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“Insight shall always expand in harmony with continuous effort; patience, determination, persistence and positive mental attitude effort are all comrades of timelessness, working together as one team, creating an eternal motion of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, a dimension where effort becomes effortless, and desire becomes ‘Desirelessness’, and determination becomes Karman, and persistence becomes Karma. In this field of existence Peace becomes more peaceful, Love becomes lovelier, Freedom flows knowing no limits, and God of Creation merges as one with those spirits who live its essence.” (i)

(i) Source ‘Eternal Life’ by A.I.




Desirelessness does not mean eliminate all desire. It simply means eliminate negative desire. And replace it with wholesome desire.

Learn Inner Peace & Positive Mental Attitude

The Way of Spiritual Love


Desirelessness within self.

“The ‘Reservoir of Cosmic Consciousness” replied Alien, is the link between all dimensions. All dimensions draw their expanding insight and contribute new awareness to the reservoir of knowledge for others to share. So it is wisdom recycles itself, giving itself to all new generations who reach out and see the essence of its truth, the greatness of its power, both in the spirit and the authority, and who feel the magic beauty of love and peace. Those persons who live in the light of cosmic truth, the way of ahimsa, shall feel a sense of joy, a gentleness and sensitivity so vast in elation that as they venture further into cosmic consciousness through nirvana, they will not be able to return. Desirelessness shall inspire them as they evolve past karma yoga, past death; they shall witness an experience beyond all dreams, beyond all comprehension. Entering a new dimension something beautiful will happen.” (ii)

(ii) Refer ‘Seventh Power’ in the ‘The Soul Dies’ reflection located under the subject ‘Mind =’ in COMPENDIUM V for increased cosmic awareness. Read COMPENDIUM V articles ‘The Soul Dies’ and ‘Mystery Channelling’ to discover the truth about ‘Alien’. A mystery is only true when we refuse to read and learn. The wiser stay alert as best they can.

Source ‘Reflection Question’ – “Can We Contact the Dead?”


With this overview understanding we continue…

Karma Yoga


Through transcendent migration into the state of Nirvana, at the beginning of spiritual relativity, we commence at a point of spiritual self-realisation, a cosmic sense of timelessness, the beginning of Satori where we must be defined as being of something entirely different to what we were at finite birth…

In experiencing a true Spiritual Awakening, we become a Karma Yogi… Our body has not altered in function. Our body has only altered in body form and fitness through the process of advancing age, illness, and injury. Our mind has not altered in function. Our mind has only altered through the process of increasing knowledge via experience, education and training, in mental form and fitness. Our spirit has not altered in function. Our spirit has only altered through the measure of time in form and fitness by expansion of awareness. When our mind develops a golden balance of harmony in logic and emotion to the extent where it links confidently with unison to the spirit of Cosmic Consciousness, inspired by love and inner peace, then we have entered the dimension of Nirvana. But this is only true when we feel the conviction of Ahimsa, the strength of Satyagraha, and the Tao of Carespirit; in Nirvana our spirit feels eternal freedom. Nirvana rejects evil threats, and abuse, with the contempt such evil people deserve. Nirvana feels no inhibitions and is in harmony with life and death. #

# Refer Gaia Dictionary synonyms word explanations for higher understanding listed at end of the ‘The Soul Dies’ reflections in COMPENDIUM V book available through

Non-believers know fear void of inner peace. Believers, Karma Yogi’s know fear in harmony with inner peace. Any person who advertises they have “No Fear” is a liar and a fool. Karma Yogi’s come to terms with fear and learns to free themselves from fear, sorrow, and vanity. Karma Yogi’s are Taoist, who through their feelings of love, freedom and inner peace, have developed convictions beyond fear. This does not mean they do not feel fear, for fear is a natural survival instinct, it simply means a Karma Yogi has learnt to manage the fear and control its essence.

When we first experience a spiritual awakening in finite existence, we become a first year Karma Yogi. This is the beginning of ‘Cosmic New Birth.’ Each year thereafter whilst we pursue transcendence our expansion of spirit shall increase in awareness. By our third year as a ‘Karma Yogi’ our spirit will have begun to dramatically alter the ‘Power State’ within our Soul. By the eleventh year as a ‘Karma Yogi’ our ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ shall have expanded into such an unlimited, uninhibited, wiser dimension, that the spirit of truth shall have completely altered the ‘Mind State’ of thought. And shall have transcended all reason and imagination, that a new level of cosmic instinct is born which is a reversal in essence of finite instinct. As we live in the light of cosmic instinct, finite instinct dissipates, and only those aspects of finite instinct are retained, which in fact is a part of cosmic instinct, that higher instinctive cosmic consciousness, which is within us at birth, and remains latent until we release its power.

Through the ‘State of Nirvana’ into the dimension of spiritual relativity linked to the Godhead, we can enter eternal life (##) only by sustained carespirit, inner peace, and practiced ahimsa during our life into the instant of death.

Karma Yoga is the infinite action of ‘Result Transcendence’ and is always of eternal destiny. Spiritual awakening continues to expand; there are no limits; there is no final result in transcendence. Nirvana is infinite beyond finite life into spiritual eternity. Those souls who reject this course of consciousness will degenerate in spirit and in mind.

Persons of cosmic new birth as experienced through enlightenment will never give up their new consciousness. Anyone, who experiences Satori and then gives up, in truth, has never experienced cosmic new birth.


Some persons meditate. This level of silent thought has its value and purpose but becomes futile if meditation is the only total state of movement, of mind, body and spirit. Meditation alone does not achieve spiritual expansion. In reality, meditation can diminish into darkness, error, failure and defeat. Like pure logic and creativity void of spiritual feeling, meditation can easily defeat itself by its own vanity and self-indulgence. Meditation in consciousness is valuable as a communication tool; it is a method of spiritual cosmic contact, which helps the development of inner peace and expanded understanding. The wiser use the benefits of meditation by living in accordance with the wisdom and insight gained. Moderation in all things also includes the technique of meditation.

Meditation, logic and creativity must be linked with the guiding cosmic light of spiritual power through action and feeling (not emotion, yes, spiritual feeling). Power is Threefold… meditation, feeling and action; logic, feeling and action; creativity, feeling and action. The way, the truth, and the life; feeling, meditation and logic; feeling, meditation and creativity. Action, meditation and logic; action, meditation and creativity; Love, freedom and peace linked to meditation through feeling and action… infinite in combination; threefold is all power as one of endless choices times its own threefold power.

The Yogi of Action is a Karma Yogi who practices transcendence of feeling for result through Desirelessness… Mahatma Gandhi (1869 – 1948), defined the perfect Karma Yogi; he summarized these two words in one word… “Desirelessness” …Gandhi said,

“He is a devotee who is jealous of none, who is a fount of mercy, who is without egotism. Who is selfless, who treats alike cold and heat, happiness and misery, who is ‘ever forgiving’ (#), who is always contented, whose resolutions are firm, who has dedicated mind and spirit to God. Who causes no dread, who is not afraid of others, who is free from exultation, sorrow and fear, who is pure, who is versed in action yet remains unaffected by it. Who renounces all fruit, good or bad, who treats friend and foe alike, who is untouched by respect or disrespect, who is not puffed up by praise, who does not go under when people speak ill of him, who loves silence and solitude, who has a disciplined reason. Such devotion is inconsistent with the existence at the same time of strong attachments.” (i)

 Note #: ‘ever forgiving’ means ‘never feeling hate.’

Louis Fischer wrote… “There are yogis who meditate and yogis who act. The Yogi of action is the Karma Yogi.” (i)

Louis Fischer further revealed in his writing, one aspect of yoga: “Selflessness in action.” Krishna says, in ‘The Bhagavad Gita”

         “Act thou, O Dhananjaya [Arjuna] without attachment,

           Steadfast in Yoga, even-minded in success and failure,

           Even-mindedness is Yoga.” (ii)

This emphasis should be repeated… “Even-mindedness is Yoga.”

One might think, such an attitude of ‘Desirelessness,’ as taught by Gandhi, could lead to indifference, apathy, passivity, and in extreme docile negativism, poverty and mental, emotional and spiritual stagnation. Uncontrolled misguided desirelessness may lead to personal and social degeneration. But a true Karma Yogi controls their sense of desirelessness, pragmatically in a calm way of inner peace, through expansion of spiritual consciousness, and maintains firm control of emotions and tendencies towards laziness, by development of feeling past self, into action.

On the contrary desirelessness is just the opposite; uncaring self-centred people are the ones who live with indifference, and passivity in their attitude towards individuals that do the wrong thing. Such people have one thing in common they live only for material gain and self-pleasure. Uncaring apathy becomes a tool of evil.

Antonio de Nicol’, who translated ‘The Bhagavad Gita’ and thus published his work in 1990, wrote in his introduction…

“For there are those who, without patience, throw themselves to the pursuit of pleasure on the excuse that there is no truth in the world. These are people lost in themselves, small in mind, cruel in deed, enemies of the world. They surrender to desire, arrogance, and hypocrisy, and they justify themselves with false philosophies. They only cling to what leads to death. They strive for wealth to gratify their desires. And they can only speak in the first person: I have won today; that desire I will obtain. This is mine; this wealth will become mine; I am lord and enjoyer; I am perfect, strong and happy; I am wealthy, well-born; I will sacrifice; I will give; I will rejoice, who else is like me? …We should be able to act in every situation as the situation acts on itself… without self-appropriations.” (ii)

 Such are the vanity and delusions of many materialistic persons, even when they give in charity; they claim the social recognition and glory of their actions in the name of praise and acknowledgment for their good deeds. A true Karma Yogi, who gives, seeks no recognition and endeavours to give humbly in silence.

Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931) wrote in his satori story ‘The Tempest,’ of his encounter with Yusif El Fakhri who lived in isolated hermitage in the Kedeesha Valley in North Lebanon in the year of 1908. This meeting was the last time Gibran saw Fakhri, for in late Autumn of that same year; Kahlil Gibran was exiled from his country and excommunicated from the Marionite Catholic Church for his release of his book “Spirits Rebellious.” The book was burnt in the marketplace of Beirut shortly after publication. The Catholic Church pronounced the book as being “dangerous, revolutionary and poisonous to youth.” This over-reaction by religion occurred at a time when Christian bigotry was tyrannical over the populace. Kahlil Gibran was persecuted simply because in his writings he condemned the evils of the church and its administration in the early twentieth century. His exile strengthened his resolution and his criticisms of the dishonest and unjust attitude and behaviour of so-claimed Christians who imposed misery and suffering upon lovers, families and courageous individuals that were brave enough to oppose Church and State.

When Kahlil Gibran learnt of the ceremonial burning of his stories in Beirut, he stated it was proof of the urgent need for a second edition. So Kahlil Gibran courageously kept writing unsurrendering in his conviction, just as Salman Rushdie courageously never stopped writing when he was sentenced to death by the evil Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran in 1989,  for writing his book ‘The Satanic Verses.’

Authors Note 2019: It is interesting to note about this history of Christianity that they support the existence of anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’ just like Islam supports the existence of ‘Blasphemy Law’. In the end Christianity was conquered by Islam in Lebanon, and many Christians were murdered. The Political West true to its cowardice refuses to criticise ‘Islamic Doctrine’ and anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ and ignores the history of the fall of Lebanon. As I have deliberately recorded repetitiously throughout my writings ‘Blasphemy Law’ must be outlawed. ‘Blasphemy Law’ is the superglue that holds Islam united. Many Muslims want to leave Islam but cannot for fear of execution by ‘Sharia Law’ enforcing ‘Blasphemy Law’. Christianity is committing suicide by enforcing ‘Blasphemy Law’ and all other forms of anti-freedom of speech laws. ‘Islamization of the World’ will succeed if ‘Blasphemy Law’ is not banned on planet earth and throughout the Universe, as homo sapiens strive to invade space. Unfortunately, humankind is still thick as a brick in mentality and has not yet made a concerted effort to ban ‘Blasphemy Law’ and all other forms of anti-freedom of speech laws.

Now bypassing authors note, you might ask what has this background to do with Karma Yoga? Simply answered: the reflections reveal something of the characters, the courage and the power of unsurrendering conviction, motivated by spiritual love, which leads to one great cosmic spiritual truth by feeling of higher consciousness.

Unto Kahlil Gibran, Yusif El Fakhri said in 1908…

 “…Among all vanities of life, there is only one thing that the spirit loves and craves. One thing dazzling and alone… It is an awakening in the spirit. It is an awakening in the inner depths of the heart. It is an overwhelming and magnificent power that descends suddenly upon man’s conscience and opens his eyes, whereupon he sees Life amid a dizzying shower of brilliant music, surrounded by a circle of great light, with man standing as a pillar of beauty between the earth and the firmament. It is a flame that suddenly rages within the spirit and sears and purifies the heart, ascending above the earth and hovering in the spacious sky. It is a kindness that envelopes the individual’s heart whereby he would bewilder and disapprove all who opposed it, and revolt against those who refuse to understand its great meaning. It is a secret hand, which removed the veil from my eyes while I was a member of society amidst my family, my friends and my countrymen.” (iii)

 “It is an awakening within the spirit; he who knows it, is unable to reveal it by words; and he who knows it not, will never think upon the compelling and beautiful mystery of existence.”  (iii)

A spiritual awakening is Nirvana, the Way, Tao, and is a wholesome self-proven path, rich in worthwhile experience, which opens the soul to living Cosmic Consciousness. When you become a Karma Yogi you merge your spiritual awakening with Universal Cosmic Consciousness and your spirit in Nirvana becomes one with the Creation. The Universe, Consciousness and Truth becomes one through Nirvana, and Satori expands beyond self, reversing all earth bound instincts lifting your senses into a dimension of new cosmic instinct which knows no limits.

Karma Yoga is the spiritual aspect of Yoga, an aspect of experience, which is within the grasp of every human being that, seeks to ‘Live in the Light.’ The physical aspect of Yoga is one of several methods, which help the mind; body and spirit evolve in harmony with Cosmic Consciousness. For those persons where time management is a critical path of their daily life, that is, their activities are scheduled day and night… the best path is regular moderate physical exercise, trained in harmony with the music of your body, mind and spirit. Be at peace with thyself by being patient and caring of your body and mind. Grow old gracefully; gradually surrendering the thrills of youth; evolving through timelessness, your body aging process shall slowly give up its strength. In their changing transition Karma Yogi’s replace their bodily strength with increasing spiritual strength which never sets limits upon its expanding consciousness, choosing to explore all things, free from uncontrolled fear, inhibitions and worry of reprimand.


Meditation is not always a blank mind; meditation is a peaceful spirit practicing calm in cosmic consciousness. Meditation fulfils its essence only by feeling a loving spirit, in harmony with God, Gaia, and Humanity.


Meditation can be practiced silently within self even amongst crowds, on public transport, in a park, sitting, standing, late at night in bed, yes even in the loo, wherever opportunity avails. But be wiser, never meditate whilst driving a vehicle or walking in a potentially accident-prone environment… ‘When the body and spirit is at peace, the mind must still be alert.’

Meditate by simply feeling thoughts of love and peace, goodness and beauty, awe and wonder, upon the nature of existence… Through the spirit of love and peace Karma Yoga is Karman, ‘Living in the Light,’ active in the objective by living for the challenge, the quest, enjoying the experience, but not worrying about final Karma. For truth and karma takes care of itself and does not need concern.

Mahatma Gandhi stated: “To act while renouncing interest in the fruits of action is the best road to success. He who is ever brooding over result often loses nerve in the performance of duty. He becomes impatient and then gives vent to anger and begins to do unworthy things; he jumps from action to action, never remaining faithful to any. He who broods over results is like a man given to the objects of senses; he is ever- distracted, he says good-by to all scruples, everything is right in his estimation and he therefore resorts to means fair and foul to attain his end.” (i)

“Renunciation”, Louis Fischer wrote 1954, “if one is capable of it, creates the inner peace and poise necessary to achieve real lasting results, even material results, untainted by ugly means.” (i)

Even a businessperson can be a Karma Yogi. Through honest fair dealing and creative imagination, such a person of renunciation and desirelessness can build a highly profitable performance for the benefit of self and others. Through action by cosmic spiritual feeling… the way, the truth, and the life are achieved by ‘Living in the Light’ of Love and Peace.

To become a Karma Yogi, you do not need to be appointed a status or assigned a position. Karma Yoga is a self-created progress direction, which guides you into the experience of cosmic feeling and enables you to discover the beauty and wonder of Nirvana. As a Karma Yogi you shall continue to expand your insight along the path of Satori and in Tao see higher Cosmic Consciousness, the dimension of Love and Peace where true freedom thrives.

No one can measure your progress as a Karma Yogi, except yourself. You shall know thyself as you develop a new level of increasing confidence and inner peace. You are your own champion. You are your own competitor. You create your own self-esteem. No one can do this for you. You shall by persistent self-determination develop your own self past yourself. Only you can expand your own Cosmic Consciousness by effort and uninhibited conviction. (###) You must feel the dimension of Nirvana and the cosmic instinct of enlightenment.

Note ###: ‘Uninhibited conviction means removing all closed circuit narrow minded thoughts, and recognising there are no limits to insight, and things are not always what they appear to be, sometimes they turn out to be something entirely different.

Do not let anyone measure your Karma Yoga level of progress.

You must be your own Self-determination,

You must give your own Self-esteem,

You must feel Love and Peace.

Your progress as a Cosmic Karma Yogi is simply known

By your own rate of interest and effort.

 Use the guidance of the ‘Eightfold Path’ as taught by

Gautama Buddha to help you develop stronger progress.


From the date you make a commitment to follow the path of Karma Yogi, you shall have made a commitment to ‘Live in the Light,’ and to seek and live ‘The Way, Tao, Nirvana,’ a cosmic spirit of Ahimsa, Carespirit, and Satyagraha.

By your commitment to ‘Live in the Light,’ you have chosen the path of calm control and courage, the way of Faith, Belief, and Conviction in Universal Higher Cosmic Consciousness. You have chosen the way of Cosmicism, a ‘Cosmic Age Consciousness,’ the way of service to God, Gaia, and Humanity.

By your commitment to ‘Live in the Light,’ through Cosmic Philosophy you have chosen threefold techniques of Empiricism, Rationalism, and Pragmatism, all founded upon Simplicity wherever it is viable and extra effort when Complexity is unavoidable.

By your commitment as a Karma Yogi to the philosophy of Cosmicism you have come to recognise God as ‘Of the Creation.’ As your insight expands each year of your existence, through your own research, study and experience, founded upon your commitment to live the principles of The…


         # EIGHTFOLD PATH,




You shall grow spiritually in cosmic awareness, and your understanding shall expand past your previous levels of comprehension. Something beautiful will begin to happen within you.

Gradually by your expansion of creative consciousness, improvement of your communication skills you shall strengthen even further your insight and natural ability to translate your Cosmic Consciousness for others to witness and understand.

‘Live in the Light’ – it is the path to Inner Peace and Higher Consciousness

There are no limits…

Your insight expands forever,

By your own persistent determined effort.

 As it is written, so shall it be… you shall know your own rate of progress, measured simply by the number of years of your conscious application and your positive commitment to actively ‘Live in the Light,’ threefold, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Through your Karma Yogi nature, you shall come to know the Universe, Consciousness and Truth; you shall come to know the true essence of Love, Freedom and Peace. You shall come to know God, Gaia, and Self; you shall feel the power of the Blue Light.

Use the wisdom of selective revelations as given in ‘The Bhagavad Gita.’ Enjoy the poetry, enchantment, and artistry in ‘The Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran,’ and explore the wisdom and courage of Ahimsa Philosophy as taught by Mahatma Gandhi.

Learn all you can about Yoga, in all of its aspects. Study the concepts of inner peace as taught by Buddha. Live the philosophy of the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ as preached by Jesus. Remember well the wisdom of Martin Luther King who taught the way of non-violence. Use the methods of Cosmicism to sift through timeless ideas of history so that you may ably separate false knowledge and identify revelation. This is not an easy task there are many trips, traps and pitfalls. Through your persistent quest for insight you shall gradually come to know the ‘Mind of God,’ and shall witness the surprises, the mysteries, and the wonders of the Universe, Consciousness, and Revelation; you shall truly feel the meaning of ‘Living in the Light.’

“I do not love man-made laws and I abhor the traditions that our ancestors left us. This dislike is the fruit of my love for the sacred and spiritual kindness, which should be the source of every law upon the earth; for kindness is the light of God in man. I know that the principles upon which I base my writings are echoes of the spirit of the great majority of the people of the world, because the tendency toward spiritual independence is to our life as the heart is to the body.”

 KAHLIL GIBRAN 1883–1931

 Let a person lift their self by their own self;

Let them not lower their self.

One’s self-alone is one’s own self’s friend and foe.

One’s self is friend of one’s self when self-conquered;

But the self of one not so self-possessed,

Becomes hostile like an enemy.

The higher self of one who is self-conquered and at peace,

Is composed amidst cold and heat, pleasure and pain, honour and dishonour.

The yogi who is satisfied with wisdom and understanding,

Who is unshaken, with their senses conquered.

To whom gold, a stone, and a clod of earth are the same,

Is said to be disciplined. (ii)


Authors unknown/ Revisions range

500 BC – 700 AD

Those who can see action in inaction,

And inaction in action,

Is a wise person;

Who does action in a disciplined way. (ii)


“Love and Discipline are comrades neither can peacefully exist without the other.”

Let the Light of Cosmic Consciousness enter your Soul to inspire your Spirit to Become one with God, Gaia and Humanity; through the way of Nirvana, become A Karma Yogi; this Philosophy of Cosmic Consciousness becomes easy unto those…persons who choose to live its essence.

Allan Ivarsson


(i)      FISCHER, LOUIS GANDHI – HIS LIFE AND MESSAGE FOR THE WORLD By LOUIS FISCHER 1954… Publisher… The New American Library, Inc., New York. First published in the United States of America in 1954. First read by Allan Ivarsson in 1974. Essential reading – a message to all generations for eternity.

The left image was a similar design to my Mentor Book from the New America Library.

The right image is available on Kindle in 2019 – I purchased an electronic copy for easy reread.

(ii)     THE BHAGAVAD GITA HINDU LITERATURE of INDIA, Written and revised between 500 BC AND 700 AD. Translated by ANTONIO de NICOLAS 1990… Publisher… Nicolas-Hays, Inc. York Beach, Maine. First published in the United States of America in 1990. First read by Allan Ivarsson in 1995. Inspirational reading – interwoven myth and wisdom.

Note: The Bhagavad Gita is the Celestial Song, the Hindu sacred book of poem recording seven hundred stanzas, the art of Yoga.

(iii)    GIBRAN, KAHLIL A TREASURY OF KAHLIL GIBRAN … Edited by MARTIN L. WOLF, 1951, NEW YORK CITY. Translated from ARABIC by ANTHONY RIZCALLAH FERRIS. Publisher… William Heinemann Ltd Mayfair, London. This edition first published in Great Britain in 1974. First read by Allan Ivarsson in 1974. Contains cosmic messages from the heart of the universe.

2009 Authors Note: In 1995, when I recorded Karma Yoga, it was a reflection of my continuous never-ending learning curve. I had not yet learned about ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. I knew I was learning about a new level of intelligence, which I successfully used in the business world, but God of Creation had not told me the name of this advanced intelligence. After eleven years from 1984, I was just beginning to understand God’s cosmic messages. In reality, I don’t walk around calling myself a ‘Karma Yogi’. I simply practice as best I can the pragmatic character of Karma Yoga, the way of desirelessness. Karma Yoga in golden balance with pragmatism interfaced with Nirvana, thick face, black heart and other essential open minded character building blocks does help us to learn philosophical intelligence, the essence of Blue Light, the way…

There are no limits to knowledge, which is forever expanding. We must endeavour always to expand our insight and understanding. To do less is stupidity.

Remember that a Karma Yogi is only a nametag to describe a character essence of cosmic consciousness.

 (##) Be careful in thought; the words ‘Eternal Life’ in ‘Cosmicism’ means something entirely different to that conceived by religions and cults.

Synonyms of Elevation





Yoga is a system of spiritual, mental and physical techniques, which uses meditative spirit and soul concentration, seeking insight beyond self. Yoga helps achieve union with the Supreme Spirit of Cosmic Consciousness.

Some yogi’s choose ascetic practice, but this extreme path of self-denial is not necessary to experience Nirvana. (Refer Nirvana in COMPENDIUM V for more insight in contents subject ‘Journey of the Mind Through Gaia Dictionary Guidance’.) Always remember the Golden Middleway Path… “A healthy society is founded upon wholesome industry and sound economics, as well as Spiritual God Consciousness, ‘Living in the Light’ is the right way to enlightenment and ascension.”

The lines of transcendence are triangular, commencing at a point of awakening, thereafter, forever expanding enlightenment, knowing no limits. The line of behaviour is a straight code of conduct, forever upgrading its understanding and subsequent action.

Many persons falter and drift away into darkness. Yoga requires commitment, determination, persistence, self-discipline, patience, calm control and carespirit, which helps understanding and thereby enables further insight.

To avoid disillusionment and failure, the wiser learn the meaning and importance of Ahimsa, Carespirit and Nirvana, before attempting Yoga. (Refer COMPENDIUM IV & V)

Synonyms expanded…

Yoga is an anglicized word derived from the Sanskrit word Yogah.

Yoga (noun) – Transcendence (A process)

Yogi (noun) – Transcendor (Male & Female)

Through Cosmicism…

Yogini (female) and Yogi (male)

Yin (female) and Yang (male)

Merge to become one union; a Yogi…

A person who is a master practitioner of both the male and feminine, yin/yang within, which links by spiritual union to Cosmic Consciousness, the source outside of self.

Ageless Synonyms




—Realization Unfolds—

A True Karma Yogi is a Satyagrahi

A Satyagrahi is a person who practices Satyagraha

Synonyms expanded…

Satya (Sanskrit noun) Truth (English noun)

Agraha (Sanskrit noun) Force, Firmness (English nouns)

The ‘A’ in the words Satya & Agraha merge to form one word: Satyagraha


The Ahimsa Synonym





The Highest of the Highest Synonym, Carespirit, needs the Strength of Truthforce and the Spirit of Ahimsa Attitude, to fulfil its own essence.

To enhance this self-realisation, Truthforce becomes the key guide of soul-force, being mind-force, self-force. It is self-realisation, mind-realisation, soul-realisation.

Reality dawns, Truthforce is the ultimate guiding power of soul-force, both as the authority and spiritual way.

Improvement of quality of life and increased survival opportunities needs the Way of Satyagraha. Truthforce has always existed, is forever evolving, and is constantly expanding in understanding.

Truthforce used wisely becomes the soul-force of existence.

The Way of Satyagraha unfolds endless opportunities, techniques and gains, unto those persons who live by the Spirit of Love and Non-violence, the way of Ahimsa.

If we think carefully about the ‘Truthforce’ connection of The TEN COMMANDMENTS, The EIGHTFOLD PATH, & The SERMON OF THE MOUNT, we can quickly recognise the common-sense ahimsa wisdom that radiates in spirit into our souls when we open our mind to receive such good sense guidance. Those who feel this power have the best chance in life of escaping the bondage of misery and depression.

The inspiration of Moses, Buddha & Jesus united together become one path… The Way, the same path as Tao… the Way of Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy, that which is ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’, which is summed up in one word ‘Cosmicism’.

We don’t need organised religion to appreciate the wisdom of The Ten Commandments, The Eightfold Path & The Sermon of the Mount.

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