Should Australia Have A ‘Civil War Day’?

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Sorry Children the Greens are not interested in Love & Peace, they want to rule by force. 


How can we stop War when Political Dictators like the Greens use Bully standover tactics to Harass others into submission?

Should Australia Have A ‘Civil War Day’?


With all the conflict being launched by Greens, Amnesty International and other fanatics demanding the elimination of Australia Day Celebrations, and the creation of ‘Invasion Day’, it is clear the majority of ‘True Blue Aussies’ the true patriots are not going to allow the cancellation of ‘Australia Day’ celebrations. Nor are they going to allow a date change or a name change.

Those dictator trouble makers fighting to bully the destruction of ‘Australia Day Celebrations’ are not listening to the majority voices of Australians that refuse to cancel Australia Day Celebrations.

If we had a plebiscite calling for the people to vote to eliminate ‘Australia Day’ or preserve it, Australians by majority would vote to preserve ‘Australia Day Celebrations’.

And still that plebiscite decision would not be respected by those bully Green dictators demanding the abolition of Australia Day. And the protests would continue year after year, destroying the peace within our Nation.

There is only one solution… we must create a controlled ‘Civil War Day’ where true blue Aussies go into combat against all persons against Australia Day Celebrations in a fight to the death.

The controlled location of the battle must be fought away from cities and towns in a selected desert region, surrounded by barb wire fencing, managed by the military to ensure a war zone stage of honorable fighting exists.


An annual one day Civil War where blood runs fighting for and against ‘Australia Day Celebrations’.

A crazy idea… you bet it is. But when bully fanatics will not respect the majority wishes of Australians who value Australian Patriotism, then a ‘Civil War Day’ is the only solution to the conflict.

If the Greens and Amnesty International want to force the elimination of Australia Day Celebrations, then they all must be willing to fight to the death defending their insane extremist ideas.

Richard Di Natale Leader of the Greens Australia who demands the end of Australia Day Celebrations on Jan 26th each year and Eda Sehyan United Kingdom Campaigner at Amnesty International who hung an ‘Abolish Australia Day’ banner in London should be willing to defend their dictatorship ideas in combat to the death. If they are not willing to fight to the death to defend their ‘Totalitarian Obsessions’, then they are all mouth and no guts and should be denounced for their cowardice.

As one Australia woman said in a valid comment on Facebook… “What country hasn’t been invaded, get over it, it’s in the past, its history.”

And just for the record there are many people of indigenous ancestry who are proud Australians and like many non-indigenous Australians who celebrate ‘Happy Australia Day’ in the spirit of ‘Patriotism’ and do not think of ‘Australia Day’ as being an Invasion Day. It is a ‘Foundation Day’ in history that is all.

As I wrote previously in my September 24th, 2018 treatise ‘Australia Day Under Attack’ “Phillip Ordered that the Aboriginal People must be well-treated.” Which he enforced.

So what is the solution to this annual conflict? Let the gangster/hoodlum dictators win? Or have a Plebiscite Vote which the dictators will not respect the result? Or simply have an annual ‘Civil War Day’ which troublemakers Di Natale & Sehyan would never attend?

If you truly believe in a serious idea in which you are striving to force others to accept, then you must be willing to fight to the death for that idea. If you will not fight in physical battle for your ‘Totalitarian Beliefs’, then you are a hypocrite and are a coward. And the lowest creep on this earth is a coward.

Throughout history most dictatorship leaders with a rare few exceptions, sent others to their death in wars, but would never fight to the death themselves. That is the way of despots.

And Richard Di Natale has made it clear by his dictatorship plans without plebiscite approval of the people that he is a would be despot, if he gains the power opportunity to enforce his dictatorship demands.

This enemy creep Di Natale must be sacked from the Greens.

Allan Ivarsson


Which is it to be?

War or Peace?

Peace means no bully dictatorship street demonstrations.


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