Australia’s Preference Voting System is worse than the US Cheat Electoral System

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“Get Off Me! I do not like your Preference.”

His survival hangs on ‘Preferential Voting’.

“Go back to only Primary Voting!”

“No preferences, one person, one vote value!”

Lew Carmichael

‘True Blue Aussie’

31st January 2022

Australia’s Preference Voting System is worse than the US Cheat Electoral System

Lew Carmichael and I Allan Ivarsson, have both opposed Australia’s deceitful ‘Preference Voting System’, for decades. But not until now as Seniors have, we been able to challenge publicly this insidious dishonest, manipulative voting preference system, which makes a mockery of Australian Democracy and truthfully denies the people of Australia the right to vote for an individual person with confidence.

The Internet and Social Media Invention has now given us the communication tools and made it possible for citizens to challenge and reject the ‘Preference Voting System’ which is in truth a disgraceful unscrupulous, treacherous, dishonest voting system.

When people vote for a politician, win or lose, they expect their vote to be assigned to that person and their linked Political Party, which includes those who have chosen to be independents.

When people vote for a Politician Independent or a Member of a Party, they have the right to expect their vote goes to the person they have chosen and cannot be transferred by political preference to someone they did not vote for.

Truth and Justice is only served in a ‘Good Honest Democracy’ when all the votes are counted in competition against each other and the elected person is awarded the seat they fairly by majority vote won.

The operative method of ‘Preference Voting’, is by decision an act of treason against the citizen who voted for a specific person.

Parties should win or lose by the number of votes they gain directly by peoples choices. They should not win or lose because of the use of additive preference voting, which can swing the decisions of the majority of the people by political opposition to their decision.

The Preference Voting System is not a truthful justice democracy and does betray the majority decision making thinking of the people.

‘Cosmic Law’ states…

  1. Thou shalt not use ‘Preference Voting System’ in a Democratic Voting System anywhere in the Universe.
  2. Thou shalt eliminate all ‘Preference Voting Systems’ in any societal environment.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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