Is Australia in Danger? Which Danger is Greater Anti-Freedom Islam or Anti-Freedom China?

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Feature Image… The Great Wall of China Borders, reaching out to entrap Australia into its web of intrigue?


Our endangered Koala likes to sleep are we Aussies falling asleep ignoring reality? 

Is Australia in Danger?

Which Danger is Greater Anti-Freedom Islam or Anti-Freedom China?

Or are both Ideologies Dangerous in Different Ways?


Political China wants our resources, because Australia is a Wealthy Country in Natural Materials. Albeit, our Politicians all Parties are not smart enough to work for the building of a completely self-sufficient Nation. And that is our most serious problem. 

We do need American investment to help strengthen our Nation.

Chinese investment which supports the promotion of a different language i.e. ‘Mandarin’ that we ‘True Blue’ Aussies don’t know endangers us because we have no chance of understanding their secret communication here down under, the Chinese refuse to speak and advertise in English. And that refusal to speak Australian English is a betrayal of our Nation.

Islam in Australia speaks Arabic avoiding the use of English to hide what they are saying to each other. And again that refusal to speak Australian English is a betrayal of our Nation.

Bilingual communication complicates unnecessarily exchange of understanding and encourages subterfuge thinking and behaviour. There is no place for secrecy in Politics, Law & Order and Business, the people have the right to understand all thinking, goals and bottom line intentions. And that requires the use of one common language. Deceit thrives when more than one language controls different societal cultural groups in a country. 

It goes past bilingual when we have three languages, English, Mandarin and Arabic fighting for communication domination. Of course Arabic does not have a chance of surviving against Mandarin. However, everything that makes Australia in history a great Nation needs English to protect and preserve its heritage and freedom values.

If people want to talk at home in their language that is their right. But in Business and in Politics and on the Streets and in all Public Places one language must be spoken. And in Australia that is English.

David Lee thinks that Islam is not a threat to Australia, because he thinks a 2% Population of Muslims is not a serious threat. Actually it is 2.5% of Muslims in Australia and their aggressive political demands using the excuse of freedom of religious conviction justifies in their unjust thinking that we Aussies must obey their wishes, if we don’t, they will be offended.

I believe Islam is a gradual increasing threat, though I agree the takeover of Communist China by economic infiltration is a greater danger.

Nevertheless we ‘True Blue’ Aussies are now trapped in the centre like a ham in a sandwich, with Islam pushing to conquer us on one side and China pushing to conquer us on the other side.

Watch this video… but please always use ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and be the ‘Eye of Calm in a Storm’. To win a political/economic fight we must be calm and constructively logical. Not one of us can solve all the problems we now face caused by our open gate political mentality, void of proper protection strategy, founded upon the values of 100% ‘Freedom & Equality’ Values.

Make no mistake about it… Islam & Communist China are both ‘Totalitarian Political Ideologies’. It is the duty of every Australian and American to constantly upgrade their knowledge and understanding about the dark truth struggle the Western World now faces in battle between ‘Totalitarianism’ & ‘Libertarianism’.

In other words ‘Dictatorship’ versus Core ‘Liberty’ Values.

We all need to do more research homework on many issues of concern to identify truth and fiction.

David Lee has opened our eyes more to serious concerns, we must never blindly believe everything we hear and read, but we must certainly do more homework and share understanding about reality.

Using ‘Think Tank’ teamwork we can help each other learn the ‘Big Picture’ and discern what solutions are needed to protect Australian Freedom from being conquered.

Watch the video and think calmly outside the square.

All the concerns are just jigsaw pieces of concern, investigation and actions. When the solutions to all the jigsaw pieces click together, we have the strong potential of saving our country from ‘Dictatorship’ takeover.

Allan Ivarsson

36:18 minutes Video


David Lee’s Common-Sense Rules.

But don’t ignore the background expanding danger of Islamic Doctrine Agenda. Islam has been open in its planned objectives, even more that China. This not taking the danger of Islam seriously is David Lee’s one serious flaw in his thinking. 

Stay Alert!


You Bet I will.


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