Atheism is it right or wrong?


Quotation extracts from the works of Allan Ivarsson

Atheism is a Wanderer

Page 173… Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’…

The problem with Atheism is that 96% of the people in the world, still believe in ‘something greater than us, is out there’. Atheism has no consistent sense of good, order and direction, and is a wanderer. And many foolish Atheists support ‘Totalitarian Belief Systems’ like Communism, whilst other Atheists far wiser, support ‘Liberty’. Thus, Atheism like Theism is divided and in conflict, within itself. There is another way…but I wonder how many people out there are smart enough to comprehend it? Time through evolution process, will identify the comprehension ability of people. How smart, are you? And I didn’t say clever, I said smart, there is a big difference between clever and smart.

Page 199… Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’…

Atheists are like Theists, neither are as smart as they think they are when they support ‘Totalitarian’ thinking and behaviour. It is one thing to disagree, it is another thing to try and force our ideas upon others. It is okay to use persuasion, it is not okay to use force. And far too many lawsuits used by Atheists and Theists alike are focused on enforcing dictatorship, and Islamic Leaders specialise in filing lawsuits to bully others into submission. The use of lawsuits for bullying dictatorship control over others, is evil process behaviour.

American Atheists have in the past foolishly filed lawsuits to try and have the words… In God We Trust” removed from all American currency…naturally they were rejected, their lawsuits correctly dismissed, because the printed statement on the notes had no impact on their lives, except in their own over sensitive minds, founded upon beliefs, which was hell-bent on dictating to the majority that they should not trust in God.

This silly Atheist dictatorship behaviour, Marxist Totalitarian mentality, is the flip side of silly Theist dictatorship behaviour, Fixed Dogma Totalitarian mentality that wants to force religion down our throats. Both ‘Totalitarian Behaviours’ are equally guilty of dictatorship tactics and must not be allowed to get away with their anti-Liberty tactics.

Page 200… Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’…

Atheism even though they may be correct, that there is no God of any kind, has no chance of ever becoming a majority based societal belief system, simply because it is human instinct to ask the question, “Why? Who, What, When, Where, How?” When we don’t understand, for peace of mind, it is easier for humans to invent a fairy tale answer, than to live with the reality that we don’t know, and shall live our life never ever knowing the answer to our natural instinctive question, “Why? How?”

All ‘Belief Systems’ have failed to inspire world peace void of the habit of war. Now along comes ahimsa values ‘Cosmicism’ strengthened with open mind, eternally dynamic recognising no limits, no final truth, no end to learning…content with living faith in recognition that God is of the Creation and is not a design intelligence creator; founded upon the clear understanding that evolution and chaos is a natural eternal process, existent throughout the universe, in organic and non-organic form, alive or dead.

One of the biggest problems the world now faces, is the issue of what we believe about ‘God’. Tragically the disagreements about God have over the last 5,000 years of human history resulted in constant wars, and the murder of countless millions of people around the globe, in numerous civilizations, past and present.

“Diversity is only true when ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ is allowed to exist as a ‘Human Right’. Those creeds that are anti-freedom, are enemies of ‘Freedom’ and in the interests of protection and preservation of ‘Freedom’, it is absolutely essential that we always stay vigilant and that we always reject those ‘Dark Belief Systems’ that seek to destroy our right to live ‘Free’.

Page 204… Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’…

Atheism that speaks calmly and logically can table evidence that ‘God Creator’ does not exist, the evidence exists not in a formal scientific presentation of proof, as Theists demand, but the evidence does exist, by logical observation, in so many ways which Theists are afraid to recognise. In fact, it is not up to Atheists to prove that ‘God Creator’ does not exist, it is up to Theists to prove ‘God Creator’ does exist, and that is where Theism unravels, because in the end their only proof is ‘Faith’ and the end of ‘Blind Faith’ is evolving, as more and more people realise that all religions and cults are wrong and that their ‘Belief Systems’ are riddled with countless reams of false knowledge, phony information. That does not mean wisdom does not exist inside ‘Belief Systems’, for wisdom must never be discarded with false knowledge, which must be dumped into the garbage bin. The job of a good cosmic philosopher and a good scientist is to sift out the false knowledge garbage and keep the proven path facts and the wisdom and the reasonable theories, still under investigation, until they prove or disprove themselves.

Until Atheism can answer that one question… “Where do all ideas come from?” …they cannot reject the existence of God in total. A form of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ does exist in the universe, channelling works, and until we understand why, we must accept that ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ is an infinite communication link between our finite minds and the infinite Universe. Since everything in reality is nameless, it follows logically that a name only helps us communicate in understanding, and thus the name God an acronym, meaning ‘Good, Order & Direction’ is an appropriate name, and since it is clearly obvious that a ‘God Creator’ does not exist, then it logically follows that the nameless communication ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ in the Universe is ‘God of Creation’ just as we and all life and all existence organic and non-organic is ‘Of the Creation’, which is infinite and has always existed. Only forms have beginnings and endings within the Universe, the synonym of Creation, a process that has no beginning or ending; even big bangs, is just a changing form inside a Universe, which has always existed. I wonder how many people can really comprehend this. Time will reveal reality…can people truly learn to think outside the square? I believe the answer is yes. But the question still stands… “How many?” and the answer stands through evolution process, as society expands its open mind thinking, the number of people that comprehend ‘Cosmic Reality’ shall expand.

It should be noted as a recap reminder that the way of ‘Cosmicism’ changes and adapts to new evidence and when Atheists can accurately answer that one question with conclusive scientific evidence than the definition of what is ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ must change, but that too must be accompanied by a scientific understanding, beyond a shadow of doubt, as to why does channelling work?

Author of Image Unknown – the idea floats around the Internet linked to different images.

Page 176 to 178… Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’…

Theist people and hardline atheists, and cult fanatics are too often emotionally and pragmatically, the weakest thinkers void of philosophical intelligence. Too many cling, to false knowledge belief systems, afraid to let go of their ‘Thumb sucking security blanket concepts’.

Consequently, when real evidence is tabled, they fight these identified truths head-on, recording volumes of more false knowledge, desperately trying to tear down the truth. Their lack of logic is beyond pragmatic rational belief. Battling constantly, they keep recording their arguments defending their fixed dogma, like a dog with a bone, refusing to let go of their simple-minded backward thoughts. The classic example is Genesis in the Christian Holy Bible, versus proven scientific truth- the way of reality. False Knowledge versus Truth…

My son Daniel Houston told me in 2013 that he had a Christian friend in his early thirties year of age that did not believe in Evolution that God is the Creator [as taught in the Christian Bible, The Torah and the Qur’an]. My son said to him, “How do you explain the existence of Dinosaurs?” His Christian friend replied, “God put the bones there to test the faith of men!” Gong!!! When religious people become so locked into ‘Fixed Dogma False Knowledge Mythical Mentality’ that they cannot see the trees clearly in the forest, because they refuse to explore the range of existent probabilities, they are lost forever in naivety and ignorance, and nothing can save them until they themselves are willing to step outside the square, and look at the big picture of existence, from every degree point of view, inside and out.

This Christian is in for a shock, when he finds out that Pope Francis in late 2014, now supports the existence of ‘Evolution Process’-but subject to that…this natural process was created by God. This conclusion is where Blue Light at the T intersection decision, chooses the right path, whilst Christianity turns left going the other way. And Islam rejecting the existence of ‘Evolution’ is left even further behind, trapped still, in its 7th Century barbaric ‘Belief System’.

I’m an atheist and I thank God for it.

George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

Irish Playwright

Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925

God Visits Facebook

Just went through the drive through…when I got to the speaker-box all I heard was “Oh my God!!”  …I said, “Yes, this is God, and I want four cheese-burgers…”

Daniel Houston

12th May 2013

Source: Facebook

Without a sense of humour even about religion and philosophy, we are in trouble. People with P.I. know how to laugh at themselves and ideas, right and wrong.

Through the evolutionary research and development learning process, truth will always remain supreme. The false knowledge enthusiasts will lock into their preconceived thinking and will struggle against and openly defy truth, be it scientific fact or other reality. Inevitably, these fixed dogma mindless small-thinking persons will be defeated by truth, which is forever expanding and knows no limits. Truth is infinite, compounding upon its own evolutionary self-realization- linked with infinite time, the downfall of false knowledge is constantly occurring. When humans discovered fire, false knowledge began its instinctive rise and decline.

Humans who reject proven path scientific truths are trapped in a fixed dogma prison of their own creation. They choose mythical comfort zone thoughts to escape facing reality. Because they are afraid to accept reality- they are cosmic losers. They are lost in a mindless dimension of their own creation, and shall never see the light, nor shall they understand this paragraph. There is nothing you can do for them. Physically they are adults, but their minds think like children who believe in fairy tales.

As indicated in Allan’s records…

Allan Peter Ivarsson, author, is not Atheist, Theist, Deist, Pantheist or New Age.

To know who he is requires the individual to read his collected works.

Don’t worry most ‘Degree Qualified People’ don’t have the ability to keep up with him.

His own eight children by melded family cannot keep up with him.

He writes volumes more than people can read. It is true… reading is easier than writing. Thus the problem is that a large percentage of people in the early 21st Century find Philosophy the ‘Love of Wisdom’ too hard and cannot keep up with the collected works of Allan Ivarsson, but that will change in times ahead… young people shall become smarter and will learn how to piece together the jigsaw puzzle clues that Allan has delivered to them to view the ‘Big Universal Picture’.

Until the majority of people around the world learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ they will never live ‘Free’ of the ‘Habit of War’ and the unnecessary tragedy of ‘Poverty’ and Abuse.


Christianity claims they stand for Freedom. Really? Then why does ‘Roman Christianity’ have such a violent, abusive dark history? I am not talking about the good ahimsa original Christians that followed Jesus and had no Bible, I am talking about the Roman Christians that founded an organised dark thinking religious belief system.

Why has Christianity refused to ban anti-freedom ‘Blasphemy Law’ and all other anti-freedom of speech laws around the Western World during the 20th and 21st Century?

Why do Christians chant “I Trust in the Bible” and refuse to reject all of the ‘Satanic Verses’ in the Bible which are evil laws rejecting ‘Freedom Values’?

These ‘Satanic Verses’ also disobey the 6th Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.

And when the Founding Fathers of American Freedom tabled the Foundations of American Liberty, why were they only Deists, with an interface of Utilitarianism? Where were the Christians?

My faith in Atheism, Roman Christianity and Islam vanished. Thus I began again (1984-2024) on the evolution of a new ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ dynamic open-minded foundation.

God, Evolution, Eternal Life, Cremation

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