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I have decided to cease communication on e-mail, except for receipt of important information, no reply. All scams and false knowledge articles are deleted.

Thou can communicate with me in English on this Chatline.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Please note Rules of Communication

Do not use Caps in excess. Use correct communication skills presentation. Bold and Italics may be used for attention emphasis.

I prefer to communicate with people who are not afraid to table their full name, state and country. Pen names, anonymous opinions are not worth much, if it is not backed by courage of open mind beliefs.

I reserve the right to publish good opinions and exchange of communication in any treatise subject articles which I may decide to publish in months ahead. If you do not want your statement published, please do not write to me.

The following style of writing shall automatically be deleted.

  1. Ideas which are not clearly written. Spelling and grammar does not need to be perfect.

2. Death Threats are Banned.

3. Pornographic Material is Banned.

4. Abuse is Rejected.

5. Coarse Language is Banned.

Disagreement with reasons is accepted.

Additional ideas and information is welcomed.

Sharing our opinions and information is what this Chatline is about.


Note: These chats are public opinions and others may respond.

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