The header bike rider image & the stunt bike rider image were selected because those people represent riding free, void of tyranny harassing them.

This ‘Blacklist Policy Guide’ online presentation was Published in 2018 Paperback book COMPENDIUM Iprinted in colour on quality paper, by BLUE LIGHT PUBLICATIONS. It is also available in Electronic Kindle book.

It is available as a free read for a limited time.

Cosmicism respects all laws of all states and countries, provided those laws are not ‘Totalitarian’ in any form and do respect the human right to “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Choice” and “Equality”. Including the human right to use “Hate Speech”.

Cosmicism demands that “Truth, Justice and the Right Way” must always prevail and that all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ must be rejected. There is no place for any type of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a ‘Liberty Based Society’ where “Freedom of Speech” must thrive.

Cosmicism uses pragmatic common-sense ‘Cosmic Law’ to review and challenge all wrong laws and wrong thinking that are founded upon injustice, incompetence, deceit, untruth, totalitarianism and unethical thinking and behaviour.

A person, organisation or political party can only be ‘blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’ when they oppose the human right to “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Choice” and “Equality” and demonstrate by policy that they support apartheid, racial, sex, creed segregation, and totalitarian rules of thinking and behaviour.

There is no place for ‘Supremacist Belief Systems’ in a ‘Liberty Based Society’.

Bullies, hoodlums, gangsters and cowards, tolerating and using any totalitarian belief system, complex or simplistic, political, religious, cult or greedy, are not tolerated by ‘Cosmicism’, not now, not ever.

Those persons and organisations that use ‘Defamation Lawsuits’ to bully people into submission, to unjustly extract financial gain, and stop ‘Freedom of Speech’, are automatically classified by ‘Cosmicism’ as outlaws, enemies of the State, enemies of God, decency, children, humanity and ‘Free Speech’.

Cosmic Law is absolute… “Thou shalt not sue for defamation”.

Get over it, by calmly lifting your game, defending the human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’, and speak the truth to the best of your ability.

Get it right, because ‘Freedom of Speech’ gives all humans the right of ahimsa challenge and that fact is good.

‘Freedom of Speech’ keeps us all in check, and balances our understanding, by exchange of information and understanding, and through the process of criticism and corrective action, keeps the essential values of freedom and equality eternal.

Cosmicism is both a gentle and iron-souled ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’.

The Universe belongs to all spiritual people that wisely do not follow any organised religion, cult or fixed dogma belief system; and are open-minded, more focused upon doing the right thing, by caring for others, life and environment to the best of their ability.

Allan Peter Ivarsson

Founder, Director, Chairman, of ‘Things to Come’.

24th June 2017


‘Blacklist’ Policy Guide was first published in the ‘Blue Light Defiance’ series book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. It is the essential guide to all decisions as to who in the Universe can be blacklisted. There is no place for any anti-freedom of speech laws, in any form, including ‘Blasphemy Law’ throughout the Universe. Any person or organisation or government that bans freedom of speech is automatically guilty of ‘High Treason’ against God, decency, children, humanity, the free world and their country. This is recorded in ‘Cosmic Law’.

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