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Solar Energy “To Be or Not to Be” that is the Hamlet Shakespearian Question.

Solar Energy as a ‘Renewable Energy’ source is an excellent alternative to past traditional electrical energy sources. But it has a serious downside. When there is no sun, on dark cloudy days, during storms, electrical, raining, and high wind and during volcanic activity there are no energy supplies, blackouts strike and we the people caught unprepared are without essential power source.

And there is the other downside serious concern of landfill pollution, caused by failure to recycle all materials when the life of panels, batteries, and other parts expire in useful life service.

Hence, the unreliable character of ‘Solar Energy’ means that it is not a consistently reliable energy source. Our society in cities and rural locations now need reliable electrical energy supplies 24/7 all year round. The days are over when we can survive olden day history methods comfortably without power.

Right now, as I am writing this overview, I am experiencing at 6:55 am freezing cold conditions. I am rugged up in warmer winter clothing with finger free hand gloves, inside our house. No heaters. I am not in snow country, even though it is freezing cold on the 10th of July 2022 Australia time in the theoretical warmer Northern Region of NSW, which is traditionally hot in Summer period.

I refuse to use wood stoves, because it pollutes the air with smoke, which so many people do up here, who are not tough enough to simply dress up in warmer winter clothing and endure cold conditions. My wife and I do not use Airconditioning or Electrical Heaters or Clothing Dryers, we just adapt summer and winter to temperature changes. In our elderly years, hot and cold temperatures are tougher to endure than when we were young.

Being Pensioners, we cannot afford excessive use of energy just to enjoy extra warmth in Winter inside our home, and cooler conditions in summer. We must be tougher than others and simply endure. The temperature at the moment is 5 Degrees Centigrade. Earlier it was 2 Degrees C. during the night. The sun is now rising outside by midday it will be warmer for about four hours then it will rapidly decline to colder temperatures.

Nor can we afford to install ‘Solar Panels’.

Idiot Green Climate Change Activists in Panic Mode foolishly in desperation naively think that humans can control climate change. These panic reactionaries are ignorant of the last 3 billion years of earth’s Climate Change Pre-History, Ancient History, Middle Age History to Modern History. We cannot control ‘Climate Change’, these fools need to grow up and get a wiser education.

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I have heard stories of elderly people freezing to death in Europe, because their idiot irresponsible, negligent Political Government leaders converted completely to unreliable ‘Renewable Energy’ Wind and Solar, which failed to supply energy during tough weather condition changes. It is time to dump ‘Green Murder’ and focused on rebuilding ‘Pragmatic Commonsense’.

Solar Panels at the end of their life are a serious pollution concern. Pollution of our planet caused by homo sapiens makes our species the most dangerous creature on our planet Gaia/Earth. We must stop panicking about ‘Climate Change’ and focus on eliminating pollution of our planet. Problem is that some countries and their people are negligent societies not striving to do the right thing on land and sea and are destroying the ‘Gaia Balance’ of our Planet.

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Clearly as a backup ‘Solar Energy System’ in off the Grid is a good backup system when it is reliable. But we cannot always be assured of its reliability, which in our increasing population numbers is an increasing need.

However, Lithium Batteries for Solar Panels and Electric Cars and other uses are banned by me. They are flammable in tendency and not safe. Alternative safer batteries must replace ‘Lithium’.

The increased use of Battery Energy for Solar and Electric Cars is increasing the danger of polluting our planet with excessive expired batteries.

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The adage song/says “Fools Rush In.” It is true not just in Romance and Sex but also in ‘Renewable Energy’ technology.

Our rapid inventive creativity proves we are clever creatures, but there is a big difference between being clever and smart. And too often as clever people we are not smart.

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All of our thinking and behaviour is founded upon our Belief System Philosophy, good and bad, right and wrong, true and false, just and unjust. We need to educate every person that our ‘Belief System’ that is, our ‘Philosophy’ is the reason for our thinking and behaviour. When we get our thinking right, we can live better than when we get it wrong.

Karma Result/Consequence gives us guidance and direction by experience. Hence, it is essential in Survival Process to “Think Safety, Think Survive.” Greed destroys us and is a foolish obsession.

People have said to me during the decades of my life, “I hate Philosophy” and I have asked what do you believe and when they told me their viewpoint, I replied, “That is your Philosophy”.

We don’t need Psychology, we do need ‘Good Wisdom Philosophy’ and ‘Cosmic Law’ helps guide us along the ‘Path of Wisdom, Decency and Honour.’

There is an important place for specialist professional Psychiatry, not Psychology. Too many Psychologists, Shrinks as Americans call them, are incompetent Amateurs, their degrees are not worth a damn. The only rare Psychologist I have read who is good, is a dynamic Psychologist who is a caring human being and a ‘Commonsense Wisdom Philosopher’. It will be great when they learn and Practice ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and put PhD P.I. after their name. [I have in my younger years met Psychologists who are not caring human beings.]

PhD P.I. ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ including ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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During the decades ahead we need to learn more about the advantages of ‘Solar Power’ and find better reliability to deal with those times when solar energy is not available and we need to find better alternatives when ‘Wind Energy’ is not available. Certainly, as I have recorded previously ‘Wind Turbine Blades’ are enemies of Planet Earth for many reasons but that concern is another story as I have recorded previously in overview.

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Exploration of Solar Energy is now mandatory by all of us, pros and cons need to be understood. “Fools Rush In” whilst the wiser do their homework and learn wisdom and the truth about ‘Solar Energy’. Without reliability we have nothing.

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Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. After 52 years of Dynamic research learning in Self-Trained Education since 1970, I designed by Evolution Process ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ (1984-2024) the most advanced intelligence in the Universe. I am the Einstein of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’. This year on the 10th of July 2022 I awarded myself a degree in PhD P.I. ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ including ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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