Allan Ivarsson Specialist in ‘Philosophical Intelligence’

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Feature Image: Allan Peter Ivarsson 1968 Age 20 years.

Allan Peter Ivarsson 2017 Age 69 years

Allan Ivarsson Specialist in ‘Philosophical Intelligence’

The reason so many Politicians are incompetent is because they do not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. Part of advanced P.I. skills includes excellent Communication Skills and Excellent ‘Project Management Skills’ as well as being able in overview to work not only with the evolution of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ but also with the essential companions of Science and History, including not only Modern History but also Ancient History of all cultures. An understanding of ‘Pre-History’ and ‘Cosmology’ and ‘Gaia existence’ Evolution and Chaos Process is also essential overview knowledge. People do not need to be detailed professionals in all these subjects, but they do need a basic foundation overview big picture understanding of all these subjects in harmony with the essential values of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. All of these subjects should be mandatory education through ‘High School’.

The subject of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ should be a mandatory companion subject in every subject course in High School and Universities. P.I. is the essential Future of better ‘Quality of Life’ for all of society in every Nation. The evolutionary development of ‘Gaia Language’ is important to the process of ‘Globalisation in Communication’, ‘Free Trade’ and the elimination of all ‘Anti-Freedom Ideologies, replaced by pro-democracy ‘Liberty Values’ in Speech, Choice and Equality. Until all anti-freedom ideologies are phased out, in other words, eliminated, the tragedy of the ‘Habit of War’ will not end. To stop the ‘Habit of War’ we must eliminate all anti-freedom ideologies.

During World War II in Europe, it was ridiculous that so many allies and enemies did not understand each other, which caused confusion and serious errors in understanding. If people had all talked one ‘Gaia Language’ there would have been less incidents of emotional conflict.

We need to understand ‘Human Nature’ not through the negativity of Psychology, but through the Positivity of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ which uses more logic and common-sense.

There is a specialist place for Professional Psychiatry, but not for Amateur Psychology. There is no such thing as reliable ‘Professional Psychology’. The only good Psychologists are those who use common-sense philosophy in preference to illogical Psychology. As I have taught previously our ‘Belief System’ is the reason for our thinking and behaviour. Everything we do is motivated by the Conscious not the Sub-Conscious. P.I. rejects Psychology. We do not need Psychology. We do need ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Our addictions are associated to our Belief Systems, which is our chosen Philosophy of Ideas, right or wrong, true or false, just or unjust, decent or indecent, honourable or dishonourable, caring or uncaring, logical or illogical, clever or misguided, wise or foolish, peaceful or violent, respectful or disrespectful.

Even our ‘Taste Buds’ are founded upon our feeling ideas of what we like and do not like. The chemistry of sex between two people is founded upon their ideas and instinctive feelings of what they need, good or bad.

Ideas, Belief Systems are the foundation key to our thinking and behaviour.

It is our ‘Belief Systems’ we must manage which includes rejecting ‘Depression’ by always thinking with ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, which rejects the negativity of ‘Optimism’ and ‘Hope’ and always focuses on common-sense ‘Can Do’ philosophy.

Since 1969-70 at the age of 21-22 years, when I mastered the Art of PMA, I have not ever experienced ‘Depression’ or ‘Writer’s Block’. PMA works even when facing Danger, Extreme Pain, Suffering and Tough Experience. I have been given three hours to live at the age of 26 years in November 1975 and I survived refusing to go to sleep accepting pain and suffering as part of my life’s challenge. I have experienced dangerous situations several times during my life and survived because I did not panic and chose to ‘Be the Eye of Calm in a Storm’.

We do not need ‘New Age’ and we do not need ‘Atheism’ and we do not need ‘Religion’. We only need ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to guide us to enjoy improvement of ‘Quality of Life’ void of Greed.

Today’s Society does not yet have the ability to keep up with my advanced ‘Philosophical Intelligence Vision’ but through evolution process society will become wiser and smarter past being clever by mastering the skills of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. When you study my logic you will learn why, and also you will learn how I and Albert Einstein have so much in common in ‘Philosophical Vision’ and understanding.

I am the Einstein of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’.

Albert Einstein (1879- 1955) died (age 76) when I, Allan Ivarsson, was six years of age and his philosophy evolved with me after my 35th year in 1984. I discovered during my research studies over the years that in philosophy beliefs he and I were thinking in the same dimension of convictions. I was surprised to learn that he foresaw in a light overview prophesy of just a few words the evolution of my ‘Philosophical Vision’.

And more volumes more insight information exists which you can read for ‘Free’.

Become smarter than Politicians read the complete works of Allan Ivarsson, his Website is Free Reading.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

The fight for Freedom to be continued…

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