India: Satan came to Earth to be the new creator

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Feature Image: Dr. Narendra Kaushik India

Gautama Buddha would not have ever approved of this evil surgery.

“Dr. Kaushik’s clinic, Olmec, is at the centre of a booming industry in New Delhi that is seeing the city rival Bangkok [Thailand] as the sex change capital of the world.(i)

Jesus would not have ever approved of this evil surgery.

Allan Ivarsson founder of the most advanced intelligence in the world, called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ does not approve of this evil surgery.

There is a big difference between a heart transplant from a donor to a sex change womb implant. The sex of the donor receiving the heart transplant is not being changed to defy God Creator/Evolution process DNA decisions. The Surgeons supporting this sex change activity are motivated by greed for power and money and not because they care. If the victim patient dies from the operation, the vanity focused surgeon will not lose a nights sleep. He will move onto the next victim experiment case. This is not like a ‘Heart Transplant’ it is not about saving life; it is about taking life.

No one seems to think about the impact on the mind and feelings of a child who discovers he is the product of a ‘Trans Plant’ activity. Kaushik does not care about what happens to the mental state of such children, all he cares about is his own victory achievement to satisfy his vanity.

Allan Ivarsson 2022

Ps. Even Pope Francis recognises that Evolution is a True Natural Process. The only difference between us, is that Pope Francis claims God Designer created Evolution. Whereas I do not.


India: Satan came to Earth to be the new creator

Aka. Nuts: Pro-Trans Woman Doctor wants to be a God.

Move over Ancient Greek and Roman Gods, your time has come to an end.

Kneel before your New God… ‘Trans Woman’ Doctor Surgeon.

This is a ‘True Story’ of Ignorance.

Maybe religion got it right. And Satan came to Earth to be the new creator? Next, we will have a ‘Trans Woman’ Cult Religion to change the ‘World Order’? As the song goes… “Everybody wants to rule the world.” Fortunately, for many, those words are not consistently true… we have enough trouble with the ones that do want to rule the world. As James Bond once said, “Same Old Dream.”

Connor Boyd Deputy Health Editor for MAILONLINE published this report on 9th May 2022, titled, ‘Indian surgeon plans to transplant womb into a TRANS woman in world-first op that could pave way for biological men to get pregnant’.

“A surgeon in India will attempt to transplant a womb into a trans woman who was born a man – with the view to making them pregnant.” (i)

“The risky procedure will involve taking the reproductive organs from a dead donor or a patient who has transitioned the other way and had theirs removed.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Yes, true we have another Josef Mengele mentality wanting to be a ‘Body Sex Change’ Creator.

Chasing Glory Recognition Dr. Narendra Kaushik wants to be the first to achieve sex change womb insertion. Kaushik clearly has no sense of decency and ethics. Such operations must be outlawed in every society.

Read the evil history of cruel Josef Mengele. Such body change operations should be banned. Tears hits my eyes when I see what Mengele did to ‘Twins’ and countless others. He should have been executed after the end of WWII.

I have no compassion for any Trans Woman [He/She] who suffers and dies from approving this insane surgery. Religion will tell us that ‘God Created’ us and all life. If that is true than all ‘Trans Women’ are betraying God’s Creation.

I don’t believe a God with physical creative abilities created life. The natural process of evolution has a proven path history of constant change, where DNA Genetic change process determines how all creatures human and non-human are born as part of evolution process, linked to ‘Order Within Disorder’ process.

It seems some humans are the only misguided creatures on planet earth that are discontented with their sexuality. I believe the discontent is linked to their mental state ‘Belief System’ ideas, much of which is encouraged by a society focused on falsely teaching children it is okay to be discontented with their birth sexual organs.

It is disturbing that Gays and Lesbians, want a Sex Change organ operation. But unfortunately, Governments have legalized acceptance of such operation. These ‘Sex Change Operations’ should have been banned from ‘Day One’ when the idea was tabled.

However, approving of ‘Womb Transplants’ to make ‘Trans Women’ able to become pregnant is overstepping the boundaries of decency and common-sense.

No one seems to think about the impact on the mind and feelings of a child who discovers he is the product of a ‘Trans Plant’ activity. Kaushik does not care about what happens to the mental state of such children, all he cares about is his own victory achievement to satisfy his vanity.

Josef Mengele an evil man.

“There has only been one documented case of a womb being inserted into a trans woman in the past – but she [he] died from complications just months later.” (i)

A.I. comments… Sorry, I do not have any compassion for foolish people. This person could have enjoyed a quality life if they stayed content with their genetic birth sex status. Even though the Gay/Lesbian World sends me cold… if they want to change their sexual orientation activity that’s their choice. But the rules of common decency tables that such gays/lesbians should still learn to be content with their birth sexuality, boy or girl. No other animal on this planet strives to be discontent with their own sexuality, they are thus smarter than many humans.

Impregnating a trans woman would be an even bigger feat and would require the use of IVF and a C-section, because they do not have a fully functioning vagina.” (i)

A.I. comments… No, it will not be a greater feat, because it is not only the wrong thing to do, it is actually an evil operation playing the experimental game of ‘Mengele’ mentality.

Dr. Narendra Kaushik, who runs a gender reassignment clinic in New Delhi, has said he is ‘very, very optimistic he can make a success of the procedure.” (i)

‘Optimism’ is a negative feeling treasured by weak thinking dreamers, that lack the willpower to make their dreams come true.

‘Positive Mental Attitude’ people, never allow depression to infiltrate their personal feelings. They are always ‘Can Do People’ that stay focused on wholesome achievable projects every day of their life. To the best of their ability, they make good things happen.

Quote Source: Paperback ‘The Ant & the Frog’ by Allan Ivarsson.

A.I. comments… Because Kaushik was ‘only Optimistic’, using negative comment, it is clear that he does not have a ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ about this planned ‘Womb Transplant’ Operation, which in reality is nothing more than an experimental ‘Mengele type ‘operation which uses foolish naïve ‘Trans woman’ mentality as the guinea pigs, not much different to past experiments on rats and mice and monkeys.

“Every [male] transgender woman wants to be as female as possible – and that includes being a mother,’ he is quoted as saying in The Mirror.” (i)

A.I. comments… That’s only because such transgender women, originally a man by birth, have trapped themselves into believing changing their sexuality is the right thing to do. But the truth is by the rules of commonsense, it is the wrong thing to do. People should learn to be proudly content with their birth sex gender inheritance. To be ashamed of it is stupid.

This Kaushik Surgeon has no sense of common decency when he enthusiastically says…

“The way towards this is with a uterine transplant, the same as a kidney or any other transplant. This is the future. We cannot predict exactly when this will happen but it will happen soon.” (i)

A.I. comments… Narendra Kaushik lies even to himself. He looks forward to doing all these insane operations because he can make huge profits. Never mind how many humans will die during this experimental surgery process, which will always be an experiment, not a sure thing.

“The surgeon has not revealed the recipient or given a timetable for the surgery, but he added: “We have our plans and we are very very optimistic about this.” (i)

A.I. comments… There he Kaushik goes again, using the negative word ‘Optimistic’. He makes no mention of how many ‘Trans Women’ [Men] will die during this operation experiment. Many people will die as they cruelly did at the evil hands of Mengele. But Kaushik is not worried, he will make a fortune by doing the operation that gullible ‘Trans Women’ have paid to fulfil their sexual obsessions.

“Dr. Kaushik’s clinic, Olmec, is at the centre of a booming industry in New Delhi that is seeing the city rival Bangkok [Thailand] as the sex change capital of the world.” (i)

A.I. comments… This idea of ‘Sex change capital of the world’ tells us because surgeons are making ‘Big Money’ profits that the world is foolishly obsessed with sex change operations. Not all are successful many suffer forever. Others die early. The surgeons are not worried about the deaths, they make their profit. What a waste of life, just because people are discontent with their birth sex.

“He [Kaushik] said around a fifth of his customers are from abroad, with many flying from the UK, where gender reassignment surgery is free on the NHS but subject to waiting times.” (i)

Many of our patients tell us that their sexual partners don’t even notice that they weren’t born with female sex organs,” Dr. Kaushik told the partners. (i)

A.I. comments… This means that ‘Trans Women’ are not truthful about their life with their partner. Not a good foundation for a permanent successful relationship. And I find it difficult to be believe that the operation does not have some scarring marks.

“And that’s our aim, [Kaushik said], to make it so that they live as normal a life as possible as a woman. We aim for an aesthetic idea.” (i)

A.I. comments… A dream objective for the surgeons so they can make heaps of money. A dream for those men that want to be women that they don’t live alone in and out of relationships for the rest of their life. A dream for those men that want to become Nuns.

A dream for those men who want to live as women that they don’t have a shorter life because of that sex change operation. A dream for those men who want to become Lesbians.

Dream, dream, dream…

They claim gender reassignment surgery is well-established. But womb transplants still not clear.

A.I. comments… Move over Josef Mengele. We have new teams approved by irresponsible Governments to allow your aggressive work to do biological changes paid for by gullible patients, bored with their birthday suit sex status.

Of course, the Government has failed to create logistics tracking of the lives of these people to find out how many year after year had successful happy lives and survived how long?

And of course, there is the question of why Taxpayers are forced to pay for sex-change surgery. This suggests maintaining a system of fair play… that every person who chooses to happily stay with their energetic birth suit sex characteristic should be paid as an adult in their elder years an amount equal to the value of sex-change operations, which Governments pay out for free.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Kneel before your New God… ‘Trans Woman’ Doctor Surgeon.

The Greatest Evil is Ignorance.

Sadhguru 2020