‘High Treason’ by Australians who betrayed Australia.

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Whitsunday Island

Australians will be banned from visiting ‘Communist’ controlled Australian Islands, only Chinese Tourists will be allowed. Views of Whitsunday Island.

Seaplanes and Boats will be denied entry to the Islands if they are transporting Australians. Only ‘Chinese Tourists’ will be allowed.

Whitsunday Island

Keswick Island

Keswick Island

‘High Treason’ by Australians who betrayed Australia.

In China ‘High Treason’ would be enforced by the ‘Death Penalty’.

Charlotte Karp posted a serious concern for Australians for the Daily Mail Australia dated 1st December 2020, titled… “Chinese company who bought up an idyllic Australian island ‘tries to stop Aussies from even setting FOOT there’ and keep it exclusively for Asian tourists.” (i)

(i) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9003357/Whitsundays-island-bought-Chinese-developers.html?

Allan Ivarsson comments… The subject unfolds into a complex nightmare of ‘High Treason’ activity that sinks deep into quicksand issues, which makes the survival of Australia as a country now on the ‘High Level’ Dangerous List’ of invasion takeover by ‘Communist China’ within, approved by Gangster Xi Jinping.

This treatise paper just scratches the surface of a complex serious need for investigation by the ‘Federal Australian Government’, into the thinking and behaviour of the ‘Queensland State Government’ and ‘Real Estate Organisations’ and in the agenda of ‘Communist China’ interface, takeover plans.

It is too deep for just one ‘Treatise’ paper, but this is the start of a hunt for the truth and the culprits that have truthfully betrayed Australians need to be identified. These creeps clearly acted on self-interest greed and such betrayal is not acceptable behaviour and must not be tolerated.

Further north is the Whitsunday Islands referenced by the Daily Mail report, but to the South of these islands we start with Keswick Island.

We open with an awareness that ‘China Bloom’ bought a 99-year lease to a portion of Keswick Island, 34km north-east Mackay in central east Queensland in 2019.

How did this disgraceful situation occur? Where are the ‘Patriotic True Australians’ that put Australia first before greed. Where is the accountability to stop acts of ‘High Treason’.

We are beginning to open up a ‘Pandora Box’ of disturbing thinking and behaviour, but the bottom-line reflects from the water, surrounding the Island, a message of hot and cold betrayal that must be stopped.

“Wealthy Chinese developers lording over an idyllic island on the Great Barrier Reef are trying to stop Australians from setting foot on the slice of paradise, locals claim.” (i)

“Helpless residents have also been forced to endure ongoing restrictions at the hands of the international group, claiming it has become ‘property of the Chinese Communist Party’.” (i)

Australian Locals have been denied access to Public Beaches and Parks enforced by the ‘Chinese Communist Party’ as instructed by Gangster Xi Jinping.

“The company has banned boats from accessing the public ramp, denied them access to the air strip and has attempted to stop them using the beach – with locals claiming it is being kept exclusively for rich Chinese tourists.” (i)

A couple were evicted from their rental home with just three days’ notice. This bully eviction was approved by the Queensland Government. How do I know this is true… ‘Silence is Approval’, the Queensland Government did nothing and said nothing, and allowed ‘Communist China’ to gain control of an Australian Island.

Ms. Willis and her partner Robert Lee were shocked when they were given three days to vacate their rental property in February, despite having lived there without a problem for six years.” (i)

It seems like someone in the Queensland Government needs to be charged with ‘High Treason’ for allowing ‘Communist Chinese takeover of Australian Land.

“I just don’t think they want Australians on the island. I think that they want to have this island solely for the use of the Chinese tourism market, former resident Julie Willis told ‘A Current Affair’. (i)

“The couple then went to buy a home, but the company demanded they pay an extortionate $100,000 as a security deposit to fix any damages to the house.” (i)

“Ms. Willis said the solar panels needed replacing but claimed the cost would be ‘nowhere near’ the amount the company asked for.” (i)

“I think they’re trying to deter us from buying the property,” she said. “They don’t want us here.” (i)

“We’re just little Aussie battlers,” Mr Lee added. (i)

A.I. comments… This incident bad experience for an Aussie couple, proves that the ‘Chinese Communist Party’ company is striving to oppress Australia by invasion takeover from within. The Companies decision making process proves that this company is an enemy of Australia and is by their dictatorship behaviour, guilty of ‘High Treason’ against Australia, and the owners of the company should be arrested and permanently expelled from Australia.

It is a criminal offence to deny Australians free access movement on all public lands. The owners of the ‘Communist Chinese Company’ China Bloom’ should be arrested and charged with ‘High Treason’. It is an outrage behaviour encouraged by Gangster Xi Jinping.

There is only one solution, Australia must close ‘China Bloom’ down and expel this company permanently from Australia. And when Xi Jinping spits his dummy, tell this coward to shut up, as we Australians will not tolerate his Gangster Style Dictatorship.

But the invasion blockade by ‘Communist China’ is not just happening on Keswick Island, it is also happening on ‘Whitsundays Island’. The Whitsundays is 80 per cent National Park and the remainder 20 per cent is now owned by ‘China Bloom’. How was this dictatorship Communist Takeover allowed to happen? This enemy of Australians needs investigation, someone is guilty of ‘High Treason’ against Australia.

“While the breathtaking Whitsundays oasis is 80 per cent National Park, the Chinese Company controls the remaining 20 per cent and has used its power to padlock all access points to the otherwise government-owned park. (i) This blockade tactic by ‘Communist China’ is an act of ‘High Treason’ against Australia.

“A spokesperson for the Queensland Department of Resources told the program (A Current Affair) that the issues should be resolved privately between the head lessee and residents.” (i)

A.I. comments… Privately? The head lessee is a dictator. The Queensland Department of Resources does not care about that issue of concern.

“The Department’s responsibility is to work with both the head lessee ‘China Bloom’ and sublessees to ensure all relevant activities are in accordance with the terms of the lease, particularly as ‘China Bloom’ works to upgrade the island’s roads, boat ramps, jetties and marine infrastructure,” it said. (i)

“The majority of the issues raised by a small number of sublessees do not fall under the terms of the lease and are a commercial matter between them and the head lessee to resolve.” (i)

“It also said no one has made a formal application for mediation or arbitration to the department.” (i)

A.I. comments… What this incompetent inferior thinking spokesperson really said in negligent silence, (unfortunately I don’t know their name), “I follow Bureaucracy guidelines, I am not responsible for being concerned by the actions of ‘China Bloom’ who is accountable to the ‘Communist Chinese Party’. I am not a caring patriot who shares concern with what is happening. The sublessees, residents are on their own. It’s not my problem.”

‘China Blooms’ upgrade expenditure of roads, boat ramps, jetties and marine infrastructure is not being done for the benefit of Australians. It is being done for the benefit of wealthy Chinese Tourists. And the only wealthy Chinese will be Communists.

This spokesperson should be sacked for reasons of negligence for failing to raise the flag of concern for the wholesome well being of Australian Citizens. Most Aussies are ordinary average citizens, Aussie Battlers, that don’t have the money to engage in legal fights to protect their basic rights to a fair deal in renting and buying of property. And nor should citizens have to fight for the right to move freely void of blockades in public areas, including parks and beaches.

It is not a commercial matter between the residents and the head lessee, ‘China Bloom’, when the head lessee is misusing their power to tyrannize the region and deny Australians freedom of movement by choosing to be racially prejudiced against Australians, choosing instead to make all territory controlled by ‘China Bloom’ only available to wealthy Chinese Tourists.

The Queensland State Government should be charged with ‘High Treason’ against Australia for allowing a ‘Chinese Communist Party’ Company to gain control of Australian Property.

Annastacia Palaszczuk Premier of Queensland since 2015, is directly accountable for allowing a ‘Chinese Communist Party’ company to gain ownership control of Australian Property, which is subsequently, using its authoritarian agenda to oppress Aussies and deny them freedom of movement on the islands. The failure of the Premier to protect Australians rights is an act of ‘High Treason’.

It is a criminal act to allow a ‘Totalitarian’ country like ‘Communist China’ to gain ownership of Australian Land and property by lease or purchase. There is no place for the agenda rule of ‘Totalitarianism’ in Australia.

“Signs welcoming guests to Keswick Island are still up, but locals are concerned about the array of other signs appearing around public areas, including the pristine beaches of Basil Bay, warning residents to ‘keep out’. (i)

A.I. comments… In other words, Communist China is taking control of Keswick Island whilst the Australian Federal Government and the Queensland Government submit to their dictatorship agenda plans to gain control of the Islands, which in a military conflict will serve as military bases against Australians. Many of our Politicians are an intellectually dumb breed void of caring common-sense patriotic concern.

China Bloom’s Australian agent is called Greaton Holdings, which is responsible for a number of elaborate constructions projects across the country, including Sydney’s Darling Harbour.” (i)

A.I. comments… How far does this Communist infiltration spread around Australia? It looks like the security of our country is in danger and that a complete investigation of all companies with ‘Communist Chinese’ interface needs a detailed investigation.

“Other Queensland islands controlled by Chinese companies include St Bees, Lindeman, South Molle and Daydream Island.” (i)

A.I. comments… What this extended insight means and no doubt more concerns exist, is that Xi Jinping President of the People’s Republic of China since 2013, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission since 2012, and General Secretary of the Communist Chinese Party since 2012, has been deliberately financing Chinese Companies to infiltrate Australia as part of his agenda strategy to gain ownership control of all key land and water locations to allow ‘Communist China’ to easily invade our Nation and take control of our country.

“As far as I know, there have been no tourists since September last year,” said Rayna Asbury, who has owned a home on the island for 15 years.” (i)

“Ms. Asbury also said the first line of the head lease agreement between the Queensland Government and ‘China Bloom’ states that Keswick Island is for tourism.” (i)

A.I. comments… Clearly this first line of the head lease agreement is not being respected and honoured by ‘China Bloom’ because of the anti-Australian decisions this ‘Chinese Communist Party’ has been making and enforcing. It makes me wonder… surely our Queensland Politicians are not that ignorant of what China is doing? Or are some creeps receiving graft to look the other way? Where is ASIO? Are they doing their job of protecting Australian Security or is ASIO asleep?

Ms. Asbury: “At the end of the day, we are all law abiding citizens, we all want to do the right thing, and that’s all we are asking for on this island – for everybody to be doing the right thing.” (i)

“We want to make a home here, we want to buy our piece of Australia, and China is making it very hard.” (i)

“Ms. Asbury added that it ‘feels like Keswick Island has become the property of the ‘Chinese Communist Party’.” (i)

A.I. comments… Keswick Island has become the property of the ‘Chinese Communist Party’. And the idiot ‘Labor Party Queensland Government’ has allowed it much to the chagrin of the Australian people.

It is time for the Federal Government to start looking more closely at what ‘Chinese Communist Party’ Companies are doing in Australia and it is time to come down hard on Premiers of States that are allowing Chinese Communist Invasion of Australia.

It has been reported that Homeowners have been banned from renting properties to tourists on holidays by ‘China Bloom’, thereby killing tourism. Thus ‘Communist China’ rules sections of Australia. And if Politicians are not concerned about this dictatorship takeover trend, then those political persons are not worth a damn as Australians and are by their disinterested negligence, enemies of all ‘True Blue Australians’.

Flashback to Project Development Plans for Keswick Island in Queensland.

Lin Tan reporter for ‘Financial Review’ tables brief information titled, ‘Greaton buys Keswick Island in Queensland’. The report was dated May 1, 2019. (ii)

(ii) https://www.afr.com/property/commercial/greaton-buys-keswick-island-in-queensland-20190501-p51iz9

Of course, the question needing further investigation is how does the Australian Government have the authority to buy and sell Australian Islands which belong to the Australian people? And who is Greaton? What is their connection to the ‘Chinese Communist Party’ controlled by Xi Jinping? Why are we allowing ‘Communist China’ to gain ownership control of Australian land? What enemy Politicians in our Australian Governments, Federal and State has allowed Xi Jinping to gain control of sections of Australian Property?

The overview details in the report follow…

“Adelaide-based developer and investor Greaton has acquired Queensland’s Keswick Island, as the group continues to diversify its portfolio from apartments to hotel resorts.” (ii)

“While the price is confidential, the island was listed for sale at just under $20 million.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Australian property prices must not ever be confidential; it is a betrayal of the rights of the Australian people to be denied public knowledge of the price of Australian Land which is being sold to investor developers. When houses are sold by real estate agents the people know the market price paid. What gives developers of Australian Islands special privilege that the sale price of Islands can be kept secret? This price is public information, and no one has the right to sell the Islands without public knowledge and approval of the people. The Queensland State Government has clearly betrayed all Australians.

The report states, “Keswick Island has sold.” It does not mention that it was sold to the ‘Chinese Communist Party’ under the leadership of Xi Jinping.

“The island on the southern end of the – Whitsunday islands, which has been on the market since 2016, was sold by Keswick Developments, led by Edward Dawson-Damer, a former equerry to Queen Elizabeth and a family friend to the royal family.” (ii)

A.I. comments… It looks like that the British were involved and had no sense of conscience that this Australian land was being sold to Xi Jinping leader of the ‘Chinese Communist Party’. We clearly cannot trust Britain to do the right thing by Australians. British involvement in this sale suggests more betrayal behaviour by the British.

The Queensland government has approved the sale of the island which involves the transfer of the lease of the island to Greaton until 2096. The island has permits for a 177-hectare residential and tourism resort redevelopment.” (ii)

Allan Ivarsson continues to comment… This statement proves that the Queensland Government betrayed Australia by selling the Island to the control of Xi Jinping leader of the ‘Chinese Communist Party’. The lease expires in 2096, but we would be stupid if we believed it will return to ownership control by Australians. The ‘Chinese Communist Party’ has no intention of ever returning ownership of the Island to Australia.

“The mixed-use zoning on the subtropical island can accommodate 1000 dwellings and 3,000 people.” (ii)

A.I. comments… But as we have seen previously, this Island is not available for use by ordinary Australian tourists, it has been reserved for use by only wealthy Communist Chinese tourists. Discrimination against average Australians now exists. The sale of the Island to ‘Communist China’ via ‘China Bloom’ is definitely an act of ‘High Treason’.

Gradually all Australians currently on the Island are being manipulated by blockades, being forced to leave the Island and this action has been approved by the Labor Queensland Government lead by traitor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

The investigation of Greaton Holdings is now mandatory. What is their link in deals to the People’s Republic of China?

“Greaton will also have a 25-hectare seabed lease for a 180-berth marina and deep-water jetty.” (ii)

“Altogether, the island is 517 hectares with 400 hectares of national park.” (ii)

“It is understood Greaton has plans to give the island a complete facelift, turning it into a tourism hotspot. The company has plans to turn it into the “best destination” in the Whitsundays.” (ii)

“Sources say the cost of redeveloping the island could amount to about $500 to $600 million.” (ii)

“The sale of the island drew strong interest from Chinese developers and buyers due to their ability to harness strong Chinese tourism numbers and make an island resort profitable.” (ii)

Greaton, which is quickly expanding its property footprint across Australia, started out as an apartment developer in Adelaide and is now developing the $730 million Ribbon hotel mixed-use project in Sydney’s Darling Harbour.” (ii)

Colliers International’s Steam Leung brokered the sale of Keswick.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Now we have an overview picture of agenda activity since 2019. One thing that has come out in the open is that sale of the island and development ambitions is not being done for the enjoyment sharing of the average Australian worker. It is being done for the wealthy class and the average Australian will be denied access to the Island. Discrimination against all Australians is also on the agenda. Because the island is being designed for the benefit of the ‘Wealthy Chinese Communist Tourists’. Even the average Chinese battler, like the average Aussie battlers will be denied the right to a reasonable cost holiday on this island.

The biggest most serious concern during all development investment projects is the fact that Xi Jinping and the People’s Republic of China has investment ownership of Australian land and property, which increases ‘Communist Chinese’ takeover of Australia, in preparation for final invasion conquest.

It is clear that ‘Greed’ is in action and that all the players involved in these project development investments do not care about what is right for Australian Security, they only care about what satisfies their mission to grow richer. And if it means that to become richer, they must go to bed with ‘Communist China’, they will do it happily. They have no respect for patriotic loyalty and clearly neither does the Labor Queensland Government, because they approved the ‘Communist invasion land grab’.

So now ahead of us… we Aussies must investigate around Australia and amongst our Islands who is working with the ‘Communist Chinese’ to sell of our country to potential enemy ownership.

The following organisations now need investigation…

China Bloom

Greaton Holdings.

Colliers International’s Steam Leung.

Keswick Developments

Landbridge Group.

Goldwin Australia based in Beijing refer treatise by Allan Ivarsson June 24th, 2020 titled ‘Communist China’ is grabbing more control of Australian development through profit investment in building of ‘Wind Farms’.

And all Chinese Companies that are linked to Xi Jinping ‘Communist China’.

In October 2015, the Chinese-owned Landbridge Group won the bid for a lease of Port Darwin. The then Country Liberal-controlled Northern Territory Government granted the company a 99-year lease for A$506 million.” (iii) (Internet information)

A.I. comments… Thus in 2015 we gave ‘Communist China’ a critical advantage in the event of a ‘Communist War Invasion’ from the North. So there we have it, the Liberal State Government in Northern Territory is equally as irresponsible and stupid as the Queensland Labor State Government, both state governments gave ‘Communist China’ the opportunity to gain more ownership control of Australian land, waterways and property and Xi Jinping is smiling at our stupidity. Communist China would not have ever made that mistake in their country, because ‘Communism’ specializes in invasion, their history since 1949 Mao proves that fact. Idiot Politicians sold sections of Australia for just a few million dollars, a give-away-deal for ‘Communist China’.

It is time for ASIO to do its job and investigate every ‘Communist Chinese’ company operating in Australia and talk to Federal Government, not incompetent State Governments.

It should be remembered that idiot Socialist Daniel Andrews Premier of Victoria did an Irresponsible ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ Deal with China in May 2020.

Trust the leadership of State Governments? Their intelligence history is not very good, they too often suffer from incompetent thinking and wrong decision-making activities.

Xi Jinping, you started a ‘Cold War’ with Australia, now you have to face me, I will fight your bully gangster oppression all the way, with no surrender.

I am the World’s Number One ‘Cosmic Philosopher’, and I am Jinping, now your worst nightmare. There shall be no peace until the People’s Republic of China sacks you from your position of authority.

As for ‘Global Times’ your propaganda deceit is targeted, we are enemies because I hate liars, and your news is founded upon lies and bully threats. Your media projectile is a disgrace, founded upon dishonour. And deserves nothing but contempt.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

Warning: Never underestimate Allan Ivarsson, he has a history of fifty years of fighting on the streets and in the Executive World and in the Courts, he has never lost a fight and he never walks away from battle until he has won. He uses the most advanced intelligence in the world, it is called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and Albert Einstein is the only other man of the Twentieth Century that had P.I.

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