HIJAB – Superior Women?

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The wearing of the Hijab means that all women that wear the Hijab are superior to all women that do not wear it. This means that all women wearing a Hijab in Uniform Police Force, Navy and other Military positions are superior to all women in uniforms that do not wear a hijab in uniform. Many Idiot Politicians and Military leaders do not understand this truth.

To promote Islamic takeover of ‘Global Society’, women on ‘Hijab Day’ are encouraged to wear it to see what it is like to wear the Hijab. But Muslim women fail to tell them that in Islamic Nations women are forbidden to wear the Hijab if they are not Muslim. And Muslim Families around the world deem all women wearing the Hijab as being superior to non-Muslim women. Thus women who wear the Hijab in Uniforms are living true to the adage… “Liar, Liar Pants on Fire.”

Oppressive Head Covering.

It is a criminal offence not to wear the Hijab in Islamic Nations. If a woman even shows a hair on her head, she can be punished. The punishment varies in different Islamic Societies, but it includes arrest, prison sentence, flogging or a fine and it is worse if she is not wearing a hijab at all. It is a crime to exercise their right to choose what they can wear. The most oppressive countries are Saudi Arabia, Iran and Aceh a province of Indonesia. Choosing to not cover one’s head is ‘haram’ not permissible.

Politicians in the West that don’t recognize the danger of ‘Islamic Hijab Philosophy’ are intellectually inferior thinking people.

Any non-Muslim woman that wears a ‘Hijab’ on ‘Hijab Day’ is not very intelligent.

It is claimed in Islamic Doctrine that any woman that does not wear the ‘Hijab’ will experience ‘Hellfire’ in next life… that idea is a lie. It is just the opposite… all women who have a caring kind altruistic nature and do also when they choose… enjoy the freedom of wearing a Bikini, shall enjoy eternal life.

The lifestyle of women wearing the hijab is boring and oppressive.

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Before you start supporting the wearing of the Hijab and ‘Hijab Day’ read the following extracts (i) from a book, written by a Muslim whistle-blower, who is telling us the truth…if we don’t listen then we are fools… the detail source of the must-read book is below…

“I will explain how the Islamic hejab, or head-scarf, is closely linked to terrorism – how it can lead to the creation of non-tolerant individuals, distort the minds of Muslim children, and ultimately produce terrorists.”

“The veil/Islamic scarf for Muslims today represents the sign of superiority over the Western world. Muslims, including myself, when I was a strict follower of Islam, feel they are superior to non-Muslims, because the ladies of non-Muslims do not wear the Islamic scarf, or veil. This feeling of superiority stems from the fact that Muslim men can see the hair and parts of the body of Western ladies, while non-Muslims cannot see the hair of Muslim women!”

“The veil/Islamic scarf for Muslims today is a symbol of Islam and the superiority of Muslims. In their viewpoint, it is the main distinguishing feature between themselves and the “inferior” non-Muslims.”

“This feeling of the superiority of veiled Islamic women amongst Muslims, instills in them the idea that others are inferior, because their women don’t wear the veil. When the feeling of superiority is combined with the Quranic verses and Hadiths which justify killing non-Muslims, we have some of the seeds of terrorism in the Islamic world.”

“…the hejab of a Muslim mother causes her children to judge what is good or bad from a distorted viewpoint. For example, to a Muslim child living in a Western country, he would believe his mother is superior, or better, than his Jewish or Christian neighbours’ mothers, just because she wears the veil/scarf, regardless of their deeds. This distorted way of thinking makes a Muslim child judge people by what they wear and not by who they are or what they do.”

“Many cultures and religions may have head coverings for women, but it is not considered to be a sign of superiority over others. Thus, it does not generate problems.”

Dr. Tawfik Hamid 2005

(i) ‘The Roots of Jihad’ by Tawfik Hamid, a Muslim that has come forth in his book to warn us about Islam. The extracts are from Chapter 5 ‘The Hejab and Its Relationship to Terrorism’, published in 2005. Allan Ivarsson read this book in early 2007. It is an excellent, very informative must-read book.

I also recommend you read ‘Hamid’s other book titled ‘Inside Jihad’ published in 2008, which includes more insight about the ‘Oppression of Women’ and the Hijab in Chapter 3: The Failure of Islamic Societies. These two books should be in every person’s library, together with a copy of the Koran, to help them understand the dark side of fanatical ‘Islamic Doctrine’. Any Politicians that have not read these important books, should not be a leader in politics, because their ignorance about Islamic Beliefs, will lead them down the path of delivering constantly incompetent decisions and recommendations, which will threaten the wholesome wellbeing of a western countries ‘Freedom Values’.

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