Freedom is the word… Hi American Readers…

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Freedom is the word… Hi American Readers

Freedom is the word… Hi American Readers, I thank you for your amazing support. I have gone quiet for the moment, partly for reasons of health in my 73rd year and for reasons that once again with increased intensity ‘Freedom of Speech’ is under attack in Australia.

I am currently reorganizing fightback strategy against enemies of ‘Freedom’.

Publishing news is important, but it is not enough when the human right to live free in peace is being trampled to death by acts of oppression and cruel violence.

We need calm common-sense solutions not just emotional political rants.

“True Blue Aussies, true to our ‘Anzac Spirit Character’ have a natural ‘Mate’ thinking way of speaking. ‘Fair Dinkum’. ‘Too Right Mate’.

Those who call themselves Australians that want to ban ‘Freedom of Speech’, and ‘Australia Day’ and ‘Anzac Day’ and the use of the words ‘Mate’ and ‘Sheila’ and ‘Boy’ and ‘Girl’, ‘Man’ and ‘Woman’ and ‘Mankind’ are not true Aussies. They are traitors who reject our historical culture and mate thinking character; often ocker, larrikin in cultural style, not hoodlum, but just a bit wild and rough, still retaining a sense of respect for people by reasonable manners and codes of honour and chivalry.

There are treasonous thinking people in Australia focused on complete manipulative destruction of ‘Freedom of Speech’. They want to increase bans on ‘Social Media’ of what we Aussies can say openly in public comment.

What these treasonous anti-freedom of speech creeps do not realise is that I put my ‘Pro-Freedom’ ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ on the table as an eternal human right back in 1969 as a young 20 year-old.

In 1984, after I read the anti-freedom ideology in the Marxist ‘Communist Manifesto’ by evil Karl Marx and the ‘Satanic Verses’ in the Quran, I was so disgusted by the ‘Dark inhumane teachings’ that I made a lifetime commitment to defend the right of all people to live free in speech, choice and equality and to oppose every form of anti-freedom mentality in our Universe.

Quietly, in the background for decades, I researched read and wrote, designing gradually the most advanced intelligence in the World, called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Universities even in the ‘Free World’ in Philosophy are currently afraid to teach my advanced ideas, which interface with all of the wisdom of the ages of history.

I decided in 2017 during retirement as an unknown, to publish books and create a website to pass forward my knowledge and understanding and some of my profile experiences, as a Mentor. I don’t care about becoming famous or wealthy and I am not seeking donations, I have the skills to stand on my own dynamic open mind ability.

I refuse to waste money on advertising and instead I focus on the slower method of using word of mouth in speech and writing sharing information as ‘Think Tank’ to encourage people to reject ‘Emotional Outburst’ and instead focus on learning to be the ‘Eye of Calm in a Storm’ and the ‘Art of Positive Mental Attitude’ void of negative ‘Optimism’ focused on ‘Can do Courage’ which ‘Thinks Safety, Thinks Survive.’

Because of PMA, I have never suffered from Depression or Writers Block.

Unlike fixed dogma ignorant religions, I am not asking you to be blind followers of my cosmic philosophy. I would be horrified if you were a blind follower. I am asking you through ‘Think Tank’ to read and learn and work out for yourself what is the right thing to do to protect and preserve decency, freedom and truth and the right way.

I have no respect for ‘Climate Change’ Activists who all specialize in ‘Panic’, a coward behaviour and meanwhile true to their hypocrisy focus on the ‘Green Murder’ of our Planet destroying our Environment.

Hence, because of the treasonous mentality of some Australians, who are not true Australians, I publish all my collective work through the United States of America which I deem because of the ‘First Amendment’ the only true freedom country in the world.

By ‘Cosmic Law’ it is an ‘International Crime’ to ban ‘Freedom of Speech’ and to enforce any form of anti-freedom of speech ideology.

Xi Jinping Communist Beijing is afraid of me because of what I teach. I have given him the written opportunity through my ‘Chatline’ on my website to write to me in ‘Gaia Language’ [English], but he is afraid to do so.

I do not believe in published verbal discussion in politics because the truth is often clouded and too emotional. Every idea good and bad must be tabled in writing to give people and history the opportunity to identify truth versus’ deceit.

We cannot build a better more wholesome quality of life society if we are afraid to openly read and write. Politicians who just speak with ‘Spin’ are not worth a damn.

I have outlawed anti-freedom of speech, ‘Blasphemy Law’, ‘Sharia Law’ ‘Marxist Socialism’ and ‘Marxist Communism’ and anti-freedom Gangsterism’.

“Freedom is the Word. And ‘Freedom’ is the eternal human right.”

“Freedom, Freedom… Freedom.”

“Is the Word.”

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. As of 28th April 2022, ‘Australian Alert Intelligence’ is running at only 47% of ‘American Alert Intelligence’ in reading ability. This degree of intelligence is monitored by Allan Ivarsson via his website. Source…

Don’t Worry, Current Australian Politicians do not have the ability to keep up with ‘True Blue’ Aussie Allan Ivarsson. His thinking is too advanced for them.

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