“Make Australia Strong Again”

Rebuild Australian Dynamic Self-Sufficiency.

Trade only with ‘Free Nations’.

Import only what we do not have the ability to make at a higher standard.

Australia has an excellent range of good raw materials, minerals and ores.

Do not be negative there is not much that we cannot grow and manufacture.

We need to focus on strengthening our ‘Primary Industry’ and on building strong self-sufficient ‘Manufacturing Industries’. If other Nations can build their own military defence equipment, including Ships and Planes, why can’t we? And the answer is we can, if we have the courage, persistent determination, and the willpower to work hard committed to building a stronger Australia.

To win we need ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ backed by ‘Patriotic Spirit’.

Like I said… “Make Australia Strong Again”, true to the ANZAC Spirit.

Allan Ivarsson 2020



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