Pro-Gun and anti-Gun arguments are both wrong when…

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Feature Image: 1873 USA Army Colt

Unfortunately, whilst ‘Homo Sapiens’ continue to live by the insane ‘Habit of War’, every Nation that values the right to live free in peace, needs the protection and defence of the military to stand strong, effective and efficient, against every form of anti-freedom ideology, be it enemy Despot led Countries, or Gangsters.

The sad part of our free society is the obsession need for guns to protect ourselves against each other. Worse now that we have imported cultures like Muslim fanatics and others who thrive on the use of knives, axes, clubs, stones and other weapons, weaker people like the elderly and the timid young ones, need a gun as an equalizer to defend themselves against knife attacks even in their own home. The real problem is that we have so many coward politicians that refuse to permanently expel people obsessed with revering anti-freedom ideologies. All societal problems are not about colour. It is about Belief System, Muslim, non-Muslim, or Marxist or other that believes in the coward use of violence against unarmed people.

It is an act of ‘High Treason’ against God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World’ and their Nation to deny people the right to live free in peace.

Allan Ivarsson 2021


Pro-Gun and anti-Gun arguments are both wrong when…

They ignore the reason for the use of guns is only for self-defence.

A.I. continues… The obsession with guns in USA opens up a pandora box of concerns. Australia has by its strict policy tightened up on guns, problem is that it only works, because we have a low population and a vast geography. We still contain the essence of our Australian code of honour. Though some new citizens that we imported have failed to respect Australian values and standards. And like Britain and Europe, Australian Politicians have foolishly allowed the creation of “No-Go-Zones” which reduces the size of a ‘Free Country’.

Once upon a time the British Policeman, a Bobby never needed a gun. But now because of idiot inferior thinking coward politicians who recklessly opened the gate to allow the invasion of ‘Sharia Law’ culture, the traditional British people cannot live safely in their own country and the unarmed nice character ‘Bobby’ is now no longer a ‘Bobby’. He/she is now an unarmed Cop, who relies upon at call selected specialist trained fire-arms cops to come in and deal with violent concerns. Only Northern Ireland Police all carry guns. Elderly British people have been beheaded by ‘Jihad Muslims’ the crazy ones that revere the ‘Satanic Verses’ instructions in the Qur’an, that every politician is afraid to criticize.

Now in Europe, the unarmed people are being cruelly attacked by ‘Jihad Muslims’ by the use of knives and other weapons. Arson and violence is now a common incident. And the Politicians hide yellow-scared afraid to get aggressive tough against the young invaders causing all the violent trouble. With such incompetence, it is no wonder that Americans are demanding the right to own guns.

In Australia, I have observed that those people against guns have never fought in the boxing ring or in a street fight with fists, and thus we can safely conclude that they would scream like a baby, if they were attacked by knife, blade or other weapons carried by coward attackers.

In every Nation, every person must have the right to own a gun and have the right to attend a gun club for training. Every gun must be registered, and it must be a crime to own an unregistered gun. It is a sad day when we must own a gun, but unfortunately, we have so many insane anti-freedom people in the world in every country that there are times when we must fight for our right to live free. If we are not safe in our own homes, where are we safe? If we cannot walk safely down public streets and through parks. why are we being forced to live unarmed in such a dangerous environment? If our children and grandchildren cannot travel to and from school safely, where are they safe?

We cannot ban all weapons. Every tool we use is a weapon in the wrong hands. Even a pen, knitting needle, scissors is a weapon. We all need to wake up and focus on the right solution not banning guns. We must ban unregistered guns, and make sure the people who own them can account for their guns. Just like we must register our car, so too we must register guns. And every person must have a gun licence, just like they must have a licence to drive a vehicle. We must deny citizens the right to own machine guns, missiles, explosives and other automatic weapons that only the military should own for use in combat.

Every person that owns a gun should be interviewed to ensure they are emotionally stable before allowing them to own a gun. An interview should be conducted every three years to ensure no change in belief system attitude, which supports anti-freedom ideology belief systems. Only those who believe in the way of ahimsa should own a registered gun. It must always be remembered that weapons are for self-defence against attacks, there is no reason to use guns except for target sport practice or for hunting. And even hunting now needs investigation, the days of cruel unjust hunting must come to an end.

Pro-Gun and anti-Gun arguments are both wrong when they ignore the reason for the use of guns is only for self-defence.

We know ‘Greed and Corruption’ exists in every society, in every generation. Such selfish bad behaviour must be fought through ahimsa court of law, not by violent methods.

Newsweek posted a news report of concern, titled ‘U.S. Sees Ongoing Spike in Gun, Ammo Sales: “I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It”. By Xander Landen dated 31st July 2021.

“The U.S. is continuing to see a spike in gun and ammunition sales that began during the COVID-19 pandemic.” (i)

“The spike in gun purchases has driven shortages of ammo across the country, according to the Associated Press.”

Allan Ivarsson comments… Is this a coincidence or are people buying more guns and ammunition because of COVID-19? Why would people need a gun to protect themselves against a COVID disease? I hope this surge in sales is not because of some stupid public overreaction to Corona Virus and Delta Strain. I hope Americans are smarter than that.

The only dangers to Americans are anti-freedom ideology belief systems in America, including gangsters.

The only outside invasion threat at present is ‘Communist Beijing’, fortunately they are still wisely afraid of USA Defence Force. If people are concerned about that danger, they should be joining the military for training. Owning a gun, does not give people the skills to fight military invasion forces. Remember, when in war and both sides owns guns, both sides can be killed, with no survivors.

The invention of guns, simply replaced the weapons of swords, spears, bow and arrows, axes and clubs. Regardless of what weapons we use, we still are not safe. No one lived safe in the old days and ancient times when guns did not exist. Guns are just tools, just like any other primitive and ancient weapon. All the hysteria for and against guns lacks common-sense wisdom.

The real solution is that we must change our universal attitude and eliminate the insane habit of war on our streets, in our dysfunctional homes, across our neighbours borders and overseas. Every person needs to feel and believe in caring altruism.

The big ticket to save peoples lives and to upgrade quality of existence for all, demands a major upgrade in ‘Gaia Language’ Communication Skills and equally important to everyone through education in Schools and Colleges… everyone must learn the most advanced intelligence in the world, called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

To avoid a ‘Nuclear Winter’ that will drive humans into extinction, we must avoid ‘Nuclear War’ and we must phase out the insane ‘Habit of War’. We must keep teaching P.I. until it sinks into the brain of every newborn generation. The entire Universe must live free. It is our Duty to work to make sure this is achieved, generation after generation. The path of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is the way. Those who reject the learning of P.I. deserve the misery they will experience. Not one religion can help them. Marxism cannot help them. Atheism is incompetent, the only true wiser path is ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. Read the report (i) for more current logistics information. This history will change, hence there is no point in me passing these concerns forward, you can all figure it out for yourself. Click Here to Read.

“The FBI notes… its data [Background Check System in Gun Sales- 40 million in 2020], doesn’t specifically track gun purchases, meaning “a one-to-one correlation cannot be made between a firearm background check and a firearm sale.”

This suggests that because guns are not registered like cars, the FBI does not know how many guns people own. Most responsible people will not keep more than what they need, one to three types of guns. Collectors of guns as a hobby is like collecting shells, stamps, coins, sports cards, comics, rare books, objet d’art, drawings, paintings, sculpture, antiques/vintage of any model type range, etc. But guns must still be registered, like every vehicle.

If a rebel collects guns like gangsters do for war activity inside a country, the FBI should know about it. Unregistered guns is a crime, registered guns is a human right.

Arms collections for use to support anti-freedom ideology belief systems must be outlawed.

The problem is how many pro-gun people have the courage and common-sense to recognize the essential enforcement of registered guns? How many anti-gun people have the courage and common-sense to recognize that gun ownership is the right of every person, provided such gun ownership is registered? How many people have the common-sense to recognize that automatic military weapons and explosives must not ever be owned by gun collecting individuals?

At present the answer is blowing in the wind.

Far too many activist people foolishly put emotions up high before common-sense calm logic.

It is believed that 39 percent of U.S. households now own guns in 2021. This percentage does not suggest that all Americans are gun crazy like some misguided Aussies believe.

USA needs to lift its game… Importing ammo from other countries like Marxist ‘Putin Russia’ is crazy. A country should be 100% self-sufficient in the manufacture of weapons and ammos. If it is not self-sufficient, the Federal Government needs a big boot up the arse.

To be continued…

How can people that love music live in peace when so many are obsessed with guns?

Trust is not only about in relationships, friendship and neighbours. It is about trust in good people in the Medical Profession, Rescue Operations, Building Construction, Quality Manufacturing, Quality Primary Industry, Political Leadership. When we cannot trust each other, we are in trouble. And so, it is when we fear for our safety and need guns, and locks on our doors, trust flies out the window. This below music by Billy Joel is about the spirit of trust. No guns are required.

Enjoying watching a movie and living the real fight for survival is another thing.

The legend lives because fiction presentation movies make up their ideas of what happened. The ideas vary from movie to movie. Often the truth is unknown but what is true … violence ruled.

Is this the way Americans now want to live, fighting each other?

There is nothing romantic about gunfights.

A.I. 2021

In this next scene, it demonstrates knives can kill.

We Homo Sapiens in a fast-moving increasing world population must change the way we think. We must all learn the most advanced dynamic belief system in the world, called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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