Ancient Egypt Teaches Love, Peace & Kindness

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Ancient Egypt Teaches Love, Peace & Kindness

 For a Moment of Time



Thirteen hundred years earlier, in Ancient Egypt, before the birth of Jesus, a sun worshipping religious sect practiced, taught and believed in the humanitarian philanthropist goodwill values which Jesus tabled. Thus, this higher knowledge of philosophical wisdom existed long before Jesus. And spiritual ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ through channelling process, transmitted this humane understanding and wisdom to other persons and civilizations for countless thousands of years since the beginning of evolution of humankind.


A Pharaoh named ‘Akhenaten,’ came to the ancient Egyptian throne in 1353 BC. He told everyone who believed in the existence of many Gods, that there was only one God, and that God was the creator of everything. Akhenaten said this God’s name was ‘Aten’ which was the name of the disc of the sun. Akhenaten died in 1333 BC. For twenty years only, the one God Creator idea reigned. After his death, the belief in many Gods replaced the belief in only one God. Of course, the obvious reason for Egyptian return to Pantheism, thus rejecting Monotheism, is that not enough descendent generations had been born with the belief in one God. Children learn what they live. Multi-God beliefs continued, because we learn what we live, and are what we are taught as children. Our belief system tells us what to believe and how to behave. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), Austrian psychiatrist was so obsessed with false knowledge psychoanalysis of ideas and dreams he lost sight of reality that… ‘Our belief system tells us what to believe and how to behave- we learn what we live’.

One key character of behaviour taught by ‘Aten’ the believed one true Sun God was the importance of Love and kindness, the way of gentleness, and nonviolence, and the way of avoiding conflict and being good to those who attack you. Yes true, the one Sun God ‘Aten’ teachings were the same values as taught 1300 years later by Jesus. Buddha in India would teach these same values 500 years before Jesus Christ. There is no doubt that a nameless spirit, an eternal ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ called ‘God of Creation’ for communication convenience, taught Akhenaten, Buddha and Jesus the same values, the same cosmic law concepts, the wisdom about right and wrong behaviour. Unfortunately, none of these men understood the true source of their guidance and inspiration. And their followers did not figure out the origin of all their wisdom. The roadblock was the religious preconceptions they had learned as children, believing in the mandatory existence of a ‘God Creator’. They were inspired with truth and wisdom, but they were not able to step completely outside the square of their cultural belief system.


A person will not ever begin to understand the ‘Mind of God’, until they understand that God is not the Creator and that God is only a spiritual consciousness, an eternal guide that which is simply, ‘God of the Creation’. All ideas in the universe come from the same source, that source is ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, the ‘Cosmic Reservoir of Knowledge’, the ‘Mind of God’. That is why different people in different parts of the world discover and learn the same thing- not knowing others have been given the same information by ‘God of Creation’.


Akhenaten was inhibited by ancient belief systems in Sun God. He received the cosmic law goodwill messages but could not separate the link from what he had been taught as a child. Thus, he linked good values to a false knowledge myth. Even today Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, in fact all of us, in some way or another do link our values to false knowledge myths, which we were taught as children, and as adults by society. Our difficulty is unlearning all this false knowledge and striving to learn the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

As I have indicated previously in other writing, evidence exists that a ‘God Creator’ does not exist. Atheists and Cosmicists have seen this evidence, because they stepped outside the square. Religious people shall never see this evidence, because they live inside the comfort zone fixed dogma square called ‘Blind Faith’.

It is not up to Atheists and Cosmicists to prove God Creator does not exist. The opposite is true…it is the duty of all cult/religious people to step outside the square to see the proof that ‘God Creator’ does not exist. If they can’t do this with confidence, then there is nothing we that know the truth, can do for them, for they are lost.

There is a possibility that ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ does not exist and if that proves to be true then ‘God of Creation’ does not exist and that makes Atheism absolutely correct that no God of any type exists. But we still come back to the issue… “Where do all ideas come from?” And until proof exists that ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ does not exist as a ‘Communication link’ – a wisdom guide, we must therefore conclude that the nametag ‘God of Creation’ does exist that which is ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ that which is the ‘Cosmic Reservoir of Knowledge’ that which is the ‘Mind of God’. Remember, every name is just that a ‘Name Tag’ created by humans, for everything in existence is nameless.

Once again it is reminded that the way of ‘Cosmicism’ i.e. ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ founded using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is to adapt and change in accordance with proven path science that obviously is known to be fact, beyond all doubt. The end of ‘Faith’ in religions and cults is evolving, because the believers in fixed dogma cannot adapt to the truth and wisdom identified by science and Cosmic Philosophy.

It must be noted for science history to come… if proof is discovered that ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ does not exist as a ‘Communication Link’ which means the ‘Mind of God’ does not exist, then it means ‘Atheism’ is correct, but in the very moment of this scientific identification of reality… Atheism will cease to exist and will become ‘Cosmicism’ as ‘Cosmicism’ adapts and changes by evolution process to the course of reality.

God’s seemingly eternal frustration is communicating to human beings, knowing that most will not comprehend what God is telling us. Only through evolution of understanding over thousands of years, will humans gradually come to gain higher ascension in understanding. Most ‘True Christians’ with rare exceptions, refuse to read any book, which challenges their belief system. They are afraid to face the truth. They respond with emotionally immature allegations of apostasy, blasphemy and heresy. You can tell religious people are emotionally immature by the fact that they are easily offended by criticism of their belief system.


Why Philosophical Intelligence?

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