ structure process is being used as the excuse for all of the suffering, the cause of the problem is not because the event of Olympic Games occurs every four years. The cause of the bad treatment of the people is directly linked to all of the Politicians in Government and Opposition that have first right up front, failed to care about the rights of the people and ensure they were justly compensated and looked after. I dealt with this serious concern about people being removed from their homes in my 1986 treatise titled ‘Pragmatism’ published in 2003 in my Blue Light’ book, which was boycotted by inferior thinking selfish Christians that unjustly called me a ‘Blasphemous’ man. The ‘Pragmatism’ essay was republished on my website on 11th September 2019 and was republished in my Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in January 2018. It is an important educational read and this is what I wrote about people being displaced from their homes hereunder. Christians have proven to me in the past several times, they do not care about others. They only care about their dream that they must be saved, and allowed to enter heaven, such is their selfish mentality. Even though the website post is free, only eleven people from around the world made the effort to read this important essay. Two people read it in 2021, two in 2020 and three read it in 2019. The truth is that it is not only politicians that do not care about others and upgrade of self-education, but the people are also equally as guilty as politicians, for allowing their apathy and ignorance, to allow such evil unjust displacement process to happen. When governments decide to build highways, bridges etc., they often toss people out of their homes without any concern for the wholesome wellbeing of the people. Nor do they think about justice and more than fair compensation. I have been teaching since the early 1980’s that ‘Silence is Approval’. Many people today are still thick as a brick between the ears and cannot comprehend the importance of this message, ‘Silence is Approval’.

The displacement unjust treatment of people is not about ‘Olympic Games’ it is about the bad negligent uncaring attitude of Politicians towards the people for any reason, which they decide in a construction project must toss people out of their homes. Both the ‘Free West’ and Communist and Socialist Countries are guilty of unjustly tossing people out of their homes. As for the homeless even the West neglects the care of the homeless.

This is the extract from my 1986 paper that people refuse to read… thus whinging about unjust displacement falls on deaf ears, no one today cares, including Christians. This negative attitude must change… # The extract…

# Pragmatism is the philosophy of practical thought; in other words, Pragmatic Method analyses all doctrine to determine which is right and which is wrong.

William James states… “The Pragmatic Method is primarily a method of settling metaphysical disputes that otherwise might be interminable. Is the world one or many? -Fated or Free? -Material or Spiritual? -Here are notions either of which may or may not hold good of the world; and disputes over such notions are unending. The Pragmatic Method in such cases is to try to interpret each notion by tracing its respective practical consequences. What difference would it practically make to any one if this notion rather than that notion were true? If no practical difference whatever can be traced, then the alternatives mean practically the same thing, and all dispute is idle. Whenever a dispute is serious, we ought to be able to show some practical difference that must follow from one side or the other’s being right.” (i)

This is a noble thought. If we could solve all problems with practical resolution, life would be peacefully easy. This proposed practicality does not consistently exist. The problem remains, “Who is practically right?” Even the theory of practicality can become a point of view…

Should the Government have the right to claim a residence, to make way for a new highway, which will serve the population? Or should the retired homeowner who has lived on this land most of their life, for the last thirty years, be forced to move to make way for progress? Why should the long-time resident be forced to give up their security and comfort? They paid for their home with constant hard-working effort, so why should they give up their joy and tranquillity? Why should they have to accept disruption in their now relatively happy existence? Besides from their point of view what practical value is there to their existence by moving away from a place where they are currently content? Who is practically right? The Government or the Resident? Thus, Pragmatism wavers just as Rationalism and Empiricism would fail. The power (spirit) of feeling becomes reality, and majority feeling becomes the power (authority). Minor differences in feeling must unhappily give way to the forces of changing existence. Such is the pragmatic revelation of all feeling. To some persons an idea is proposed oppression, to others its justice and right of way. To some persons it’s correct, to others it’s wrong. It’s a point of view with no solution, no answer, because feeling is the final resolution. Add a touch of self-honesty, caring and goodwill and both parties must pragmatically conclude that the highway is essential, and that the person must move… the adage of countless ages will always be true: “The needs of the many out-weigh the needs of the few.” …

However, equally as reasonable and true, both parties must agree that the person must be more than adequately compensated for their inconvenience, by receiving assistance in the move, and an equal replacement standard of existence, plus the compensation of inconvenience and disruption money. This all may not eliminate the distress and hassles of being forced to move, but at least it will compensate financially the loss of their previous abode by maintaining their right to security. Cosmicism calculates this amount owing to the residence as an amount payable of no less than three times the market value of the property, plus moving costs. This market value of the property shall not include property value drop, when the market gained knowledge of the new proposed government development and subsequently loss interest in upholding true market value, by the law of supply and demand. Thus, Pragmatism with the aid of Cosmicism served well both points of view, neither party completely happy with the outcome, but nevertheless both are reasonably satisfied that justice prevailed, and clashing conflicts of interest were resolved amicably with practical resolution, fulfilled by feeling. # End of extract.

Goldblatt… “Of course, where someone is suffering, someone else is probably benefiting, and the Olympics have proven fabulously profitable for construction companies, the corrupt officials and politicians who have handed out contracts to them, and property developers. The local police and national security agencies are also considerable beneficiaries given that security agencies are also considerable beneficiaries given that security costs are now around $2bn. Rio didn’t build a single community sporting facility, but its riot police got the very best in new Kevlar-plated armour and Tasers.” (i)

A.I. comments… Corruption and greed thrives everywhere. Whether it is about construction for ‘Olympic Games’ or some other reason, we will not escape corruption, whilst unethical uncaring people exist. This mental disease of greed and corruption has existed for thousands of years around the globe in every culture… and is not going to phase itself out until the entire world learns the most dynamic advanced intelligence in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. The struggle to educate people to treasure the values of P.I. shall continue for a thousand years plus. All this objective is only true if we ‘Homo Sapiens’ do not wipe ourselves out by a ‘Nuclear Winter’.

We must continue to encourage ‘Olympic Games’ every four years, but it is logical that the hosts must be ‘Freedom Based’ Nations that have big city populations and have invested well in past decades as hosts. It is commonsense that smaller cities cannot afford such expenditure investment, the needs of the people must always come first. However, there is no reason why people from countries that cannot afford to host an Olympic Games event can at least finance their best athletes to participate in the games as good representatives. Every Nation must enjoy ‘Patriotic Spirit’ and must share goodwill with every other ‘Free Nation’. It is sad that anti-freedom ideology countries do not share in the spirit of ‘Freedom Values’. It is even sadder still that China who has so much great potential cannot escape the despot tyranny of anti-freedom ideology, the way of Communist Marxism. It will be a great step forward if the current 1.4 billion Chinese become a major ‘Free Society’, we need to encourage the ‘Olympic Games’ to continue to encourage the expansion of ‘Global Freedom Values’.

Goldblatt… “In a desperate search for legitimacy the IOC has championed clean sport and embraced environmentalism. But the former has been fatally undermined by the light-touch treatment meted out to Russia after its unprecedented program of state-sponsored doping.” (i)

“And the environmental record of the Games has been dismal. Beijing was more polluted after its Olympics than before. Pyeongchang, Rio and Sochi all saw the destruction of protected natural habitats.” (i)

A.I. comments… David Goldblatt’s negative reasons for dismantling of the IOC Olympic Games has been slapped together as a bundle of issues that are not about the IOC but are more about bad attitudes of incompetent Politicians leading Governments.

Russia should be banned from participating in all sports where drugs are used. If Russia has a clean drug free sport athlete, then they should be allowed to participate in the Olympic Games if they qualify in competitive ability. This decision is an IOC decision working with Sports Associations in the pertaining country. The banning of drugs is mandatory in all sports, be it Olympic or Internal Country Games, professional or amateur. The IOC is duty bound to enforce abolition of drugs in Olympic Sports.

The management of environment is the responsibility of every Government in every country. It is not the responsibility of the IOC to interfere with good or bad environmental decisions within each country. The Environmental issues is the concern of the people in their country working with the Government. The IOC must responsibly stay out of environment management behaviour of each country, participating in the Olympics, as hosts or representatives. However, the IOC is duty bound to ensure the selected host for the games is providing a safe environment for residency and for athletic games activity.

The destruction of environmental habitats is a major global and country concern, but this activism subject is not the responsibility of the IOC, it is the responsibility of people and their governments.

The subject of ‘Pollution of our Planet’ is a major concern and is not about the negative objective of banning Olympic Games. The selected host must simply meet the essential standards established by the IOC. If those standards are not good enough that is the duty of participating governments to identify and resolve.

Goldblatt… “Covid has at least reduced the usual gigantic carbon footprint of the Games. However, it is hard to see how these and future emissions, however much offsetting the IOC is planning for, can be justified at a time when the speed of the climate crisis means most previous hosts of the Winter Games will soon have insufficient snow to hold them again. Tokyo, now regularly experiencing burning, humid summers, has had to shift the marathon 1,000km north to Sapporo.” (i)

A.I. comments… At this point of Goldblatt’s negative opinion presentation, I became disappointed with the expanding negative wrong thinking statements he tabled. Suggesting that Covid was a good thing because it reduced the usual gigantic carbon footprint of the games is a terrible idea. There is nothing good about society enduring the persistent threat of COVID. In addition, the carbon footprint of the people still exists where they exist on the planet. Populations numbers verify that ‘Carbon Footprint’ will not reduce until population numbers decline. And that is not going to happen.

Goldblatt’s negative overreaction about the speed of ‘Climate Change’ calling it a crisis is typical of idiotic Climate Change Activist thinking. ‘Climate Change’ has existed on earth for over three billion years and will keep changing. Homo Sapiens like the animal kingdom have no choice they must adapt to ‘Climate Change’ or perish. Only vain fools think they can control ‘Climate Change’. When changes in heat and cold locations occurs, people have no choice but to adapt and change. And if the climate change, eliminates or changes the location of a sport then with or without the Olympics, sport activity will change. We cannot do anything about that unless we become more foolish and create artificial climate change environments just to play sport.

Inferior thinking ‘Climate Change Activists’ are still striving to reduce CO2 to zero reductions. I have covered this erroneous strategy in my other collected ‘Climate Change’ treatises. Unfortunately, the idiot ‘Climate Change’ Activists do not have the ability to keep up with me. They do not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ which means they are easy to defeat in academic written presentations.

These negative concerns tabled by Goldblatt are not reasons to justify closing down the IOC Olympic Games Organisation founded in 1894.

Goldblatt… “The quixotic notion that the Olympics could be a champion of human rights – and that staging the Games would open up authoritarian hosts to international norms and scrutiny – was completely undermined by Beijing 2008, then rendered risible by the Sochi Winter Games in 2014. Next year’s Beijing Winter Olympics, to be conducted alongside the genocidal repression of the Uyghurs, will be grotesque, and woe betide any athlete that wants to exercise the rights to free speech and protest while they are there.(i)

A.I. comments… Goldblatt tabled some valid concerns but the idea that the Olympics can champion and does champion human rights is correct. However, the question of what human rights is… is another subject for society and the Olympics cannot resolve the answer to that question. That job and responsibility belongs to society in every country and is not the responsibility of the IOC to resolve. The Olympics simply must follow the standards established by society and those standards may vary to right or wrong thinking. The spirit of the ‘Olympic Games’ is still needed to unite ‘Free Nations’ as one Global Goodwill Team.

The Olympic Games participation of Athletes from ‘Totalitarian’ Nations should not be discouraged, for it is good that athletes from oppressed Nations get to witness the spirit of freedom which thrives in ‘Free Nations’. However, certainly ‘Anti-Freedom Ideology Nations should not be allowed to host ‘Olympic Games’ simply by reasons of common-sense that safety and security of Athletes and their tourist supporters cannot be guaranteed inside ‘Totalitarian’ Nations that are capable in an instant of abandoning peace and choosing the ‘Habit of War’ by launching a war against the ‘Free World’. There is no safety and security inside Authoritarian Societies.

Goldblatt’s suggestion the Sochi Winter Games in 2014, is laughable is a point of view, of which he has not explained why he thinks these games were ridiculous, absurd or hilarious.

My only concern is that now under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, Russia has slid backwards since Mikhail Gorbachev started to free Russians, returning to a Communist mentality government, which I now call ‘Putin Russia’. And now he is in bed with Communist Beijing. If I was an athlete or tourist, I would not ever participate in Olympic or other sport events in a ‘Totalitarian’ Nation. Never trust a Communist. Not now, not ever.

Goldblatt’s suggestion that the notion that the Olympic Games could be a champion of human rights is unrealistic and impractical being idealistic and unworkable is wrong thinking. Every person that fights for human rights decade after decade, millennium after millennium has been fighting a romantic starry-eyed vision that often seems unachievable. But painfully over the centuries progress and achievement of upgrading human rights working towards the elimination of cruelty, injustice and inhumane thinking and behaviour has been happening through the minds of caring altruistic people that never gave up on their dream, their vision to free the world from tyranny. Hence, it follows that the vision of Olympic Games people can help inspire an upgrade improvement of human rights. The question on the table for all activists is what ideas are right that genuinely represent human rights? And society must answer that question, it is not the responsibility of the IOC to champion that answer. It is the responsibility of every person on the planet to answer wisely that question, using caring common-sense.

As for the Uyghurs, their persecution by ‘Communist Beijing’ is a disgrace and must be condemned but at the same time ‘Islamic Belief Systems’ are also often ‘Totalitarian’ in wrong thinking behaviour and the public must have the courage to denounce their wrong thinking behaviour. In short, every form of ‘Totalitarianism’ Philosophical, Political and Religious must be stopped.

When bad behaviour occurs in countries, it is not the IOC who is responsible. It is the people and governments that must be held accountable for wrong thinking and behaviour in their Nation. Never mix up different incidents into one bucket of conflict and disagreement. Deal with each issue independently. That is how justice process must work in courts, society needs to learn the same common-sense process.

Goldblatt… “… the IOC’s ruthless suppression of athlete protest is primed with new regulations. The committee won’t get the irony though, because it does not learn from its mistakes and does not engage with its critics.” (i)

A.I. comments… This last opinion statement fired with emotion leaves out the associated information of what Goldblatt is criticizing. Where is his emotion coming from… left field, right field, up above, from down below and head on centre forward? We cannot discern what Goldblatt is saying because there is no reference subject tabled in his opinion piece. Hence, this passage without source, into the garbage bin, it is a meaningless opinion.

Goldblatt… “Self-selected for the entirety of its history, the IOC appoints no independents, tolerates no critical voices and is completely opaque in its operations. The idea that such an organisation should have special status at the UN and claim sovereignty over the global governance of sport is untenable.” (i)

A.I. comments… Now it is becoming even clearer that David Goldblatt wrote this opinion piece about the IOC because he hates the IOC and wants it closed down. His focus is to shutdown the Spirit of the Olympic Games. Most organisations are self-selected for better or worse. Unity and team spirit in any organisation is essential to ensure success in its mission goals. If the performance of the organisation is not good then the organisations credibility will decline and the organisation will simply gradually disintegrate. Strength comes from delivering good performance results. Weakness comes from failing to deliver positive welcomed results. That’s life! That is how existence works.

The IOC does not need independents per se looking critically in, focused on tearing the organisation apart. Imagine if Marxists infiltrated the organisation as independents how the organisation would start to fall apart at the seams as authoritarianism takes over one section in ideas at a time. Every government is often opaque in many of its operations including in ‘Free Nations’. It is results and decisions that encourage people to challenge ideas. And the same is true of the IOC, if people do not like the Host choices of the IOC and the Game Rules Standards, they will inevitably boycott the games and the IOC may consequently disintegrate. So far that has not happened. Dissatisfaction with the IOC does not seem to be strong enough to topple its visionary agenda, activities and decisions.

As for the special status allegation of the IOC in the UN that is neither here nor there. The UN credibility is suffering because it is not a United Nations and is split into three key divisions. i.e., Freedom Nations versus Marxist Communist and Socialist Nations versus OIC ‘Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’ Nations. United Nations? There is no such thing!

Of course, the IOC will never have global governance of sport by obvious common-sense. People in a ‘Free World’ are individuals and sport organisations professional and amateur, young and old, schools and private will operate as independents. No supreme organisation in a quality free world could ever control such dynamic sports choices. Only in oppressive Nations like ‘Communist China’ could people be forced to report to one leadership head, which is why people misery will always thrive in China, North Korea and other places. Without freedom misery climbs higher into people’s lives.

Goldblatt… “Sport does offer an extraordinary canvas for the celebration of human possibilities. It is a universal language in a perilously fragmented world. It deserves better than to be captured by the IOC, better than to be drowned in its pieties and bound to its pernicious business model.” (i)

A.I. comments… Every business operates on its own organisation strategy as a business model. When the business lets go of its foundation strength vision, policies and standards, it begins to change in performance achievement sometimes for the better, other times for the worse. And if people do not like the business model performance, they instinctively boycott it. That is what ‘Freedom of Choice’ is about. The IOC is the same reality. If people don’t like its policy, standards and performance they will automatically walk away. There is no need to complain about organisations in the ‘Free World’ they will fall apart if they are doing the wrong thing.

One thing Goldblatt said right… “Sport is a Universal Language”.

The IOC cannot control the dynamic variety of sport and its history of invented creativity in new sport challenges. Goldblatt is unnecessarily stressing over the IOC.

I am more concerned with worrying about ‘Freeing the World’ by overthrowing every form of anti-freedom ideology than being concerned with the good and bad antics of the IOC which was founded upon a good vision.

“A Covid emergency aside, it is too late to abandon the Tokyo Games, but it is not too late to bring this charade to an end. The Chinese Communist party can make all the artificial snow it likes in 2022, but we should simply refuse to watch. Paris 2024 can be the final fond farewell. The IOC should dissolve itself and its assets be passed to a new democratically constituted body for global sport. Los Angeles would lose the Games, but Hollywood can take out the first option on the story.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson concludes…

Goldblatt’s obsession to destroy the IOC and thus tear down the 1894 vision of a Global Olympic Games is a very foolish and naïve objective. The idea of creating a democratically constituted body for global sport is riddled with ignorance in not understanding that democratically elected organisations are highly vulnerable to failing, with independents running to grab seats of opportunity, clashing with each other for power grab and seats being infiltrated in takeover by Communists like China and Russia wanting key control seats. The very thing Goldblatt hates Beijing, would be fighting even more easily to gain control of the Global Sport Organisation dream. Eventually such a democratic organisation would become a ‘Totalitarian’ Communist organisation and the ‘Free World’ would be forced to submit to the dictatorship of Chinese Communism, which is already increasing it aggressiveness towards the ‘Free World.’

Democratic Nations have been struggling since WWII for over four decades against the takeover of Socialism and Communism and for over two decades against takeover by Islam. Thus ‘Freedom’ is constantly fighting for its right to survive because far too many people are intellectually lazy and do not have the ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to comprehend how to fight back and calmly defeat all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’.

Democracy only works in Governments in the ‘Free World’.

Democratic Organisations do not work well outside of Charity Organisations.

Corporations survive on organizational structures from Chairman of Board of Directors to CEO Director or General Manager down the Organizational Chart into Managers of Different Specializations with Supervisors and different team players underneath. These Corporations all function on the foundations of employed leaders and staff not on democratic elections. That is how business models successfully work or fail. The success or failure of a business model is founded upon the skills of the leaders and their employees. Democracy in Corporations does not work and likewise a democratic global sporting organisation would also fail.

If the IOC is doing something wrong it is up to governments and sporting organisations to challenge their decisions and policies and performance on the public Internet and News Media stage and in the United Nations. This is the smartest best way to ensure the survival of the Global Olympic Games a good vision conceived in 1894.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Expensive Summer Games.

A.I. comments… Politicians did not do their economic homework correctly and underestimated the cost of hosting the Olympic Games. This mistake is not the fault of the IOC, it is the responsibility of Politicians to get it right before committing to hosting the games. In addition, the global disaster of the Corona Virus, hurt the needed recovery income of the Tokyo Games.

Lessons must be learned from these economic experiences, but even though the learning curve is steep, it is not a reason to ban the IOC Olympic Games objectives. Certainly, the cities that suffered economic loss should be given the opportunity to host another games to help them in recovery of incurred debt.

Los Angeles USA as a host can repeat host privilege because of its economic and structure recycle use strategy.

Nations need to revisit their ‘Host Strategy’ and after ‘Host Plans’ before committing to Hosting the Games.

A.I. comments… Countries once could afford to host the Olympics… now the spend is over budget in excess. That tells me that society is getting too obsessed with grand living presentation and needs to return to economic levels of sport, not focused on grand presentation but focused on basic Olympic Games locations. Grand is not better if the costs are prohibiting. The same rule applies to people building or buying a home. They do not buy grand; they buy what they can afford. That economic principle is common-sense, only spend what one can afford.

Wrong decisions by Politicians investing in hosting of games is not the fault of the IOC, it is the fault of incompetent planning and thinking by Politicians. After the games, there is the issue of the structures which can be used down the-track year after year. Before hosting a games, after the event planning should be mandatory; follow up planning strategy, before committing a government to host the Olympic Games.

The negative thinking of many people that want to ban Olympic Games simply proves by their negative thinking that they are not capable of positive attitude mentality and are only capable of being positive about being negative.

It would be smarter to record constructive videos about mistakes and focus on lessons that can be learned from these inadvertent errors and deliver suggestions of how future hosts can upgrade their performance and economic management process for hosting the games and using structures for part of economic progress of the countries future. If governments are not capable of planning further ahead after the end of the games, they should not bid to host the games.

The IOC should focus on less countries hosting the Olympic Games and only select those countries which can afford to host the games in a professional way.

Countries that can recycle the use of their previous host facilities are better choices. Notice that ‘Communist China’ and ‘Putin Russia’ are willing to spend big money to host the ‘Olympic Games’, this is a serious concern because these countries are not Pro-Freedom. Their anti-freedom ideology is a serious concern, because it cannot guarantee the safety of Athletes and Tourists during turbulent times.

Cities that have experienced vandalism after the games tells us the government officials are undisciplined and do not have justice disciplines in place place to stop corruption and criminal vandalism. That is that countries problem to upgrade their societal behaviour. It is not the IOC responsibility to fix the internal economic and societal behaviour problems inside a country.

If the IOC is overcharging for its services, then it is up the hosts bidding for the games to negotiate a lower price deal. The IOC has to review itself, to identify whether its overheads need to be reduced.

Security and terrorist threats have increased costs. Solving this concern is more about getting tougher on belief systems founded upon anti-freedom ideologies that need to be stopped. Tougher corrective action is essential.

Learning Curve Ideas…

A.I. comments… Establishing Host Cities is a good objective. Gradually allowing a team of Host Cities to expand is a good plan, founded upon affordable economics and good planning. ‘Climate Change’ will impose alteration of strategy. We will never escape that problem. ‘Climate Change’ is a forever cycle of earth for as long as life cycle can survive, until the last days of earth.

Stay cool, always be the ‘Eye of Calm in a Storm’. ‘Can Do’ people have ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ and do not let depression control their attitude.

Olympic Games – To Be or Not to Be… Why? Why Not?

A touch of humour is this the solution to make the games cheaper.

Baby Olympic Games

Selection Children’s Partner.

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