The Danger of Tyrannical Belief Systems

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‘Blue Light’One thought before we begin reading forward. Throughout history despots have been obsessed with ruling people and controlling their every thought and action. Consequently out-of-control misery has oppressed millions of people in every culture over the last 5,000 years plus. But what came to my attention is that three philosophical minds jump off the page into dreamland utopia naively believing that a society is best organised under the banner of a form of totalitarianism that serves the people with the right cultural way to live. It assumes that all leaders are humanitarian altruistic caring leaders thinking about the greater good of the people. But in reality, history has proven time and again that benevolent leaders are the rare few and most leaders have made all their decisions founded upon their own self-centred needs to enjoy greed and hate of those who dare disagree with them. Thus the values of Democracy and Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Choice and Freedom of Equality is denied the right to exist.

Plato (c.427-347 BCE) in his work ‘The Republic’ dreams of a form of ‘Totalitarian Utopia’. He delivers a vision of a superior class of thinkers, guardians born at birth, trained for the task of ruling. Like ants all other members of society are either soldiers or common people workers. The people themselves have no freedom or individual rights. The Republic dream tabled by Plato is an ancient form of Socialism capable of quickly becoming a type of Communism, long before these words were coined in later centuries. This naïve noble type ruling elite class assumes they are all good guys who understand the importance of kindness and justice. The light and dark character of human nature throughout history indicates clearly no such dream can ever be realised and that only the elimination of all forms of Totalitarianism’ replaced by ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ can give people the essential culture of 100% Freedom and True Justice values.

“The good of all” must always be decided by a democratic process founded upon 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’- there is no other better political/philosophical solution.

Thomas More (1478-1535 CE) Author of the Philosophical Work “Utopia”. His vision of society is a naïve nicer form of Communism being more caring and altruistic in society organisation. It is still another form of oppression. The people are ruled by boring architecture void of artistic variation. Individuality is replaced by one voice, one idea, one style of living. Like a ‘Big Brother’ mentality dictatorship everyone is ruled by same thought process. No right to ownership of personal property or personal goals for commercial ownership exist in ‘Utopia’. Even Virginity before marriage and chastity during wedlock are enforced by common punishment when the laws of Utopia are broken. This unjust chastity thinking has a Christianity interface, common to the dictatorship logic of Islam as well, copied from ancient times belief systems before these religions were created. The persecution of those women who were not virgins was an evil process invented by ancient unjust anti-freedom of choice thinking. There is no real diversity in Utopia and like in hard core Communism, life can become very dull, completely boring. Imagination and creative expression is oppressed. Even slavery is not challenged. It may exist as part of the Utopia dream, if the societies leader a ‘Prince’ deems it is essential to the needs of such a societal existence. Thus this form of ‘Totalitarianism’ also belongs in the rubbish bin of anti-freedom wrong thinking ideas.

Karl Marx (1818-1883 CE) Author of the ‘Communist Manifesto’ which I read in 1984 is the father of ‘Communism’. Focused on the development of Socialism, a transition stage to Communism, Marx claims that a Socialist Society is far better than a Capitalist Society. Marx naively believes that societal life is founded upon the need of material goods for survival and that the best societal structure is to focus on shared productivity void of the need for Capitalist Profit. Marx’s Materialism ignores the individual need of all human beings to be creative, artistic and unique in ideas, shared with others. The economics of Socialism, forgets about the essential motivation needs of the individual and thinks the human mind in teamwork can function as a repetitious process that labours for the communal good, without any joy of creative individuality.

Marx failed to comprehend that human nature needs the spirit of individual creativity and the joys of rewards and achievement recognition and that such effort by economic gains gives encouragement to work harder and more effectively and more efficiently than a collective population process that simply works on a manufacturing or agricultural process activity, which repeats itself day after day, void of thrill incentive, focused only on the survival demand to work for the right to live for food, supplies and the right of comfortable home shelter.

Russian Communism in the end economically failed because it rejected freedom values and clung to enforcement of Marx’s philosophical ideology that was economically unsound because it was a boring anti-freedom process society founded upon lack of individual incentive and was more to the individual the way of being a slave of the dictatorship state.

Marx’s ideas were not pragmatic, they were impractical thoughts which failed to recognise that the right of the individual to make a profit from their working efforts was a natural human need.

In past history for thousands of years, primitive tribes often traded with each other for goods they had collected or made by craft. It was a natural instinctive process which was founded upon a personal need for gain and profit.

Socialism is an unsound idea that increases costs and encourages the rise of poverty and suffering. Capitalism does the opposite it encourages reduction of poverty and the rise of happier economic gain for all individuals that are motivated to work for gain, which uses their own individuality and creativity for personal gain. But of course, that is only true in a Democratic Society that lives 100% Free and ensures that good laws protect the individual from the unscrupulous capitalist.

China’s Communism will gradually diminish over the decades because the Chinese by nature are Capitalists. Even now poverty is declining in China as more incentives to individual right to profit, strengthen Chinese motivation to become wiser and more economically successful as individuals.

Only in a world of 100% Freedom Values can society grow successfully in economics and creative individuality. There is no other better way. There is no place for any form of collective ‘Totalitarianism’ in the Universe. The very nature of all life, human and non-human, demands the right to live free.

Millions of people have unjustly died since 1917 in many countries, because of Marx’s misguided incompetent thinking. A person’s belief system is the reason for their thinking and behaviour. It is not about Psychology, it is about ‘Belief System’.

Allan Peter Ivarsson 2019 NSW Australia

Source: 2019 COMPENDIUM V Book.

Noble Peace Prize? Not likely… Silence is not awarded.

We will not experience the joy of freedom like this in a ‘Totalitarian’ Society.

In Memory of Helen Reddy (1941-2020)

Reddy Born Australian… Lived as American, because the ‘Free World’ in USA with a larger population offered more opportunities for actors and singers than in lower population Australia.

She succeeded to become a great singer because she lived free.

Under the rule of ‘Communism, Fascism, Islam and Socialism’ Singers and Musicians are oppressed and thus denied the opportunity to excel.

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