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Tree says, “I need CO2 without Carbon Dioxide, I cannot survive. In return, I say thank you and give you Oxygen so that you can survive. Our two companion gases helps us both survive. Without each other, we will both perish.”

CO2 is like Oxygen a natural essential survival gas for life survival. ‘Climate Change Activists’ foolishly are in panic over CO2, their thinking is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

We urgently need more trees and shrubs on our planet, which need CO2 consumption, we have lost too much vegetation due to foolish property owners and idiot governments clearing thousands of hectares, threatening extinction of wildlife and replacing trees with Wind Turbines. All plants need CO2 to survive. And we need plants to survive to give us oxygen. We are companions dependent upon each other to survive. As a team it is essential that us plants and homo sapiens work together to survive.

The process of photosynthesis sparks life on earth, creating survival food for many animals. Trees use carbon dioxide from the air and use sunlight as energy to convert the carbon dioxide into essential sugars, using those sugars as their food. The final benefit of this photosynthesis process creates oxygen for us.

Did you know that CO2 miniature racing cars are being made which are propelled by a carbon dioxide cartridge. Technology has proven we can use CO2 to power engines. So why are our Governments so incompetent and lethargic, failing to investigate in CO2 Vehicles as a replacement use of Petrol and Diesel? Intellectual Laziness? Absolutely.

Electric Cars are draining the electricity power grid essential for homes and industries. And Electric Cars are increasing use of Batteries, which in turn is threatening pollution of our planet with dead batteries and adding increased costs to society to solve the problem of good recycle of batteries, to avoid the lazy behaviour of landfill batteries pollution.

Planet Gaia/Earth will always experience ‘Climate Change’ and has been changing for over Three Billion Years. Our problem is not “Climate Change” per se, it is Pollution of the planet.

Stop using the Buzz Word ‘Climate Change’ in Panic Mode… Instead use the Buzz Words, “Pollution Management” and “Gaia Management” and “Plant Life Management” and “Wildlife Management” to save our planet from destruction.

Climate Change in ‘Freezing’ is far more dangerous than ‘Global Warming’ a classic example in recent millenniums is Greenland history during last two thousand years.

‘Nuclear Winter’ is the most dangerous threat since 20th Century WWII and now even more dangerous in the 21st Century. We must Ban the Manufacture of Nuclear Weapons.

The Creation of Nuclear Weapons is the highest level of Insanity, encouraging extinction of all Mammal Existence including humans, i.e., homo sapiens.

The technology research and development of CO2 Engines is now essential to Gaia-Earth’s survival.

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Exhaust Fumes from Petrol or Diesel Vehicles.

Exhaust fumes emissions from vehicles are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons and water vapor and oxygen and smaller quantities of mercury and unburned fuel are also present. Many of these gases are toxic poisonous to humans and other mammals. Some are carcinogenic, i.e., have the potential to cause cancer.

Whilst CO2 Carbon Dioxide, does contribute to ‘Global Warming’ we must remember without it, we would freeze to death. Without Oxygen given to us by trees/vegetation that need CO2 to survive, we would become extinct.

20 Million Trees

Humans breathe in Oxygen and breath out Carbon Dioxide. Obviously, without Oxygen we cannot survive, which is why the gas CO2 in the air without Oxygen is harmful to us. We must allow fresh air to flow through our homes, because we create the CO2 gas by our breathing in our home. This is why plants grown inside our home helps eliminate CO2 gas inside.

For our life survival a ‘Global Freeze’ will kill us, but a Global Warming’ will help us survive better. The balance of managing CO2 is best served by more trees, shrubs and in the mechanical/electric age the use of CO2 engines and the reduction of fossil fuels. We must not strive to eliminate CO2, because without trees creating Oxygen, we will perish.

Even Volcano eruptions create volumes of CO2. Life on our planet was started by plants needing CO2 followed by creation of Oxygen for creature evolution.

As everyone knows… the serious downside of exhaust fumes is that they also create smog-type pollutants, in much the same way as burning wood and fossil fuels pollute atmosphere with smoke.

Wood fires also create CO2 gas, and people are obsessed with having log fires in their homes, even when they are not living in ‘Snow Country’ and have better warming technology and do not need wood.

Previously, there was a comment on the Internet that Joe Biden President of USA who is a keen ‘Climate Change’ Activist threw wood on a log fire to create more CO2 which he was opposing. Many ‘Climate Change’ Activists that oppose CO2 creation, fly around in planes that create CO2. Such is the hypocrisy of ‘Climate Change’ panic activism.

In the USA ‘White House’ today there are approximately 35 fireplaces and chimneys… so much for the sincerity of Presidential Government opposing CO2 emissions and the unnecessary cutting down of environmental trees for wood burning.

I refuse to use wood stoves, because it pollutes the air with smoke, which so many people do up here, who are not tough enough to simply dress up in warmer winter clothing and endure cold conditions. My wife and I do not use Airconditioning or Electrical Heaters or Clothing Dryers, we just adapt summer and winter to temperature changes. In our elderly years, hot and cold temperatures are tougher to endure than when we were young.

Being Pensioners, we cannot afford excessive use of energy just to enjoy extra warmth in Winter inside our home, and cooler conditions in summer. We must be tougher than others and simply endure. #

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Wikipedia tables a good overview insight on Exhaust Gas.

Energy: CO2 Clean Fuel for Engines Think Tank

Petrol & Diesel Exhaust creates CO2 whereas new technology uses CO2 and creates ‘Clean Environment.

This New Essential Technology Series Highlights the Urgent Potential of a ‘Clean Energy CO2 Fuel’ that will replace the need of Using Petrol and Diesel Fuel.

Sadly, Politicians in the Western World are not very alert, and are in this early 21st Century more concerned with Winning Votes and satisfying their own financial Greed than doing the right thing for our Planet. Their incompetent negligence must change.

Fact: CO2 Clean Energy Fuel is the Future of our Planet. This process removes Country struggles to import excessive volumes of Oil to create Petrol & Diesel Engine Fuel. The use of CO2 can stop out-of-control rising fuel costs for all forms of engine needs on land, on the sea and in the air.

In the event of a tragic war, countries can still survive using CO2 Fuel. Whereas supplies of oil can run into serious shortages paralyzing the survival needs of the people in their country.

Electric Vehicles may be a Clever Technology Process but it is not smart. The demand for electric charging of vehicles will overtax needed Electricity on the ‘Societal Demand Grid’. An increase in expensive supply of on the ‘Grid Electricity Demands’ urgently needed 24/7 for Homes and Industries, may seriously handicap the survival of a country. A shortage of on the Grid Electricity can cripple a Society and make life a misery for every living person in a country. In our modern society, we cannot live like the ‘Dark Days’ of History when Electricity did not exist. Our increasing Population Growth needs Electricity to Survive.

The increased use of Battery Demands has a serious downside and will place the planet in increased danger of excessive pollution of the planet by expired dead batteries. The cost of recycling all materials used by humans has a prohibitive danger. Creativity of products is moving faster than the urgent need for increased investment in Recycling Process.

Politicians around the world have no sense of urgent understanding of the need for increased attention to recycling process. Not enough is being done fast enough. The slow mentality of Politicians and their too high level of incompetence must urgently change.

The key to change is mastering ‘Class ‘A’ ‘World Class’ Project Management Skills including Planned plus Achievement Tracking Performance Objectives tabled with progress summary information.

All Projects by Politicians should be public information so that the people can understand what is happening and why.

Politicians will only become more competent when they learn to manage ‘Class ‘A’ ‘World Class’ Standards Project Management. The people must be informed of all Objectives, Achievements, Target Dates and Dates Achieved. With the ‘Age of the Internet’ we can now achieve the ‘Public View of Management of all Project Objectives’.

In short, Politicians need to upgrade their performance delivery and the people need the visibility to the information progress. We should not be voting at election for Politicians by ‘Blind Populism’ we should be voting for Politicians with proven path skills in ‘Project Management’ of essential survival needs objectives.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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I saw a tree by the riverside one day as I walked along.

Straight as an arrow and pointing to the sky growing tall and strong.

“How do you grow so tall and strong?” I said to the riverside tree.

This is the song my tree friend sang to me:


I’ve got roots growing down to the water,

I’ve got leaves growing up to the sunshine, and the fruit that I bear is a sign of the life in me.

I am shade from the hot summer sundown.

I am nest for the birds of the heavens.

I’m becoming what the Lord of trees has meant me to be:

A strong young tree.

I saw a tree in the city streets, where buildings blocked the sun.

Green and lovely I could see it gave joy to everyone.

“How do you grow in the city streets?” I said to the downtown tree.

This is the song my tree friend sang to me:


Sung by Evie Karlsson Tornquist

Words and Music by Ken Medema

Video compiled by Barry Desaine

TREES by Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918)

I think that I shall never see

A poem as lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest

Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,

And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in Summer wear

A nest of robins in her hair; Upon whose bosom snow has lain;

Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by people like me,

But only God can make a tree.

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