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Becalmed by Peace


Spring upon the beach… A sea gull cruises high above. 3 o’clock and all is well. The sun moves closer to the horizon westward bound. The surf rolls in with moderate swell leaving its mark upon the changing landscape…

The eye never sees the gradual change, but the transient state is forever moving and only through comparison against past years, do changes in landscape become strikingly self-evident.

The power of life beats upon a constant drum, man is immortal as many seek to believe, but reality holds high that the individual is not lasting. The end comes soon enough, the heartbeat of personal existence stops. Many of us see the higher reality of that which seems valid; the collective spirit of man is immortal. But is this illusion true? … What happens when the planet is destroyed? Man, as we know it, ceases to exist. What then becomes immortal when the spirit of his finite state is gone forevermore? In this field of wonderment, the power of the undefined reaches out and we come to the realisation that we all cannot as individuals afford to waste our lives chasing worthless ideas and senseless causes.

The cause of violence is stupidity at its best and evil at its worst and leads not to the higher plain of joy but follows down only into darkness below the point of revelation.

Upon the water…

A surfboard soars across the crest of a rolling wave, moving in and out, the point of the board’s direction travels relentlessly forward, ridden by a master of skilled control, driven by natural forces of power. A power so great that the joy and pleasure which it gives can also turn upon life and take it back to the grave of non-existence for all organic form.

A kite flown by a child hangs high in the sky. A sea gull circles around the creative flight. A string of attachment feels the pull of earthbound control whilst the sea-gull glides free unconcerned by the connection of the floating fabric constructed by the creative imagination of man, just as the bird was constructed by the creative forces of existence.

How then should we live, in peace or in war? Behold the beauty of life is all around us. Is it wise to fight and kill when there is so much to see? I feel the power of the spirit reach out… I see the immortality of truth, which is part of the real purpose of existence. Truth revealed by those persons who dare to travel beyond the level of self and faithfully reach out into a world of beauty, imagination and pleasure…a world of revelation, where knowledge builds upon itself, strengthened by the spiritual power of love…

A quest for knowledge, a pursuit for insight that goes forward, driven by the cause of doing, giving, and sharing with others; Challenge…a creation, which is just as great as the joy, a child gains building sandcastle, upon the grains of existence… How then is a child’s simple activities and awareness any less than the pleasure of man achieving the skill to walk upon the moon?

How less is a child’s wonderment upon the things it first experiences…like picking up shells at the seaside, seeing animals never seen before, feeling the splash of waves around the feet for the first time, watching a sunset, and wondering upon the magic of rainbows and the fearful thunder of a storm which is not yet understood. What then is real unto the child? Lightning flashes across the sky, a plane flies high, birds soar into the air, and a kite rises higher; breaking loose from the string and its link, the kite drifts away, just as a balloon will wander when it escapes its moorings. What then is more than the wonderment of a child?

How less is a child’s feeling for life whilst mankind ventures into the regions of space exploring new territories of awareness? How less is a child’s new experience when compared to the soul who expands itself upon spiritual insight? All of life in its growing awareness…each new experience through the years for each individual is a wonderment in itself. A joy to be felt, a pleasure of existence, transient in its reality but true in its magic…a moment of illusion made true by experience and genuine by feeling.

In this light of understanding, how then can we justify the way of violent force when all around us, is rolling upon the sands of change? The laws of existence reveal itself. We…humans so small in significance can only wonder upon it all. Becalmed by the spirit of peace within ourselves, we find truth in sharing our love for life. Through the gentle creative forces of existence, the world unfolds unto itself.

Source: ‘Blue Light’ book of ‘Cosmic Messages’ published in Sydney/Grafton in 2003. Section Ahimsa Non-Violence. I wrote this six months, before I met my wife Jan. I took my young sons Peter & Erik to the beach and while they played in the sand near me, I wrote this reflection.

So Entire So Boundless


Standing upon a beach…

The Messenger gazed upon the sea and said, “All is good.”

The Scholar said to the Messenger, “How can you claim all is good?”

The Messenger knelt on the sand and prayed to God, and as the Scholar watched the Messenger, he heard a voice speak silently to his heart, “You knoweth who I am, I speak to you, as I do, through all the hearts of the wiser. Look into the ages of time, see the creation all around you, view the potential that exists within each one of you, here lies the reality of what is good.”

The Scholar felt silenced, with reservation, he thought, “So entire, so boundless is all of life and creation…I do not understand.”



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