Wake Up Australians.

“Throw the ASPI report into the garbage bin where it belongs.”

No, We are Not Quitting. We Shall Stop the Sell-Off. We are not Surrendering to ‘Communist Beijing’ Planned Take-Over of Australia. My name is Allan Ivarsson a Tough Aussie, and I am Fighting Back. The Sale of Australia Shall Be Stopped. Every Treasonous Politician Shall be Exposed and Sacked, with their name in mud forever. 2021

“Three Cheers for this Truthful Lady.”

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Matt Coughlan posted a news report, dated 22nd September 2021, titled ‘Warning on Australia – China iron ore trade’.

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/money/news/warning-on-australia-china-iron-ore-trade/ar-AAOFFdA?

News Flash… “msn has dumped this original link report true to their incompetent deceitful presentation within 8 hours after delivery. This posting behaviour is a disgraceful tactic proving that MSN has no honour and integrity. Allan Ivarsson 2021 “Cross swords with me and I will keep fighting and you will tremble.”

Latest version referencing Keating this time, simply confirms some of what was said earlier that…

“The Australian Strategic Policy Institute has released a report into the future of iron ore exports to China, warning they could be used as a pawn in a bitter diplomatic dispute.” (i a) The Changed article is an editor’s manoeuvre; but I am tabling what was originally said below.

But First… I just found another version of the original ideas tabled in the dumped msn report now mentioned in 7 news report. Some of the wording and sentences have been changed or deleted by 7 News version.

(i b) https://7news.com.au/travel/china/warning-on-australia-china-iron-ore-trade-c-4031834

“Australia has been urged to take China to the global trade umpire over coal export bans to reduce the chance of iron ore being used as a pawn in a bitter diplomatic dispute.” (i)

“The Australian Strategic Policy Institute released a report on Wednesday exploring the future of iron ore exports to China.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Throw the ASPI report into the garbage bin where it belongs. If that is the best advice, the ASPI can deliver then the ASPI is an incompetent, inferior thinking useless organisation.

The WTO is a toothless organisation. ‘Communist Beijing’ will not obey any instructions by the WTO, which immediately makes the WTO powerless. Any problems in trade with two countries, does not ever need an incompetent third-party involvement.

Xi Jinping Beijing and their Communist Comrades will follow their own agenda true to the dictatorship dark philosophy of Marxist Socialist Communism and has no intention of ever obeying instructions by other Nations if it does not suit their agenda commitments.

If Australian Politicians cannot comprehend this fact, they are not too bright.

Do not waste time listening to the weak-kneed ‘Australian Strategic Policy Institute’.

“In the event that an iron ore glut emerges over coming years, Australian miners could be susceptible to the same kind of discriminatory action that China has taken against Australian coal,” it says. (i)

A.I. comments… We already know that ASPI, it is philosophical common-sense. The smartest move is to stop selling our iron ore to ‘Communist Beijing’ and build our own Steel Industry stronger and use it for all of our Manufacturing Industry’s and for global export sales of steel to other Nations.

If Australian Politicians got off the inferior thinking bums and read my previous reports on iron ore and steel, they just might upgrade their intelligence and understanding.

Ban all trade with Communist China’ Imports and Exports until ‘Communist Beijing’ frees the Chinese people and allows them the right to rule themselves by Democratic Process as a true Republic that allows ‘Freedom of Speech’.

If Nations and its people do not have the courage to support the rights of the ‘Chinese People’ to live Free, then those people are not good decent caring people.

“Australia could make it more difficult for China to take such a step by taking action now against China over its ban on Australian coal.” (i)

A.I. comments… Where do these ASPI wimps come from? Communist Xi Jinping Beijing has been threatening Australia for the last 19 months. Communist Beijing is demanding Australia abandon its alliance with USA and UK and others. Xi Jinping has been sending its Navy close to Australia to make us feel more threatened by China so that we will submit to Communist Beijing Dictatorship. Xi Jinping reneged on our 2015 Free Trade Deal deliberately to economically hurt us in an effort to force us to be frightened enough to submit to their bully demands. Reject the ASPI.

“Report author David Uren argues World Trade Organisation rules being flouted by China are Australia’s best and only defence.”

A.I. comments… As I said previously the WTO is a toothless organisation and needs to be dismantled. Trade Negotiations are between two parties, and do not need a third-party moderator. Business is about the ‘Art of Negotiation’ between two people or two teams of people, it does not need moderators. The rule is simple… ‘Deal’ or ‘No Deal’.

“While Australia must choose its fights, there’s a strong case for the government to advance a complaint on coal,” he says. (i)

A.I. comments… I would not have any respect for any political person that runs crying like a baby to the WTO because of the way they were treated by ‘Communist Beijing’.

David Uren clearly is a wimp who could not fight his way out of a paper bag.

“It doesn’t involve a formal tariff but is pure discrimination against a single supplier nation.”

A.I. comments… We know this, David. So, what? Bullies like ‘Communist Beijing’ do not care. It is simple refuse to trade with ‘Communist Beijing’.

“Importantly, success before the WTO in a case over coal could act as a precedent for any similar discrimination against Australian iron ore.” (i)

A.I. comments… The more I read of David Uren thinking the more I recognize his incompetent weak thinking. This guy knows nothing about human nature, he knows nothing about Marxist Communist Doctrine, and he does not know how to fight. No wonder the ASPI is such a weak incompetent organisation.

Anyone with intelligence would not be frightened by a similar discrimination against iron ore. We don’t need this business, chasing iron ore trading with China is naïve and stupid. I have already written about this before. But the ASPI could not keep up with me if their life depended upon it.

“ASPI also warned against imposing a levy on iron ore sales to China to compensate for losses from punitive trade barriers, as suggested by government backbencher Matt Canavan.” (i)

A.I. comments… Only a naïve fool would try using a levy on iron ore sales. The solution is simple stop trading with ‘Communist Beijing’. Matt Canavan clearly does not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ but then neither does David Uren.

“The report says the move would make China move determined to punish Australia through finding alternative iron ore supplies.” (i)

A.I. comments… so now it is clear, Uren is afraid China will punish us for refusing to obey its dictatorship rules. Like I said Uren is a wimp. Xi Jinping Beijing is a desperate man he wants control of Taiwan and Australia. His time is running out. Stop trading with ‘Communist Beijing’.

“Australia has taken China to the WTO over tariffs on barley and wine.” (i)

A.I. comments… And the presentation whing by weak Australian Politicians achieved nothing. The WTO a toothless fairy failed to change ‘Communist Beijing Policy’. Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’ are still threatening us and will never apologize for their aggressive oppressive abuse tactics. Xi Jinping will not ever lose face and admit he is wrong.

Readers, I will not change my fight status against ‘Communist Beijing’ until all of the Chinese people are given back their freedom. The majority of 1.4 billion people want to live free, only 95 million people are ‘Communist Members’ the rest of the Chinese people are oppressed by Despot Dictatorship.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

My response to the ASPI

What’s so Funny Kookaburra?

The ASPI and those Politicians that believe their nonsense.

Click Here to Read.

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Transcript of Slide for those that wish to copy it…

Grow-up Australia dump China. We do not need Iron Ore Trade with China. Get some guts and learn to be once more 100% Self-Sufficient in both Primary and Secondary Industry.

When are we going to get some anti-Socialist leaders that think tough and are not afraid to fight for Self-Sufficiency and Military Strength and Population Immigration of people who treasure freedom values?

And when are we going to get rid of all our State Premiers and become one Federal Government a Republic ruled as One Nation?

We are all Australians one mixed race of great good people that are being bullied and harassed by a minority of coward activists. Use physical force take out these whining cowards. That is the only way to deal with any bully.

Get rid of the word ‘Premier’. We need State Leaders that obey Federal Regulations in Health, Education, Law and Order and Transport. One rule for all Australians. We are only 25 million people, even if we had one hundred million people why do we need State Systems in conflict with each other?

The female political leaders do not have any ‘balls’ but neither do the men. I am sick of uncaring political greedy cowards ruling our country.

And I am sick of coward violent demonstrators ruling our streets like wolves in a pack, only brave as a mob. Fight them all one on one in the boxing ring and 99% of them would run yellow-scared of taking a real beating in loss of blood with cuts and bruises on their faces.

We need ‘Political Boxing’ rings to force people to fight for their whinging ideas in the ring under Marquis of Queensbury rules. I am sick of yellow belly’s that should all be ‘White Feathered’.

We have a great Australian Flag, with an exciting history that struggled through tough times, defend that flag unto death. Make it a crime to burn the Australian Flag in a public place. The criminal charge is Arson.

Demonstrations on the streets is an abuse of ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege. There are volumes of ‘Freedom of Speech’ resources available for anyone that has the guts to get an advanced education in communication skills. We do not need streets blocked by demonstrations. As for all the violent idiots in Demonstrations, build a Prison in the Middle of the Desert of Australia and ship them all into that prison to do hard labour for Ten Years Building a Manufacturing City. If Les Vegas Gangsters can do it. So can we.

We have the water all we need is more dams and the guts to establish the use of cheaper Nuclear Energy cleaner power. As for coward ‘Climate Change’ panic fools walk over them. Challenge them all to a fair fight in the boxing ring. It is time to take out the wimps in the ‘Political Boxing Ring’.

Australians toughen up. The Communist Chinese are better trained, tougher and more disciplined and more educated than all the whining Aussies that would easily be wiped out in combat with Communist Chinese Troops.

Wake Up Australians get some calm intelligent guts.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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