Papua New Guinea PM Betrays Australia

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Feature Image: Xi Jinping President of ‘Communist China’ smiles with a dagger in his mind focused on territorial gain, section by section, land and sea, conquering the entire world to eliminate all ‘Freedom Nations’ and replace them with the evil oppression of Marxist Communist Dictatorship. Greed and lust for power over others is his motive. He is driven by his vanity that everyone around the world should submit to his demands and persistent orders coming from his ‘Master Plans’ in Beijing. His strategy is clever, cunning, and ruthless. He resents losing face and is childishly offended when people criticize his demands, thinking and actions and reject his instructions.

His vision is to make ‘Communist China’ the ruling Superpower of Earth and in Space.

Every person on Earth and in Space are his puppets. And he demands the right to pull their strings as he chooses.

All Communist Chinese Representatives in Politics and Business that report to Xi Jinping are afraid of him.

Let the buyer of his treacherous tactics beware.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Papua New Guinea PM Betrays Australia

Daru Island PNG is now a Planned Beijing Communist China Naval Base to control Australia, West Papua New Guinea (Indonesia) and Melanesian Islands and New Zealand.



Allan Ivarsson comments…

Alan Jones said it right when he on Australian Sky News said, “China will now be able to hold a dagger to our throat.”

For the history books this is what Alan Jones correctly tabled as a serious concern for the survival of a ‘Free Australia’…

Allan Jones Sky News host 2021 said…

“China’s construction of a $40 billion ‘industrial city’ in PNG will give them control over all maritime traffic through the Torres Strait – a necessary trade route for our oil imports.”

“Our Government seems to have forgotten that China … are now building an industrial city in Daru in one of PNG’s most impoverished provinces.”

“A $40 billion Chinese city with hardly a whimper from Canberra.”

“And like the armada of fishing vessels, they are calling it a multi-function fishing industrial park. Multi-functional alright.”

“Let me say bluntly, if the Chinese build a base on Daru, that base will be able to control all maritime traffic through the Torres Strait.

“What the Chinese are doing in Daru and Darwin, is what they have already done in the South China Sea and in Tibet and in numerous other places.”

“They are annexing territory. They are expanding.”

“China must know we are fair dinkum.”

“How long does Government remain silent about the sell-off of Australia to China and its naked expansionism in our region?”

A.I. comments… Thus, Alan Jones correctly tabled the serious question burning in the minds of tens of thousands of Aussies. “When is the Government going to stop being silent and stop the fall of Australia to Beijing Communist China takeover in Australia and PNG.?”

Just in case the Sky News video vanishes, I have selectively posted a few important concerns.

This is true. Dr. Tabitha Mallory said it right. My research observations over the last twelve months revealed to my mind, that Beijing is using ‘Fishing Vessels’ which are more military in style than fishing, travelling to many parts of the world to pave the way for expansionist plans by Xi Jinping.

Xi Jinping Beijing is very cunning he is using phony ‘Fishing Vessels’ that behave with military bully missions to harass local seacraft in a selected area by Beijing. In reality, such behaviour is a deceitful ‘Act of War’ by ‘Communist China’.

A Former CIA Operations Officer comments in the following slides, with the obvious common-sense conclusion of the real intentions of Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’ to conquer more territory by expansionist bully tactics in the name of peaceful camouflage to hide ‘Communist China’s’ real aggressive objectives to claim new territory, avoiding when achievable, by not firing a shot. Once Beijing has seized a new extended territory, they will permanently hold it by whatever degree of force is necessary. That is what Bully Gangsters do and Xi Jinping is no different to other Gangsters.

Daru Island PNG Communist China Naval Base.

Thus, by Deceitful Tactics ‘Communist China’ will own a Naval Base on Daru Island and by using evolution strategy will be able to expand its forceful control of a large area of land and water interfacing as gateways to the invasion of other countries.

As I wrote previously…

Daru Island PNG is now a Planned Beijing Communist China Naval Base to control Australia, West Papua New Guinea (Indonesia) and Melanesian Islands and New Zealand.

Allan Ivarsson 2021.

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Xi Jinping, we in the ‘Free World’ strive to do the right thing by people. We do not think like Marxist Communists that want to rule the lives of people. That is the problem with you and your Communist Comrades, you want to rule everyone, and you refuse to accept the good rule standards of the ‘Free World’. And thus, you automatically become a tyrant and an enemy of every person that loves Democracy and ‘Liberty Values’.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Xi Jinping listen to all the people in this video. So, you think you can conquer all the ‘Free People’ around the world. No Chance we the people of the ‘Free World’ are many, so many that you will never succeed in creating the population numbers to conquer us. Why? Because People who value freedom will always exceed those that want to oppress others. Even in China, most Chinese want to live free. In the end you will be defeated, and your vanity will vanish in the mud of your wrong thinking treachery.