Violence Against Women

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This is a selected extract from my COMPENDIUM II Book Series on ‘Violence Against Women, Men and the Disabled’ -issues which should concern every caring person.


Videos… H/T BNI

First Video… Disgraceful ‘Sharia Law’ Instructions on how to beat your wife, encouraged and approved by the 7th Century Qur’an.

Second Video… Muslim ignores gentle hitting advice, not explained in the Koran. Because throughout 1400 years of Islam, the degree of belting punishment relied on the kindness or not of the husband. Many men and some women, Muslim and Non-Muslim do not comprehend that it is wrong to hit your spouse, male or female.

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Allan Ivarsson says… In response to an important BNI Post….

January 14, 2021

The First Video is false knowledge crap. The second video is what really happens and worse in many Muslim and Non-Muslim households around the globe, in every country.

To stop Violence Against Women, we must also stop every anti-freedom ideology, which includes stopping, Communism, Fascism, Islam and Socialism.

Nothing will change to end violence until we all have the courage to openly say “No”.

Allan Ivarsson says…

January 14, 2021

The Founders of ‘White Ribbon Day’ have refused to publicly denounce the Qur’an text 4:34 and the Muslim belief that husbands have the right to beat their women.

‘Silence is Approval’. Thus, ‘White Ribbon Day’ supporters do support the right of men to hit women. Such is the coward hypocrisy of the ‘White Ribbon Day’ movement that started with good intentions but failed to have the courage to identify Islamic doctrine and criticize this Koran teaching.

“White Ribbon Day which started in Australia in 2003 was founded in Canada in 1991, is a great idea, but the commitment is incomplete.” #

# Source: Book COMPENDIUM II 2015 article… ‘Violence Against Women Part 1, by A.I.

Now 2021 and nothing has changed.

When people who have good truthful ideas do not have the courage to oppose anti-freedom ideologies, then their movement is incompetent and not worth a damn.

2.6% of Australian Population are Muslims and Politicians that support ‘White Ribbon Day’ say nothing about the Koran approval to beat wives.

Canada 1991 when ‘White Ribbon Day’ was founded by Canadians… Trudeau has refused to criticize this 4:34 Koran text. Justine Trudeau approves of Muslim beliefs.

Trudeau was blacklisted by Allan Ivarsson on February 20, 2018 and the treatise was published in book COMPENDIUM I August 2018 available in America & Australia and around the world through Amazon.

Make no bones about it… I am determined to overthrow all anti-freedom ideologies.

The world must be freed from tyranny.

In old age… I work for free as a mentor.


Click Here to Read… What Qur’an says about Men beating Women. Pass Forward.

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