We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

To all on Earth and on The International Space Station.


Best Wishes,

Allan & Jan Ivarsson 2019/2020/2021/2022


The Spirit of Christmas is no longer just a time of celebration for Christians only. It has evolved way past that celebration, into a time for all people of every belief system, religious and non-religious, to enjoy the caring spirit of sharing goodwill and peace with all men, women and children. Peace on Earth/Gaia and throughout the Universe begins with sharing kindness and ethical sincerity. Christmas is a month of peace which goes past the giving of material things to others. Material things are of this world, but the joy of sharing and caring is of the eternal Universe and transcends itself into Eternal Life for every altruistic living creature, human and non-human.

Sadly, through war and natural disasters the Spirit of Christmas has battled through hard and often tragic times, decade after decade, century after century. The essence of goodwill given to all life is greater in ‘Christmas Giving’ than all the material things in this world that we cannot take into ‘Eternal Life’. 

Enjoy the appreciation of giving and sharing gifts of the material world, but more than this, enjoy the love and peace of living in harmony with each other, not demanding, not taking, but instead being focused on the thrill of caring and being nice. Smile we are allowed too. It is called ‘Freedom of Expression’ in Speech, Choice and Equality. 


We know some religions reject the celebration of Christmas but that must change. As I said previously Christmas is no longer just a Christian thing. Christmas is an eternal spirit that encourages peace, love and kindness and for that goodness, we that truly care, shall always say thank you, because rich or poor, we are all one with God of Love and Peace that rejects all violence and cruelty and defends the right of every altruistic animal, human and non-human, to live free.

In Australia sadly Bushfires rage, floods rise, leaving a path of tragedy, material losses and sadly even loss of life. Material things come and go, but the strength and character of goodwill rises higher and the Spirit of Christmas prevails.

And so I say to all Irreligious, Atheists, Non-Religious, and to all Religious be you, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Bahai, Zoroastrian, Jew, Christian, Muslim or other. Enjoy the Spirit of Christmas from the 1st of December to New Year’s Eve the 31st of December, sharing love and peace.

Yes, I know, fanatical Muslim leaders are striving to ban Christmas because they childishly teach that Christmas is offensive. These illogical minds must be overruled, and their idiotic demands must always be rejected. And I call upon all smarter Muslims to enjoy the spirit of Christmas, sharing love and peace and goodwill to all.

We humans must change the way we think and not be afraid to share and enjoy the Spirit of Christmas, a time of goodwill for all life.

Allan Ivarsson 2019/2020/2021/2022


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Allan & Jan 1988


Jan and Allan Ivarsson standing on our back verandah NSW Australia 9th July 2021.

Allan and Jan Ivarsson August 6th 2022.

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