Anti-Freedom Socialism

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Socialism is spreading like a Cancer throughout the Western World and has spread into South America and other countries in the early 21st Century.

Naive people think that Socialism is a fairer system… that idea is a lie.

Foolish people that support Socialism cannot comprehend how quickly Marxist Socialism can destroy a Nation.

Socialism voted in by the people can destroy a Nation within one decade.

Once the country has fallen, the next takeover step is by Marxist Communism and that dictatorship control is far worse.

Anti-Freedom Islamic Doctrine is also a Cancer correctly identified by Muslim Dr. Tawfik Hamid in his 2005 book “The Roots of Jihad”. But although Islam becomes divided into Nations of Poverty & Wealth and enforces cruel punishment systems like Communism, it will not destroy the economy as rapidly as does Socialism.

The bottom line problem with Islam is that it enforces anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Blasphemy Law’. But then some foolish Christian countries also enforce anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’.

The fact is that ‘Sharia Law’, ‘Blasphemy Law’, Communism, Fascism, and Socialism are all enemies of ‘Freedom Values’. Without Freedom, Democracy and Capitalism, a society will lose its opportunities for individual creativity and prosperity will decline and poverty and misery will rise.

As for ‘Freedom of Religion’ both ‘Atheist Communism’ and ‘Sharia Law’ do reject ‘Freedom of Religion’.

There is no freedom of religion or freedom of choice, in Sunni Saudi Arabia, Shiite Iran or Communist China.

All anti-freedom ideologies must be stopped… no exceptions.

We must stop teaching in our education system that these anti-freedom ideologies are acceptable free choice ideas. We must teach that every form of ‘Totalitarianism’ is wrong for our society.

We must always in every generation fight to protect and preserve ‘Freedom Values’ and expel all persons that fight to impose ‘Tyrannical Ideologies.’

There is no place in a free society for ‘Totalitarianism’.

Thus it is imperative that every individual must always have a zero tolerance attitude against ‘Totalitarian Ideologies’.

We must vote only for politicians that stand for freedom values and do persistently oppose all anti-freedom ‘Belief Systems’.

We must always fight the ahimsa way through law and order process. Mob rule causes chaos, injustice, and bad behaviour. There is no place for mob rule. The exception to this is when ‘Civil War’ becomes essential because a society has lost its freedom and the survival of the people has now become desperate to exist, with nothing more to lose. But such a tragic ‘Civil War’ has a self-destructive consequence and should be avoided until a societies back is against the wall with nowhere else to go.

There is no place for Philosophical, Political or Religious anti-freedom Ideologies on our planet or anywhere in the Universe.

Click on here to read the below introduction paper about Socialism. The brief focus starts in Australia and references USA.

More work is needed by everyone around the globe, generation after generation, to stop the spread of the cancer called Socialism.

This important paper is just the beginning…

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Our Ancestors fought in World War II so that all generations could live free.

If we submit to acceptance of anti-freedom ideologies we are betraying our ancestors courage to fight to protect and preserve freedom values. This treasonous betrayal is not acceptable behaviour, not now, not ever.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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