Australian Incompetent Greens Leader Adam Bandt thinking is dangerously wrong

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Australian Incompetent Greens Leader Adam Bandt thinking is dangerously wrong


Political reporter Melissa Clarke posted on the 7th, February 2022 the following title subject, ‘Greens set climate terms for backing Labor in the case of a hung parliament after 2022 election.’ (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments…Truth and Justice is only served in a ‘Good Honest Democracy’ when all the votes are counted in competition against each other and the elected person is awarded the seat they fairly by majority vote won.” (ii)

“When people vote for a Politician Independent or a Member of a Party, they have the right to expect their vote goes to the person they have chosen and cannot be transferred by political preference to someone they did not vote for.” (ii)

“The operative method of ‘Preference Voting’, is by decision an act of treason against the citizen who voted for a specific person.” (i)

“Parties should win or lose by the number of votes they gain directly by peoples choices. They should not win or lose because of the use of additive preference voting, which can swing the decisions of the majority of the people by political opposition to their decision.” (ii)

“The Preference Voting System is not a truthful justice democracy and does betray the majority decision making thinking of the people.” (ii)


The Greens would demand an immediate moratorium on new coal, oil and gas projects in return for supporting Labor, if the federal election leads to a hung parliament.” (i)

A.I. comments… This means because of our undemocratic ‘Preference Voting System’ the Greens can corrupt the power of Labor who were not voted in by the majority of the people. It is better to have a hung Parliament than a corrupt Parliament controlled by the manipulative dictatorship of the Greens.

“With the election due before the end of May, Greens Leader Adam Bandt is seeking to set the terms of potential negotiations, should his party hold the balance of power in either the House of representatives or the Senate.” (i)

A.I. comments… A Coalition of Labor and the Greens means that the Labor party can easily be corrupted by the Socialist Greens and thus is no longer a ‘Workers Party’ as it once was decades ago, before it became Marxist Socialist by uniting with the dictatorship mentality of the insidious Greens. Thus, by power hungry stupidity the Labor Party betrayed the ‘Working Class People’ by going to bed with the incompetent Greens.

Sadly, until the Labor Party has the courage to become once more a ‘Working Class People’ Party, Labor cannot ever be trusted. The Labor Party must have the courage to divorce the Greens permanently to win back its recognition as a ‘Workers Party’.

By going to bed with the Greens the Labor Party leaders have demonstrated that they are more interested in greed for power and money then in doing the right thing by the people.

The dictatorship tactics of the Greens must not ever be tolerated. And only ignorant incompetent wimps will vote for the Greens.

“The Coalition [Liberals-National Coalition Parties # share similar philosophies and policies] has referred to the prospect of the Greens influencing Labor policy in its efforts to convince voters not to trust the ALP on climate policy.” (i)

# The Liberal Party of Australia and the National Party of Australia are the Coalition and the National Party was previously known as the Country Party and the National Country Party.

The Australian Labor Party decision to become a coalition with the Australian Greens reveals that the Labor Party has dumped the ‘Workers’and chosen to become a Marxist Socialist Party in Coalition with the Greens, which is the transition path of supporting anti-freedom Communist takeover of Australia. Proof of this Socialist Labor Dictatorship Mentality exists in the Authoritarian mentality of Victorian State Premier Daniel Andrews, whose policy and decision-making process is representative of anti-freedom Gangsterism.

For the Greens, a moratorium on new coal, oil and gas developments is a significantly weaker climate position than their policy platform, which calls for a rapid phase-out of fossil fuels.” (i)

A.I. comments… this softening of their climate position policy, reveals that the Greens are desperate to win back support from the Australian people and in recent years have been losing control of their objectives due to the increasing disenchantment of the ‘Greens Policy’ caused by their ridiculous ‘Climate Change’ objectives void of common-sense understanding.

The Greens do not have any understanding of ‘Gaia Management’ and why its procedural principles are essential to survival of the planet. They should be wiser and forget about ‘Climate Change’ and focus on ‘Pollution Management’ and protection of environment and wildlife and marine life.

If you want to reduce CO2 levels, dump ‘Electric Vehicles’ and focus on developing existing CO2 technology to convert all engines from petroleum/diesel to use of clean energy fuel called CO2 gas.

Not one Politician around the globe has recognised the important technology of CO2 Clean Energy. Allan Ivarsson is more alert than all of the current politicians in the world during this last two decades of the early 21st Century.

Do not waste trillions of dollars Taxpayers money on ‘Carbon Trading’ which is only serving to help make greedy people richer. And is not changing the CO2 environment around the globe.

China, India and Russia have no intension of striving to lower emissions, which proves that Australian Politicians including the Greens, are naïve fruit loops thinking that Australians will make a difference to global emissions reduction. All that the Zero Net Target is doing for Australia is helping Australians to live poorer by enduring more expensive cost of living and higher rates of unemployment.

“They [The Greens] envisage a moratorium be put in place while more extensive negotiations take place about climate action.” (i)

A.I. comments… In other words, the Greens are desperate to recover political power and will temporarily walk soft to win back naïve support of ignorant people that cannot comprehend the ‘Totalitarian’ character of the Greens desperate to gain controlling power over the people of Australia.

We want a pause on coal and gas while talking. It’s a pretty reasonable position,” Mr. Bandt said. (i)

A.I. comments… No, it is not a reasonable position, it is a manipulative ‘con’ tactic to lower the guard of naïve people so that ‘The Greens’ can buy time to regroup and gain the authoritative power they need to increase the pressure to topple gas, oil and coal mining in Australia. In other words, wipe out all ‘Fossil Fuel’ use in Australia without any concern for the disastrous economic harm to our economy that such industrial tactics would inflict upon the Australian workers.

The ‘con’ argument by Bandt continues when he said, “It’s not even about existing coal and gas projects, we’re just saying don’t open up new ones.” (i) He left out of his comments his thinking we need to buy time to forcibly shut down all ‘Fossil Fuel’ manufacture in Australia. Bandt failed to mention that the Greens do not care that it will hurt the economic survival of the Australian people. And that the Greens do not care if China, India and Russia become stronger than us because they refuse to reduce emissions and are committed to using ‘Fossil Fuels’. Such is the political strategic deceit of Bandt.

“We have differences of views about how quickly we should get out of existing coal and gas, but everyone can surely agree that we shouldn’t open up new coal and gas projects.” (i)

A.I. comments… No Bandt, we cannot agree whilst China, India and Russia refuse to eliminate use of fossil fuels. Our failure to use fossil fuels is counterproductive to the thinking of China, India and Russia. Using fossil fuels their economy is growing stronger whilst Australian economy is growing weaker. We would be stupid to become subservient to larger population nations. And remember Communist Beijing is focused on China becoming the number one Superpower to rule Earth and Space and refuses to eliminate use of fossil fuel.

Bandt, you are a mouse when it comes to dealing with Xi Jinping. Communist Chinese Beijing Intelligence has been watching me for four years and Xi Jinping is offended by my attacks against him. What have you publicly written about Xi Jinping? I would like to read it. So far, I have not read anything that you have written attacking Beijing’s insistence on continuing to use fossil fuels. Like I said Bandt… you are a mouse.

“The ALP has promised to set targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 43 per cent by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050. However, the Greens want a 75 per cent reduction by 2030 and to hit net zero emissions by 2035.” (i) The Morrison Liberal Party set the net zero emissions target to be achieved by 2050.

A.I. comments… These net zero emission objectives are destroying the Australian economy and are stopping Australia from becoming a stronger self-sufficient Nation. China is beating us because Communist China is using fossil fuel to rapidly make its self-sufficient economy and military force stronger.

The Australian Labor Party and the Australian Coalition Liberal-Nationals and the Greens are all focused by erroneous strategy on the economic weakening of Australia and the refusal to focus on making Australia Stronger again by building Manufacturing and Food Production that is 100% Self-Sufficient.

In short, nearly every politician in Federal and State Governments in the current political teams are incompetent and their wrong thinking is destructive of Australia’s potential quality of life wholesome wellbeing. The Gates of Australia are currently wide-open for the invasion takeover of Communist China without firing a shot. We Australians have become stupid by our ignorance and negligence. We have failed like cowards to close down all trade import and export with Communist China.

“The Greens have promised not to block Labor’s efforts to legislate more substantive climate action, instead vowing to work with the ALP in the lead up to the next international climate talks in Egypt in November.(i)

A.I. comments… Here we go again the Merry-go-round of false knowledge ‘Climate Action’ talks continues to meet and talk about emissions reduction and renewable energy misguided ideas, including the building of more ‘Wind Farms’ on Land and Sea which are destructive of environment. Meanwhile, the cleaning up of pollution of rubbish on land and sea which is a far more important concern than dreaming false knowledge climate action ideas is being neglected.

The growth of collective ‘Nuclear Weapons’ threatening a war creating a ‘Nuclear Winter’ which can lead all mammals including homo sapiens into extinction is a far more serious concern than trying to control climate change.

The ‘Slave Trade’ around the globe still cruelly thrives and the Greens say nothing about that. These fools would rather fight ‘Climate’ than care about the thriving cruelty of the ‘Slave Trade’ and ‘Child Brides’ which must be stopped.

The creation of Electric Cars is not going to reduce CO2, it will strengthen its existence. The future of society needs to use CO2 Clean Energy on all Engines to replace the use of petroleum and diesel but politicians including the Greens are not smart enough to make that existent technology objective priority one.

Anyone who thinks humans can control ‘Climate Change’ is an idiot and that is provable fact.

The Greens objective true to their totalitarian mentality is to force the Labor Party to make a radical Green style stand on climate policy. The Labor Party desperate to gain power will submit to the dictatorship demands of the incompetent ignorant Greens.

If Labor established an aggressive ‘Climate Change’ Policy as guided by the demands of the Greens then the Labor Party must be denied the right to lead Australia in government.

The Greens Strategy will destroy the ‘Self-Sufficiency’ of Australia and the economic strength of Australia and will give Communist Beijing the increased opportunity to invade Australia without firing a shot. And Xi Jinping would open up more coal mines and gas flow to strengthen China’s needs. End Game: Climate Action dumped by Superpower Communist China.

The Greens are an intellectually backward inferior thinking party.

Bandt said… “With everyone from the International Energy Agency to the United Nations saying there must be no new coal and gas projects, this temporary freeze is a modest demand that no sensible government could reasonably refuse.” (i)

A.I. comments… Bandt is not tabling the truth. Not everyone is saying no more coal and gas projects. China, India and Russia are rejecting such objectives and Africa needs coal and gas to upgrade its economic survival. Bandt has a half-baked mentality, which is why his thinking is persistently incompetent. Bandts remark… “no sensible government could reasonably refuse” is thus implying that China, India and Russia are not sensible governments. The truth is the Green mentality in Australia is encouraging Australian decisions on ‘Climate Action’ to make a not sensible Australian government, true to Bandt wishes.

It is reported that… “The Labor Party supports new gas exploration and development and has previously said the development of new coal mines would be decided by market economics.” (i)

“The ALP recently backflipped on its opposition to the federal government backing a new gas-fired plant in the Hunter Valley, instead promising to switch it to run on clean hydrogen power instead.” (i)

A.I. comments… To be continued… investigation of ‘Hydrogen Power’…

February Note 2022 Federal Status of Greens

The Greens hold only one seat in the House of Representatives, with other independents and minor parties also having the potential to negotiate a power-sharing agreement with the major parties in the event of a hung parliament.” (i)

“The Greens have more sway in the Senate, where they currently hold a block of nine seats.” (i)

A.I. comments… Some Australians need to become smarter and stop voting for the incompetent Greens. The Labor Party needs to divorce itself from the Greens and Socialist belief system mentality and return to its original value standards of being a ‘Workers Party’.

The World needs to dump ‘Climate Action’ and focus on ‘Gaia Management’ which includes elimination of ‘Pollution’ and destruction of ‘Environment and Wildlife’ and ‘Marine Life’ and elimination of all ‘Rubbish’ drifting on land and sea.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

The following information came from the excellent IPA REVIEW published article written by Professor Ian Plimer Australia’s best-known geologist, and Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne. I am proudly a member of the highly skilled, very intelligent Australian organisation founded in 1943 called ‘Institute of Public Affairs Ltd (IPA). I recommend all Aussies to become a member of the IPA and this association of amazing alert knowledge team of executives that pass forward essential knowledge and understanding. To become a member contact… Email or Fax (03) 9602 4989 or Phone (03) 9600 4744 Located Level 2, 410 Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000.

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I recommend buying Ian Plimer’s book as advertised below…

Allan Ivarsson 2022

To Read more… Read the below book by Ian Plimer…

Quotes by Ian Plimer 2021

“The dash to renewables is the biggest financial scam in history.”

Electric vehicles are toys for rich virtue-signally city residents.”

Quote by A.I…

Politicians have not displayed the ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to comprehend the wrong thinking lack of common-sense intelligence in their support action of submitting to the demands of ‘Greens’ and ‘Climate Change’ Activists.

These ignorant politicians have failed to comprehend that ‘Climate Change’ Activism is not saving our planet, it is doing the opposite destroying our planet.

People who Panic invite their own self-destruction. It is called Karma result/consequence of wrong thinking, often founded upon lack of ‘Emotional Intelligence’.

Allan Ivarsson 2022

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