Cosmic Law on ‘Preference Voting’ & Protection of ‘Freedom Values’

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Cosmic Law on ‘Preference Voting’ & Protection of ‘Freedom Values’

Reality Based Ethics, using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ reveals that a Democracy that uses ‘Preference Voting’ is not a ‘True Democracy’ and is a Manipulated Democracy. To correct this serious flaw in Australian Democracy the process of ‘Preference Voting’ must be outlawed.

Justice in voting is only true when a persons vote assigns the goal of supporting a specific designated person by election vote. That persons vote must not be passed forward to someone else when that individual was not selected at voting time.

‘Preference Voting’ is a corruption of Democratic Voting and consequently is an unjust unethical process.

When people vote for a politician, win or lose, they expect their vote to be assigned to that person and their linked Political Party, which includes those who have chosen to be independents.

When people vote for a Politician Independent or a Member of a Party, they have the right to expect their vote goes to the person they have chosen and cannot be transferred by political preference to someone they did not vote for.

Truth and Justice is only served in a ‘Good Honest Democracy’ when all the votes are counted in competition against each other and the elected person is awarded the seat they fairly by majority vote won.

In reality the operative method of ‘Preference Voting’, is by decision an act of treason against the citizen who voted for a specific person.

Parties should win or lose by the number of votes they gain directly by peoples choices. They should not win or lose because of the use of additive preference voting, which can swing the decisions of the majority of the people by political opposition to their decision.

The Preference Voting System is not a truthful justice democracy and does betray the majority decision thinking of the people.

Ideally the winner gains more than 50% of the peoples votes. But in Australia with so many Independents Groups, it must be understood that the winner of the voting system is the Party with the highest number of votes (void of Preference Voting System) even if the highest number of votes is lower than 50% of the population. Simple truthful voting reality. The highest percentage of votes wins, truthful to the decision by the people.

‘Cosmic Law’ states…

1. Thou shalt not use ‘Preference Voting System’ in a Democratic Voting System anywhere in the Universe.

2. Thou shalt eliminate all ‘Preference Voting Systems’ in any societal environment.

3. Thou shalt remember that there is no such thing as a perfect democratic system and that true democratic freedom only exits in a country when totalitarian ideologies have been outlawed like anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ and anti-freedom ‘Marxist Socialist Communism Ideology’ and anti-freedom ‘Fascist Ideas’ and anti-freedom of speech, ‘Blasphemy Law’. Even ‘Freedom Values’ needs policy rules to protect and preserve the human right to live free. Every Constitution in the Free World needs an Amendment Number ‘Outlawing all Anti-Freedom Ideology Belief Systems’ to stop infiltration takeover of Anti-Freedom Doctrine.

4. Thou shalt ensure that in an election system that one candidate vote is competing against others only for one controlling party seat in a fair defined electoral division district location.

5. Thou shalt not allow any party in power the right to alter district geographical regions without joint approval of all registered parliament parties, that exist within a district. In other words, Thou shalt not move geographical boundaries without joint approval of all registered parliament parties within an electoral district.

6. Thou shalt ensure that all Electoral Boundary Changes are also approved by State and Federal Government.

7. Thou shalt ensure that the Senate continues as a safety security check to watch ‘The House of Representatives’ and ensure all proposed bills of legislation protect and preserve ‘Freedom Values’ and the rights of the people to live with ‘Truth, Justice and the Right Way’.

8. Thou shalt not allow Gerrymandering.

9. Thou shalt not be concerned about wasted vote effect.

10. Thou shalt not be concerned with ‘donkey votes’ and ‘blank votes’ by people that choose not to vote officially for whatever reasons. [They have passed forward their responsibility to others to decide on voting choice. Consequently, they must live with the consequences true to Karma of failing to vote.]

11. Thou shalt not worry about Tactical Voting. It is natural human nature forever we continue to exist void of extinction, to vote according to our feelings and convictions. Some voters may make their decisions based upon what they think, others will vote for populism… that is their freedom right and their call to decide who they want to vote for.

12. Thou shalt be aware that when more than two parties are competing to be voted in… that it is common-sense that the majority winning vote may not be proportionate to the wishes of the majority of the people when the people are all focused on different individual party selections.

13. Thou shalt understand that FPTP (First-Past-The-Post) Voting is the only suitable system to be used in a Democracy where large population numbers exist in excess of more than Twenty Million People.

14. Thou shalt understand that FPTP Voting is simpler and easy for the majority of the people. And is more accurate in justice counting process that represents the majority of the winning vote counting.

15. Thou shalt understand that collective counting ‘Preference Counting’ does corrupt the voting decision of the people by unjustly rolling increased votes forward which the elected victor did not receive as a direct vote by the people. The classic example of corrupt ‘Preference Counting’ is used in Australia in both the House of Representatives and The Senate voting count process. Such a corrupt system needs to be removed from Australian Election process and this shall become even more urgently needed as the population of Australians increases past fifty million people.

16. Thou shalt recognize that a democratic system in China with a population of over one billion people would only work using an FPTP Voting system, to ensure integrity in electoral voting.

17. Thou shalt understand it is fair and just if the winner of the most number of votes in a FPTP voting process does not add up to more than 50% of votes when three or more registered votes are competing against each other for a one vote one seat majority win.

18. Thou shalt understand that democracy used in Authoritarian/Totalitarian Nations is not true democracy because the voting process for the people is only for one form of oppression or another and does not give them true ‘Freedom Values’ in Speech, Choice and Equality and thus fair dinkum truth, justice and the right way.

19. Thou shalt ensure that the Constitution in every Nation serves to protect and preserve the rights of the people to live ‘Free’ in Speech, Choice and Equality in a Pro-Democracy Society, District, State and Federal Nation.

20. Thou shalt ensure that the Constitution does not allow any Fixed Dogma Belief System, Philosophical, Political, Religious, or Other to dictate legislated laws.

21. Thou shalt ensure the Constitution always serves the people to live free in separation of state from religion.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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