Communist Xi Jinping denies Chinese Citizens the Right to Enjoy Australian Wine

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Pandas are smarter than Xi Jinping

Communist Xi Jinping denies Chinese Citizens the Right to Enjoy Australian Wine

Shiv Prema wrote for the Daily Mail Australia and (aap) Australian Associated Press, dated 27th November 2020. The title of the subject… ‘China fires an extraordinary shot in trade war by slapping 200 PER CENT tariffs on Australian wine – starting tomorrow.’ (i)


Allan Ivarsson comments… this is not a surprising tactic by Xi Jinping, the quality of our wine claim is a cover-up excuse. Gangster Xi Jinping wants control of Australia and is fighting to dictate fear of ‘Communist China’, backed by his greed for power obsessions to rule Australia.

Do not underestimate this Despot Gangster Creep.

The solution response is to ban all buying and selling trade with ‘Communist China’ and send a message that we reject the attempts by China to impose tyranny force upon Australians. We can go elsewhere and find better customers that live free in speech and choice and are not being bullied by a tyrannical government.

‘Free Trade’ is not free trade when ‘Tariffs’ are imposed on imported product.

‘Free Trade’ is not fair trade when people in other countries are paid lower wages, experiencing lower quality of life conditions compared to foolish countries rejecting self-sufficiency that have the ability to manufacture and grow products of the same and often better quality, but also have better wages, working conditions and better quality of life standards.

We in Australia have a vast range of potential skills in self-sufficiency and we are duty bound as ‘Patriots’ to build our Manufacturing and Primary Industries to a high-quality standard of ‘Self-Sufficiency’ to create more employment opportunities.

With this objective in mind, we can encourage more migrants that value freedom to come to Australia, to help build our Nation as a great ‘Liberty Nation’.

We must strive to make Australia Strong Again.

We do not need the dictatorship of Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades that want control of Australia and Southern Asia and the South Pacific regions. Their greed for power and wealth must be stopped.

I am not afraid to oppose Xi Jinping head-on. He needs the protection of his military.

I do not, my ‘Commander-in-Chief’ of the Universe is ‘God of Creation’ who has a far superior stronger wiser mind than intellectually limited thinker anti-freedom Atheist Xi Jinping.

It is alleged that Communist China has dealt another devastating blow to Australian industry. And the answer is… “They have not, if we are tough enough, to accept rejection of trade, and have the courage to source out other markets, and thereby dump all trade with ‘Communist China’. Let China suffer, we don’t need their bully dictatorship.

Never deal with ‘Communists’ and demand that China frees its people and allows Pro-Democracy people to rule China. The end of ‘Marxist Communism’ around the world is an essential commitment by all good people that value the natural right of humans to live free.

“Australian wine bottles will be taxed 107 to 212 per cent from November 28.” (i)

“… on imports of 2 L containers or less.” (i)

It has been reported that Australia wine was banned from the Shanghai trade show three weeks ago. Previously it was reported that 82 Australian Freighters with a cargo of 8.8 million tonnes of coal are left floating, stranded in hostile waters; no doubt by the orders of Xi Jinping.

It is obvious that Xi Jinping like a child throwing a tantrum, wants to deliberately hurt Australians and our economy, because we are refusing to submit to his dictatorship. Xi Jinping is clearly a very vain despot, not worthy of respect.

“The ‘Chinese Ministry of Commerce’ has determined that Australian exporters have been dumping wine into its market.” (i)

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce is the puppet organisation reporting to the instructions of Xi Jinping who is the supreme ‘Puppeteer of Communist China’.

The Ministry lied in a statement on its website and claimed, “There is dumping of imported wines originating in Australia… it has been substantive.” (i)

Wine has only been sold to the Chinese because buyers wanted the excellent quality wine from Australia. If there were no buyers, we would not be selling the wine. Xi Jinping wants to control his people true to ‘Communist Oppression’ and tells them want they are allowed to drink. Never mind that many Chinese love Australian wine.

The deceitful excuse by ‘Communists’ that we are dumping wine on China is a deliberate lie politically engineered by Xi Jinping in his attempt to force Australians to submit to his dictatorship.

The ‘Chinese Ministry of Commerce’… “… said the investigation had been conducted in ‘strict accordance with relevant Chinese laws and regulations and WTO (World Trade Organisation) rules.” (i)

“The $6 billion Australian wine industry exports about 39 per cent of all product to China, according to Wine Australia.”

A.I. continues to comment… Only because the Chinese love our wine and want to buy it. As for the claim that this tariff is obeying WTO rules, so what. The decision has nothing to do with WTO rules. The decision was made by Xi Jinping and the so-called Chinese Laws are not freedom-based laws, they are oppressive dictatorship laws that reject the rights of the Chinese people to live free in speech and choice.

Whilst it is nice to enjoy exports of wine worth $1.6 billion annually to China, it is not nice when payment includes the demand that Australia dumps it allies, USA, Japan, and India. And it is not acceptable when Xi Jinping expects Australians to submit to his dictatorship rules.

No amount of money is worth sacrificing our ‘Freedom Values’ in the name of ‘Greed for the few’ and allowing a tyrant to tell us what we can do and not do.

Rathbone Wines chairman Doug Rathbone, (correctly) said the (tariff) move is obviously politically motivated’ to ‘The Australian’ and part of China’s ongoing diplomatic spat with Australia at the time.” (i) He also said… “It is a bit like the barley industry, which is in a position where there is no justification for the tariffs on any commercial basis.” (i)

All of this tariff imposition was launched against Australia by Xi Jinping who thinks his role is as Puppeteer of all Nations that he deals with in business, which gives him the power to oppress whoever he wants to.

Thus XI Jinping displays his Gangster Attitude and causes us of the free world to disrespect him as a leader.

“Earlier this month, China turned away Australian wine bound for Shanghai with local customs seizing imports ordered by more than a dozen wine exhibitors which had been intended to show at a regional fair.” (i)

A.I. continues to comment… Notice that the enthusiastic Chinese exhibitors love Australian wine, but they do not have any freedom of choice rights because of the oppressive character of ‘Communism’ enforced by Xi Jinping. It was creep Jinping that instructed Customs to seize imports from Australia, in his persistent bid to hurt the economy of Australia.

Jinping is not content with the economic hurt he imposed upon Australia with the negligent release of the ‘Corona Virus’ which has hurt Australians by a loss of over 250 billion dollars without blinking in 2020. Now he is striving to oppress us more with economic loss. Our Australian response must be to ban all import and export trade with ‘Communist China’ until ‘Communism’ stands down and frees its people in a Pro-Democracy movement society.

We Aussies need to send a message to ‘Communist China’ and the world that we will not ever submit to tyranny. No amount of money is worth sacrificing our right to live free.

“The number of stranded vessels has quadrupled in the past two weeks, prompting Morrison government officials to openly question whether China is deliberately discriminating against Australia exports.” (i)

I first started writing against ‘Communist China’ in April 2020, I increased the intensity of my ahimsa cold war attacks against ‘Communism’ as I researched how idiot Australian Politicians had allowed the ‘Communist Chinese’ to get control of us in property, business and trade.

I have known since the beginning of the ‘Trade Wars’ that all actions launched by Xi Jinping instructions was deliberate and politically engineered to force Australians to submit to ‘Communist Chinese Dictatorship’. And now I read that Australian government officials are only just questioning if China is deliberately discriminating against Australian exports. But it’s not just Australian exports, even Australia’s Whitsunday’s Island is a classic example of Communist Dictatorship.

I shall deal with that further down-the-track.

It has been suggested…

“Australian ministers have not been in touch with their Chinese counterparts but officials in Canberra and Beijing are working on a solution.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson concludes… this is a weak thinking backward solution. Beijing expects us to submit to their ‘Communist Dictatorship Rules’. They will never be good trading associates. Xi Jinping wants control of us, and we are required to submit to his demands. That is what Communism does oppress people and Nations.

The only solution is to stop trading with ‘Communist China’ and sell our product elsewhere. We do not need ‘Communist China’ as an ally. They are committed to taking control of us and that planned takeover dictatorship is not acceptable behaviour.

Stop Negotiating trade with China and establish new Market Opportunities with Countries whose people live free.

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