‘Cosmicism’ – How the word evolved.

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How the word evolved.


A Word that is often misunderstood by people.

Lovecraft Philosophy versus Ivarsson Philosophy

Posted below at end of my article delivery, is all the words, I Allan Peter Ivarsson, coined during the development of my ‘Think Tank’ Blue Light ‘Cosmic Philosophy’.

I have written this important ‘Statement’ to clarify an important discovery I found on the 3rd, June 2018, when I was searching the Internet. This experience has made it necessary for the philosophical history books for me to explain more about the evolution of ‘Cosmicism’ in my work.

Throughout my writing in my books, I have used the word ‘Cosmicism’. I genuinely coined the word ‘Cosmicism’ in 2007 during a moment in my Education Bookshop, in-between customer activity.

During quiet periods in my ‘Blue Light Education Bargain Bookstore’ over a five-year period, I used the time, when all my other cleaning and organisation jobs had been completed, as a ‘Think Tank’ process. As I have recorded in other writings, I started the evolution of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ in 1984, but it was not until 1988 I gave it the name ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ to identify the evolution process of my exploration in finding a solution outside the square of the world’s conflicting numerous fixed dogma ‘Philosophical and Political and Religious’ thinking that was stagnating society slowing down evolution progress and denying homo sapiens the opportunity collectively to live as one great “Freedom & Equality” world of ‘Peace & Industry’. I knew there was a way, but I had to find it. Easier said than done. It took me thirty years to evolve the solution and it only became successful in my understanding when I refused to deny openly, writing in public, who is my mentor.

I started writing in 1984 using ‘Channelling’ an automatic writing process, the Internet did not exist, hence magazines and books were the only source of ideas. Problem was that since 1970-71, when I started on a ‘Quest for Truth’ I had to wade through volumes of false knowledge to find good common-sense ideas which were clearly pragmatic and understood reality and the nature and character of existence.

Channelling works but it must be correctly edited to eliminate all ‘Dark Ideas’. Many ‘Satanic Verses’ exist in so-called ‘Holy Books’ which should have been edited promptly by deletion. For example, serious errors in editing exist i.e., failure to delete ‘Satanic Verses’ in the Muslim Qur’an (Koran) and the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah.

I needed a single name for my philosophy hence being a fan of ‘Buddha’, I coined the name ‘Metteyyism’ in 1984. As time progressed in my exploration, I realised in 1988 that my evolution process in line with the Universe was a ‘Cosmic Philosophy’. But it was not until 2007 that I decided the word ‘Metteyyism’ as recorded in my first book, self-published in 2003, needed to be changed. Given that my ‘Cosmic Philosophical Understanding’ had evolved over the years way past my beginning expectations, I decided the word ‘Cosmicism’ was far more appropriate and a better choice of word than the archaic word ‘Metteyyism’. In 2010 I took my 2003 first book off sale and although it had a lot of good insight in the book, it also had some wrong ideas, which needed expulsion and, in some cases, fine tuning correction. And thus, in rewrite I deleted the word ‘Metteyyism’ and replaced it with the synonym word ‘Cosmicism’ not realizing that I had coined a common-sense word that had already been used during the early 20th century, in a limited way.

The ‘Cosmicism’ I write about is not finite, it is infinite and is forever expanding, with no end in the discovery of new knowledge. The original use of the word ‘Cosmicism’ in the early 20th Century is finite and limited in thinking and has not evolved to any degree of use by society. Even on the Internet in 2018, it is a conflict between Atheists and Theists in the brief ideas tabled by H.P. Lovecraft.

In my writing I have often tabled “Where do all ideas come from?” and I have tabled channelling insight into the nature, character and existence of the eternal source ‘Cosmic Consciousness’.

I have never believed all ideas are original. It is more about someone did more homework writing on an idea than someone else. William James did not coin the name ‘Pragmatism’ but he took it further in evolving philosophical character than others. Charles Darwin was not the only thinker speculating in research theory about the natural process of evolution. But he did the most homework and presentation, which gave us the critical path understanding of a theory that became a theorem.

It seems that whilst I did coin the name ‘Cosmicism’ in 2007, I was not the original creator of the use of this word, without much ado about nothing it is clear to me in 2018 that H.P. Lovecraft created use of the word decades before me. As to whether he is the originator of the word is not yet clear to me. But one thing is true, all ideas come from ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ the great eternal Reservoir of Knowledge, which knows no limits, no end and no final truth.

It is possible that in another civilization, in another language, that words and ideas we use today, may have already been conceived and used by other societies millenniums before our time. Perhaps there was great civilizations that perished without a trace. The history of earth movement and explosions from outer space still hides many secrets on earth yet to be discovered. And the mystery of Atlantis still hangs over our head, void of answers and discoveries.

However, one thing is true, I have taken ‘Cosmicism’ as a philosophical concept way past Lovecraft’s imagination. He didn’t do anything positive with the word ‘Cosmicism’, I did.

This is what Lovecraft wrote… and then after this background statement, I recommend you read my collected works on many subjects and inspirations. Lovecraft ‘Cosmicism’ is vastly different to the complete spectrum of advanced insight tabled by Ivarsson ‘Cosmicism’.

Lovecraft Philosophy versus Ivarsson Philosophy

Lovecraft (1890-1937) was negative about life whilst Ivarsson was positive about life.

Lovecraft did not want to become an adult whilst Ivarsson was enthusiastic about adult life.

Lovecraft loved writing horror stories whilst Ivarsson hates horror writing and rejects it entirely. Ivarsson’s view is that we have enough sad tragedy in life, without the need of enjoying horror and misery.

Lovecraft believed Adulthood is hell whilst Ivarsson believed Adulthood opened the door to exciting opportunities and endless challenges, which gave meaning and purpose to existence.

Lovecraft retreated from adulthood at the age of 18 years in 1908 that lasted about 10 years (i) (page 30 by Michel Houellebecq for details) whilst Ivarsson advanced into the adventure of life from the age of 12 years, embracing every challenge by opportunity and creative inspiration and mastered the art of Positive Mental Attitude at the age of 21 years. Ivarsson never experienced depression or negativity, he rejected such backward inferior thinking emotions.

(i) 1991 Book H.P. LOVECRAFT Against the World, Against Life, by Michel Houellebecq.

The only thing Lovecraft & Ivarsson had in common was a love of astronomy and a rejection of organised religion.

Lovecraft liked to use pennames Ivarsson rejects the use of pennames.

Lovecraft lost his faith whereas Ivarsson retained his faith in life, adventures, and the enjoyment of good challenges.

Lovecraft was an atheist and materialist. Whilst Ivarsson rejected atheism and theism and new age mentality and became a forever evolving ‘Cosmicist’ and used materials only as tools of life and did not believe that materialism was the key to happiness.

Lovecraft’s atheist philosophy is often called ‘cosmic indifference’. He believed that humanity was created as part of a scientific experiment by an advanced alien race who wanted to use humans as slaves. These slaves were he believed, later abandoned by the aliens, and let the experiments run wild. The suggestion of this thinking by Lovecraft comes from his work, ‘At the Mountains of Madness’.

Whereas Ivarsson rejects the ideas that Aliens have visited Earth and recognizes that no life of any form of intelligence has the ability to travel through space because even at the speed of light it would take a thousand light years to leave a habitable planet to reach earth.

Slaves exist because of the uncaring wrong thinking of human beings.

Scientists have proven by their discoveries and evidence about the geology, chemistry, physics and evolution of ‘Climate’ and life on planet earth in all forms that no such evidence of alien arrival exists. UFOs are illusions of this planet, and the explanations of such visions has no links to the existence of Aliens. Now that we have Satellites in Space and Spacecraft travelling through the galaxy, evidence exists that no sightings of aliens have been seen and never will be seen, because the light distance of travel to other habitable planets it too far for any form of intelligent biological life to travel. Only ‘Artificial Intelligence’ could travel such distance. And biological life would never live long enough to view the benefit of receiving information from A.I.

Lovecraft was a ‘Racist’ whereas Ivarsson is not prejudiced against any person of any culture or skin colour. Allan Ivarsson only opposes those persons of any race that rejects ‘Freedom Values’ and supports in their ‘Belief System’ an anti-freedom ideology.

Lovecraft did not like sex, whereas Ivarsson enjoyed sex all of his adult life.

Lovecraft was never happy in marriage, whereas Ivarsson was happy in marriage.

Lovecraft was focused on the decline of civilization and was moved emotionally towards negativity, whereas Ivarsson is focused on encouraging the evolution of a positive calm happy society that evolves to live free in every place around the world and in habitable places in space.

Lovecraft believed life has no meaning and that includes death, whilst Ivarsson believed life is given meaning and purpose by enjoying the challenge, the adventure of learning and achievement, and this truth becomes a higher truth when life is lived with open mind in a dynamic way never being afraid of change and self-motivated transformation, forever evolving in mind and spirit.

Lovecraft’s volumes of letter-writing in a manual world is no different to the volumes of e-mails, Internet comments, messenger communication exchanges and website posts made by average people during their life, in an electronic world. It is the nature of humans to need to communicate.

The only other thing that Lovecraft and Ivarsson have in common is that both were relatively unknown during their lifetime. The discovery of their existence comes decades after their death.

Allan enjoys ‘Private Life’ and is not motivated by the need to be famous.

Allan rejects burial and demands cremation out of consideration for planet earth.

Lovecraft incorrectly believes, that ‘Cosmicism’ is the concept that humanism is an illusion. And that human consciousness, human civilization, and humane values and all the other altruistic ideas and beliefs are nothing more than imaginary bubble that surrounds us and that the cosmos is wholly indifferent to us.

The philosophy of ‘Cosmicism’ was developed by Lovelock in his weird fiction dark writings. Lovelock’s negative thinking misused the word ‘Cosmicism’ and true to his miserable belief system used it to tear down faith in the goodness of humanity and the higher ideals of God, decency, children, humanity, and freedom values. It was a sad interpretation by H.P. Lovelock of the word ‘Cosmicism’ which has always existed in the Universe, as meaning ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ that teaches the goodness of existence, despite the unjust natural moments of existence in the biological and material world.

The philosophy of ‘Cosmicism’ recognizes that there is no recognizable divine presence, such as a creator God, anywhere in the Universe and that we humans are insignificant to the larger entity of physics and chemistry in biological and material forms of existence.”

That understanding is true when we recognize that God Creator is an imaginary entity. But we come back to the question, “Where do all ideas come from?” And we that are alert do observe that the process of ‘Channelling’ works even though there is no scientific understanding of why.

We know that the spirit of prayer power and meditation and channelling works, including automatic writing. It becomes obvious that a ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ exists in the Universe and thus a spiritual ‘God of Creation’ with no physical powers does therefore exist to guide us in communication. When we observe the intelligence of other non-human animals that cannot speak our language, we notice that they like humans are capable of being altruistic, kind and caring or revengeful, mean, and vicious.

Lovelock did not understand this when he coined the use of the word ‘Cosmicism’ to describe his negative wrong thinking dark fiction ideas.

As I have said previously, even though we coin names and ideas, in reality nothing in the Universe is original, ideas, inventions and creative inspiration has always existed. It just takes a moment for someone somewhere to identify that idea, right or wrong, good or bad, true or false, just or unjust.

H.P. Lovelock was so bitter with living negativity that he never enjoyed life and thrived on expressing his misery in horror fiction.

Lovelocks ‘Cosmicism’ is correctly not religious but is more a false knowledge dark version of his negative misery philosophy. His sense of truth is shattered by his lack of faith in the goodness of humanity and the reason for existence.

Lovelock failed to understand that existence does not need a reason or meaning and purpose and that meaning and purpose is only that which we give our own lives by our courage, commitment, and persistence belief that all goodness evolves from our own efforts and deeds, focused on doing the right thing by others and self in a fair way.

Lovelock has never understood the difference between ‘Natural Law’ and ‘Cosmic Law’ which Ivarsson has previously recorded, since he identified the existence of ‘Cosmic Law’ in 1981.

Cosmicism’ is not pessimistic as Ivarsson teaches and is not indifferent to learning the truth about the nature and character of existence in all of its forms. ‘Cosmicism’ is an open mind, a calm sense of dynamic understanding that does not cling to hope and optimism, but rather uses the philosophical auto-suggestive power of ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ using a ‘Can Do’ persistence backed by strong willpower to always strive to learn more and do the best thing by caring about the quality of existence for all.

‘Cosmicism’ is a philosophy of caring that uses the most advance intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ as coined and identified by Allan Ivarsson in 2007.

It is sad that H.P. Lovelock never grasped the true understanding of what ‘Cosmicism’ is and it is equally sad that since ‘Cosmicism’ was used by Lovelock that a large percentage of people now do not understand the word ‘Cosmicism’ and need to unlearn the negativity that Lovelock used.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Date Word Concepts were coined by the author A.P.I. …

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Two Islam Syndrome (2016)

Metteyyism 1984 (1st Philosophical Stage followed by Cosmicism Corrections in 2007)

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