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This ‘Gaia/Gaea’ treatise was Published in 2018 Paperback book COMPENDIUM III printed in colour on quality paper, by BLUE LIGHT PUBLICATIONS. It is also available in Electronic Kindle book.

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By Allan Ivarsson Founder of the Most Advanced Intelligence in the World.

“Gaia is the name of the goddess with which the ancient Greeks honored our earth. A cosmic, procreative womb, which emerged out of the primeval void called Chaos, it was believed Gaia existed before all other life. Gaia formed from her womb the sky, which she called Uranus, to keep her company and to make love with. Sky lying upon Earth created numerous children within Gaia’s great womb, but Uranus, fearful they would prove stronger than he, would not allow Gaia to give birth to them. However, Gaia gave her strongest child Kronos, or Time, a sickle made of steely diamond like material called adamantine, which he used to cut Uranus’s genitals from the portal of her womb.

“In this way Gaia created all the gods and goddesses of the Greek world. At her famed shrine at Delphi, Gaia was especially worshipped by priestesses who threw sacred herbs into a cauldron, using the fragrant smoke to invoke Gaia’s eternal wisdom.” #

Kris Waldherr 1997

# Source: Book ‘Embracing the Goddess within’ by Kris Waldherr. ISBN 1-885223-49-8 Publisher ‘Beyond Words Publishing, Inc.’ 1997 CE. First read by Allan Ivarsson in 2007. An entertaining interesting read.

As the reader can see the Greek word ‘Gaia’ which means mother earth started as a creation myth in much the same way as the ‘Adam and Eve’ creation myth, and all the other countless ancient cultural creation myths. It is interesting to note that the scientific development of the Chaos theory evolved from a natural cosmic instinct, which first started with a mythical premise. Like a lot of creation myths interfaced with immature Gods, who lacked emotional intelligence, Gaia started out as a misguided belief.

As we humans learned scientific reality the word Gaia evolved away from false knowledge myth to become its correct true name tag and meaning Gaia- mother earth. It was James Lovelock who in the later 20th Century CE revealed the scientific evidence that mother earth was a living and self-regulating planet, which will always look after itself, with or without human kind. So it is… the correct name of earth is by appropriate naming actually ‘Gaia’. This name fits our scientific awareness, which has now travelled way past the point of myth.

‘Blue Light Essence’ reveals that the entire universe is likewise a living, self-regulating existence. This is harder to comprehend, but if a person truly opens their mind and views the big infinite picture, they can see the eternal primeval void, which in reality is not void, but is a living chaos process. This is a big leap in understanding, welcome to the cosmic roller coaster ride. Allan Ivarsson coined the words ‘Gaia Dictionary’, in 1991, to identify a universal language which has evolved way past its original Greek, Roman, English foundations to include quality words from all languages. Thus Gaia is cosmic life, a living eternal existence within the universe, a spiritual essence that which is cosmic consciousness linked to a physical universe in all of its forms.

As tabled previously, God is just a name tag for infinite ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ and the name tag ‘Blue Light Essence’ is the spiritual essence of God’s Mind, a way of love, peace and wisdom. To truly know God, one must step away from religious and cult rituals and learn God’s true essence, which is open mind, infinite mind, forever expanding in cosmic consciousness. God’s insight and understanding is so vast and eternal that the human mind cannot comprehend all that God knows.

2015 Facebook Post

The word ‘Gaia’ expanded by James Lovelock to describe the natural balance of our living blue planet earth, reveals clearly that all existence is interdependent. One needs the other to survive. There are exceptions, but the true harmony of survival on earth is interdependent, nothing can survive without the other. Gaia did not need the dinosaurs to survive and proceed happily. Likewise Gaia does not need mammals, including humans, to survive and proceed happily. In other words, like all mammals, human beings are expendable.

This is hard reality. Gaia does not need us- but we do need Gaia. Mother earth does need plant life, insects, small reptiles, and birds to maintain a balanced existence together with the necessities of water, fire, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and all the other atmospheric and soil nutrients, which helps Gaia survive in balance, including the essential maintenance protection by the ozone layer/shield, in a region of earth’s stratosphere, approximately 20 to 30 kilometres above earth surface, which absorbs UV that protects life from excessive ultraviolet radiation that can kill us, and the majority of life on land and in the higher level depths in the rivers, seas and oceans. It is believed through science theory that excessive UV has been responsible for a past mass extinction, one of five extinctions, when solar forces blasted open the ozone layer, which took millions of years to heal. Obviously, the scientific analysis of this natural Gaia cosmic balance, is far more complex in description and explanation that volumes of pages could be independently recorded detailing the subject, as downloaded from the cosmic reservoir of knowledge.

Modern human beings, one of the highly intelligent animals, must learn to respect and protect what the lower animal kingdom knows and what early primitive man always knew- that wisdom instinctively only takes what it needs to survive, no more.

We have the edge because of our arms, hands and our ability to walk upright; there is no doubt that given the biological evolutionary opportunity, dolphins could attain our level of intelligence or higher. In this event they probably would have been smarter and not wasted a million years worshipping a non-existent God Creator. The brain-dead will not comprehend this reality.

We humans as a hopefully progressive evolutionary species are just beginning to learn once again to give back more than we take and respect the sensitive balance of nature. As yet we are not very good at it. Our survival demands that we learn fast. Gaia will survive with or without us. One of the major mistakes humans began to make, started at the beginning of our agricultural development. We tended to rape the land, not thinking about the natural balance. The early hunter tribes did not make this mistake. They migrated with the movements of the mammal world to survive, just like birds and fish changing direction with the seasons.

We humans must calmly and pragmatically with open-minded enthusiasm, learn true Gaia survival principles, and strive with commitment to understand the difference between natural law and our wrong behaviour. We must learn right ‘Management of Gaia’ or human kind will become extinct. We must learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ or we will perish. This is the essence of ‘Cosmic law’-the ruler of the universe.

Key words are ‘Gaia Management’… ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and ‘Cosmic Law’ that which is immutable natural eternal law.

One of the foolish reactionary tendencies of modern human beings that do not have philosophical intelligence, is to participate in fashionable environmental management objectives, driven by peer pressure mentality, without any pragmatic understanding of Gaia and hard reality.

One of the classic examples is the biodegradable plastic bag. Fanatics want to ban it and use emotional blackmail photographs of creatures trapped inside to justify their obsession. But the real culprit is not the biodegradable plastic bag; the real felon is the lazy no-good scumbag, who dumps rubbish on land and in water, without any caring concern for environmental protection. During my entire life, not one rubbish item I had, was ever dumped as litter on land or water. And this was true before environment care became a promoted societal concern. We don’t leave rubbish laying around in our house and car, environment deserves the same respect, it is called common sense and decency, in caring concern for always doing the right thing.

Cans, bottles- plastic and glass, margarine containers and many other containers are environmentally unfriendly- if we ban one convenience, tools of our survival, then we should have the courage to ban all items. If we don’t do this, we are hypocrites. But the reality is that we must learn waste management, including recycling, and this disciplinary respect for environment, must always be in our education system from young to old. Only dimwitted inferior thinking hypocritical persons without philosophical intelligence, would ban the biodegradable plastic bag and not ban the use of all metal, plastic and glass containers. It is highly unlikely that there would be many environmentalists who would ban the motor vehicle and the building of highways. Not many ‘Green thinkers’ would ban motor vehicles is probably mostly true, with exceptions- the Amish are more environmentally friendly than most ‘greenies’ but even they use timber. Gaia’s real enemy- is highways, motor vehicles, cars, trucks, and bikes. We humans have become virus-bacteria unto Gaia. Once in primitive times as hunters, we humans were friends of the earth, now we have become enemies of earth. We must gradually change our thinking. Notice I said gradually, not radically. Radical change is equally as destructive as no change. Our understanding must evolve pragmatically, strengthened by philosophical intelligence.

Which is worse? Buried Plastic Bags, which stops non-recyclable material from blowing all over the planet, until it is buried as fill, or doing what people did before the plastic era? They wrapped up scraps and rubbish in newspaper and paper bags, which tore easily and spread rubbish everywhere, creating a nightmare clean-up?

Of course, we could burn a lot of rubbish in incinerators before burying the remnants, but that process also creates serious concerns of increased pollution in the air. Science, not idiot Greenies, needs to find better alternative solutions for waste disposal. Banning Plastic in our age, is an illogical idea. Only better scientific technology can help us become smarter in Gaia Waste Management. Don’t rely on the Anti-Freedom Socialist Greens to fix the problem. They don’t have the right intelligence between the ears.

Anyone who wants to ban the biodegradable plastic bag and refuses to ban motor vehicles and the building of highways is a hypocrite. Now in reality, we at this time of evolution need the motor vehicle and the highway to survive. Perhaps one day we shall create a better system, which gives us the opportunity to gradually tear down the highways and give the ground back to the natural process of mother earth.

In recap, according to ancient Greek legend before anything of form existed, a state of nothingness called ‘Chaos’ existed- a prophetic idea of what science learned during the next 2,500 years. From this dark and empty dimension of non-existence in existence, came ‘Gaea’ (originally spelt this way), a Greek word meaning ‘mother earth’. The ancient Greeks depicted Gaea as a goddess who gave birth to Uranus, the sky. Uranus later became the name of a planet in our solar system. Of course, now in this early 21st Century CE, we know what has been known for centuries that there is no such thing as Gaea mother earth goddess. This idea was simply a product of imagination, given to Greek religion, which is now an inherited part of mythology. The change in spelling of ‘Gaea’ to ‘Gaia’ signifies the existence of a living balance, the way of planet mother earth, which is appropriately, named ‘Gaia’.

Now I do deliberately at times recap certain ideas, autosuggestion is a very powerful tool, but it goes further than that. To learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ we must always be able to see the ‘Big Picture’ and be able in overview, to comprehend how all of the jigsaw pieces gradually fit together to create the universal three dimensional ‘Big Picture of Cosmic Existence’ in physical and spiritual reality.

Religion has always been founded upon the unscientific explanation of how existence was created. Christianity like all other religions has its own theoretical creation belief system, which we all, that is, us smarter intelligent ones know, to be also like ancient Greek religion, a mythological belief. Only the naïve still believe in Christian God Creationism, as recorded in the Old Testament Bible. As the 20th Century song says… “It ain’t necessarily so… the things in the bible, ain’t necessarily so.” Of course many Christians and Muslims will accuse the writer of being arrogant, a word which Cosmicism does not recognize. But let’s suppose it is true. If I am arrogant for my point of view, so is everyone else who has an opinion, and so is every religion and every religious leader and follower. You see the word arrogant negates itself by the fact that if we think with opinion, we are all arrogant. Hence, the word arrogant is a useless and meaningless word, which tables false allegations and tells us nothing about a person’s character. Those who vindictively accuse others of being arrogant are the most arrogant of all.

It can be in overview seen that Gaia- mother earth as James Lovelock described it, as a living entity is a hard reality. It is our common-sense survival duty to learn all we can about Gaia and how we can best serve and protect mother earth. Our good behaviour and manners that which is giving respect to others, must also be given to Gaia.

Yes, the ancient Greek myth of ‘Chaos’ from a scientific broad-sweep overview is correct, when myth is eliminated from the cosmic equation. Chaos the process of order within disorder, has always existed and shall always exist, just as nothing exists, has always existed, just as nothing is always something. Get the drift?

The very cosmic nature of the universe is subject to constant change, life and death process of all existence be it, organic, non-organic, energy, matter or antimatter or even dark matter. And Gaia did evolve from Chaos– that is hard reality.

Once again constantly we must clear the cobwebs and separate false knowledge i.e. myth, without fear of offending the various non-existent ‘God Creators’. For cosmic truth stands alone, hard reality it maybe, but nevertheless truth forever recorded in the ‘Cosmic Reservoir of Knowledge’ i.e. ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ that not even a false ‘God Creator’ would dare to challenge this cosmic reality. Rejection of hard reality is an act of smashing one’s own credibility, and not even God would be that stupid.

‘God of Creation’ is in harmony with cosmic existence and is our spiritual guide. Not as our creator, but more importantly as our guide, our advisor, our light to see and understand that which is real and true. There is a vast difference between the false knowledge non-existence ‘God Creator’ and the true existent ‘God of Creation’- learn to know the difference. The eternal dimension of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ that which is ‘God of Creation’ has always existed and shall always exist, just like the eternal way of the ‘Universe’ thriving in ‘Chaos’ process of creation. All ‘Blue Light Essence’ is the way of the universe and cosmic consciousness as one living entity. ‘God of Creation’ is the writer’s spiritual guide, and Allan Ivarsson records all that is tabled by his cosmic guide. Now let’s move onto new self-realization in the evolution of increasing our understanding.

We humans are gradually and quickly destroying Gaia. Can we change what we do? The answer is both yes and no. We can improve the Gaia ecological balance by constant environmental management. As to what this process really demands is another great discussion. Many of us disagree with each other. As it is, no matter what we do, the planet faces an 80% loss in bio-diversity and hence human prospects are heading for an artificial impoverished existence, almost like living on planet Mars. If we are truly honest and have the correct scientifically supported solutions, which demands that we face hard reality, we shall recognize cosmic truth. To save Gaia, planet earth as it once was, we human beings must become extinct. The alternative may be to abandon agriculture, medical aid, and civilization and once more become native hunters. Most of us would perish- few would survive.

Of course, we as a majority are not going to allow the extinction of human kind if we can help it. We understand that we are the bacteria-virus of Gaia, but we justly desire the right to life and quality existence, just like every other living creature. Instead, we choose by understanding that we must learn fast to manage Gaia better. We must do this for our own survival, and not just for the interesting ideal of living in a world of vast bio-diversity. Certainly we will endeavour to retain bio-diversity for the extinction of many species, especially small creatures, may have major impacts on our own ability to survive. As yet we do not know enough about the ecological dependency upon the survival of a species. Gaia can lose many species and survive. Other extinction’s can seriously hurt Gaia and maybe our own survival. We still have a lot to learn about hard natural reality. Gaia existence is a part of chaos process, order within disorder, and we are not yet very good at understanding by accurate forecast chaos process.

We must learn in absolute reality how to best manage Gaia and thereby preserve our own survival. All other ideals are useless if we cannot survive. As part of this process we must use pragmatic common sense and recognize that some species are definitely not required to preserve and protect Gaia ecological balance. This hard reality applies to three creatures, which are the common competitive enemy of man, and all other mammals. These three species escaped the mass extinction of the dinosaur era. They are the crocodile, the alligator, and the mammal-eating shark. Like human beings, Gaia does not need their survival. And other creatures would like humans survive a lot better and more happily if these creatures became extinct. In physical strength these three ‘dinosaur age creatures’, are tougher killing machines than human beings and can easily beat human individuals in a natural battle. But mankind with greater intelligence and survival skill in a strategic ‘kill or be killed battle’, has the tools and skills to understand its enemy and beat it in the battle for survival. Instead of letting the creature choose the battlefield, man can choose the when, why and how of battle. It has always been from hunting days- them or us, kill or be killed, that is natural hard reality. Only inferior thinking fools, many living safely in cities, are fighting to protect the crocodile, alligator and mammal-eating shark.

It is the little things, discernible insects and microscopic insects that we cannot see, that truly make Gaia ecological balance work in harmony with plant life. Other bigger creatures keep each other’s population balance in check. When overpopulation of any species occurs, unchallenged by enemy species, then Gaia starts to suffer and can become ill like a creature can become sick and die. The little things fight their own battle for survival in a constant merry-go-round action. All mammals, just like dinosaurs, could become extinct and Gaia would survive. But if the little things became mass extinct, Gaia would not survive, and the big things would definitely perish. Big cannot survive without the support of small reality. Many creatures like lions and tigers are natural enemies of human beings, but these species can be preserved and managed, in natural reserves, to maintain interesting bio-diversity without undue dangerous risk to human beings. But this is not the case with crocodiles, alligators and sharks. These creatures are our natural enemy and protection of such species from extinction only serves to cost the lives of human beings.

Our first allegiance is to our own species not to other enemy species. One human life lost is one unacceptable loss too many. Every time a crocodile, alligator, or shark kills a person, all those persons who fight for their protection are natural accessories to murder of human beings…and are in fact guilty of treason against humanity. Those who demand protection of crocodiles, alligators and mammal eating sharks are natural enemies of all other humans. To suggest that the waterways belong to these killing machine creatures, is total nonsense. Humans can swim; dogs can swim and have as much right to use water dimensions as any other water-loving creature.

Remember the word ‘treason’ simply means ‘betrayal’.

Territorial law and survival law kicks in the goal, and humans by their own survival necessity must dump obsession with bio-diversity protection of crocodiles, alligators and mammal eating sharks. A lot of other creatures will likewise be happier by their extinction. To do less is irresponsible. These dangerous vicious creatures are acting naturally, and they give no quarter. Likewise, we must act naturally, and give them no quarter.

The crocodile population was in a state of reduction hopefully heading towards extinction in Australia in the 20th Century, and then dimwitted politicians introduced protection legislation. As a consequence crocodiles now thrive in plague proportions in the northern parts of Australia and have been known to leave the rivers and walk down the main street of a populated town. The politicians who authorized this protection legislation should be slammed head-on, for they have cost the lives of many people in recent years including children. Now in reality, we cannot shoot these idiot do-gooders, but they would deserve it, such is the treacherous nature of this crocodile protective legislation. The same scenario applies to sharks, since protection legislation was introduced; sharks are now in 2009 C.E. in plague proportions along Australian coastline. Surfers are being attacked, mauled and some killed. There are risks in swimming in the surf, but these risks are now excessive, because inferior-thinking humans, gave sharks first right over human beings to waterways.

And now Judge, I call Mr. Shark and Mr. Crocodile to the chair. “Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help you God?” A moment of silence… “Will you protect human beings from harm and give them rights to swim safely?” More silence. “I repeat will you agree to protect human beings?” Leaping from the bench using head-on attack force, jaws wide open, the crocodile ate the defender and Mr. Shark smiled, “My turn is coming,” he thought, “those fools, what a loser!”

Politicians have a lot to answer for their crimes against the victims of shark and crocodile attacks. Using ahimsa methods, give the dimwitted do-gooders no quarter.

There have been 5 known mass extinctions since the birth of earth, with a suspected 6th extinction under investigation by science; and human kind may become the 7th mass extinction, if we continue to be apathetic. Many creatures have naturally by climate changes and earth movements become extinct. Other countless animals small and large, have become extinct, due to the activities of human beings. This current extinction process has been happening around the globe for over 50,000 years and is not solely due to the bad habits of modern man. Agriculture and the building of cities past and present, have triggered extinction process of many species. Changes in creature habitats and climate conditions, have destroyed the natural way of existence.

Now whilst the intrigue, mystery and wonder of natural bio-diversity is lost, it is a natural question to ask, “Does the loss of many creatures really matter?” From the point of view of interest in bio-diversity the answer is yes, it does matter. From the point of view of Gaia, the answer may be yes in some needed creature cases and no in other expendable creatures. Gaia will continue to exist, provided the right ecological balance of needed creatures small and large continues to exist. The problem is Gaia cannot tell us what it needs and does not need. Gaia has instinctive survival needs but does not have a voice that we humans can understand. Gaia is probably talking to us by response, but as yet we do not comprehend the total message. Nevertheless, there are keystone species which are critically important to the survival of Gaia. The problem is that humans are not yet very good at determining pragmatically without emotion, which species are truly ‘keystone species,’ and which are not. One thing is clear the little natural world of insects, birds, and small reptiles are essential to Gaia. We mammals in all of our various species, are interesting creatures, but are not essential to Gaia survival. The exception is when one mammal species, stops another species from over population. Both need to become extinct to protect Gaia. We mammals are all expendable, just like the dinosaurs– one mass extinction. Gaia does not need the relics of the dinosaur, that is, crocodiles, alligators and sharks are expendable. Only a fool would clone a dinosaur and create a Jurassic Park. Only a fool would protect our most extremely dangerous natural enemy, relics of the dinosaur era.

A ‘keystone species,’ is like a stone arch remove the keystone and the arch will collapse. It is clear that the extinction of some species will not destroy the eco system. And the extinction of other species will destroy the eco system. And in recap…the problem is that we humans are not yet smart enough to understand which species are essential and which are not. So going past preservation of bio-diversity for interest sake, we must strive to protect most species, due to our own inability to make the right decisions. Our survival depends upon the survival of keystone species.

Question is… “Which are the keystone species?” When we fail to protect the unknown keystone species, we are gambling by the game of chance, rolling the dice, with our own survival. Not a very smart way to survive. Our ignorance and apathy can destroy Gaia. Our over protection can likewise do damage. We must change the way we think. The balance of survival is very fragile, and we humans are a very cumbersome part of the fragile reality. We humans using pragmatic survival common sense have a moral-ethical obligation to protect bio-diversity and act as caretakers managing Gaia’s survival. If Gaia perishes, we go with it. Do you dig?

Whilst I have stated that the crocodile, alligator and mammal-eating shark are expendable relics of the dinosaur age, most other creatures are not expendable. Many creatures can like plants, for our own selfish survival reasons, help us find cures and resistance factors to illness and thus help extend the survival lifeline of individual human beings. Some sharks for this reason are not expendable- but this is not true of all sharks.

In earlier ages, unhealthy human beings would simply suffer and die. Now thanks to science our survival opportunities are extended. Notice, it was science, not religion that upgraded the quality of our existence. God Creator did nothing- all that senseless time wasting worship of an imaginary God in the name of false knowledge, has done more harm than good. God of Creation gave scientists by creative channelled inspiration, the insight to discover and learn. Our human will to live long and prosper is as strong as any other creature. We fight to survive instinctively, because we must- that is all. Our desire for eternal life is part of our natural instinct to survive. It is our fear, ignorance and vanity that created false knowledge religions and history reveals, when one did not work for us, we switched religion or remodelled an existing religion. History over the millenniums has left a vast trail of mankind’s attempt to survive forever- it is a natural instinct. In his extreme vanity, religious human beings gave mankind the right to eternity and denied all other creatures the right to eternal life. This fact alone is living proof that religious human beings are selfish shallow thinking creatures, vain and uncaring about the rights of other creatures. The very practice of animal sacrifice in the name of religion, is equally as evil as human sacrifice, and animal sacrifice is still being practiced. The world does not protest or criticise very much about these sacrificial practices. We are not yet civilized, as some naively do believe.

Do we want to live in an artificial world of our own creation, where bio-diversity does not exist? Certainly those born into this artificial space-age world like ‘Battlestar Galactica’ characters, will not miss what they never knew; and will be relatively happy in their unnatural environment. But they deserve more, we had our quality moment to enjoy bio-diversity, and we honourably owe other generations, the same privilege to enjoy what we experienced. To give less is unethical. Furthermore, space exploration has proven to be a progressive advantage to humanity. Space research and travel has given us new technology, economic growth and increased peacemaking international cooperation, reducing the risk of global world wars. The only real roadblock is enemy anti-freedom apartheid, anti-science Islam. But even if we can survive indefinitely moving around the galaxies, we once again must check our thinking. Are we motivated simply by curiosity to learn? Or by a quest, simply to survive past the expiration of planet earth and our solar system, in another four and a half billion years? The time is really three billion years in reality.

Are we truly motivated by a desire to conquer space, or are we once again dreaming about our own vain desire for eternal self-preservation? Or are we simply obsessed with curiosity to learn more about what is out there? There is no absolute general correct answer, in reality our motives are a mixture of a range of multiple reasons. One thing we do not need in space settlements is false knowledge religion; it would lead to our self-destruction. To survive in space we need pragmatic science and philosophical intelligence. Without science and philosophical intelligence, we will definitely perish in space, the new frontiers away from earth. On earth and in space, we must open our minds, get rid of inhibitions, and learn the way of philosophical intelligence. There is no other way- we must do this or perish.

Returning briefly back over previous travelled ground…65 million years ago, before 2009 C.E. a mass extinction of the dinosaurs became a Gaia event. There is a high probability that soon another mass extinction will occur. Will humans be the creature wiped out? Or will it be all mammals including human beings? Can we humans survive the natural trend of mass extinctions? Forget about paranoia and mad doomsday cults.

Think calmly, and pragmatically- our only chance for eternal survival throughout the universe moving through the galaxies, from planet to planet, is through philosophical intelligence, linked to science in all its specialization’s.

‘God Creator’ will not save us. Religious worship and praying for salvation will not save us. ‘God of Creation’ gave the writer, Allan Ivarsson on Easter Monday 13th April 2009 Australia East Coast time, the following automatic channelled cosmic message …

“Religion- all worship traditional systems, holds many people mesmerized in an almost hypnotic state by its volumes of false knowledge, consequently, humans will be checkmated by Gaia process and shall be eliminated. But there is a way out; there is a living cosmic process that can save human beings from extinction. Only by learning the way of the Cosmos, the essence of Blue Light, shall humans find a way to outsmart the natural cosmic process of Gaia and thereby avoid checkmate.”

“Learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, it is your only way to survive. When I told Noah about the coming flood during a great global warming period on Gaia, he listened and trusted with confidence, and acted accordingly with survival common sense. Noah listened and survived. Of course the fable about the ark and two species of every kind is a myth, but there was a great flood and creatures from most species survived in response to their own will to live instincts, seeking out higher ground, which existed around the globe upon many parts of earth.”

The fabled Noah understood the concept ‘Be Prepared,’ long before Robert Baden-Powell (1857-1941) [first Baron Baden-Powell of Gilwell- Founder of the Boy Scout Movement and Chief Scout of the World] taught the Scout Motto: “Be Prepared” in 1908. The year 1908, when an Asteroid exploded above the land of Siberia, as happened likewise, above Sodom and Gomorrah, centuries earlier. Some listened to Noah and trusted his advice, some joined Noah, and others built arks of their own. But those who rejected Noah’s warnings inevitably died, because they rejected the higher ground of knowledge and did not board the ark of wisdom.

The channelled message said to me… “I told Noah…” I thought the entire story including the character Noah was a fable; but the voice of silence told me that Noah was a real character and that only the story of two of every kind is fabled folklore; ah well throw a dice in the air…go figure… “Did Noah exist? Or was that just a fable too?” If Noah is a fable, where do the sounds of automatic silence come from? Psychology stay out of this, don’t give us your false knowledge subconscious crap.

Well Atheists back to you… “Where do all ideas come from?” ‘True Christians’ reject evolution, so they automatically believe in the two of every kind boarded the ark, “snakes alive, some idiot on that giant ark, likes reptiles, spiders, cockroaches, scorpions, pesky flies and mosquitos”-so Christian ideas are so blindly locked they will not answer satisfactorily the question…

“Where in the hell do all ideas come from?” mmm…do you think it is a bit hot right now? My feet are feeling warm…oh gosh whom is that character with the red fork? Whew…it’s Halloween.

Christians love Halloween, dressing up in Horror, Gothic, Ghost, Frankenstein, Blood lust Dracula, walking living dead Mummies and Zombies, supernatural, satanic outfits, including images of death, bogey creeps, evil and monsters and even loving pagan skulls. I wonder why, since they fear hell so much and want salvation?

Why didn’t Jesus wear a Halloween costume?

Is living Halloween being true to Jesus?

I had a dream one night and arrived at the ‘Pearly Gates’ and I saw a sign… “No Halloween Costumes allowed.” And I looked to the left there were truckloads of dark horror costumes being loaded onto a space ship for return to earth. And all the people walking through the gate were naked, it seems they died on Halloween. And I said to a guard at the gate, “How come you are admitting all of these naked people, since Naturism is deemed a sin on earth?” And he replied, “Adam and Eve were naked that’s God’s Plan. Clothes are not welcome here, everyone gets a fig leaf.” Then I suddenly woke up and thought, wow… “Should I go back to Christianity? This heaven sounds like a fun place,” and then daylight dawned on me as the sun poured through the window, “No!” I thought, “Up there I would freeze to death.” Space is a bloody cold place…out there somewhere. And hell below is bloody too hot! I think I shall wait until something beautiful happens.

Besides like a lot of people, I don’t like crowds and everybody, billions in fact, are all up there jam-packed, living in heaven-paradise, including 72 virgins for every martyred Muslim. I know because my naïve sister and so many others have told me that they look forward to meeting once again all of our deceased family members. I didn’t have the heart to say to them, “How do you know if all of our parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, cousins, aunties, uncles and our friends made it into heaven. What are you going to do for eternity, if you find out you are alone, and they didn’t make it and ended up in hell?”

“And what are you going to do, if you discover your family made it to heaven, but you were locked out and are trapped in hell? Oh my God, I thought, I was worshipping God and doing all of the right things, and now I find, I am separated from my family down here in hell. Is this justice?”

Vain are self-centred people that think they and their family are all going to heaven, whilst everyone else ends up in hell. It’s time to wake up world…the wisest thing a person can do is learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

I remember back in 2008, when I was an education bookstore retailer, a Christian lady 85 years old enthusiastically told me she is looking forward to meeting Jesus. She had been married and widowed three times. I asked her… “What are you going to do when you meet all your husbands?” She happily with a smile on her face answered, “Oh we will all be good friends.”

And now returning to reality, I advise teachers worldwide…The subject of Gaia and understanding of environmental protection must be a mandatory subject in every primary and high school. Like mathematics and communication skills, the older the student of ideality, the more detailed the knowledge tabled. The subject of Gaia should also interface with Evolution and Chaos Process, Prehistory, Archaeology, Natural History and Science and Astronomy- for Gaia is linked to the Cosmos. Learn the mythical history of Gaea and the James Lovelock original first expanded understanding of real Gaia.

To gain a comprehensive understanding, takes a lifetime commitment of reading a wide range of essential Gaia linked subjects. Part of learning philosophical intelligence, is the process of learning about Gaia and its interface with the Cosmos- past, present, and destiny. Don’t say you do not have time, you can have all your interesting activities, and still allow at least a half-hour educational reading time each day, as a mandatory activity. Getting started involves conscious disciplined effort, and then it becomes instinctive habit and will inevitably become essential learning pleasure.

Gaia subject is so vast in a wide range of things to learn and consider that volumes of books, research notes, and documentary films have been recorded. Don’t be a dimwit greenie- a fanatic who does not have common sense. Do become an emotionally calm pragmatic common sense thinking ‘Gaia Environmentalist’.

People with philosophical intelligence, will in the overview, at least travel from Gaia studies into the link of philosophical studies, to learn the interface of the big cosmic picture. Philosophy, Science, Astronomy, Cosmology, History, Prehistory, Gaia and Gardening studies, all compound into essential open-minded learning process, which is the path for learning philosophical intelligence, along with learning the way of Blue Light Essence. The expansion of philosophical intelligence within self, is a never-ending challenge.

There is no rulebook to learning P.I. nor should there be. The only tools you need are Cosmicism, open mind, belief in God of Creation (a spiritual guide, not Creator), or in Atheism (no God exists of any kind) strengthened by a constant pragmatic desire throughout your life to learn all that is learnable. Travel past essential survival skill knowledge, and philosophical intelligence shall expand within thee.

Agnosticism believes knowledge of ultimate cause is impossible, and for that reason P.I. rejects this agnostic fixed dogma thinking, because through science the day shall come when humankind can understand ‘ultimate cause’. Agnosticism serves only as a method for learning. One must always strive to gain an overview insight into all subjects. Help each other out, by exchanging knowledge and sources of information. Philosophical intelligence is the path for worldwide unity, there are no other better paths.

Learn P.I. and become a better smarter human being. Part of P.I. skills includes a lifetime commitment to upgrading communication skill, in harmony with one’s own character. There is no final truth and there is no final knowledge. The essence of Blue Light is cosmic reality, which is the umbrella and the link to all cosmic consciousness, both finite and infinite.

It is human nature to instinctively conquer environment and strive to improve security and quality of life. This nature is not evil, when the focus is with good intentions. But we can inadvertently commit acts of evil, through our own intellectual laziness and refusal to learn wisdom, and the better way from expanded insight. Starting with agriculture, expanding from primitive prehistory to modern 21st Century technology, we humans have partial ability to defeat natures will to control us. But this is only true, if we discard vanity and make the constant lifetime commitment to learn philosophical intelligence.

For 50,000 years, many civilizations have been destroyed, because they did not have philosophical intelligence. We now in the 21st Century exist in the beginning of a ‘Gaia Climax’ we are facing a potentially dangerous head-on collision. To survive we must change course and change the way we think. We have often-beat local nature, but the revenge of Gaia is now challenging us to a final battle. And the outcome of that final climatic natural cosmic battle on earth, may result in our own extinction, if we do not dump fixed dogma and emotional erratic political mentality. To survive we must change, adapt or perish. We must learn how to truly protect Gaia and thus protect our own existence. It is time for a real intellectual awakening. There is no other way. We do not need psychology, a misguided false knowledge system. We do need ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. Managers and social workers will be the best consultants when they learn P.I.

Global warming, climate change is a natural Gaia process, which has occurred many times over 4 billion earth years. But there is no doubt that our way of civilization and our pollution and destruction activities are adding fuel to the increased global warming impact. But our impact upon global warming is minor. The real impact caused by us, is the destruction of Gaia’s ecological reasonably balanced natural system. This destruction process has the power to terminate us mammals. We are starting to recognize some of the things, which need to be done. We must ignore the question are we starting too late? Simply focus on an all-out effort to fix our mistakes. Our eternal war cry must be… ‘Do the Right Thing!’

For those sceptics (skeptics U.S.), I am not critical of your scepticism, in fact I am thrilled that you are thinking and challenging ‘Blue Light Essence’. Better to be a sceptic than an apathetic drone. Real learning starts with scepticism, until we in our own mind are able to sort out the real and unreal, the truth and untruth, fact and fiction. Fixed dogma drones do not try to learn, their thinking and speaking becomes monotonous and often emotional, because they are indifferent and lazy intellectually, and consequently never develop good communication skills to sort out the real, the truth and the fact, from illusion and false knowledge. Drones are the slaves of the world. Con artist persons, marketing media, religions, cults, psychology, politicians and all types of dictators, easily manipulate drones. To never challenge any idea is to not think.

The world’s human population could be wiped out as easily as 20,000 Polynesians were eliminated on Easter Island approximately 500 years ago dating back from 2,000 C.E. Easter Island now a barren desert was once 1500 years ago an active sustainable environment populated with trees. The locals lived well in a rich fertile miniature world for over 800 years. Over 1,000 years from 500 C.E. to 1500 C.E. the trees were gradually consumed until the ‘Paradise Island’ became ‘Hell Island’, a barren wasteland. Easter Island’s miniature ecological system was destroyed, in much the same way larger territories are being destroyed around the globe. Now fanatical over reactive emotionalism is not going to solve the destruction of Gaia. The solution does not need illogical emotional politics. The solution requires calm pragmatic philosophical intelligence, working with scientists and highly skilled professionals. The last years of the Polynesians life on Easter Island, was tribal civil war between the clans, fighting to the death for food and other survival needs. They had no more trees to cut, no more wooden canoes to use for fishing. Thus fish food their main source became scarce. Rats and chickens vanished. Descendants wiped each other out. The fate of Easter Island could be a history repeats itself, on a larger global scale, if we do not change the way we think. I repeat everyone must learn philosophical intelligence, and become united on core survival issues, singing together, to one sheet of music. We must learn a higher cosmic ethic, a reality based ethics law, linked to cosmic law, which is superior to current legislated laws. We must change our attitudes and behaviour. We must all learn uninhibited open mind.

Easter Island Gradually Recovering in the 21st Century

The world’s population was only 2 billion, 100 years ago. Now in this early 21st Century C.E. it is 7 billion (7,000 million). Soon it will hit 12 billion, which is currently about the claimed maximum human population that Gaia can sustain. That is not to say Gaia cannot carry more. It simply says, we must upgrade quickly the way we think, and we must learn fast better methods- adapt or perish. We all owe our descendants the same opportunities we enjoyed- to do less is an act of dishonour and an act of treason.

Gaia planet Earth, can carry a 100 billion population of humans, but to survive humans need ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Don’t rely on ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Islam’ to care for ‘Gaia’…the ‘Islamic Belief System’ is more concerned with death and making it to imaginary non-existent ‘Paradise’ than protection of our planet.

Source: Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’

Anti-Freedom of Speech Socialism, the Greens, claim all this plastic rubbish is justification that bio-degradable plastic bags must be banned. During my life, I have never dumped one plastic bag on land or in the sea. Scumbags dumping rubbish are the culprits, they are the ones that must be hunted and fined as disgusting criminals, not the ‘plastic bag’. Given the bully totalitarian nature of the Greens, how do we know the truth? Greens could have dumped the rubbish, taken photographs to use emotional blackmail to manipulate people and politicians to submit to dictatorship. We can never trust totalitarian bully hoodlums, like the Greens. Those politicians who legislate totalitarian laws are gangsters against ‘Freedom Values’. We can never trust an anti-freedom of speech totalitarian Greenie.


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