As we slide into a New Year we can only wonder if the Mayan who wrote 2012 made an error and should have written 2021. This year Aussies shall learn more as Xi Jinping ‘Communist China’ continues to threaten them. By the end of this year, we shall have a clearer understanding about ‘Communist Chinese’ intentions. The end of this year came we now have a clearer increased understanding of the danger of Xi Jinping as recorded in my records during the year 2021. Now we move forward to 2022 with the same strong commitment to fight for ‘Freedom’. Nothing has changed, I am still determined as listed in my 2021 Mission Commitment to fight hard for ‘Global Freedom Values’.

My mission for 20212022

My mission for 2021, now moving forward to 2022 is still focused on protection and preservation of freedom values for every person on planet Earth/Gaia that wants to live free. I thank my wife Jan for supporting my persistent work for ‘Truth’ since we met on the 15th August 1987.


Priority Objectives through 2021 – 2022…

The rise of anti-freedom of speech and the bully process of enforcing anti-freedom Socialist ‘Political Correctness’ and anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ and anti-freedom of Speech ‘Blasphemy Law’ has been threatening the entire Western World since 2001. Universities and Mainstream Media have been infiltrated by anti-freedom of speech dictatorship which is indicated by their fear of printing and discussing the truth.

There have been incidents where people have been sacked from an Australian University for daring to challenge ideas, which have been deemed incorrect by the person sacked.

As it stands right now 98% of ‘Degree Qualified People’ in the World do not have the ability to keep up with my advanced philosophical communication skills. Over 50% lack the courage to face truth with open mind. They lack the ability to think dynamic and are afraid to learn how to be versatile. Fixed Dogma mentality is often the common reason for this failure, coming in many belief system types be it philosophical, political, or religious limited thinking roadblocks against truth.

Yes, I make these statements as a challenge to the ‘Degree Qualified World’.

Common-sense does not come with a University Degree. Remember being clever does not mean you are smart. Click on Here to read difference between ‘Clever and Smart’. By all means go to College/University if you can afford to make this good commitment. But don’t forget that the key to higher understanding is having a dynamic open mind, which defends and protects the eternal human right to live free in speech, choice, and equality, provided such choices do not deny others the same right to live free. There is no right place for ‘Totalitarian’ ideologies, they must be phased out throughout the Universe. A world without freedom is a sad world encouraging high levels of injustice, cruelty, and wrong thinking belief in the insane ‘Habit of War’ overseas and on the streets in freedom valued societies.

Because of the volumes of false knowledge taught by Psychology and Psychiatry, societies in the West have become weak, undisciplined, and too often incompetent.

And to compound the problems of our society, bureaucratic red tape is overregulating society with excessive ideas because a minority of people lack common-sense, hence the majority are punished by tyrannical ideas and wrong thinking law enforcement. This excessive red tape becomes even more difficult for the elderly people that should have the right to live their own final destiny as they choose, void of dictatorship laws that oppress their right to live free in choice. If large government is what is causing this red tape nonsense, then smaller government must be the essential objective to free society of bureaucratic nonsense. However, there is a place for larger government in essential services. That is a subject for a focused paper another day.

The flaw of ‘Libertarianism’ is when it pushes for smaller government void of commonsense planning. Which is why ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ recognises the need for larger government to deal with essential quality of life survival services. This is not Socialism, when Capitalism thrives in the country, backed by 100% Freedom Values, in speech, choice and equality, and is supported by Democratic Election Process by the people and by Referendum and Plebiscite majority approval by the people.

Note: “A referendum seeks to amend the Australian Constitution. … A plebiscite is sometimes called an ‘advisory referendum’ because the government does not have to act upon its decision. Plebiscites do not deal with Constitutional questions but issues on which the government seeks approval to act, or not act.” (i) By Dr. Barry York 21 August 2015.

(i) Source: Referenda and plebiscites—what’s the difference? · Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House (

In academic battle I can defeat any English-speaking person in academic battle that refuses to learn and master the most advanced intelligence in the world; it is called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’not brag, fact.

The Global News Media has no chance of keeping up with me because they lack courage to trust ‘Higher Truth’.

I fight different to any other person on this planet, I do not use the tactics people have been using for decades to overthrow other people and organisations. I have watched for over fifty years how people fight and over 90% of the time they use the wrong way to fight a battle on the streets or in academic battle.

I do not believe in debates. No one wins a debate… both sides walk away with the same opinion still. I do believe in discussions and sharing information and points of view using ahimsa methods. In the end every individual has to make their own decisions and voting gives them the right to choose government. There is no place for Marxism- Socialism and Communism and ‘Sharia Law’ in a ‘Free World’.

At 72 years of age I have just finished a near two-year fight with ‘Lymphoma Cancer’ – now in remission for the time being, and a battle with a crippled left leg and consequent operation, which after an accident in 1975 at the age of 26 years, has caught up with me in old age. I have lived with intense pain 24/7 since 1975 in my left leg and learned to become tough, never experiencing depression, never quitting any type of hardship I faced, always adapting, and changing when required, constantly upgrading my dynamic range of evolving skills. I have unintentionally lived a very fortunate often tough life, and now in my old age as a global mentor, I am recording as much as I can to help the younger generation to rapidly learn new skills to protect their eternal right to live free in peace, void of the insane habit of war.

I wish such a mentor had existed when I was a young man in the 1960’s and 70’s, it would have saved me a lot of pain and agony. When wisdom was available, I always listened and read. Only fools reject the learning of wisdom. It was my decision, a ‘Quest for Truth’ in 1970-71 that inspired me to make a journey seeking higher wisdom and knowledge that helped me learn the truth which I now share with the world.

This year in 2021, I am committed to smashing the credibility of ‘Communist China’ whose mission is to rule the world and deny people the right to live free.

The ‘Chinese Communist Party’ has 91 million members growing closer toward 92 million members out of 1.4 billion Chinese, which means that many Chinese want to live free of ‘Communism’.

For more insight, Refer…

I am committed to destroy the stranglehold of ‘Political Correctness’ striving to deny people the right to freedom of speech.

I am committed to support truthful Media reports and smash the credibility of any Media Organisation that refuses to defend and protect the human right to freedom of speech.

I am committed to the abolition of ‘Blasphemy Law’ and all anti-freedom of speech laws in every country around the globe- no exceptions.

I am committed to the evolutionary elimination of anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ which represents evil injustice as a persistent unjust force.

I am committed to the evolution of ‘Gaia Language’, Mother Earth Language, which has been evolving for the last three thousand years. To understand how this works, you need to read the collected works of I, Allan Ivarsson in my books and website posts. When you put my recorded jigsaw pieces together you shall begin to witness a big picture unlike anything the world has ever witnessed previously.

I don’t expect many degree qualified people in the world have the ability at present to keep up with me, but eventually Universities must upgrade their skills of learning or become classified as always second-best.

I am controversial for all the right reasons. We owe our grandchildren of every future generation the right to live free, it is time to stop anti-freedom oppression and smash the credibility of every person and every organisation that denies people the right to live free.

If dictators are not afraid of me… they will be… my free spirit of eternal philosophical strength shall rule throughout the universe forever. If you are wondering how… read everything I have recorded and think outside the square of the square of limited fixed dogma ideas.

My eternal free spirit is the influence… each generation are the decision makers… the wise choose to live free with open mind dynamic thinking.

I guarantee those who rise pass enlightenment into ascension will never forget the amazing journey they made in expansion of truth and understanding.

Your mind shall never be the same again as wisdom and common-sense guides your thoughts, inspired by the spirit of love and inner peace in your heart.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’… 1984 always evolving forward…

And now the key variety which struggles to protect and preserve freedom shall continue in 2022…

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