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Animal World


An e-mail circulating around the Internet in the year 2008, recorded a claimed true story by an unknown author, of that which happened in Japan…

“In order to renovate a house, someone in Japan tore open the wall. Japanese traditional houses normally have a hollow space between the wooden walls. (Seems logical- so does many other countries homes). When tearing down the walls, he-the someone found that there was a lizard stuck there, because a nail from outside the wall was hammered into one of its feet. He saw this, felt pity, and at the same time was curious. When he checked the nail, he suddenly realized that the lizard was nailed three years ago when the house was first built.”

“Daylight dawned! The lizard had survived in this position for three years. In a dark wall partition without being able to move. This observation seemed impossible and was mind boggling. Then he wondered how could this lizard survived for three years without moving a single step- since its foot was nailed trapped in place.”

“The observer stopped his work and decided to watch the lizard to see what it was doing and what and how it has been eating. Later, not knowing from where it came, another lizard appeared with food in its mouth. Feeling stunned, surprised and touched deeply, he watched the lizard feeding the trapped lizard. For three years another lizard had been constantly feeding the nailed lizard. Caring love, incredibly beautiful love happened between these two tiny creatures. Love can do miracles- truly love can do wonders.”

“Just think about it- one lizard feeding the other lizard untiringly, he thinks, for three long years, persistently, never giving up on its partner. If a small creature like a lizard can live love true, just imagine how much greater love can enhance our life. Love is giving and sharing for eternity.”

Now some skeptics may reject this story, but the e-mail insists the story is true. Well if it isn’t it ought-a be…

It is possible, but not likely, there is no reason for the author to invent such a story- there is not anything to gain. However, misinterpretation of time frame is very probable, most lizards only live 1 to 3 years, the larger ones may live longer. This lizard would not have been that large, so it probably only had a lifespan of 1 to 2 years. The wall lizard in Europe can live 5 to 10 years. Lizards go into hibernation through winter seasons. And shed their skin, as they grow larger, I have seen this end result process with gecko’s. It is not likely that the lizard was nailed for more than a few days. In addition, lizards move very fast, and the lizard would have to be very unwell, to get caught by a nail.

It is said, that we humans shed 1.5 million skin cells every hour, establishing a new skin surface every 28 to 30 days. No wonder we have to fight dust in our homes so constantly. Many insects and reptiles including frogs just shed the entire mess in one go. When they get inside our home, garage or shed and do their natural ritual, we are caught with cleaning up their mess, including their faeces.

Common sense recognizes that many creatures, which are not human, do have caring feelings, similar to humans. I know this is true of mammals, but I have not studied reptile behaviour, and consequently have not seen any such caring behaviour, so I am very sceptical about this story. However, it is believed through science, birds have an origin dinosaur evolutionary biology, reptile background, and many bird partners are caring and loyal towards each other. When we don’t know the truth, we must keep an open mind, not believing and not disbelieving, simply staying alert, seeking facts before we can establish true understanding. Jumping in with an opinion, void of knowledge, is like a fixed dogma Christian blindly saying “I trust in the Bible” … which includes obvious false knowledge, myth, and satanic verses, all interwoven with glimmers of wisdom. Reckless blind beliefs, is as silly as fixed dogma sceptical thinking, which rejects open mind that cannot prove or disprove information. It is wiser to keep an open mind and focus on researching the truth, if it is an important issue of concern.

There is during building alterations and construction, a high probability of some small creatures becoming instantly trapped, by a significant change of events.

During this same period of this recording, the writer accidentally cut off the tail of a gecko, when it was caught between the sliding door close. I released it immediately, and watched it quickly leave the area without its tail. For the next few hours I felt upset by the accidental hurt, I had unwittingly created- the gecko was caught out by overreaction to fear; racing to get through the doorway before I closed it, caught by its own speed.

Six months later I saw this gecko once again running around happily without its tail; that was the last time I ever saw it.

We humans often naively underestimate the so-called lower animal world. Just because they cannot speak our language, and we aliens cannot communicate with them, does not mean that many other creatures don’t experience caring feelings and sense of loyalty towards their own kind as true love mates. Vain humans seem to naively believe that only we are entitled to eternal life. Reality is true of all existence that there are caring light spirited humans and uncaring dark spirited humans. Likewise there are light spirited caring animals not human, and there are uncaring dark spirited different species. Dogs and dolphins can be light or dark spirited, just like humans. All three creatures are capable of goodness, loyalty and revenge. Light spirited being good nature and dark spirited being evil nature. So it is, humans need a wake-up call to recognize cosmic truth, that God worshipping religion is a false knowledge guide, which motivated by vanity teaches that only humans have the right to eternal life. Such religion only serves by its fixed dogma to guide our mind, body, and spirit towards self-destruction of our true infinite potential that which should never recognize any limits. The light spirit in all caring creatures is infinite, eternal, knowing no end.

Animals do understand the difference between cruelty and kindness.

Animals and humans by nature have a lot in common. Some animals, human and non-human, have natural confidence, some don’t; some must learn balance, some don’t. This is easy to discern when we watch a nature film study of young birds learning to fly…most make it…some don’t.

Some animals are quicker thinkers than others; some care, some don’t. Some are kind and affectionate and some are aggressive and violent. We have been taught by societal thinking, including in cartoons, that dogs always chase cats and that domestic cats do fear larger dogs. Recently, a recap comment, many of us Aussies saw a security video camera news clip of a domestic cat attacking a bigger dog. A four year old boy was attacked by a dog from next door, whilst he was playing in his front yard; his loyal cat saw the attack and attacked the dog driving it away thereby saving the little boy. Yes even cats have proven they can be affectionately loyal. The adage… “A dog is man’s best friend” is often true, but not always true…as this photographed true story proved the boys best friend was a cat.

It makes me wonder, do we humans overestimate ourselves? Sometimes I think the animal mammal world is smarter than humans; they only kill in self-defence and for food, whilst we humans kill, just because, we think differently and don’t like the way others think.

After all, if it wasn’t for the fact that humans gained the evolutionary privilege to walk upright with two arms, hands, five fingers, feet and legs enabling us to explore creativity within our brains, we would still be living in a natural world of limited thinking. Upon reflection, the other animals are probably smarter than us, they just enjoy life living by their instincts. Do you remember that excellent 1998 movie ‘The Horse Whisperer’ starring Robert Redford, Kristin Scott Thomas, Sam Neill, Dianne Wiest, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Cooper and Jeanette Nolan?

Do you remember that fun watch, 1996 interspecies connection movie, between a dog and a dolphin? Yes, the interfaced romance story film ‘Zeus and Roxanne’ starring Steve Guttenberg, playing a ‘rough around the edges’ character and Kathleen Quinlan, playing in character, working as a marine biologist. Such fiction story films, do open our eyes to the ability of humans and other animals, on land and in the sea, to communicate with each other.

And the part humorous, part serious, 1996 movie ‘Flipper’ told the beautiful fun story of a close friendship, between a teenage boy and a dolphin. Starring Paul Hogan and Elijah Wood.

We humans are truly vain, if we believe that only we are altruistic, and that only we deserve eternal life. That fixation by religious worshippers is a false knowledge belief. In fact, the belief that only humans are entitled to eternal life, is an absolute false knowledge lie.

I believe horses, dogs, cats, elephants, dolphins and many other animals do understand. And that humans have foolishly underestimated their level of intelligence. The life of penguins in the cold regions of Antarctica, reveal they have very caring disciplined natures. Film footage exists, proving that even in a society of penguins, there are criminal penguins stealing rocks from other penguins nests, whilst other diligent penguins do the right thing, and don’t steal.

Recently in midyear 2014, I saw a video footage of a pet penguin in Japan. Inside their home near a small village a Japanese couple had built a small room with all of the comforts of home. This penguin every day would walk/waddle down the road with a soft bag strapped on its back to a store. The retailers would pack the goods in the bag and give the penguin a fish to eat. The penguin would then waddle back home and deliver the goods in the backpack. Obviously just like young children are taught, as I was, as a young child, how to walk safely and do the shopping, in the late 1950’s, when Supermarkets did not exist; so too was this penguin taught the same basic skill of walk, pickup and deliver for the reward of a fish.

Damn I didn’t get a fish!

We humans need to erase the vanity in our thinking, and at times we are all guilty of that feeling, and must humble ourselves, by recognising that other animals are indeed smarter, than many of us have thought.

I began to observe in retirement as I worked part-time on our 12 acre property to gradually create a ‘Wildlife Sanctuary with Native Gardens’ bringing in birdlife, lizards and some Wallabies. Even bees and frogs now feel more comfortable. Monitor lizards 2-4 feet long with very sharp claws will stand quietly near me provided they do not feel threatened. Wild Wallabies with casual training will accept bread from our hands, my wife and I, whilst untrained Wallabies will run instantly in fear at the sight of human approach.

The Magpie a black and white bird in Australia is feared by many city folk in Sydney, because if it feels threatened whilst protecting its nest, the Magpie has been known to dive attacking people. Up here in the country no such threat exists…Magpies are friendly and will fly 200 metres from tree tops and have landed right at my feet for a piece of bread. I have even had Magpies tap on the window when I was in the shower saying… “Where is my bread?”

Kookaburras now feel safe on our land and a numerous range of small birds love our gardens- they now have a refuge and the benefit of bird baths that they didn’t have ten years ago.

Any animal will defend itself if it feels threatened, any human will do the same thing. Now we have a huge range of little birds that did not exist in our territory, when we purchased this land. And wild Kookaburras that I rarely saw during my first forty years of city life have flown one hundred metres and sat near me, provided I move very slowly.

And yet I have seen so many people that own rural land, whom have failed to make that connection with creatures around them; and when I see that lack of interest, I feel sad and think what a waste of true potential that exists in all of us; we have so much to learn, all we need to do is cross the line into higher understanding…if only more would.

An American communication link wrote to me and said… “I like animals much better than people and the animals seem to understand that fact. My trainer would always send me to work around the scared horses or the ones that like to bully most people. There was a mare in the barn who would bite anyone that came near her stall. And she would rear up when the grooms came to clean her stall. I always had a load of carrots with me to give the horses, but this one tried to bite me, when I gave her one.

“So I decided to try something different and sat on a tack trunk in front of her stall, never looking her in the eye and would feed her carrots over my shoulder, never turning to look at her. I did the same thing every time I was in the barn for several weeks. One day when I walked into the barn, she whinnied a hello to me. It wasn’t long after that that I was able to go into her stall and pet her without her trying to kill me.”

Thus, this American lady like so many other people proved once again that animals do understand the difference between cruelty and kindness.

She continued…

“Somewhere along the line, she was mishandled or abused by either an owner or barn help. Badly behaving horses are always the result of bad handling by a human. She didn’t warm up to other people right away, but eventually she calmed down and became a good horse. She always had a special place in my heart.” (i)

Horses have proven that their taste buds are adaptable to a wider range of new tastes like humans. Horses like carrots, apples, bananas, grapes and some like raw potatoes. Some horses will eat cereal, granola bars, cookies especially those with cinnamon. And not one of these items can be accessed by wild horses roaming on the land. It seems we humans and horses have more in common than many people think.

Even horses friendly with humans can understand what humans are saying, just like dogs and dolphins. It is all about friendship learning to understand each other.

The American communication link, said to me… “You know that most people think we are weird for “humanizing” animals”. And I replied, “I think I shall stay weird- it’s amazing, poetic and the sense of awe…inspiring -never have I felt such inner peace with existence as I do now.”

Australia has a large range of snake species, being the most dangerous in the world. I have had to deal several times over the years with snakes on our verandah, including the poisonous Black Snakes, both yellow-belly & red-belly, as well as the green non-poisonous tree snake. The latter, proved to be more frightened of me, than I of it, when I stepped outside our back door, earlier this year, 2017 and faced one six feet away. The startled tree snake, quickly left the verandah sliding away into my garden for protection, and then later left the area. I doubt I will see it again until next summer, if ever, it has only been on our verandah twice this year, it is over twenty years since I saw one previously in our old shed. More black snakes have visited our verandah than greens.

The poisonous red-belly snake, shy in nature, but still dangerous, is welcomed on our 12-acre Wild-Life Bird & Reptile Sanctuary, Native Gardens property, we treat them cautiously with respect. Why? Because this snake is enemy of the far faster moving more dangerous brown snakes that we do not want on our land. The black red-belly snake kills ‘browns’ and I have seen them on video, swallowing a brown completely.

We also treat the one foot to four-foot size Monitor Lizards with respect. They have very sharp claws and they can run up a one-hundred-foot tree in seconds. I watched with amazement at the speed they can climb in 2009. I never stand still like a tree, I move slightly. The claws of these lizards can rip the skin of a human, including slashing throat and face in seconds. Whilst I move slowly, I can stand 24 inches near them, without fear or conflict. We keep eye contact always.

Once two years ago in 2015, a four-foot Monitor Lizard greeted me outside my back door on the verandah, on a Summer Day. I smiled, “What are you doing here?” I said. “Come-on, walk with me, away from here.” We walked slowly side by side, he started for the veggie garden. I said, “No not here, keep walking until we pass the water tank.” And thus, we slowly walked. Once we passed the water tank, I spoke to the Monitor Lizard as he looked up at me, when I stopped. I looked down into his eyes, “Here you are,” I said, “This is your territory, most of 12 acres to roam around in. Enjoy the day, it is a nice warm day for you. Bye.” He then moved forward on his merry way, bush walking.

(i) That story about the horse was told to me in conversation by the founder of the Website “Bare Naked Islam” a website dedicated to publishing the truth about the ‘Dark Side of Islam’. Whilst I know her full name, for her security, I cannot publish her name. She is a very caring Jewish person and does respect all ex-Muslims and those rare few Muslims that reject the insanity of anti-freedom apartheid Islam.

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