‘Communist’ China’s strategic takeover of Australia is now under investigation.

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It is a special concern when smaller countries are tempted to sell their land for big money offered by Beijing. No amount of money is worth giving up your freedom. This concern needs to be watched, as the more land ‘Communist China’ gains ownership of around the world, the stronger the global dictatorship of China becomes. The United Nations will soon be controlled by China if people don’t lift their game. Freedom will be a thing of the past if the people of the world do not wake up. A.I. December 3rd, 2020.

‘Communist’ China’s strategic

takeover of Australia

is now under investigation.

Allan Ivarsson comments…

I have posted concerns before about Chinese ownership in Australia, but we must persistently revisit these concerns, collecting jigsaw puzzle pieces of information to view the big picture of dangers that Australia is now facing, as ‘Communist China’ under the dictator leadership of Xi Jinping is striving to conquer Australia from within.

I thank the great ‘Daily Mail Australia’ for their constant work, reporting facts about the problems we Aussies are facing with ‘Communist Chinese’ obsession to control us from within and as ‘Trading Partners’. Our Politicians and CEO’s in our Nation have been making serious mistakes, which are negligent of the wholesome wellbeing of Australians. This incompetent thinking negligence is not acceptable behaviour and is often treasonous against Australians right to live free of ‘Authoritarian’ takeover of our eternal human right to live free of bully dictatorship.

Levi Parsons and Kylie Stevens for Daily Mail Australia posted the following concerns on the 3rd December 2020, subject title, ‘Revealed: The alarming level of Chinese ownership of Australia – from cattle stations, to ports and even our water.’ (i)

(i) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9011631/The-shocking-level-Chinese-ownership-Australia-cattle-stations-ports-water.html?

“The escalating tensions with China have exposed just how tight the Asian superpower’s grip is on the Australian economy, both in terms of trade and its ownership of important local assets.” (i)

“As Beijing becomes increasingly belligerent toward Australia, the latter’s heavy reliance upon Chinese money has been exposed as vulnerability instead of a strength.” (i)

China now owns key ports, mines, agricultural land, dairy processors, valuable real estate, state-sponsored schools, plus water and energy companies.” (i)

A.I. comments… We the people in Australia, have not been keeping up with a review of all the incompetent decisions that Politicians and CEO’s have been making in deals with ‘Communist China’. We the people are negligent, and that includes myself, because we have not kept a close eye on the decision making of our so-called leaders. But then our Australian Media has also failed to do its job of carefully watching our country. Politicians and CEO’s have been progressively selling our right to live free of tyranny and our right to live in a wholesome quality society founded upon ‘Self-Sufficiency’ in Secondary Manufacturing Industries and in Primary Industries.

The people are accountable to keep an eye on the decision making of Politicians and CEO’s. And our leaders are accountable for their decisions and policies in Politics and in Economics. No one is free of accountability. Without a sense of responsibility in our thinking and beliefs, we can easily lose our right to live free and become oppressed by ‘Totalitarian’ Governments like Marxist ‘Communist China’ and like Islamic Nations such as ‘Saudi Arabia’ the heart of Sunni Islam and Iran, the heart of Shiite Islam. We must in every new generation always stay alert and watch our right to live free is protected and preserved. This persistent discipline decade after decade, century after century is a ‘Patriotic Duty’ that not one person who wants to live free can afford to neglect. It is not that hard to be alert when we use ahimsa common-sense survival, self-protection of our society.

“The rosy days of 2015 – when the Northern Territory government decided to lease the Port of Darwin to Chinese-owned company Landbridge for 99 years – now seem long gone, but such deals cannot be undone.” (i)

“The controversial $500 million deal was called into question at the time by then US President Barack Obama.” (i)

A.I. comments… I am not a fan of Obama, with good reason, but his concern about this Australian decision to lease Port Darwin to ‘Communist China’ was a correct valid concern. The Australian Politicians that approved this idiotic deal are not only accountable for their stupidity but are also accountable in history records for their negligent act of ‘High Treason’ for handing over to ‘Communist China’ a control location of Australia for the next 99 years, which when time is up, China will demand to keep. In effect, as of 2020, Australia no longer owns Port Darwin, for the next 94 years and will be struggling to claim it back when the lease expires. ‘Communism’ by its authoritarian strategy will not let go of territory it gained without a fight.

Northern Territory Labor MP Luke Gosling said the lease is a concern because all Chinese companies – even those privately owned – are ‘still accountable to Beijing’, especially one that owns critical infrastructure abroad.” (i)

“He wrote in an article for the Australian Strategic Policy Institute that the deal was less about business and more about Chinese strategic interests – and the notorious Belt and Road Initiative.” (i)

“The global development plan is a key policy of President Xi Jinping and China aims to build and own infrastructure in as many countries throughout the world as possible to increase those nations’ dependence on China.” (i)

Smaller countries are often tempted to sell their land, and their sovereignty, in return for big money deals offered by Beijing.” (i)

“You won’t hear the government say this openly for obvious reasons – it oversaw the sale – but the 2015 lease of Darwin Port was part of the Belt and Road Initiative,” Mr Gosling said. (i)

“Officially, the Darwin Port sale wasn’t badged as a BRI project. But it was undoubtedly part of it from Beijing’s point of view, even if not from ours.” (i)

Port of Darwin

A.I. comments… It was refreshing to read a Labor MP talking the right patriotic concern about ‘Communist China’. On the opposite side idiot Premier of Victoria Labor Daniel Andrews chose to dump patriotism and signed a BRI with China on the 8th October 2018, much to the chagrin of many other politicians including in Federal Parliament.

It seems in politics we have reached a point where intelligence and common-sense is no longer about Political Parties Policies like Labor and Liberal, it is about common-sense individuals, whose first patriotic duty is to Australia and not encouraging deals with Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’.

It is a special concern when smaller countries are tempted to sell their land for big money offered by Beijing. No amount of money is worth giving up your freedom. This concern needs to be watched, as the more land ‘Communist China’ gains ownership of around the world, the stronger the global dictatorship of China becomes. The United Nations will soon be controlled by China if people don’t lift their game. Freedom will be a thing of the past if the people of the world do not wake up.

Who wants to live like a slave working for Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades in China? I don’t and only idiots would sell their soul and their right to live free for greed. Once we are owned as slaves, the very profitable greed we gain, can be quickly taken away from us by ‘Communist China’. It is hard to imagine that so many stupid people exist that put greed before freedom values. No amount of money is worth losing your right to live free.

“Another shocking revelation about the extent of Chinese control of key assets came in June when it was revealed that Sino companies are the largest holders of Australian water, setting inflated prices that local farmers struggle to afford.(i)

“A new report on foreign ownership on water entitlement found Chinese investors have surged ahead of the US to own 1.9 per cent of our nation’s water.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… How did Australian Politicians become so stupid as to allow foreign ownership of our water? Water belongs to the people and not to foreign ownership, not to USA, UK and especially not to ‘Communist China’. We clearly have had a lot of inferior thinking Politicians in Government over the years in both Labor and Liberal Parties, Federal and State. Now you know why in the past I have attacked the intelligence level of ‘Degree Qualifications’ coming out of Universities in every Western Nation. Degrees in what? Stupidity?

The Sino Group is a Chinese property company in Hong Kong. The Group comprises private holding companies owned by the Ng Family, and three publicly listed companies that include TSim Sha Tsui Properties Limited, Sino Land Company Limited, and Sino Hotels (Holdings) Limited. Their defined investment industry specializes in Property and Hotel. The founder of this business is Ng Teng Fong.

Where is the Federal Security Legislation watching all Foreign Ownership? What Government Department holds the responsibility of ‘Guardian of Australian Security’? We shall look at that in overview soon. All States should be reporting to our Federal Government to ensure that all Foreign investments are approved by Federal Government and not by State Governments, including Trade Deals with other Nations. If a Federal Law does not exist to make this a mandatory security control process, then it is time one was created. This subject needs independent investigation. And water rights control must belong to Australians and not to any foreign country.

Wakey-wakey Politicians you are not doing a good enough job of protecting Australia’s interests.

“Around 10.5 per cent or almost six Sydney Harbours of the nation’s water is now foreign owned, according to the report.” (i)

China now owns 756 gigalitres of water after a three per cent boost of its share in 2018-19, putting it ahead of companies owned in the US (713 GL) and the UK (394 GL).” (i)

“Increasing control of water assets came at a time that China was also boosting its ownership of agricultural land.” (i)

A.I. comments… A Register of Foreign Ownership of Water Entitlements as on 30th June 2019 exists on PDF, by the Australian Government Australian Taxation Office.

Of course this is good news that a Registry exists. But still where is the evidence that our Politicians in Government have appropriate ‘Security Control of Foreign Investment’ including our essential survival supplies of water? I have touched on this subject previously and it shall be continued down the track.

Introduction of Register

We still must ask the question… if the details of investors are not made publicly available, how do Australians know who owns the water? Our Security is a ‘Top Priority’. Who is accurately protecting our Water Security from Foreign Ownership? As it stands, it seems that there does not exist any ‘Security Disciplines’ which are in place to protect the water rights of Australians. When Farmers are being charged excessive costs for water, charged by foreign ownership, including ‘Communist China’ it appears to be an authoritarian injustice that should not exist.

Daily Mail Australia has identified some of the investment now in Foreign Ownership by ‘Communist Chinese’ Corporations. Remember, Chinese Companies might seem like they are independent businesses, but they all have to report to Xi Jinping Beijing, who by Policy Agenda controls what they can and cannot do. This includes the Sino Group in Hong Kong.

Mawallok Estate in Stockyard Hill, in western Victoria, changed hands for an undisclosed price after being marketed with a huge $25 million asking figure.” (i)

A.I. comments… Who sold the Mawallok Estate to a Communist Chinese Company? Was it an Australian or another Foreign Nation Company? Why would an Australian put greed first by selling to anti-freedom Chinese Companies that report to Beijing for approval? Why isn’t this information available in the name of protecting Australian Security?

“Title documents also show the largest exporter of Australian wool, Chinese business tycoon Qingnan Wen, bought the heritage-listed sheep station.” (i)

A.I. comments… Sheep Stations are by history heritage Australian; why would we sacrifice our self-sufficiency identity by allowing our ‘Sheep Business’ to be sold to foreign investment? Where is our political government survival common-sense?

“Two months later in August, a 5071-hectare farm property located near Ballan, about 60km west of Melbourne, was snapped up for $60 million by China’s Guangxi Investment Co by their subsidiary Harvest Agriculture.” (i)

“Currently used as a mixed farming operation for dryland cropping and grazing for sheep, it is understood that as the new owner, Harvest Agriculture will continue to run the enterprise as a farming operation, despite it being a rather diversified acquisition, and that approval for the deal has already been secured from Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board. (FIRB). (ii)

(ii) https://www.globalaginvesting.com/brief-harvest-agriculture-acquires-dryland-cropping-grazing-operation-yaloak-estate-a60m/

A.I. comments… Melbourne businessman Peter Yunghanns sold his property to China’s Guangxi Investment Co which he has owned for more than fifty years. (iii)

(iii) Polo baron Peter Yunghanns selling $50m Yaloak Estate (afr.com)

“In 2011 Mr Yunghanns (80 Years in 2019) went to Tianjin in northeastern China where he met with Pan Sutong, a Chinese billionaire and chair of Goldin Group.” (iv)

(iv) Wealthy polo baron’s spectacular fall from grace played out in the supreme court | Daily Mail Online

Mr David Williams said while strong returns for Victorian farmers over the past six months could soon have properties bought by “the farmer next door”, there was still strong international interest.” (v)

“However, sales to China-funded buyers were increasingly uncommon.” (v)

“A lot of that (demand) is coming out of Canada and the US,” Mr Williams said. (v)

The reality is the Chinese have nearly dried up, they are still interested in food, but you aren’t seeing many transactions going through.” (v)

(v) Yaloak Estate sold to China-backed firm for eight figures – realestate.com.au

A.I. comments… Well it is good news that the Chinese are losing interest in investing more money in some forms of property investment, but their interest in investing in Food is still strong. And that objective could be a serious concern for Australia, if ‘Communist China’ gains control of our ‘Food Supply Primary Industry’.

Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board does not give me a good feeling that they are thinking and behaving in a responsible decision-making way in the interests of Australians. They approved of China’s Guangxi Investment Co deal purchase of Peter Yunghanns property. And I sensed that Yunghanns was not inspired by a sense of Patriotism for Australia First. The impression I gained is that greed for profit was more important to him than selling to an Australian Investor, which is why ‘Foreign Ownership’ investment by ‘Communist’ Chinese Firms must be outlawed as a matter of common-sense survival policy.

We cannot always be confident that some Aussies will not succumb to Greed instead of ‘Patriotic Loyalty’ to their Nation. Greed at the expense of Loyalty must always be opposed. It is our ‘Duty as Patriots’ to ensure this responsibility is always enforced.

“The energy sector is another area where Chinese investors have looked to buy big.” (i)

“Despite its deceptive name, Energy Australia is owned by China’s Light and Power Co, while Alinta Energy is a subsidiary of Chow Tai Fook Enterprises.” (i)

A.I. comments… When we in overview look at the type of investments that hold the interest of Chinese Companies reporting to Xi Jinping Beijing, we can easily discern that those selected interests are focused on investment of essential survival services that can cripple the population in the event of a war with ‘Communist China’ and can make Australians poorer, increasing our poverty levels. Approval by Politicians of these Chinese investments is an act of ‘High Treason’ against all Australians. Which brings us back to the need to investigate the decisions being made by Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board.

Chinese mining group Yancoal in 2017 purchase BHP coal assets in New South Wales including the Hunter Valley’s Mt Thorley Warkworth site.” (i)

A.I. comments… It is a concern to note that originally Australian, BHP # has become a Foreign Investment over the years. BHP should have been protected as being 100% Australian owned. Xi Jinping recently started a dispute stopping Freighters from delivering Coal to China leaving over 1,000 sailors stranded on floating Freighters for over a month. As to when they will be received is not yet clear. Xi Jinping is lucky that I am not in charge. Because I would have ordered the Freighters to return back to Australia and cancelled all export supplies of coal to ‘Communist China’ and redirected market research looking for new coal markets in other countries. We must have the courage to not ever tolerate ‘Communist Dictatorship’.

# Note: In January 1885 Phillip Charly discovered a significant silver deposit on Broken Hill property, a mining claim staked by Charles Rasp in 1883. BHP known by nickname ‘The Big Australian’ was incorporated on 13th August 1885, operating a Silver and Lead mine at Broken Hill, located in Western New South Wales, Australia.

The Australian Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited’s wealthy growing industry evolved from silver and lead mining to include, discovery, production and marketing of zinc, iron ore, copper, oil and gas, diamonds, and other resources. The history of how its Australian Identity was sold to Foreign investors is another subject outside this records concerned treatise.

In addition, Yancoal reports to Xi Jinping Beijing, which means ‘Communism’ controls us in a crossfire. Our Politicians are not too bright.

I repeat… No amount of money is worth losing your right to live free.

“With fears Beijing-backed firms have been strategically buying up Australian assets, the ‘Federal Government’ moved in March to strengthen foreign investment regulations.” (i)

A.I. comments… I have not seen any permanent evidence that investment by ‘Communist China’ has been stopped. Slowing down investment, leaving the gate open, just means that Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’ can reinvest in Australia whenever they deem it to be a needed additive to their agenda of conquest of Australia.

I have no respect for strengthening foreign investment regulations, when in reality the gate is still open, for reentry by ‘Communist Companies’ that report to Xi Jinping, Beijing.

The Daily Mail Australia reported…

“This, along with the economic slowdown from the coronavirus crisis has seen new Chinese commercial investment in Australia fall significantly.” (i)

“But even before the pandemic Chinese investment in Australia was beginning to wane.” (i)

A.I. comments… This is an illusion… temporary drops in Chinese investments in Australia just means that ‘Communist China’ is reorganizing itself and is reorganizing its investment strategy not only in Australia but also in other overseas investments. We would be very naïve if we believe that China has lost interest in gaining ownership control of Australia.

“Data from the Australian National University’s Chinese Investment in Australia (CHIIA) shows that from its $15.8 billion peak in 2016, new investment by Sino firms in 2019 fell to just $2.5 billion.” (i)

A.I. comments… All this means is that Sino firms are rethinking investment strategies. They are not selling all their investments in Australia. They are not selling all their ‘Water Rights’ in Australia.

## China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited is a Chinese Manufacturing and distribution company of Dairy Products and Ice cream. The company founded in 1999 is headquartered in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China and manufactures dairy products under the Mengniu brand.

“That year the $1.5 billion sale of Tasmanian dairy processor Bellamy’s to Mengniu Dairy Company was approved by the Foreign Investment Review Board.” (i)

A.I. comments… Trust the ‘Foreign Investment Review Board’ with protection of Australian Freedom Values and our National Security? Not likely. They don’t have any problem with approving anti-freedom ‘Communist Chinese’ investment in Australia.

“But in August this year, attitudes sharply changed, and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg put a stop to a similar $600 million deal that would have seen Lion Dairy in the hands of a Chinese firm.” (i)

“Mr Frydenberg said the deal was blocked because it was ‘contrary to national interest’ – a statement which angered the Chinese Communist Party.” (i)

A.I. comments… Three Cheers for Josh Frydenberg because he had the courage to say “No” to Chinese investment takeover of Australia.

Dunce to the ‘Foreign Investment Review Board’ who has been submitting to the acceptance of ‘Communist Chinese Investment in our Country’.

The ‘Chinese Communist Party’ behaves like Xi Jinping always angered when they cannot have the wicked way of ruling Australia. Those inferior thinking Aussies that are submitting to ‘Greed’ in preference to ‘Loyalty to Australia’ and in preference to ‘Patriotism’ are not worth a damn as Australians and are equally our enemies just like ‘Communist China’ is our enemy.

Don’t be stupid, Xi Jinping is playing us, like a cat plays with a mouse, except it is worse, the history of ‘Communists’ in China has murdered over 80 million Chinese since 1950 that simply wanted to live free of ‘Communist Dictatorship’.

Xi Jinping wants to invade Australia, but he correctly hesitates, because he would also have to fight our allies, USA, Japan, and India.

“The following month Chinese property developer Poly Global pulled the pin on a $300 million bid to buy the Bingara George residential development in southwestern Sydney from Lendlease.” (i)

“The Australian Financial Review reported the call was made after a last minute ‘directive from Beijing’.” (i)

A.I. comments… This ‘pull the pin’ incident proves that all Chinese investments in Australia are controlled by Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades in Beijing. For us it is good news that Jinping pulled the pin. His bluff to upset us failed, we that value our ‘Freedom’ are happy that Jinping ran the other way. Just like we are happy that Xi Jinping becomes angered every time we say “No” and standup against his dictatorship tactics. His anger is good for us, it proves he is a spoilt brat tyrant and that we do not need this creep as a ‘Trading Partner’.

I have no respect for Australian weak-minded people that want to submit to the emotional demands of Xi Jinping. The truth is that Jinping has no respect for such greedy Australians, he just uses them as pawns in a ‘Cold War’ power struggle by ‘Communist China’ to conquer Australia from within.

“Under changes to ownership laws in Australia, all foreign investments must now be approved by the review board, regardless of their value.” (i)

“The government have also introduced stricter regulations for foreign firms investing in sensitive industries including telecommunications, the energy sector and military supply lines.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson concludes… This is a good step in the right direction; the ‘Foreign Investment Review Board’ must lift its game and focus on protecting Australian Interests and Security.

But it is time for more Australians to wake up, sensitive industries are also food, water, ore and minerals and our education system. And properties are large land areas that belong to Australians and must not belong to overseas investors, including rejecting investors from ‘Totalitarian Nations’.

Australian State Premiers have been making ‘Trade Deals’ with China, and they must be stopped by the FIRB. Australia needs to focus on becoming more Self-Sufficient in Manufacturing and Primary Industry. To survive well Australia needs to become self-sufficient and an exporter to ‘Freedom Valued’ Nations. We must cease trading with ‘Totalitarian Nations’ until they free their people from tyranny.

I still do not trust the decision making of the ‘Foreign Investment Review Board’ they need to lift their game higher in discipline than the now stricter regulations which is still not good enough. The names of all the decision makers on the board must always be known to the Australian Public. We must know that their decisions are constantly protecting Australian wholesome wellbeing. They the Board, are accountable to the people forever.

#China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited Subsidiaries#

Team of Industries built since 1999 with economic investment support from the ‘Communist Chinese Party’. Don’t underestimate the aggressive determination of ‘Communist China’ to conquer the world, every which way.

These below slides represent only one Head Company of Subsidiaries. Imagine the rapid growth of other Companies and their subsidiaries. Xi Jinping becomes angry with us because his plans including conquering Australia from within, and when we say, “No” he spits his dummy, because he can’t have what he wants.

Remember this list is dynamic it will in the years ahead increase or decrease by the decisions of Beijing. Capitalism in ‘Communist China’ is not true Capitalism like that which exists in the ‘Free World’. In Communist China, Capitalism is politically controlled by Government.

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