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This ‘Koran Surah/Chapters…  Which clearly verify Muhammad’s Belief that the ‘Earth is Flat’ online presentation was Published in 2017 Paperback book ‘Flat Earth’ printed in colour on quality paper, by BLUE LIGHT PUBLICATIONS. It is also available in Electronic Kindle book.

I have also included a new 2020 introduction about Volcanoes & ‘Apes’.

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Muhammad knew about Earthquakes and Volcanoes because they exist in Saudi Arabia, though they are infrequent in their tremors that is seismic activity. 

He referenced their existence in Qur’an 99:1 & 2. “When the Earth is shaken to her (utmost) convulsion, And the Earth throws up her burdens (from within).” The point of this message is that Muhammad only recorded what he knew in the Qur’an. If it was recorded, which later proved by science to be untrue, Muhammad never knew about his error. He recorded the earth as ‘Flat’ not realising that other earlier ancient civilisations had identified that the earth was round. This significant mistake by Muhammad proved that he wrote the Qur’an and that it was not dictated to him by Allah. Because Allah all-knowing would never have made that mistake. This treatise contains more evidence that Muhammad lied, he dictated the Qur’an, they are his words and are not the words of Allah.


A Volcano in Costa Rica Central America.

Muhammad did not know that America North, South and Central existed.

Evolution 007

Muhammad did not know that Baboons are intelligent. 

Muhammad wrote in the Qur’an 7:166… “When in their insolence they transgressed (all) prohibitions, We said to them: “Be you apes, despised and rejected.” He repeated these ape words again in Surah 2:65 warning those who rejected the Sabbath. Thus Muhammad believed apes had inferior intelligence, but in reality apes have lived free whilst humans chose to wrongly enslave their own species. Islam approves of slavery because Muhammad had slaves and saw no wrong in denying others the right to live free.

Muhammad proved he hated ‘Apes’ & ‘Pigs’ when he said in the Qur’an 5:60“those he (Allah) transformed into apes and swine.” I doubt that Muhammad when he dictated this verse meant that Allah physically transformed those who rejected Islamic Doctrine into apes and swine. I believe he was reckless in his choice of words and simply meant that those who reject God, will experience the wrath of God and thus will in intelligence level decline to the level of thinking that exists in apes and swine, which Muhammad deemed as being unclean like dogs. But despite this careless choice of words, it is clear that Muhammad did not believe that apes had intelligence and thus by his ignorance and lack of understanding of animals, he foolishly underestimated the intelligence of animals which he hated. This reality proves that Muhammad dictated the Qur’an. Allah would never have made such a mistake. A God who knows all would never dictate wrong ideas, such as the wrong thinking records that exist in the Koran, the Bible and the Torah. It is easy to prove that wrong thinking ideas do exist in so-called holy books.

The problem is that Muhammad was wrong. Many apes have higher level intelligence and are a lot smarter than some human intelligence, because they live free and reject slavery and the habit of war, and whilst some apes choose individuality others choose team spirit thinking in the collective of their community. Just because we cannot communicate with apes in their language does not mean they are not intelligent. Dogs and Dolphins have often proven they understand human communication, and many are altruistic and loyal. The vanity of humans in past history often underestimate the intelligence level of non-human animals. And Muhammad made that same mistake. 

Muhammad Lied…

Koran Surah/Chapters

 Which clearly verify Muhammad’s Belief that the ‘Earth is Flat’

As stated previously, given that it is ‘Blasphemy’ punishable by death to criticise or reject the Qur’an deemed as being perfect and infallible, it becomes clear that the ‘Earth is Flat’ and that Science is lying and that all Photographs proving the earth is round are ‘Photoshop Conspiracy’ images created by dishonest Astronomers. Are you convinced by this argument? No? I agree, we that know the earth is imperfect round, are automatically guilty of ‘Blasphemy’ and by ‘Islamic Sharia Law’ must be sentenced to death. This ‘Death Penalty’ also applies to every left thinking unbeliever, ‘Western Politician’ and every ‘CEO’ and every Journalist and all ‘Professors of University’ that accepts and tolerates ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Islam’ and still recognises the truth that the earth is in fact imperfect round.

Blasphemy poster 011 2017 image 011

And now what the ‘Qur’an’ says…

88:17-20 Al-Ghashiyah -The Overwelming Event

“Let them reflect on the camels, and how they were created; the heaven, how it was raised on high; the mountains, how they were set down; the earth, how it was levelled flat.” [N.J. Dawood translation 1956]

17 Do they not look at the Camels, how they are made? –18 And at the Sky, how it is raised high? – 19 And at the Mountains, how they are fixed firm? –20 And at the earth, how it is spread out? [Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation 2005]

“Do they not then look at the camel, how it is created? And at the heaven, how it is raised high? And at the mountains, how they are set up? And at the earth, how it is spread out?” [Maulawi Sher Ali translation 1955 & 1997]

A.I. comments: When Muhammad dictated these Koran texts he had no knowledge of now existent proven path science and was completely ignorant about how the earth including mountains were created. He was credible during the 7th Century, because everyone living in his territory incorrectly believed the earth was flat. They never saw the earlier ‘Greek Belief’ that the earth was indeed round, not flat. As history reveals, even Christianity suffered from the same ignorance.

Since Allah/God is supposed to have truthful knowledge and knows all… it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Allah did not dictate the Qur’an. Muhammad wrote the Koran by dictating to others his teachings falsely claiming they were the words of Allah. A true knowledgeable God/Allah would never have made such a mistake. If God/Allah was the great creator which all Abrahamic Creeds claim is true then such a God/Allah would have known that he created a round earth, not a flat earth. This fact alone proves that the ‘Koran Texts’ are not the work of Allah but is in fact a false knowledge book invented by deceitful Muhammad, who later became obsessed with sexual lust and chose to become a Paedophile when he married a little six-year-old girl. Again, true to his deceit ‘Paedophile Muhammad’ inserted a text in the Koran (65:5), falsely claiming it was the words of Allah, when in fact he tabled the text to justify his own sexual depravity and lust for a little girl. Muhammad behaved like some disgraceful Christian Priests that cannot control their sexual abuse of little children.

The Qur’an/Koran is not the perfect word of Allah and is indeed beyond all doubt a very fallible book and that reality is absolute fact.

The very foundation and creation of ‘Polygynous Islam’ is founded upon deceit in much the same way ‘Polygynous Mormonism’ was founded upon deceit by the invention of the false knowledge book called… ‘The Book of Mormon’ written by liar Joseph Smith, conceived in 1823.

79:27-33 Al-Nazi ‘At -The Soul-Snatchers (Those Who Tear Out)

“Are you harder to create than the heaven which He has built? He raised it high and fashioned it, giving darkness to its night and brightness to its day. After that He spread the earth, and, drawing water from its depth, brought forth its pastures. He set down the mountains, for you and for your cattle to delight in.” [N.J. Dawood translation 1956]

27 What! Are you the more difficult to create or the heaven (above)? (God) has constructed it: 28 On high has He raised its canopy, and He has given it order and perfection. 29 Its night does he endow with darkness and its splendour does He bring out (with light). 30 And the earth, moreover, has He extended (to a wide expanse); 31 He draws out therefrom its moisture and its pasture; 32 And the mountains has he firmly fixed; 33 For use and convenience to you and your cattle.” [Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation 2005]

“Are you harder to create or the heaven that He has built? He has raised the height thereof and made it perfect. And He has made its night dark and has brought forth the morn thereof; And the earth, along with it, He spread forth. He produced therefrom its water and its pasture; And the mountains, He made them firm. All this is a provision for you and for your cattle.” [Maulawi Sher Ali translation 1955 & 1997]

The words “spread the earth” “extended to a wide expanse” “spread forth” “the earth how it is spread out” all mean belief in the existence of a ‘flat earth’.

A.I. comments: This was Muhammad’s unscientific attempt to describe Allah’s creation. Muhammad had no understanding of the natural evolution process and had no understanding as to what caused night and day. Muhammad did not know that the earth revolved around the sun spinning every 24 hours on its axis. He did not know that mountains are not firmly fixed and are experiencing gradual movement change and sudden change over thousands of years. Muhammad did not know that Dinosaurs had roamed the earth before the evolution of cattle for approximately at least 180 million years. Muhammad also used the word ‘He’ [Allah] in text not ‘I’ which proved that Allah did not dictate the Koran texts, they were invented by Muhammad. But sadly ‘True Muslims’ are not yet smart enough to figure this reality out. And that is fact…no matter how many people are childishly offended by my remarks.

15:19 Al-Hijr -The Rocky Tract

“We have spread out the earth and set upon it immovable mountains. We have planted it with every seasonable fruit, thus providing sustenance for man and beast.” [N.J. Dawood translation 1956]

19 And the earth We have spread out (like a carpet); set thereon mountains firm and immovable; and produced therein all kinds of things in due balance.” [Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation 2005]

“And the earth have We spread out and set therein firm mountains and caused everything to grow therein in proper proportion.” [Maulawi Sher Ali translation 1955 & 1997]

50:7 Qaf

“We spread out the earth and set upon it immovable mountains. We brought forth in it all kinds of delectable plants.” [N.J. Dawood translation 1956]

“And the earth- We have spread it out and set thereon mountains standing firm and produced therein every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs).” [Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation 2005]

“And the earth- We have spread it out and placed therein firm mountains; and We have made to grow therein every kind of beautiful species.” [Maulawi Sher Ali translation 1955 & 1997]

 Muhammad was not that alert; there were a lot of things that existed on round earth that he did not identify in the Koran. If Allah had written the Koran, being the perfect creator, he would have tabled this knowledge. But since Allah did not write the Koran there was no mention of other things that existed. Muhammad just went around in circles, often quoting similar text ideas in different Surah’s- he was really limited in his knowledge of things. What can we expect? After all Muhammad was just an ignorant poor goat herder that married an older wealthy woman and became a successful ‘Toyboy’. After her death, Muhammad climbed up the ladder even further, to become a successful ‘Paedophile’.

Muhammad did not know that far away a vast continent existed from North to South, which centuries later became known as America.

The following foods all products that were native to South America were unknown throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia during the Middle Ages. It was not until after Christopher Columbus discovered the American continent in 1492 that these other food supplies were found and began being exported to Europe.

The Potato originating in the Andes Mountains was exported to Europe about the time of 1570. The tomato likewise was exported either by Spanish Hernan Cortes (1485-1547) Spanish explorer or perhaps earlier by Italian Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), probably by Cortes.

Other products from South America which Muhammad never knew existed were…

Beans, Cacao- chocolate, Corn/maize, Peanuts, Hot chilli peppers, Capsicums sweet and hot, Pineapple, Squash/marrow, zucchini, pumpkin, Turkey and Vanilla.

Muhammad was not as knowledgeable as he claimed when he said the Koran was perfect and infallible. He did not know science, he did not recognise that the earth was round not flat, and didn’t know about the existence of the Americas and all the wonders these continents contained. In short: Muhammad was not as knowledgeable as he claimed when he tabled the Koran as being the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Allah.

51:47-48 Al-Dhariyat -The Winds That Scatter

“We built the heaven with Our might, giving it a vast expanse and stretched the earth beneath it. Gracious is He who spread it out. And all things we made in pairs, so that you may give thought.” [N.J. Dawood translation 1956]

47 With power and skill did We construct the Firmament: for it is We Who create the vastness of Space. 48 And We have spread out the (spacious) earth: how excellently We do spread out!” [Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation 2005]

“And We have built the heaven with Our own hands and verily We have vast powers. And the earth We have spread out and how excellently do We prepare things!” [Maulawi Sher Ali translation 1955 & 1997]

91:5 Al-Shams The Sun

“By the heaven and Him that built it; by the earth and Him that spread it;[N.J. Dawood translation 1956]

5 By the Firmament and its (wonderful) structure; 6 By the Earth and its (wide) expanse:[Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation 2005]

“And by the heaven and its making, And by the earth and its spreading out,[Maulawi Sher Ali translation 1955 & 1997]

Thus, evidence abounds in the Koran itself that the world is flat not round. How could Allah get this wrong? Allah did not…because the Koran words are not Allah’s words… they are in fact the words of the deceitful false prophet called Muhammad- the not very perfect one.

The Book of Mormon was written in far better communication presentation than the jumbled wandering/repetitious Koran. Even though both books are ‘False Knowledge Nonsense’ -the weak communication skills of Muhammad is glaringly obvious in his dictatorship to his scribes.

There is no doubt that the dictator and scribes of the Koran believed that the earth was flat- so much for a book that is supposed to be accurate and perfect.

And Dhimmi Christian and Jewish Western Leaders do approve of the ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Totalitarian Islamic Invasion’ of the ‘Western World’ -such is their stupidity and inferior thinking cowardly nature.

Note: The Muslim word ‘Dahaha’ –a verb: means spreading out, extending, making flat. This is the correct meaning.

 The apologetic false interpretation is ‘Egg-shaped’. But it does not mean egg-shaped as some dishonest Muslims are now claiming desperately to save the credibility of the clearly inaccurate very fallible Qur’an.

 Muhammad did not table the notion, idea that the earth was egg-shaped in the Koran, because he truly believed that the earth was flat, as did most people during his time of existence, including Christians and Barbarians as far north as Scandinavia.

It never ceases to amaze me how ‘Jihad Muslims’ will go to great detailed propaganda lengths to sell the phoney idea that the Koran was more advanced than other races and creeds, and that the Koran did indicate that the earth was a sphere and did revolve around the sun.

In fact, the Ancient Greeks were further ahead in their understanding of Astronomy and the reality about earth and the sun, than the ‘Dark Ages’/ ‘Middle Ages’, the later broadly being between the last Roman emperor in 476 C.E. to the Italian Renaissance and the fall of Constantinople in 1453 C.E. The ‘Dark Ages’ is a suggested period range from the late 5th Century to approximately 1,000 C.E. the period of no enlightenment, which included the existence time of Muhammad the author of the Koran during the 7th Century. Because of the ‘Dark Ages’ period it can be suggested that the ‘Middle Ages’ started in approximately 1,000 C.E. when the ‘Dark Ages’ ended. However, this analogy is not correct…the following is a better timeline view.

The fall of the ‘Ancients’ began around 150 C.E. as Rome gradually lost control of its empire being replaced by uncultured barbaric uneducated hordes of invaders. In the centuries ahead moving into the late 7th Century of the ‘Dark Ages’ the battle between Christianity and Islam would rise in conflict. And Anti-Semitic attacks would be pushed even further by Christianity and Islam against Judaism, even whilst Christianity and Islam cruelly fought each other for the right to dominate over a region.

The terms ‘Dark Ages’ and ‘Middle Ages’ are almost synonymous with each other. The ‘Rough Cut’ period after the fall of Rome in 476 C.E. to 1453 C.E. can be satisfactorily Time-lined as being 500-1500 C.E. The coined name ‘Dark Ages’ by Italian Scholar Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch) is a misleading term and the correct term should simply be called the ‘Middle Ages’. Whilst the ‘Dark Age’ term originally meant the ‘period of lack of quality in Latin literature’ it evolved through other historians to mean a believed lack of culture and advancement in Europe and the Middle East. It was the age of decline in art and literature.

I believe what made the ‘Middle Ages’ locked in with being a valid above subtitle ‘Dark Age’ period was more about the negative backward dogmatic thinking of the ‘Abrahamic Creeds’ which is true of both Christianity and Islam. It was only when science once more began to assert itself, in much the same way as Greek thinkers had done centuries earlier that the end of the ‘Dark Ages’ became a reality and religion was forced to accept the expansion of science, even when that needed tolerance was often very intolerant and abusive, founded upon absolute fixed dogma.

Religious superstition was cruelly existent during the ‘Dark Ages’ and was very oppressive being anti-freedom of speech and choice. In addition, ‘Totalitarian Feudalism’ ruled society and the ‘Christian Catholic Church’ was so institutionalised that anyone that challenged its teachings and authority was persecuted, tortured, imprisoned and often killed brutally. This was extremely evident through the belief system thinking and evil behaviour of the ‘Christian Inquisition’.

During this ‘Dark Age’ period disease and famine was a frequent event. And numerous violent conflicts were fought- one of the most famous being the Christian Crusades against Islam between 1095 to 1291 C.E., which in a sense extended the ‘Dark Age’ period, in places. And the worst ‘Black Death’ bubonic plague killed an estimated guess of 100-200 million people around 1347-1350 C.E.

Education and writing skills were limited to the few Scholars which gave Church Leaders great dictatorial power over the uneducated superstitious people.

The ‘Dark Ages’ in other words, the ‘Middle Ages’ that which was ‘Medieval Times’ in Britain, came gradually to an end around circa 1500 C.E. as the ‘Age of Discovery’ and ‘New Enlightenment’ evolved.

Even then, many religious superstitions and ‘Christian Inquisition’ thinking travelled into the ‘New World’ America even during the 1600’s, hence the death of ‘Dark Age’ mentality was for many a slow decline- old ideas were slow to vanish, as they were passed down to new uneducated generations, suffering from fixed dogma syndrome.

Remnants of ‘Christian Inquisition’ thinking and behaviour didn’t die in some parts of the World until roughly around 1860. But that is another deep timeline history.

When you look at the brilliant history of Ancient Astronomers, Geographers and Mathematicians it becomes clear that they were all far smarter than ‘Paedophile Muhammad’ the ignorant vain goat herder, whose only claim to fame is the creation of the false knowledge fallible book the Qur’an and the invention of an ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Totalitarian Bully Gangster Creed’ called Islam, founded upon deceit and violence towards all unbelievers and all persons deemed not Muslim enough.

Truly Muhammad was indeed very fallible in his thinking and was not perfect at all.


Logistics about Planet Earth/Gaia…

 The ‘Blue Planet’…The ‘Blue Marble’

Current Age of Planet is 4.54 Billion Years.

The Planets rotation causes it to bulge at the equator. That reality and other impacts deny Earth the right to become a perfect sphere.

Circumference of Earth at the Equator… 24, 902 miles… 40,075 kilometres.

Circumference of Earth at the Poles… 24,859.82 miles… 40,008 kilometres.

Diameter at the Equator… 7,926 miles… 12,756 kilometres.

Diameter from Poles to Poles… 7,900 miles… 12,720 kilometres.


7.046 Billion (2012)

7.177 Billion (2013)

7.244 Billion (2014)

7.300 Billion (2015)

7.500 Billion (2016)

World Forecast

9.000 Billion (2050)

11.200 Billion (2100)





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