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Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Transhumanism

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This dynamic subject is wide open, forever changing, often so rapidly in evolution adaptation of technology that the average person living in societal collectives will not notice the transition changes in the beginning and will become accustomed, mentally conditioned by the changes accepting things without question. This acceptance might be essential, it might be justifiably a good thing. But the danger is that if we do not question, if we do not explore technology changes we may become puppets of technology and thus easily manipulated throughout our life. In other words, our ‘Free Will’ may no longer be true free will, as we become part of a human collective swarm like ants and bees etc. following the mass code instinct which reduces the value of individuality and the recognition of the individual as an important contributor to the expansion of collective, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration.

The danger here by our apathy and intellectual laziness is that no matter how clever we may be, we will not be smart if we allow technology to become a new form of ‘Totalitarian’ ideology which controls our thinking, mind and human rights subject to the ‘Cosmic Laws’ of Decency and ‘Freedom Values’ and ultimately denies us the birth right of ‘Free Will’ to choose by our instincts and feelings a path which is right for ourselves provided such choice does not hurt or deny any other person the same ‘Freedom of Choice’ privilege.

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