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Australia Day under attack by Socialist Mentality


Anti-Patriotism Groups Strive to Stop Australia Day Celebrations on the 26th January’.

Byron Shire Council NSW changes Australia Day Date to 25thJanuary. Meanwhile, true Patriotic Aussies shall always celebrate Australia Day on the 26th January every year.

Posted on the Internet by Byron Shire Council.

As we move closer towards the celebration of Australia Day in 2019 more ugliness is on the move being promoted by anti-freedom bully individuals that have no sense of honour or patriotic spirit.

Never support any newspaper that charges you an Internet electronic subscription fee to read the news. If they cannot make their profit from advertising only, they are an incompetent newspaper and not worthy of being followed.

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Extracts of Byron Shire Councils reason for changing Australia Day Date… #

Mayor Simon Richardson states…

“I believe that as a Nation we have a huge amount to celebrate, and a lot to be thankful for, however I also believe that the date, 26 January, does not reflect the importance of the first Australians and their history.” #

“In fact, celebrating the arrival of Europeans causes grief for many people so I think to move the date for our Australia Day ceremony to the night before is a reasonable compromise.” #

“By acknowledging the debate around Australia Day, Byron Shire Council has adopted a rational and mature approach to this issue.” #

“This is an opportunity to acknowledge the concerns of our Aboriginal community with respect to the date of 26 January whilst still honouring the needs and values of those who wish to celebrate our successes as a nation.” #

Allan Ivarsson comments…

All ‘True Blue Aussies’ do support the celebration of Australia Day on the 26th January. It is only anti-freedom Socialist troublemakers that are deliberately rejecting Australia Day celebrations. This is a minority group of Australians that are rejecting Patriotic Celebrations on the 26th Day. Many want to call it ‘Invasion Day’ to smother the celebration of the founding of Australia.

Moving it one day forward is a very immature illogical decision and will not stop ‘Australia Day’ Celebrations on the 26th January. This decision by the Mayer is a cowardly decision to protect his face with those unpatriotic locals that reject celebration of Australia Day on the 26th January.

No Australian including Politicians in Federal, State or Local Government has the right to change the Australia Day Celebrations Date, without the majority approval of the Australian people by Plebiscite.

It is an act of ‘Treason’ to change the Australia Day Date Celebrations without the majority approval of the people.

The Mayor and every council member of the Byron Shire Council should be sacked for betraying Australians.

I personally, shall boycott tourist visitation of Byron Bay region, whilst they continue with this insidious date change refusing to recognise Australia Day as being the 26th Day of January.

Only through Plebiscite approval of the people as a majority will I respect the wishes of the Australian people even though I shall personally always oppose the change of the date of Australia Day Celebrations.

As for acknowledging the Aboriginal Community, countless Aussies have given respect for the Aboriginal contribution to Australia for decades. That reality exists without having to pat people on the back for all the good things they do.

True Blue Aussie, Paul Hogan in the 1986 film ‘Crocodile Dundee’ gave great respect to the Aboriginal people in his part humorous, part serious film.

Excellent American actor Tom Selleck gave high level respect to the Aborigines in his 1990 film Australian Western ‘Quigley’ story about the disgraceful persecution of some Aborigine people.

The very fact that reasonable land rights have been granted to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people proves that Australians do respect their cultural values. In addition Aboriginal names are used in many locations to support interface respect for Aboriginal people.

Aborigines are given special welfare advantages that ordinary Australians are denied. Hence respect for the Aboriginal person has existed for decades. And even in the 19th Century there were many Aussies that gave caring respect to Aborigines.

If we choose to celebrate Australia Day on a different date of the year, the celebration will always acknowledge in history books that the foundation of Australia began with the landing of the ‘First Fleet’ In January 1788. Arriving over the period of the 18th to 20th January into Botany Bay, the HMS Supply arrived on the 18th January, followed by other slower ships including the HMS Sirius which arrived on the 20th January. Thus the fleet of eleven ships had reached Botany Bay.

On the 25th January the HMS Supply was the first ship to sail into Port Jackson and drop anchor at Sydney Cove, now called Circular Quay at 7 pm.

The following morning at daybreak on the 26th January 1788, Commander Arthur Phillip went ashore and raised the Union Flag which marked the beginning of the First European Settlement.

Only fools would attempt to deny that truthful history.

Idiot Mayor Simon Richardson’s pedantic move to move the date forward to the 25th January simply acknowledges that the First Ship anchored on the 25th January. He did not achieve anything except make a fool out of his own lack of logic and in so doing he betrayed the Australian Peoples commitment to celebrate Australia Day on the 26th January. He had no right to make such a decision without the Plebiscite decision of the people.

His credibility has been smashed by one stupid irresponsible decision and for that reason this Mayor should be sacked.

There is no place for fools in Politics.

Ps. I and my wife have never visited Byron Bay as tourists since the incompetent Mayor Simon Richardson in September 2018 changed the date to oppose Australia Day Celebration on the 26th January each year. It is now 2022, which means Byron Bay has lost 4 years of our regular visiting business. It has not hurt us, but our no longer contribution to their economy has hurt them. Every dollar sale in business is important. Our boycott sends a quiet message to local business in Byron Bay.

We only live 173 kilometres from Byron Bay. We have been there many times when they celebrated Australia Day on the 26th January.

“Hemsworth, who lives in Byron Bay, NSW, has previously called for the date to be changed out of respect for Indigenous Australians.” (i)

Source of slide information and Hemsworth residence location…

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