Xi Jinping’s World War III Agenda to Eliminate America and Impose a Communist World Order

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(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/china-s-xi-seizes-total-power-threatens-international-order-with-economic-strength-military/ar-AA13sgBN?

Xi Jinping’s World War III Agenda to Eliminate America and Impose a Communist World Order

Xi Jinping’s World War III Agenda to Eliminate America and Impose a Communist World Order… murdering all opposition.

Meanwhile, Australian Politicians are asleep, like Rip Van Winkle.

Allan Peter Ivarsson January 2017 68 years of age

Allan Ivarsson comments… I will not go too deep into economic situations of any country. That is a Nations Management Process problem. My focus is as always dealing with anti-freedom ideologies threatening the right of people to live free in speech, choice and equality. We cannot solve societal problems if we are denied the right to live free. Xi Jinping anti-freedom ideology is not offering caring consideration of the rights of the people. Xi Jinping is only offering oppression of the people, committed to making people’s lives miserable, when it suits the dictatorship needs of the state. Xi Jinping may be clever, but he is not smart.

Xi Jinping rejected my ‘Cosmic Law’ instructions to free the Chinese People of Mainland China and to free the Tibetans. I expected he would refuse to follow this essential right thing to do ‘Cosmic Law’. This instruction is now for Chinese History and shall become successful when the German/Russian ideology of anti-freedom Marxist Socialist Communism is toppled by the global support ‘Freedom Resistance’ movement. As I have written previously, the Chinese people are oppressed by German Karl Marx anti-freedom philosophy. The Chinese people are being denied the complete ‘Freedom Privilege’ of enjoying the knowledge of their ancestor’s history and beliefs, be they good or bad ideas and experiences. Homo Sapiens learn over thousands of years by trial and error. We trust we learn to become wiser and smarter past the level of just being clever.

Now I begin review of serious concern which impacts not only on the Mainland Chinese People but on the right of every person to live free in peace, void of bully Authoritarian dictatorship.

We are not truly free until the entire planet lives free, void of all anti-freedom ideologies.

There is no place for the ‘Habit of War’ in a ‘Free World’.

Allan Ivarsson 4th November 2022

Robert Maginnis wrote his excellent must read ‘Opinion’ on Friday October 28, 2022, titled… ‘China’s Xi seizes total power, threatens international order with economic strength, military.’ (i)

My A.I. comments are based upon my knowledge and study of Ancient Chinese History and Philosophy since my youth in the late 1960’s and my High School Chinese friends who visited Australia, before returning home overseas. I read about Confucius and Taoism back in the 1970’s. As many of you who have read my previous works know, I began my study of Xi Jinping as far back as 2018, when I began to become concerned about the ‘Belief System’ of Xi Jinping and his thinking and behaviour on world stage.

I Allan Ivarsson am a fan of Author Chin-Ning Chu who wrote ‘Thick Face Black Heart’ published in 1992, which I read in 1996. The lady author has a very talented history. Her book is a best seller in Asia and USA. I doubt many Australians have made the effort to upgrade their education by reading her book. In Education terms, too many Australians are slow to upgrade their wisdom by open mind philosophical reading. Australians must wake up, if they want to continue to live free and save their once ‘Lucky Country’.

Book Available through Amazon.

Kenneth Blanchard, PhD, co-author of ‘The One Minute Manager’ tabled an excellent reference in 1992 about Chin-Ning Chu’s bookwith this important message… “Awakens our commitment to hard work, unshakable strength in overcoming adversity, and the courage to be true to one’s convictions. An inspiration for all managers and entrepreneurs.”

Xi Jinping is blinded by his obsession to believe in German/Russian Marxist Socialist Communist Philosophy thus he is betraying all of the Chinese people which at present is a population of 1.4 billion in 2022.

Xi Jinping because of his power control is now even more dangerous than evil Mao Zedong and evil Joseph Stalin. His economic mismanagement of his country by oppression of ‘Capitalism’ will be the final spark that will topple Communism in China. But tragically millions of lives may be lost around the globe before the fall of insane Communist Philosophy.

Xi Jinping will never comprehend the wisdom of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ recorded in my work before and after I coined the words in 2007 ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to describe the most advanced intelligence in the world which has an open mind dynamic philosophy founded upon the essential codes of Ethics and Honour defending and protecting the right of every person for all eternity to live ‘Free in Speech, Choice and Equality’ provided such freedom does not deny others the same right to live. ‘Abuse of Freedom Privilege’ denying others the right to live free in peace is not acceptable behaviour not now, not ever.

Allan Ivarsson 6th November 2022.

Robert Maginnis wrote… (i)

“The world is much more dangerous today because of what happened in Beijing this past weekend. The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) quinquennial [recurring every five years] 20th Congress “crowned” Xi Jinping essentially as president and chairman for life by amending the party constitution to enshrine him as the “core” leader which makes him as powerful as founder Mao Zedong, the man who killed up to 100 million Chinese to chart his ideological agenda through decades of Chinese history.” (i)

“The CCP reinforced Xi’s iron-grip on power by passing a “historical resolution” lauding Xi’s philosophy as the “essence of Chinese culture,” which consolidated his power and cleared the path for him to remain in office to push his agenda, which he described last week saying, “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has entered an irreversible historical process.” (i)

A.I. comments… Xi Jinping lied to himself and to the Chinese people. His philosophy is not the essence of Chinese culture. The philosophy of Xi Jinping is the essence of German Karl Marx philosophy adopted by the Foolish Russian people who likewise blindly followed the ignorance and stupidity of Karl Marx anti-freedom ideology belief system.

There will not be any great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation until the people of China are given their eternal right to live free in a democracy. Sadly, that will not come until after the death of Xi Jinping who reveres like Mao, the use of cruel unjust bully oppressive force against all who disagree with his dictatorship rules.

“Chairman Xi, 69, emerged from the Congress that ended Saturday evening with more power than ever. Immediately, he stacked his government with staunch Marxist-Leninists sycophants [ creeps, crawlers, grovellers], which strengthens his hold on power and tightens his grip over China’s future to allow him to advance the current trajectory of confrontation across the world.” (i)

A.I. comments… This proves that Xi Jinping does not respect Chinese Culture and only cares about his love of power over the people and that he clings to Marxist-Leninist Philosophy not to Chinese Culture philosophy. As I wrote in a previous post-dated October 29, 2022‘Communist China’ is not ‘One China’ Aka. ‘Communist China’ is German Authoritarian Philosophy Not Chinese Heritage Philosophy’.

Xi Jinping has betrayed 1.4 billion Chinese people. His deceit and oppressive agenda seem to be bottomless with no end until his death. What a sad consequence for homo sapiens and for Xi Jinping.

“As a result, Chinese financial markets plummeted as true Marxists took firm control over China’s economy and the sounds of Chinese saber rattling echoed across the world – the East-West Cold War is heating up.” (i)

A.I. comments… Saber rattling means ‘conscious of’, it does not mean ‘cavalry sword’ in this choice of words used by Robert Maginnis in his message of disturbing knowledge resounding around the globe. The meaning is a reflection of Spanish Language to English which I call ‘Gaia Language’.

Maginnis identified the truth… ‘Marxists took firm control over China’s economy’.

When I began studying the thinking and behaviour of Xi Jinping, I thought he was cleverer than the Soviet Union because he seemed to be supporting ‘Capitalism’ outside the doctrine of Karl Marx Leninism which focused on oppressing it. The downfall of the Soviet Union came about because Karl Marx failed to comprehend that without freedom in Capitalism, the State cannot survive. I thought that Xi Jinping understood this SU error. But now just before Jinping became established in his Third Term, I noticed he was slashing the freedom of Capitalism in his country. This move was a serious error by Jinping. And now it is clear why. Xi Jinping has become blinded by Karl Marx anti-capitalism philosophy.

The methods Xi Jinping is using of Marxists taking firm control over China’s economy will inevitably bring about the gradual demise of Communist Rule in China. Without freedom of industry, the economics of ‘Communist Beijing China’ will weaken and in the end, China will go broke striving to finance a war global takeover. Sadly, millions of more lives on both sides, enemies and friends will be lost, before Communism in China breaks down.

Xi Jinping is dangerously clever in many decisions he makes, but he is not smart. His failure to allow the freedom of ‘Capitalism’ to exist in Mainland China will bring down his credibility as his economic strength weakens.

History Ancient and Medieval and Modern all revealed the same cause of defeat. When the country runs out of money, food and energy supplies, they are in the end, defeated. Wars Cost Big Money, the people are always tragic collateral damage, but without strong economy a Nation cannot win a war. The stupidity of war is that not only is it the wrong thing to do from a humanitarian point of view but is the wrong thing to do wasting money on fighting a war as the aggressive ‘Offender’. Self-defence to protect ones right to live free, is sadly always essential but starting a war as an offender is insane.

Robert Maginnis wrote… “I anticipated this day when I wrote my new book, “Kings of the East: China’s Plan to Eliminate America and Impose a Communist World Order.” I believe every word of that title and unfortunately the 20th Congress confirmed the worst.” (i)

A.I. comments… As a consequence of my study of Xi Jinping thinking and behaviour since 2018, I have observed the same thinking, as no doubt many others around the globe have observed. It is true Xi Jinping is committed to his agenda of ‘Eliminating America and Imposing a Communist World Order’. I have said it many times in my previous published records that Xi Jinping agenda is to establish ‘Communist China’ as the number one Superpower ruling Earth and Space.

Book Available through Amazon.

Robert Maginnis wrote…Early in the Congress, Xi revealed in his 104-minute speech his vision for a “new era” of socialism, which he believes will save China. Xi intends to realize his “Chinese Dream,” the so-called “great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,” a theme repeated from his 2017 National Congress speech whereby he cast himself as a 21st Century Mao with plans that address “socialist modernization.” (i)

A.I. comments… All the Chinese Communist Members listened obediently to Xi Jinping’s 104-minute speech, but after 20 minutes, no one was really listening to what Xi said.

Back in the 1970’s when I was a young executive, I was taught never to exceed 14 minutes in a speech. Why? Because the average person’s concentration in listening only holds strong and alert for 14 minutes and the listener starts to lose concentration and their memory of what is said fades. In other words, of the 104 minutes written speech by Xi Jinping 90 minutes is not absorbed by the minds of the listeners.

Xi Jinping would have been smarter to publish his speech and give a read printout to all Chinese Communist Members so they can ‘Think Tank’ about what Xi Jinping plans to do and why. Xi Jinping’s speech should have been focused in first 14 minutes as an overview introduction of his written speech for all to read. The most boring films are those where the character like ‘Robinson Crusoe’ is the only actor in the film. Entertainment on film for movies and Television Shows only does well when good actors interact with each other. Insertion of singers and poets and dancers helps inspire concentration. To keep concentration levels focused on watching a film, including documentaries there must be regular changes in speech and activity to hold people’s attention. Everyone needs a break in concentration less they lose focus on the ideas in a speech, be it fiction or fact.

In several of my past posts about Xi Jinping, I have published website warnings that Xi Jinping reveres evil Mao Zedong, responsible for the deaths of over eighty million Chinese people, including over a million Tibetans.

“After gaining a third term, Xi ensured success for his agenda by stacking the all-powerful Politburo Standing Committee with loyalists like Shanghai party chief Li Qiang, the possible next premier. Further, Xi removed critics from power like former Chinese President Hu Jintao who was unceremoniously escorted out of the Congress’ closing on Saturday evening.” (i)

“With Xi firmly ensconced and dissent sidelined – the culmination of a 10-year process – he has a freer hand to make controversial decisions in both domestic and foreign policy. Xi’s third term will return China to strongman rule, much like the model adopted by Mao. These actions were predictable because Xi has slowly removed rivals and forced the end to presidential term limits.” (i)

A.I. comments… Vladimir Putin has already forced the end to presidential term limits in Russia and after that success he invaded Ukraine and sacrificed thousands of Russian lives forced to cruelly murder, Ukrainian men, women, children and babies. All of this action by Putin was approved by Xi Jinping.

There is no doubt now that Xi Jinping is planning by 2027, maybe sooner, to invade Taiwan and then attack Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and the South Pacific, finally attacking Japan and South Korea supported by the evil North Korea regime.

Meanwhile, incompetent Australian Politicians, Federal and State, Labor, Liberal and Greens and all Independents have not done anything to ‘Make Australia Strong Again’.

Australian Self-Sufficiency and Military Strength is in a serious state of neglect.

I have no respect for wimps, cowards, traitors and people who refuse to read education upgrade to strengthen their survival and communication skills.

The younger Australian generations have failed to upgrade their communication skills and focus on opposing our Federal and State governments for their high-level neglect of our ‘Once upon a time great country’. We Aussies have no defence simply because all Australian Politicians have demonstrated by lack of performance that not one Member of Parliament (MP) Representative or Senator has Professional Project Management Skills. If you think that is not true… prove it by showing me the results. Exactly right… you failed to find successful evidence because it does not exist in delivery performance.

Remember, I Allan Ivarsson have over thirty years of experience in Project Management Skills in Australian American Finance Company for three years and later, mostly Manufacturing, several industries and Retail Experience. I know how professional project management must work to always deliver successful results. As a Senior Executive and Consultant in Manufacturing, I taught by hands on application, ‘Class ‘A’ World Class Manufacturing Skills in all Logistics Pathways, including Electronics, Cable, and Insulation Industry backed up with 12 years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Industry in Sydney.

Look at all of my posts about the dangers of Xi Jinping, Communist Beijing China over the last three years and about the incompetence of all of our Prime Ministers since 1975 Whitlam. What has our Australian Politicians done to strengthen Self-Sufficiency and Military? Answer Nothing. All of them have been too preoccupied with ‘Pretend Leadership’, failing to deliver essential survival results for all Australians. Consequently, we have been going downhill as a strong Nation. Without ‘Self-Sufficiency’ we are weak, like a herd of sheep waiting to be sheared and later slaughtered.

We Aussies all of us… need to lift our game and rebuild Australia before Xi Jinping invades us. Time is running out. So why aren’t all Politicians and Australian younger ones reading the complete works of Allan Ivarsson on his website linked to his several book publications?

Answer some Aussies are… a minority. But most Australians find Allan Ivarsson’s easy read style even in detail too onerous for themselves. This reflects upon the poor Australian Education in reading and writing skills. Philosophy the key to all understanding is too hard for most young Australians. Except those who are members of the IPA.

There are significantly more Americans reading Allan Ivarsson works than Australians because American Students are taught good ‘Communication Skills’ whilst Australian education cannot match American education training in the art of reading, writing and speaking with freedom of speech, on essential survival subjects.

Those who learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ as taught by A.I. research creator of advanced philosophical thinking have a significant advantage over those that do not have P.I. skills.

The best Universities will be those that teach ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and the best ‘High Schools’ will be those that teach ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the name of this intelligence coined by Allan Ivarsson in 2007 when he owned an educational bookstore as a retailer in Grafton Northern NSW. A.I. identified that P.I. has always existed in the minds of a rare few, for thousands of years and has been evolving constantly. But Australian Intelligence is still too lazy to learn this essential survival skill.

Robert Maginnis wrote… “Domestically, Xi will ramp up his society-wide ideological programs and further crackdown on CCP corruption, overseeing “a new chapter in a modern Marxism” for China’s future. Understand that Xi is an ideological man, a Marxist-Leninist nationalist. He was initially hired by CCP elite to reassert the party’s Leninist control and rid the regime of the rip-roaring days of unconstrained “reform and opening” to develop the economy.” (i)

A.I. comments… Crackdown on CCP corruption simply means any Corporation that uses ‘Freedom Values’ to financially strengthen the success of their industry is deemed by Xi Jinping Mao mentality as being corrupt because it values freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

As I have written previously, Marxism is a German Anti-Freedom Ideology Philosophy that got its aggressive start in Russia through Vladimir Lenin 1917-1924. In other words, Communism in China is not about respect for Chinese Culture History. Marxist Socialist Communism is about oppression of Chinese people denying them the freedom of speech to enjoy the thousands of years of evolution of Chinese Culture.

Robert Maginnis wrote…Xi isn’t likely to shy away from open conflict with the U.S., a reflection of his view restated at the Congress that “the East [China] is rising while the West [the U.S.] is declining.” (i)

A.I. comments… Xi Jinping is wrong to think that USA is declining. The only flaw suffering in USA is a weak President Joe Biden voted into power by foolish younger generation Socialists opposing incorrectly Donald Trump who was doing a great job for Americans.

I trust that when Biden ends his term in 2024 that the decay error decisions which he made will rapidly be fixed by corrective action and I suspect Donald Trump if elected, will fix Joe Bidens blundering errors in Policies. My concern though is that by 2024 Election Donald Trump near 78 years will be too old to serve as a President. His service would be better as a mentor than a President in his old age period of 78 to 82 years of age.

It is now on the public table that Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis currently 43 years old, is now a favourite to win over Donald Trump in 2024 election bid. However, DeSantis has not committed to run for the Presidency at this point of time in November 2022. His popularity is founded upon ‘Polls’ and as I have written in the past, I never trust sample ‘Polls’. I have no opinion at this point of time about DeSantis skills. I shall simply be watching the next two-year performance of all persons striving to win the next election as President of the United States. Certainly, the next President of USA will need to be tougher and smarter than dangerous Xi Jinping.

Xi Jinping is naïve to believe he can easily conquer Americans.

Robert Maginnis wrote… Xi made clear to the [Chinese Third Term] Congress that he no longer rules out a major war in the future. He said the CCP must be “prepared for dangers in peacetime” as well as “preparing for the storm.” He called on the CCP to adhere to “the spirit of struggle” and said the next five years are “critical” for the continued building of a powerful Chinese nation.” (i)

A.I. comments… Xi Jinping lied when he suggested that China be prepared for dangers in peacetime. China has nothing to fear from the Western Free World. USA will not start a war with China. It is Xi Jinping’s mission to start a ‘Third World War’ with the ‘Free West’. Xi has one aggressive agenda, he wants Chinese Marxist Socialist Communism to rule Earth and Space as number one Superpower. And he is willing to kill over 3 Billion people to achieve his despot power hungry vicious dishonourable objectives.

Xi Jinping is right about one thing… the Next Five Years is critical to the survival of the entire Western Free World. And Australian Politicians are true to their high-level incompetence doing nothing for Australia and I have no doubt that the same incompetence also exists in New Zealand.

Robert Maginnis wrote…The self-ruled nation of Taiwan received special mention at the Congress. The loudest ovation came when Xi vowed to “reunify” the mainland with Taiwan. China would “strive for peaceful reunification,” Xi said. However, he warned that Beijing would “never promise to renounce the use of force” and ‘complete reunification of our country must be realized.” (i)

A.I. comments…

Again, Xi Jinping lied.

There is nothing peaceful about oppressing people’s right to live free in a democracy. Xi Jinping has no intention of not harming all Taiwanese people that oppose loss of democratic freedom values. Xi Jinping is a coward… he hides behind the protection of the military. He will never risk his own life in combat. Just like Vladimir Putin refuses to risk his own life in battle in Ukraine. Both Putin and Jinping are cowards, big with warrior mouth, but gutless in combat, just like Adolph Hitler was a coward in combat.

Robert Maginnis wrote… “More broadly, the latest Pentagon report on China indicates that Xi intends to transform the People’s Liberation Army – China’s armed forces – into a “world class” military by 2049. Already, China has the world’s largest navy, army and is expected to field more than 1,000 deliverable nuclear warheads by the end of this decade.(i)

Slide source link to read more (i)

Robert Maginnis wrote… “A ‘world class’ military is key to Xi’s aim to create a new world order. “The PRC [People’s Republic of China] is increasingly clear in its ambitions and intentions. Beijing seeks to reshape the international order to better align with its authoritarian system and national interests, as a vital component of its strategy to achieve the ‘great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,” states the Pentagon report. (i)

“The CCP granted Chairman Xi an unprecedented third term and more power. Expect him to push his Marxist-Leninist worldview at home and across the globe, upsetting financial markets and making the world more dangerous than just a week ago. (i)

Read the rest of Robert Maginnis statements by clicking on this link here.

Stay Alert Western Free World, Xi Jinping’s mission is to rule the world and kill every person’s right to live free. And he is willing to start World War III to achieve his dishonourable agenda.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a wholesome good decent society.

The Fight to Protect and Preserve Freedom Values…to be continued.

Now our ‘Wishlist’ in an unstable ‘Communist World’.

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