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The Illusion of Climate Change Activism


Life can be like a mirage, if you are in the desert, feeling desperately thirsty, you may need water and in the end see a mirage that you believe is a solution to your urgent frustration and fear. Void of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and sense of inner peace and calm thinking, you kneel down reaching out to drink the water only to discover your belief system is sand.

Your thirst for help increases to panic, distress frightens you even more and you demand that imaginary God Creator helps you, but God does not answer your call. Your sense of despair grows stronger and hopelessness increases until suddenly you are awakened from your nightmare dream and discover your panic fear was an illusion and that you are home in bed. After experiencing a brief conscious dream state before finally waking up, you shake the non-existent dust from your mind, and have a drink of water to quench your thirst. Then armed with confidence you get up and do what you must now do.

‘Doomsday Climate Change Activism’ is like a mirage, confusing and misleading society into naively believing that humans, Governments and Corporations can control ‘Climate Change’ and can induce weather patterns and earth movements to stop their natural dangerous savage attacks upon us. Misleading themselves and society, falsely accusing politicians of being the culprits for creation of Climate Change… doomsday Socialist mentality demonstrates and harasses people with their false knowledge beliefs unable to comprehend that they are trying to drink sand because they refuse to learn ‘Climate Change’ facts as discovered by Science and as revealed by Pre-History, Ancient History, Medieval History and Modern History.

Those individuals and collective organisations that are thirsty for climate change solutions are like medieval witch hunts striving to put the blame on someone else because of their paranoid fear that they will become extinct by ‘Climate Change’ forces. They refuse to trust in God of Creation a spiritual guiding power, with no physical powers that understands the nature and character of the Universe and all of its dangerous life threatening activities. They refuse to learn ‘Cosmic Reality’ by learning what ‘True Science’ has learned and what the Planets three billion year plus history has taught us.

Those who drink the sand of ‘Doomsday Climate Activism’ shall surely perish in the negativity of their own panic misery. Those who reject ‘Climate Change Activism’ shall rise with ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ and learn higher intelligence which recognises the importance of ‘Gaia Management’ and the essential need for commitment to reduce poisonous gas ‘Pollution’ levels and destruction of environment and wildlife. Carbon Dioxide CO2 is a friend of Gaia and all life, without CO2 & Oxygen all life would perish. Carbon Monoxide CO is a poison. Learn to know the difference.

‘Gaia Management’ always urgent activities are far more important than ‘Climate Change Activism’. Good individual projects reject CO2 ‘Carbon Trading’ and recognise that ‘Gaia Management’ is the responsibility of every person, every society and every country on planet Gaia that which we homo sapiens call Earth.

A carbon footprint is a natural process of Gaia and should not be feared. Many ideas on the Internet are incorrect founded upon fear and panic. Don’t blindly believe what you read… stop and think about ideas cross check against proven path science and the known three billion years plus history of earth and the Universe. Do not allow yourself to be bullied by political socialist fanatics like incompetent ignorant ‘Climate Change Activists’.

There is no place for panic doomsday climate change activism. The future of all life, human and non-human needs ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ not ‘Optimism’, not hope, but commitment on a road of continuous improvement to persistently build a better society, a wiser world, void of fixed dogma founded upon pragmatic wisdom.

The light of proven path science and past history experiences, combined with common-sense wisdom, is the guiding solution to all our evolving problems. To the best of our individual ability and our collective teamwork we can in solidarity stand united in peace to solve the problems not only of humans and planet, but of all life forms and the cosmic dynamics of a friendly and unfriendly Universe.

There is no place for panic ‘Climate Change Activism’. The future of life needs ‘Gaia Management’ founded upon calm common-sense.

Don’t be bullied by ‘Carbon Footprint’ activism. Instead use environmental survival common-sense. For example… ‘Water Management’ is not about ‘Carbon Footprint’ reduction of use… it is about survival common-sense. And demands for population reduction? Who is going to play God and say who has the right to life and who does not? And the first rule of humanitarianism and altruistic caring is to protect and preserve life, not deliberately eliminate life to reduce so-called Carbon Footprint.

Never feel guilty for being a Carbon Footprint or for having children which creates more Carbon Footprints.

Based upon the fear of ‘Carbon Footprint’ activism, all animals use oxygen and breathe out CO2 Carbon Dioxide, therefore, to reduce the ‘Carbon Footprint’ on the planet, all animals should be driven into extinction to reduce CO2 ‘Carbon Footprint’. Wrong! We are fighting to protect and save wildlife not to wipe it out.

Dump ‘Climate Change’ Activism.

Dump ‘Carbon Footprint’ Activism.

Dump CO2 ‘Carbon Trading’.

Learn common-sense ‘Gaia Management’.

Focus on elimination of Poverty by phasing out ‘Totalitarian’ Political Governments and gradually replacing it with ‘Libertarian’ Democratic Political Governments, founded upon 100% Freedom Values, in Speech, Choice and Equality. Strengthened by the economics of Capitalism and Free Enterprise and Free Trading which uses the common-sense of protecting a Nations right to self-sufficiency.

Reduce Energy Costs by smarter methods. There is no place for renewable energy ‘Wind Power’ which kills thousands of birds and bats which are all important to the survival of ‘Gaia’.

Use renewable energy Solar Power with common-sense. Do not cover land and water with Solar Panels denying life the right to exist on land and in the water. As has been done by China and other countries.

Use Hydroelectricity, when able to finance in right locations.

Use Nuclear Power in wealthy responsibly behaved ‘Free Societies’. It may be expensive to start, but long term it is more economical and cleaner to use than fossil fuel power. It does require responsible safe management disciplines, which is why only developed Nations should use Nuclear Power.

Use ‘Fossil Fuel’ power and Solar Energy in undeveloped countries. Until theses Nations become free and politically responsible in management process.

Do not allow ‘Totalitarian’ Governments to own Nuclear Weapons or use Nuclear Power Energy Generation.

 Society must become smarter.

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This is not a Mirage.

It is a good Carbon Footprint.


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