American Keri Vellis makes a difference for Children

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This year, on the first day of my Anniversary of my Website, I start with the important reflection of the global need to reach out and help children as best we can, wherever we live.

Inspired by a video presentation by Keri Vellis, we begin our quest for building a better kinder free world for all children, void of all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’. And ‘Child Abuse’ is a form of ‘Totalitarianism’.

I have included images, lest the video vanishes as will all videos in due course, and there are many records which belong in history books and must not ever be lost so that future generations can understand reality.

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American Keri Vellis makes a difference for Children


Keri Vellis Author of Important Children’s Books. 

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It is not easy in an increasing complex world which is too often living dangerously with wrong thinking ideas and misguided fixed dogma ‘Belief Systems’, to help children learn a better more wholesome way to enjoy inner peace and feel good about themselves, when they have been victims of child abuse and abandonment.

Insecurity and unhappiness reaches into children’s minds when they have become victims of neglect and abuse. It is a bad start for children to start their life enduring and suffering such injustice, which they did not deserve.

Every child has the eternal human right to live free with inner peace, feeling happy and secure, knowing they are loved and that the people, parents or guardians do care about their wholesome wellbeing and are committed to always help them grow up feeling reasonably comfortable about themselves, feeling safe, secure and encouraged to learn and grow wisely, backed by a good freedom valued education that gives all children inspiration and courage to learn as much as is possible in their preparation years, until they become a good adult that values manners, sense of decency, integrity and kindness, founded upon codes of strength, honour and chivalry.

Keri Vellis an experienced pre-school teacher starts at the important beginning stage of inspiration and comfort encouragement, reaching out to help young children in foster care, who are victims of child abuse and neglect, revealing by story insight to help children understand that their past bad unhappy experiences is not their fault.

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Keri strives to encourage all children that they should not feel shame because of the negligence imposed upon them by others.

Keri Vellis children’s books help children feel secure and learn that everything will be okay. Such philosophical simple inspirational messages as tabled in Keri’s books helps children understand that everything will get better.

Her children’s specialist subject books give children a sense of ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ in simple reflections which inspires confidence to help children live free with inner peace.

Of course as the cynics will recognise not all children will be reached, but whilst sadly that may be true, the reality of truth is that if we don’t try to help children, we don’t do and if we don’t do, we are negligent in our caring concern for the wholesome wellbeing of children.

Keri’s mission is a good start to reach all children in need. This is a great step forward, but this commitment must move forward for thousands of years to come, where every society is committed to the protection and care of all children, which gives them freedom to live, backed by codes of decency, void of any form of ‘Totalitarianism’.

I have known many women in past years who have been victims of child abuse, including sexual abuse and though they recovered and lived reasonably happy lives, the scars in their memories never go away and psychology has never been able to help them become free of such bad experience memories. What has helped them create happy lives as adults is the enjoyment of good trustworthy friends be, they male, female or both that supports them and accepts them as good friends void of judgement and distrust.

Such encouragement of learning a sense of safety, inner peace and confidence begins ideally in childhood and that is what Keri Vellis is valiantly striving to achieve. And thus we should say thank you Keri for striving to make a difference.

Allan Ivarsson © 2019

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