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This is an Absolute Instruction. Whether people respect the instruction and obey its rule is another issue of concern.


Seems genuine but is it absolutely truthful in feeling?


Claims to be true but is it? Testing will verify reality.


Markets itself as ‘Absolute’.

It would not sell well, if it was not the real deal.


One of the problems we have with ideas and belief system thinking is a conflict founded upon Paradoxical ideas. Who is right? Who is wrong? Theism & Atheism can fall into this trap. Are some ideas neither right or wrong? Are they just points of view with no correct answer? Is saying there is no correct answer true? Conflict is foolish at any time. But it is even more foolish when there is not a correct answer and ideas simply become a point of view.

Does God exist or not exist, is a point of view? Both opposing beliefs in God or not, can seem wrong to the believer or non-believer. Both beliefs for and against the existence of God can seem absurd to one’s opposing belief to the alternative idea. Neither point of view can prove itself as being true. Both perceptions for and against the existence of God rely on faith and deductive reasoning, even if that analysis void of scientific evidence reveals that the question whether God exists or does not exist, cannot yet be answered. It is absurd to fight in conflict over an idea that cannot prove itself as being true on both sides of the fence.

The same problem exists with belief or not in Reincarnation and in Eternal Life, heaven, paradise, hell or something entirely different.

The enforcement of anti-freedom of speech, anti-freedom of choice ‘Blasphemy Law’ is not only absurd, it is also very unjust.



The following philosophical conversation occurred over several days of comment discussion. It was not a debate, it was more an exchange of ideas and beliefs. It started out on one channel of thought and then wandered away into other tabled ideas, but what makes this insight interesting is how we wandered down a different path of questions and answers into the concern… “What is Absolute? And what is flourish?”

Flourish is obviously understood as the process of growth. A may be deemed impressive period of history, or a magnificent growing plant or amazing expansion of evolution process or the great growth of a society/culture/civilization or may be about a gesture of action which impresses people or seeks to excite people with joy and enthusiasm.

Absolute seems to be also obvious in meaning except that what people describe as absolute in their ideas and beliefs may not be absolute to someone else’s point of view and even when we reject absolute belief systems we may be described by others as being still absolute in our different beliefs.

So how do we get past this paradigm that no matter what we believe we are still vulnerable to becoming an absolutist and thus subject to criticism by others? A paradigm shift adds more fuel to the enthusiasm of change process, evolving to become another form of absolutist ideas.

Even the idea of rejecting fixed dogma belief systems can inadvertently lead us into another fixed dogma mentality. How do we free ourselves from absolutism to become dynamic, adaptable to change as we learn more?

The answer lies in believing only in the values of ‘Cosmic Law’ of two types and recognising only proven path reality. And not being afraid to change and adapt as required by the eternal learning curve of new knowledge and new insight, which gradually increases our understanding about all forms of existence, past, present and destiny.

We are a living part of evolution process, in organic and non-organic form throughout the eternal Cosmos. Our Mind, Body and Spirit is a part of this eternal evolution process which thrives in the process of Chaos ‘Order within Disorder’. That existence which is not forecastable by any life forms.

We must therefore survive by natural instinct and our gathered years of wisdom and empirical experience, which is strengthened by rational logic and pragmatic understanding of how to best learn and survive and improve the quality of our existence. Every life form faces the same struggle in existence. Different life forms have different senses, skills and levels of intelligences. Those with more intelligence are more fortunate, but that is only true when they have wisdom in thinking and behaviour and are more than absolute in thinking… but are also adaptable to change as dynamically required by the natural laws of evolution.

The only thing that is absolute is ‘Immutable Law, Eternal Law’, ‘Natural Law’, ‘Cosmic Law’ which are synonyms. These laws are of two types… proven science laws, founded upon the structure of existence. And ethical/moral laws defined by homo sapiens for reasons of survival common sense and for reasons of altruistic caring nature.

The below conversation in ideas reveals how we are all naturally absolute in some way or another, and sheds light on the only way for humans to escape absolutism is by learning to be open-minded and dynamic in thought, not afraid of change in ideas or experiences. It takes courage to walk away from comfort zone belief systems and live a dynamic life of adventure in ideas and experiences backed by common-sense wisdom.

Allan Ivarsson says…

September 22, 2018 at 12:06 am

The Netherlands should have voted Geert Wilders as leader years ago.

Politicians are a serious concern. But so are the apathetic naive people that blindly support anti-freedom politically correct Socialist mentality, politicians. Socialism is spreading like a disease around the Western World, deliberately encouraging the infiltration of Islam to weaken the West so that Marxist Communism can take control.

Communists are not afraid to challenge Islam, but first they must gain power control and they need Socialist support. So, what we have got is two forms of anti-freedom Totalitarian Belief Systems, Communism versus Islam fighting for control of the West. We must take out the Socialists and their idiotic negative destructive policies to save freedom values in the West.

But our roadblock is that Christianity is badly divided. For every Christian opposing Islam, we have one Christian supporting Islam and two Christians refusing to get involved in the stand against Islam.

Don’t believe me? Go and talk to all regular Church going Christians and find out how many in the Congregation including Church leaders want to become actively involved in openly, publicly opposing Islam.

What Geert Wilders is talking about is not just a Netherlands problem. The same weakness exists in every Western Nation, no exceptions.

We have serious problems because apathy is high.

This fight is now about the educated fighting the educated. Anyone who refuses to learn can be conquered.

Freedom will not be protected if we don’t stand up and be counted rejecting every form of ‘Totalitarianism’.

Socialism and Islam and Communism and Fascism must be rejected.

Libertarianism must rule.

Linda Rivera says…

September 22, 2018 at 1:49 pm

Hi Allan, There’s a major problem with huge numbers of churches of ALL denominations!!! Many have EVIL leaders and also evil people in their congregations!!!!!

It’s why I have WARNED many times on BNI and on other sites that God warns throughout the entire Bible about evil people — false teachers – false prophets. They appear so good!!! In reality, they’re evil!!!!!!

Bible, Matthew 7:15 “Beware of the false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves”

They are indeed RAVENOUS WOLVES and they’re in the church!!!


Allan Ivarsson says…

September 22, 2018 at 7:54 pm


Many of us are aware of the wisdom teaching in Matthew 7:15.

But that does not mean all Christians that refuse to oppose Islam are evil.

Being apathetic and naïve is not evil it is simply very foolish. Such mentality supports the fall of freedom and these people need to wake up. Our education process is not good enough about the importance of protecting and preserving ‘Freedom Values’.

Evil people in the Church in modern society don’t survive very long, their credibility is smashed. The days of the evil ‘Christian Inquisition’ has ended.

The real problem with many Christians is ‘Intellectual Laziness’ refusing to learn the truth about the world around, and all the ideas good and bad which are now on the table.

Apathy and naïve thinking are the consequence of ‘Intellectual Laziness’.

Every religion tables different God’s warnings… including in Hinduism and amongst the Ancient Aztecs & Mayas, and the ancient Greek & Roman Gods. People throughout history in different cultures believe different things.

The Bible has only been available to the people since the 15th Century, before then, every idea was taught by word of mouth.

“Any kind of absolute belief system is fundamentally flawed.” #

Andy Serkis 2014 #

Mateenelass says…

September 24, 2018 at 7:56 am

So, says # Andy Serkis #, with absolutist flourish….

Allan Ivarsson says…

September 24, 2018 at 4:57 pm


Interesting comment, which explains why conflict in ideas shall continue.

Andy’s observation is not ‘Absolutist’. It is an accurate reflection of reality.

Every fixed dogma Political, Religious & Philosophical ‘Belief System’ believes they are right. But they can’t all be right; their ideas are in conflict with each other’s beliefs.

Conveniently, what a person believes is right, their truth, even if it is wrong.

By starting with Andy Serkis understanding, a valid observation, we all should wisely start looking harder at our ideas and the way we think and what we believe. Easier said than done, because human nature likes ‘comfort zone’ ideas and does not like rocking the boat of their thinking, lest they be forced to swim in a river of new ways of thinking.

I favour dynamic open mind, not afraid to explore alternative thinking. But in the end pragmatic common-sense in harmony with proven path science, lessons from history and identification of the importance of reality-based ethics, tells me we homo sapiens must change dynamically the way we think, or we humans shall not survive.

The days of individual separate comfort zone cultures is coming to an end as all countries gradually merge into one global society. So far, this global society is a merge of conflict and it is going to get worse. Our only way out of this is by opening our minds and changing the way we think.

Now flourish in thought is needed but it only works when it is not absolutist.

Mateenelass says…

September 26, 2018 at 9:32 pm

I’m interested that you assume absolutes in your denial of any absolute beliefs. You state as an axiom (absolute belief) that Serkis’ observation is “an accurate reflection of reality.” Have you comprehended all reality to be able to declare this with no caveats.

Again, “Conveniently, what a person believes is right, their truth, even if it is wrong.” Where do you appeal for your judgment as to what is right, especially in demoting others’ beliefs? Are you not appealing to some absolutes from which to assess others’ beliefs as false? If not, what makes your judgment worth listening to more than anyone else’s’?

I’m genuinely curious: can you help me see how changing dynamically the way we think will lead us further on the path to truth than the common approach to truth-seeking today?

Allan Ivarsson says…

September 27, 2018 at 6:41 pm


Andy’s reference to absolute belief system’, is not about one idea, it is about a group of ideas locked in together as one bound belief system. Any ideas or discoveries outside that belief system is often rejected by that lockdown faith. When science for example discovers proven path truth many belief systems will reject the evidence.

A ‘caveat’ doesn’t apply to the process of ‘Philosophy’ that is more about legal application.

An absolute principle value is the sixth Commandment ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’. But that principle is based upon instinctive altruistic caring values. It is a necessary belief, an ethical/moral value for reasons of survival. No one wants to live like in the insect world where they are fighting to exist during every second of time. But there are people who believe they have the right to murder others. We put them in jail to protect society, when they commit a crime against us. This is an absolute necessary survival principle.

When we add together a series of important ethical/moral laws we do by survival instinct create an absolute belief system about those deemed important survival values for a wholesome society.

However, outside of that essential consideration, many beliefs that don’t enforce any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ and do support the existence of 100% ‘Freedom & Equality’ values are accepting other points of view even when they disagree with those ideas.

As to whether for example a God exists or does not exist is a point of view, no one can sell their belief to others that reject the existence of God. Both points of view are absolutes. But a collection of ideas that become ‘Absolutes’ are very vulnerable to error in judgement and beliefs. Nothing in total is absolute. Science over the centuries has proven that reality and keeps changing our thinking and understanding, but even that is only true, when we accept dynamic learning. There are people that reject the past existence of dinosaurs and there are others that still claim the earth is flat not round.

That is what Andy is really commenting about… that all fixed dogma ‘Belief Systems’ are flawed. Only an open dynamic mind not afraid to learn new insight is able to adapt and change in harmony with the survival common-sense logic of respecting the laws of existence.

Fixed dogma locks itself into conflict and error. All the conflict in the world today is a battle of fixed dogma ideas battling against each other for supremacy and control of all others. No one ‘Belief System’ shall ever win such a fight, not now, not ever. And history proves not in the past ever.

I don’t think there is a common truth-seeking path. At least 80% of the people on our planet are not seeking to learn ‘Big Picture’ truth. Most choose to specialise in things that interest them, and many are too busy in the struggle for their survival to care about learning more outside their immediate needs. And others lock into fixed dogma comfort zone beliefs, because they don’t want to face the difficulties of having to constantly think outside the square and dynamically change their ideas as new awareness and discoveries are tabled. Not everyone is adaptable.

To stop all the conflict in the world we do have to change the way we think and reject ‘Absolute Belief Systems’ and reject ‘Absolute Totalitarianism’.

The only thing that is absolute is ‘Immutable Law, Eternal Law’, ‘Natural Law’, ‘Cosmic Law’ which are synonyms. These laws are of two types proven science laws, founded upon the structure of existence. And ethical/moral laws defined by homo sapiens for reasons of survival common sense and for reasons of altruistic caring nature.

I can’t tell people what they must believe that would be the wrong thing to do. But I can write what I believe, and it is then up to each person to decide what they believe or do not believe.

But one thing I am absolute about is the ‘Habit of Conflict’ must be stopped and that can only vanish in a world that rejects fixed dogma belief systems, which is open-minded and not afraid of dynamic thinking and does value as its key foundation stone ethical/moral laws which protects the right of every person to live free in peace.

Thank you for your challenge in thought. That is how we learn and grow together.

I teach ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ but I don’t expect people to believe everything I write… I simply give them another way of thinking about ideas and solutions.

This BNI site is not really suitable for this deep insight discussion. The focus of this site is to deal with the rising dangers of anti-freedom apartheid Islam spreading like a fixed dogma cancer threatening to destroy the entire free world. Islam must be stopped!

And that fight against ‘Islamization of the World’ is absolutist commitment, necessary for the right to live free.

I thank BNI for allowing us to share this philosophical discussion and I wish you mateenelass, all the very best in your quest for more truth and understanding.



 Now this is an Absolute Truth.


Now this is an absolute truth… anti-freedom ‘Communism’ Socialism, i.e. Marxism, is behind all the BLM Protests in both America & Australia. The protests in both Nations are organised and financed in promotion by Marxism. The agenda of Marxists only pretends to care about BLM, their real mission is to create societal chaos so that Communism can take control of every person and make them void of the right to freedom of speech, report to a ‘State Dictatorship’, a controlled society that will not allow people to have their say. Unfortunately a lot of gullible people think they are fighting for a ‘Black Lives Matter’ cause when in fact they are fighting for the hidden agenda of ‘Communism’ to conquer us from within. Now that is absolute fact.




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