Australia must Outlaw Supplies of Iron Ore to ‘Communist China’ This is why…

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Feature Image: Iron Ore Australian Mining

Driverless Train Rio Tinto Hauls Iron Ore from Pilbara Mines towards Cape Lambert, Western Australia.

Railways in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Most of Australia’s Iron Ore is mined in the Pilbara, which is why if ‘Communist China’ invades Australia in an ‘Act of War’, they will strategically take control of Pilbara. There is currently no ‘Defence Force Strategy’ to protect this area in the event of attack by Xi Jinping Beijing. This weakness must be eliminated.

The iron ore mines are mostly located around Tom Price and Newman. The iron ore industry employs 9,000 people from the Pilbara area. This logistics is recorded in Wikipedia. Hence, it is a variable figure over the years.

“The Pilbara is a large, dry, thinly populated region in the north of Western Australia. It is known for its Aboriginal peoples; its ancient landscapes; the red earth; and its vast mineral deposits, in particular iron ore. It is also a global biodiversity hotspot for subterranean fauna.” #


“The Pilbara also has one of the world’s major manganese mines, Woodie Woodie, situated 400 kilometres southeast of Port Headland. #

The Aboriginal population of the Pilbara considerably predates, by 30 to 40,000 years, the European colonization of the region. Archaeological evidence indicates that people were living in the Pilbara even during the harsh climate conditions of the ‘Last Glacial Maximum.” #

Allan Ivarsson comments… For all you ‘Climate Change Activist’ crazies afraid of ‘Climate Change’… for thousands of years, three billion in fact, the earth has been subject to Climate Changes, warming and freezing. The Australian Aborigines proved that they have the ability to adapt to ‘Climate Change’. Be aware that the danger of ‘Freezing’ is a more serious concern than the danger of ‘Warming’ over the next one billion years. But the worst danger is ‘Nuclear Winter’ why aren’t you Climate Change Activists more concerned with that survival threat? Focus on how we can eliminate the ‘Habit of War’ and ‘Free the World’ from all ‘Totalitarian Ideologies’. That is the smarter focus. Learn common-sense ‘Gaia Management’. And learn the most advanced intelligence in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Incidentally, CO2 is our friend not our enemy. Get an education… “The Truth about CO2”.

According to the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics, as of 2010, that resource [Iron Ore] is being used up at a rate of 324 million tonnes a year, with rates expected to increase over coming years. Experts Gavin Mudd (Monash University) and Jonathon Law (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) expect it to be gone within 30 to 50 years, Mudd’s forecast projection, and 56 years Law’s forecast projection.” #

A.I. comments… What this is telling me using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ if we keep selling $100 billion dollars a year of iron ore to ‘Communist China’ to help them build a stronger, Army, Navy, Airforce Defence system to invade us, we will have used out all of our ‘Iron Ore’ resources by 2090, maybe earlier 2080. So, we are currently choosing short-term greed for an export market to ‘Communist China’ that is planning to conquer us and recently in May 2021, through their Chinese propaganda news publication ‘Global Times’ Xi Jinping Beijing is warning us, not to continue spending on Defence upgrade and growth.

Because of the constant threat of Xi Jinping Beijing and his ‘Communist Comrades’ we have no choice but to accelerate the strengthening of our Military Defence Forces, to do that… one of our most important needs at basic level is ‘Steel, Iron Ore and Coal.’

Beijing has demonstrated that they are not worthy of receiving the benefit of our exports. It is a shame because there are one billion pro-democracy Chinese that want to live free, like the Taiwanese from the evil tyranny of Marxist Communism’. But we cannot help them until ‘Communism’ is overthrown. As it stands the ‘Pro-Freedom Chinese’ are unarmed, defenseless against the ruthless militant communist ‘People’s Liberation Army’, who demonstrated in 1989 ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’ and surrounding rural regions that they have no defence protection against 92 million armed ruthless ‘Communist Military Personnel’.

One thing is clear every Aussie needs to recycle steel, never bury it as land fill.

Australia must Outlaw Supplies of Iron Ore to ‘Communist China’ This is why…

Australia’s current average $100 billion iron ore export market to ‘Communist China’ is rapidly helping China become a stronger more successful Oppressive Nation to rule us and invade us. If Beijing succeeds in invading Australia, they will steal all of our Iron Ore, Coal, Minerals, and all of our Industries and turn every Aussie that is not cruelly executed, into a slave of the ‘Communist State’. No amount of money is worth selling our soul and giving up our freedom.

Never Forget the Courage of the ANZACS.

Australia must immediately and persistently focus on becoming the number one biggest supplier of Steel in the world and ban supplying steel and iron ore to ‘Communist China’. Become tougher than coward creep Xi Jinping and cancel all trade with ‘Communist China’ both exports and imports no exceptions. We Aussies do not need Beijing’s Business. Deal with any whinging greed motivated Aussies, with the contempt they deserve. Never tolerate unpatriotic leeches. And don’t be afraid to challenge the greedy to a fair fight in the ‘Political Boxing Ring’ under Marquis of Queensbury Rules.

An article jumped off the page to all alert Australians titled, ‘Iron ore price surge drives warning over labour shortage.’ By Kenith Png. [Full name held back in PNG.] (i)


Allan Ivarsson comments… I have made my important comments in the above slide, this report subject item one, is more about current economic history of iron ore price increases, which will not interest average Australia workers that are too busy in their lifestyle to follow iron price variations. Such economic history will eventually vanish as though it never existed. But what is important is the reality of Australia’s failure to maintain ‘Self-Sufficiency in Manufacturing’. We should not be dependent on ‘Communist China’ exports and imports, such dependency is idiotic. We should not be importing product that we have the capability to manufacture, that is, when we wake up and start rebuilding our Manufacturing Capability.

So, if you want to read the economics then click on the above link. (i)

If you are smarter in thinking… demand that Australian Government Federal and State begins an aggressive commitment to rebuild Australian Manufacturing to escape overseas import dependency. And we must refuse to do business with ‘Communist China’ both in imports and exports including supply of iron ore. It is time all Australians stood up and be counted standing true to their patriotic duty for Australia and not for ‘Totalitarian Beijing’.

As for employment of workers, use common-sense business skills and do what you must to achieve business and employment growth. We don’t need to submit to the oppressive demands of ‘Communist China’ not now, not ever. There is no place for a ‘Totalitarian’ Country in a ‘Free World’. All forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ must be outlawed throughout the Universe.

Stop selling iron ore to Beijing and start making more ‘Steel’ for ourselves and for export around the world, but not to ‘Totalitarian’ countries like Beijing. Every time we sell iron ore to ‘Communist China’ we are financing their increasing strength to use the steel they create as a tool to eventually invade us in an act of war. The adage says… “Stupid is as Stupid does.”

Wakeup Aussie Politicians we must make our own steel and make our own steel products. We are already doing this. So, now we must become even stronger in the ‘Steel Manufacturing’ business and supply more in Export to other ‘Free Nations’ and not to Beijing until they give the Chinese people freedom to enjoy Democracy like Taiwan. The Australian Mining Industry should invest in the manufacture of our steel.

By not chasing overseas inflated iron ore price increases we can sell our iron ore to ourselves and build cheaper steel and cheaper steel products which will make our self-sufficiency stronger and more competitive. We do not need the gangster bullying of Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades that want to oppress us like they do to their own citizens.

Those countries that use slaves like ‘Communist Countries’ must be rejected with the contempt they correctly deserve. We as decent free loving people must not ever tolerate despot governments that prey upon people, including their own people. When China becomes a free democratic country like Taiwan, then and only then, should we trade with China. Until Beijing frees the Chinese people, dealing with ‘Communist China’ must be outlawed. No trading exceptions, including iron ore exports and all imports no exceptions.

Stop importing Communist Chinese Cars into Australia, be a true Australian refuse to buy Communist vehicles and Communist Transport. Slam State Government Premiers that are importing ‘Transport Product’ from ‘Communist China’.

Stuart Crockett an inferior thinking Australian wants us to sell iron ore to ‘Communist China’ because they are biggest exporter of steel in the world. And because in Crocket’s words… “For Western Australia, it’s a really, really big deal.” Never mind that greed for Western Australia is betraying all Aussies in every state by submitting to Beijing demands.

It never occurs to Crockett’s peanut small mind brain, to say the opposite and encourage Australia to stop selling iron ore to oppressive dictator ‘Communist China’ and to encourage Australia to become the biggest exporter of steel in the world. We can defeat Beijing in the supply of steel in the world, we have the iron ore. It is time to encourage our steel industries to expand and become stronger and to make all of Australian Steel Products, including building our own tools, weapons, ships, planes, missiles, tanks, trucks, cars etc. There is nothing stopping us except our own limited minds and our lack of courage.

As for all of the yellow-belly Greens that oppose our coal industry, it is simple challenge the leaders to fight in the ‘Political Boxing Ring’ under Marquis of Queensbury Rules and fight head-on with bruises and blood running on faces both sides. And if these inferior thinking deadbeat Green leaders refuse to fight send them a white feather for being a coward.

Coal is an essential part of manufacturing steel and we must not tolerate the hoodlum low-life bully Greens that strive to dictate to our Nation, like all Marxists do, including gangster Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades.

As for ‘Climate Change’ activists that are panicking like cowards, do not tolerate these desperate weak thinking creeps. Let them fight with fists, one on one, in a fair fight and see how many can take the bruising and blood running in a fair fight in the ‘Political Boxing Ring.’

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

And now we move forward to our need to upgrade our survival knowledge… the importance of Steel to our survival.

To be continued…

Never forget to live free as ‘United Couples’…

We must reject the tyranny of all anti-freedom ‘Ideological Mentality’ Marxist Communist Nations.

Couples shall never know safety, security, and peace under the rule of ‘Communism’.

Become an ‘Island in the Stream’ and Live Free.

Reject Communism with the contempt it deserves.

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