Fifty Lashes for Women Wearing a Bikini?

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Too Dangerous to Swim in a Hijab/Niqab Outfit.

Fifty Lashes for Women Wearing a Bikini?

Allan Ivarsson debates with a Muslim who lives in Singapore over his Demand that all Women who wear a Bikini must be Punished by Fifty Lashes.

This demand to brutally punish women for not wearing fully body clothing is the true dictatorship of anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ Mentality. Which I, Allan Ivarsson reject.

As I have published previously, I do not believe in debates. No one wins a debate both sides walk away with the same opinion still.

Discussions are useful in exchange of ideas to give each other another point of view, but debates do not achieve much and this is true when the subject is ‘Freedom’ versus ‘Totalitarianism,which is a clash of ideologies.

However, I am duty bound by ‘Code of Honour’ to reject all ‘Violence Against Women’ and for that reason I entered into a debate with a Muslim to give him a better truth and justice process founded upon the values of ‘Freedom.’

I knew before I entered into the debate that he would reject my stand against punishment of women wearing a bikini… thus I correctly told him what I would do to any men that flogged a woman for wearing a bikini. And I meant it. I have a ‘Zero Tolerance’ of Violence against women.

Below is the debate…

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Ps. What Triggered this debate was the Muslims’ words… “If it were up to me, any woman wearing a bikini in a public place would be FLOGGED 50 times.”

This debate may shock you, but I meant what I said.

If Muslims want to force every woman to wear a fully clothed Hijab outfit, then they must leave the ‘Free World.’ We cannot and shall not tolerate Muslim Men threatening our ‘Free World’ women.


This Muslim Spoke on Behalf of Millions of Muslim Men that want to flog every woman that wears a Bikini. In other words, millions of women, wearing the bikini are targeted, for brutal punishment if Muslim Men gain Majority Control of a Nation.

Such is the evil thinking of ‘Islamic Doctrine.’

Muslim Ghulam says…

September 27, 2021

I do support the banning of full-face niqabs. Because of potential misuse. Men posing as women sometimes wear them to conduct terrorist attacks.

In contrast, a full-body hijab poses no such risk. I support taking off the headgear for passport, photo identification purposes.

And if a private workplace has a no-hijab policy, they’re well within their rights. But not shopping malls, cinemas or any other venues that advertise themselves open to the public.

Anything else is an overcorrection, and an infringement of the Muslim woman’s freedom to wear what she chooses.

Allan Ivarsson says…

September 30, 2021

Ghulam agreed… well said, provided women are free to wear the Bikini and other styles outrageous or not. ‘Freedom to Choose’ is the word.

Ghulam says…

September 30, 2021


If it were up to me, any woman wearing a bikini in a public place would be FLOGGED 50 times. They can wear whatever they want in their home.

Luckily for them I’m not in government – a nobody.

Allan Ivarsson says…

September 30, 2021

Ghulam, if it were up to me, I would kill any person that flogged a woman for wearing a bikini.

We in the free world allow the bikini which has existed for decades before Islamic Invasion into our Free World.

We allow women to wear the bikini, just like we allow men to wear brief costumes.

For 70,000 years the Aboriginal people, lived free in Australia and often were naked.

The Dictatorship of ‘Sharia Law’ can go to hell and is rejected in the ‘Free West’ by whatever degree of violence is necessary.

Every Man is Duty Bound by Code of Honour to Protect every Girl, Woman, Young or Old. It is the code of being a Decent Gentlemen.

Ghulam says…

October 1, 2021

Hi Allan

I’m afraid you’d have to kill me then. I’d sooner die than suffer lewdness. [A.I. comments…I don’t believe this emotional comment.]

It’s the clothes that separate human beings from wild animals. A woman that knows no modesty is disgraceful in every sense of the word. I consider conventional Western attire modest enough. [A.I. comments… Does not consider men in brief costumes as being disgraceful.]

Sleeveless tank tops and waist exposure look bad enough on most women. A bikini really makes me go off the rails.

[A.I. comments… This guy suffers from serious problems caused by wrong thinking Islamic Doctrine during his childhood. He cannot cope with the idea of the free right of women in the West. He must leave and return to a ‘Sharia Law’ dominate Nation. He will not leave because he enjoys freedom for men but rejects equality freedom for women. That is his backward thinking hang-up.]

To me the only attractive women are the modest ones, those who know their boundaries.

[A.I. comments… In other words, he is saying that women do not have equal rights to men and that they must be subservient to men as instructed in the dark teaching Qur’an.]

Just because Western society is super-chill with nakedness in public does not make it right. If memory serves, it wasn’t always the case.

[A.I. comments… He does not know pre-history, ancient history and native history in every culture. He only remembers some wrong thinking periods of modern history before the 1960’s.]

I’m old enough to remember a Western society of the 70’s and 80’s. Sure bikinis were around back then but most women wouldn’t be seen in one. They were conservatively dressed in public, even when going out to parties.

[A.I. comments… the Bikini and two-piece were popular in the 60’s and even the brief single piece was popular in the 40’s which Muslim men find offensive. Muslims truly have limited mind thinking.]

I am a proud slut-shamer because they degrade the morals of a society. Even if I weren’t a Muslim, I’d be against these harlots. I HATE THEM WITH EVERY FIBRE OF MY BEING.

[A.I. comments… like a true Muslim he calls every woman in Western Society a slut, a harlot. He truthfully reveals that Muslims have no respect for any Western Woman and believes they should all be in bondage as sexual slaves for Muslim men. Why would men of the West trust and respect Muslim men? Answer… They would not if they have any common-sense integrity.]

Wasn’t it you that said the majority isn’t always right in your past examples of Copernicus and Galileo?

[A.I. comments… Yes, science versus religion has a history of proving the majority isn’t always right. But that fact applies to every religion versus science throughout history, often. Changes of philosophy in society evolves more slowly and it is harder to prove that the wisdom of one is right over the wrong thinking of the majority. His desperate argument to suggest that the majority of women wearing the bikini is not right is a silly thinking idea. Only totalitarian thinking rejects freedom values.]

I’d be opposed to men and boys exposing themselves in their briefs before unrelated women.

[A.I. comments… Males are not exposing themselves if they are wearing costumes. The oppression of women in Islam is so tight that it reveals Muslim men feel insecure if a woman even talks to a man. Muslim women are forbidden to shake hands with a man. Why would I respect such an insecure religion, which behaves like a cult? Answer… I would not.]

Only children (of both genders) get a pass. At least they used to in the pass. But today with pedophiles lurking around in every nook and corner, I’d be very concerned about letting the kids out without their clothes.

I haven’t been able to visit a beach properly in over 30 years thanks to the shameful exploits of girls of today’s generation. [Women wearing a Bikini is not shameful.]

[A.I. comments… Refusing to visit a beach because of women wearing bikini’s makes him think like a drama queen- what a stupid attitude.]

Allan Ivarsson says…

October 2, 2021

Your thinking is wrong and so was the thinking of the Victorian Christian era.

Your Belief System is disgraceful when it cannot handle bikini attire.

I cannot and will not tolerate violence against women who wear brief styles of clothing.

To hurt women because they wear bikini’s is an evil action and must not ever be tolerated by any man that has any sense of decency and honour.

I am disappointed in you Ghulam, for a while there I thought you were better than other Muslims.

As for paedophiles, every society rejects them.

There are over fifty million ‘Child Brides’ in the world, married legally to paedophiles. Muhammad became a Paedophile when he married a six-year-old girl. Which was disgusting.

Ghulam, I have dealt with this attack against the bikini in the past.

A trail of links exists for anyone that can handle it…

I have also dealt with the evil of ‘Child Brides’ in a separate treatise.

There are even links that return to BNI support.

Ghulam says…

October 2, 2021

Just to clarify, I don’t support child brides.

I have two daughters and I want them to be at least in their early 20’s before they even think of marriage. Unfortunately, they don’t live with me so I cannot monitor their lives.

However, women frolicking around SEMI-NAKED in public is unacceptable to me.

[A.I. comments… Women wearing a Bikini are not semi-naked, Ghulam suffers from childhood indoctrination and is afraid to see women in a Bikini, so he claims by avoiding beaches over thirty years. Since he has more than one wife, we can correctly question whether Polygyny is the right thing to do. He rejects Polyandry. Woman are not allowed to have more than one husband. Multiple sex is a Muslim males privilege in marriage with four wives or more and with sex slaves as wanted. And Muslims have the cruel double-standard mentality to want to flog women for wearing a bikini. This proves Muslim Men are Chauvinist Pigs.]

I stay away from places where they exhibit such lewd behavior. [A.I. comments… Good, we don’t want your creep thinking mentality around good women who have the right to enjoy freedom privilege.]

A case in point: I spent a lot of time in Bali just a few years ago. I used avoid the beaches at Seminayak as much as possible.

They were full of Western women (mostly Aussies but also Russians and even Indonesian) in their bikinis, G-strings, and even topless. Two decades ago, when I was studying in Germany, my German friends took me over to a nude beach near Kiel in Northern Germany. That was the worst experience of my life.

[A.I. comments… can you believe this emotionally immature response? Offended by seeing women in Bikini and even topless. He would not have survived in the native primitive world, where the majority of women around the world in Native Cultures were topless. This Muslim is a wimp.]

In S’pore, there are laws against public indecency. Any woman seen in topless or very indecent clothing in the market or main streets risks a $5000 fine.

[A.I. comments… Singapore is not unique… Western Societies have defined dress standards in market and street location. This guy’s argument supporting flogging women fifty times for wearing a Bikini makes him a disgraceful human being, worse than any woman wearing a bikini or being topless.]

Although I love the ocean and beautiful sand, I cannot stand the spectacle of naked women everywhere. It’s an utterly disgusting sight.

[A.I. comments… Good Ghulam… women do not have to put up seeing your disgusting sight.]

I’m somewhat of a party-lover and used to hang out at the bars in Kuta. But those places were free of indecent, immodest women.

Again, clothes were invented so that people don’t live in shame. Even the early stone age tribes knew better than to wander around naked.

[A.I. comments… His ignorant history statement reveals he does not know how other native cultures lived including through the stone age.]

How far has Western civilization fallen behind? And you support this culture of lewdness and disrespect.

[A.I. comments… his false argument claims the West has fallen behind in dress standards; but the truth is ‘Islamic Doctrine’ is still living in the 7th Century and cannot keep up with the West, with ‘Freedom Values’, with wisdom Philosophy and with Science and Technology.]

Allan Ivarsson says…

October 2, 2021


It is good to read that you reject ‘Child brides.’ That is one of many reasons why I reject Muhammad.

I do not oppose anyone who cannot handle nakedness and brief attire like the bikini. If they choose to live in recluse that is their ‘Freedom of Choice.’ Personally, I think it is a foolish fear, just like some people are afraid to face spiders, roaches, mice, rats and snakes. If they do not threaten me, I leave them alone, if they invade my home, I deal with them as required.

Just like pest species no stranger invades my home. But if they want to walk around free in public territory that is their right ‘Freedom of Choice.’

Whether people like it or not society must respect its attire laws. If they do not agree with these laws, then they must through due process of ‘Freedom of Speech’ challenges these laws to be changed. Majority of Choice wins.

Rejection of the Bikini is an emotional hang-up caused by the way our thinking is conditioned and trained in our young years and by societal attitudes when we were young.

Some people can live progressively through a life of change, others cannot. Those who can think and live dynamically with open mind are wiser and more capable of adaptation when survival events demand the ability to change.

Those persons trapped inside fixed dogma beliefs are the losers when change is necessary in life.

If you love the ocean and the beach enjoy it and discard your fear of public bikini’s and nakedness. If the laws accept nakedness and or bikini’s learn, to live with it, with calm inner peace. Just live free and enjoy life, until you become too old when we are slowed down and forced to live more like a recluse.

Life is too short to suffer from fear of Bikini’s and Nakedness.

I teach dynamic open mind philosophy founded upon ahimsa altruistic kindness, consideration and manners, which means respect for all ahimsa persons.

But if a person abuses and attacks others by threats or violent assault then my philosophy has one hard-case rule, take them out with whatever degree of force is necessary just like we have the survival right to defend ourselves against creature pests and dangerous animals.

Every living thing has the right to live free until they abuse and misuse that freedom to threaten and harm others. When that happens, self-defence gives us the right to take them down.

I have not ever been afraid through my life to stand up and be counted and physically fight, when necessary, in self-defence against humans or creatures. But I do not start conflict, I simply defend and pass forward my ‘Free Speech’ Cosmic Philosophy.’

70,000 years of Aboriginal existence walking around naked did not harm their culture.

And just for the record… it was cold conditions in pre-history and ancient history which demanded people to wear clothing. In warm climate many primitive tribes were near naked. And most women did not wear breast cover-up clothing. Even Ancient Greece and Rome was not hung-up over nakedness and the people lived happy.

End of Debate… which did not achieve anything.

Totalitarianism is not Compatible with ‘Freedom Values’ it is a bad ‘Societal Marriage’ and does not work, because trust between two opposition cultures will never exist. A Relationship void of trust is a bad friendship that will never succeed to live in harmony.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy,’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Note: The ignorant new Microsoft word dictionary has deleted in October 2021 the use of Chairman, demanding the word used always be ‘Chairperson.’ I am a man, not a sexual it, for that reason I am a Chairman, because I am male. The inferior thinking persons who invented this grammar change are not worth much as human beings, when they cannot comprehend the difference between the sexes, man and woman, boy and girl.

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Hey Muslim Men “Grow Up” you cannot own women, you do not own them, they ‘Real Women’ have independent ‘Self Control’ over their lives.

Run and Hide ‘Chauvinist Pigs’.

Real Men and Real Women will not tolerate your inferior thinking crap.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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