Aircraft Carrier: Dux to India… Dunce to Australia

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Feature Image: INS Vikrant Aircraft Carrier homebuilt in India.

This Subject of ‘Serious Concern’ is reviewed by Professional Writer Allan Ivarsson, who has previously written several times about Australia’s Urgent Priority Need to upgrade its Self-Sufficiency and Military Self-Defence’.

Allan Ivarsson comments…

Dux to India for building a homemade Aircraft Carrier.

Dunce to Australia for refusing to build a homemade Aircraft Carrier.

Dunce to Australia for Political Negligence for failing to upgrade and strengthen its military force since 1975 when Idiot Gough Whitlam (1972-1975) began dismantling Australian Self-Defence Strength by changing strategic procurement of essential military defence equipment and transport.

Dunce to Australia for failing to maintain Home Base Defence Conscription of Australian Youth not for overseas deployment but for three years of homebase defence training against invasion in our country.

We Australia, are now a weak Nation in Military Self-Defence and in Self-Sufficiency because of the incompetent decisions of all of our Prime Ministers since 1975. I doubt Anthony Albanese who was voted in by naïve followers, will stop his current incompetent performance and lift his game to fight to save Australia from Communist Chinese Beijing Invasion. Without the United States backing us… Australia cannot survive.

Dunce to all the Governor-Generals that failed to reprimand all of our Prime Ministers for their incompetence in Self-Defence Military Strength Strategy.

Our Internet is aware of Australian Law on Conscription… “Conscription was abolished by law in 1973. But the Defence Act 1903 as amended, retained a provision that it could be reintroduced by proclamation of the Governor-General. Potentially all Australian residents between the ages of 18 and 60 could be called up in this way.”

India will not use its Aircraft Carrier against Australia. It will use its Aircraft Carrier only to defend itself if ‘Communist Beijing China’ makes the mistake of attacking India. I doubt Beijing would make that error in bad judgment.

The previous border fight between Chinese and Indian Troops was just an Xi Jinping border test.

If ‘Islamic Pakistan’ threatens India again as they did in the 1971 war, the new Aircraft Carrier will deal with Pakistan once again.

Because India is an ally of ‘Putin Russia’ in trade who is an ally of ‘Xi Jinping’, India will not help Australia during a ‘South Pacific’ conflict. India will simply defend its own territory.

India will now start building a second Aircraft Carrier at homebase. Meanwhile incompetent Australia will do nothing.

Aircraft Carrier: Dux to India… Dunce to Australia


Incompetent PMs Australia Hide in Shame whilst India Proudly Commissions its Homemade Aircraft Carrier.

“India and the United States are both members of the Quad, a security alliance focused on the Indo-Pacific and aimed at providing a more substantive counterweight to China’s rising military and economic power.” (i)

The security concerns of the Indo-Pacific and the Indian Ocean region were ignored in the past, but it is our top priority today,” Mr. Modi said. (i)

A.I. comments the question of QUAD alliance reliability will need to be explored further down-the-track as Communist Beijing increases its ‘Superpower’ obsession to rule ‘Planet Earth and Space’.

The one concern is that India is dependent upon import supplies from ‘Putin Russia’ and ‘Vladimir Putin’ is an ally of ‘Xi Jinping’ Communist Beijing. So how safe is Australia as a member of this Quad alliance? Australia is also a member of AUKUS in a conflict with the ‘PLA Communist China’, how will Australia Defend itself when it has a history of incompetent political negligence that failed to ensure Australia is strong in ‘Military Strength’ and ‘Self-Sufficiency’ in Manufacturing and Primary Industry Food Supplies? Before 1975 Australia had strength of Character in Self-Sufficiency. But now due to a series of incompetent Prime Ministers year after year, since 1975, Australia is now weak in survival performance. What can be done about it? I have written about this serious concern previously several times, but all the Australian Politicians and the younger generation have gone to sleep wrapped up in their own apathy. Xi Jinping is alert and laughs at Australia Stupidity.

I have written more previously about ‘Defence Needs’ but the above paper is in need of urgent read by Australians and Australian Politicians who have proven so far to be intellectually incompetent. Australians that want to continue to live free must read this ‘Urgent Must Study White-Paper’.

Selections below… there is more must read, beyond these papers.

“Every young man and woman should serve three mandatory years training in one of all Defence Force Groups, between the age of 21 years and 24 years. Rich or poor, educated or not, everyone must learn basic defence training. No one must be allowed to cop out. All University training must be put on hold until their three years of military service is completed. Not one young person should be exempt from Conscription training and not one of these conscripts should be sent overseas. All training is for home self-defence against invasion. After three years military service those who want to apply for regular career in the military can then make an application. The rest can go back to civilian life with the satisfaction that if Australia is invaded, they will know what to do.” #


Allan Ivarsson 4th September 2022

Now I shall continue to praise India for its new Commissioned homemade Aircraft Carrier. Sadly, Australian Prime Ministers have not been clever and failed to build Aircraft Carriers to protect our Island from Invasion.


ABC News reports on the 3rd of September 2022… “Narendra Modi says India’s first locally made aircraft carrier puts it in a league of ‘select nations’.” (i)

“India has debuted its first locally made aircraft carrier, a milestone in government efforts to reduce its dependence on foreign arms and counter China’s growing military assertiveness in the region.” (i)

The INS Vikrant, one of the world’s biggest naval vessels at a length of 262 metres, will formally enter service after 17 years of construction and tests.” (i)

It inherits the name of a retired carrier famed for enforcing a blockade against Pakistan’s naval forces during the 1971 Bangladeshi independence war.” (i)

A.I. comments… Wiki reports…Melbourne was paid off from RAN service in 1982. She was sold for scrap in 1985 and towed to China for breaking.” [A.I. Note: Communist Chinese Politicians were smarter than Australian Politicians.] The scrapping was delayed so Melbourne could be studied by the People’s Liberation Army, Navy (PLAN) as part of a secret project to develop a Chinese aircraft carrier and used to train PLAN aviators in carrier flight operations.” (ii)


Australian Politicians true to their inferior thinking ignorance encouraged anti-freedom ideology Marxist Socialist Communists, to build a fleet of Aircraft Carriers and PLAN Aviators to fly Jets from Aircraft Carriers. Australian Politicians true to their incompetence are directly responsible for encouraging the rise of military strength in ‘Communist China’ whose mission has always been to one day conquer Australia and rule it.

The danger of invasion Australia now Faces, exists because every Australian Prime Minister since idiot Whitlam in 1975 has done nothing to strengthen Australian Military Strength.

And have also neglected our Australian Self-Sufficiency.

India got off its arse and built a new homemade ‘Aircraft Carrier’. Meanwhile, every Australian Prime Minister did nothing to strengthen Australian Military. That is why India is Dux and Australia is Dunce.

Now Australian Politicians get off your wimp thinking incompetence and start reading my reports, starting with this one

The Two Prime Ministers involved in the negligence process of failing to build another replacement ‘Aircraft Carrier’ for Australia was

Malcolm Fraser (1930-2015) Liberal MP for Wannon, Vic PM 1975-1983 (7 years, 120 days)

Bob Hawke (1929-2019) Labor MP for Wills, Vic PM 1983-1991 (8 years, 240 days)

Every Prime Minister after these two, likewise did nothing to build Australian Military Strength. Both Labor and Liberal were incompetent.

Meanwhile, tougher Communist Chinese Leadership continued its determination to build a strong Military Force and Industrial Self-Sufficiency and focused on its agenda of becoming a Superpower one day Ruling Earth and Space.

I was able using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to identify that Whitlam’s ‘White Paper Bureaucracy’ was incompetent and not working to strengthen Australian Military Defence. If I can identify the roadblock problem, why couldn’t our Prime Ministers? Answer: They failed because they were too focused on winning votes to make “gimme, gimme” selfish citizens happy, instead of doing what was right for Australia to survive.

I am disgusted with all the Prime Ministers who miserably failed to focus on making Australia Strong in Self-Sufficiency and Military Strength. The young generations today lack the disciplined education that we the ‘Baby Boomers’ experienced. We could survive in a Manual Society and an Electronic Society.

Test the young ones, how many can do basic mental mathematics in their head, void of calculators and computers. How many can write accurately in punctuation and spelling, void of word check computer guidance? If the electronic world crashes in a ‘Magnetic Storm’ or due to a war, how many of the young ones can survive in a manual world?

Lack of discipline in education and lack of training to oppose all anti-freedom ideologies is the reason young people are now so limited in their ability. Being clever is worthless if we are not smart in common-sense wisdom.

“Today, INS Vikrant has filled the country with a new confidence, and has created a new confidence in the country,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the ship’s commissioning ceremony in southern Kerala state on Friday.” (i)

“We’ve joined the league of those select nations who can construct such large aircraft carriers at home,” he added. (i)

“Around 1,600 sailors will crew the Vikrant, which will initially service fighter jets redesignated from India’s only other aircraft carrier.” (i)

A.I. comments… Meanwhile, in Australia with no Aircraft Carriers, we Australians that care as Patriots about our Nation have no confidence in our Military Strength because of the incompetence of all our Prime Ministers, since including Whitlam 1972-1975. They all failed to do the right thing for Australia, hence they all must be classified as Dunce Prime Ministers.

We had Ten Prime Ministers since 1972… that failed to build Australian Military Strength. And now Anthony Albanese is no doubt incompetent number Eleven PM.

Modi Government had the persistent determination to build a domestic hardware industry. Australia lacks this strength of character self-sufficient industry because all of our Prime Ministers since 1972, lack the iron-will courage to build a stronger Self-Sufficient Nation with Military Strength.

And even though Xi Jinping and I are enemies, I despise the way he treats his people, nevertheless, he also protects his Nation with Military and Self-Sufficiency Strength. Whereas Australian Politicians and their followers true to incompetence have done zero for Australia. All they care about is winning votes from the selfish greedy “gimme gimme” people.

“That vessel was bought second-hand from Russia, which has long been a major arms supplier to New Delhi.” (i)

“Mr. Modi’s government has sought to wean the country off its dependency on foreign military purchases and build a domestic defence hardware industry.” (i)

“[India] has invested heavily in local construction, with more than three dozen other naval ships and submarines currently being built in the country’s shipyards.” (i)

“The outlay comes at a time of increasing concern among military top brass over the strategic challenge posed by China’s increasing presence in the Indian Ocean.” (i)

Internet background Indian Navy history notes… “The Indian Navy began operating aircraft carriers in 1961. Its first carrier, which it acquired from the UK, was also called Vikrant. The first Vikrant was retired in 1997. A second British-built carrier, INS Viraat, served in the Indian Navy for 30 years before its decommissioning in 2017.”


Eleanor Dye for MAILONLINE Published on the 3rd of September 2022, the following insight subject titled, ‘India launches its first home-built aircraft carrier as the nation looks to counter China’s growing naval fleet.’

India’s Aircraft Carrier… weights 47,400 tons and can carry a crew of 1,600 and 30 aircraft.” (iii)

Allan Ivarsson comments… As I tabled previously, meanwhile a stream of incompetent Australian Prime Ministers did nothing and are just waiting for Xi Jinping to invade Australia.

I am the last of the ‘Baby Boomers’ from my school years of friends and families in the early 1960’s. My time is near finished, but I am angry because all of our ‘Baby Boomer’ children and grandchildren now face the high-level risk of invasion, just like the invasion of Ukraine by evil ‘Vladimir Putin’, ally of ‘Xi Jinping’, simply because so-called good men and women Prime Ministers did nothing to ‘Make Australia Strong’, they neglected our Military Strength and our ‘Self-Sufficiency’ Industries. The incompetence of all the Prime Ministers and the Politicians in Parliament is not forgivable; I am ashamed of all of them.

“China launched its third aircraft carrier in June and is expanding its fleet.” (iii)

India’s new Aircraft Carrier built at the Cochin shipyard in southern India“Was commissioned today by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to place it into active service as part of the countries commemoration of 75 years of independence from British rule.(iii)

It will defend the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. (iii)

“The Indian carrier Vikrant… means ‘powerful’ or ‘courageous’ in Sanskrit.” (iii)

Prime Minister Modi said: ‘It’s a historic day and landmark achievement. It’s an example of the government’s thrust to make India’s defence sector self-reliant. (iii)

A.I. comments… Meanwhile, Australian Prime Ministers do nothing to make Australia self-reliant.

“India’s new development comes as its rival China has expanded its presence into the Indian Ocean, the Western Pacific and beyond in recent years.” (iii)

China’s navy is building ships at a furious pace and now boasts the largest naval force in the world by number of hulls, as it aims to build a force that can rival America’s.” (iii)

A.I. comments… Meanwhile, incompetent wimp Australian Prime Ministers put the job of building a stronger Military Force in the too hard basket. By lack of performance, our Prime Ministers deem the job of ‘Making Australia Strong Again’ as being too onerous for them.

The Increasing Danger of Anti-Freedom Ideology Communist Beijing China

“The Indo-Pacific region has become tense because of China’s disputes with its neighbours, including Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan and South Korea.” (iii)

A.I. comments… And conflicts with Australia have been regular in verbal policy clashes. And there has been questionable surveillance of Australian waterway regions by China.

It has been suggested that conflict with Indonesia has occurred with China, but that is a question mark, because of China’s Previous War Games with Indonesia.

“Modi said security concerns in the Indo-Pacific region and the Indian Ocean have been ignored for too long.” (iii)

A.I. comments… Meanwhile, Australian Prime Ministers are still refusing to deal with the danger head-on. Modi is working to protect his Nation. Australian Prime Ministers are doing nothing to upgrade Australian Military Defence and ‘Self-Sufficiency’ in Manufacturing.

“In March China said it would spend 7.1 per cent more on defence this year.” (iii)

A.I. comments… A large percentage of China’s business profits to finance Military Growth is coming from Imports by Australia that is too lazy to build its own ‘Self-Sufficiency’ in Manufacturing. That is how stupid Australian Executives in Politics and Business are. They focus on Greed rather than survival common-sense. Hence, the Chinese Communists are smarter than Australians. It is time for Australians to wake up.

“Last week new evidence from defence site Naval News suggested China is building at least six more guided-missile destroyers as part of their bid to develop a navy that can rival America’s.” (iii)

A.I. comments… Meanwhile, Wimp incompetent Australian Prime Ministers do nothing. I consider the failure of Australian Prime Ministers who are doing nothing to strengthen Australian Military Defence and Australian Manufacturing ‘Self-Sufficiency’ are by their negligent incompetence, guilty of Treason Against All Australians.

It is time for our Governor-General to remove non-performance Prime Ministers. It is now urgent that we as a Nation lift our game. Communist China can invade us whenever they choose, just like evil ‘Vladimir Putin’ invaded Ukraine.

“China’s armed forces has a total of 777 warships, compared to the US Navy’s 490 and the UK Royal Navy’s 73. But the US has far more destroyers – 92 in total – compared to China’s 41 and the UK’s six.” (iii)

A.I. comments… Australia has only Three Destroyers to fight China’s Forty-One Destroyers. And our ignorant Prime Ministers think they are doing a great job. Bullshit!

“Yet China’s warships have been growing in sophistication, with the Type 052 destroyer, also known as the Luyang III-class, featuring 64 vertical launch systems for surface to air missiles, a rocket propelled torpedo and tactical cruise missiles.” (iii)

“The destroyers are part of China’s military buildup… [to support its claim to Taiwan.]” (iii)

China’s People Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is focused on becoming a ‘Blue Water’ force one capable of operating globally rather than being restricted to remaining closer to the Chinese mainland. (iii) [Words condensed by A.I.]

A.I. comments… This proves that Xi Jinping mission is to make Communist China a Superpower to rule Earth and Space. The evil danger of such an agenda, is that Marxist Socialist Communism is an anti-freedom ideology and has no respect for the rights of people to live Free in Speech, Choice and Equality. A World Ruled by Communist China will be a cruel world of violent abuse and slavery and for that reason, Communist Beijing China must be fought to the death. Slavery throughout history has always been oppressive evil.

It is better to die free than live under the tyranny of Communism.

India’s fleet now includes two aircraft carriers, ten destroyers, 12 frigates and 20 corvette ships [i.e., small warships] according to its navy.” (iii)

A.I. comments… Australia now has “Nil Aircraft Carriers, Three Destroyers, 8 Frigates, 6 Collins Submarines needing urgent replacement, 12 Armidale-Class Patrol Boats for coastal activity and four Huon-class vessels for mine hunting and clearance and other bits and pieces of military support craft.

India has 15 conventional diesel-electric submarines, classified as SSKs, and one Nuclear ballistic submarine. It is expected India will increase the number of submarines.

Meanwhile, as noted above, Australia only has 6 Collins Submarines needing urgent replacement.

Refer current overview list…

Australian Prime Ministers are negligent since 1975 of building a strong Naval/Air Force.

Every Australian should demand the sacking of every Prime Minister that fails to rapidly invest in urgent Military Strength Growth. And fails to fight to rebuild Australian Manufacturing Self-Sufficiency Industries to phase out excessive reliance on imports.

It is time for our Governor-General to remove non-performance Prime Ministers.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a wholesome good decent society.

Sadly, the ‘Habit of War’ shall not end whilst ‘Anti-Freedom Ideologies Exist’ like ‘Marxist Socialist Communism’ and ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Fascism’. We have no choice but to expect the unexpected and be prepared to defend ourselves against evil creeps, despot dictators focused on waging war against free countries. These Evil Creeps must be Stopped!

INS Vikrant slide source…

An Australian Friend wrote to me and said…

With the High-Level Danger of Communist China invading Australia and New Zealand, we must remember the wisdom of John F. Kennedy’s words…

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