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No Name on the Bullet


Have you ever watched the 1959 Western Movie “No Name on the Bullet”? It is not a traditional romantic stylized Western film.

This drama film could be called by many a ‘Psychological Thriller’. Which means it is arising in the mind as a mental or emotional state of a person. The thinking of the citizens in this fictional story is founded upon unjustified fear. True enough many characters suffer from a lack of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and lack inner peace, some motived by guilt for wrong things they have done to others, and some because of paranoia fear of what will happen, even when that fear is founded upon incorrect thinking.

The function of feeling, awareness and motivation may be correct or incorrect, but it is not a psychological response, it is a philosophical response. The film is a ‘Philosophical Thriller’. A story in which the characters facing the threat of a Gunfighters skills have the wrong philosophical thinking. In short, their belief system is negative and lacks the inner peace calm of a self-confident person with a ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ that never allows depression or negative thinking to impose its dark thinking upon their eternal commitment to always do the best they can, void of panic and uncontrolled fear. It is natural for people to feel fear, but a calm person with ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ controls that fear and never backs down from always striving to do the right thing by every decent person.

Thus the film is not a ‘Psychological Thriller’ it is a ‘Philosophical Thriller’. It is about a philosophical conflict within each human mind. The Gunfighter understood the emotional weaknesses of the mind and allowed them, the players, to self-destruct, founded upon their own lack of good character in their beliefs.

The point of this paper is that we must all change the way we think. It is our ‘Belief System’ not our ‘Psychological Thinking’ that is the reason for all of our thinking and behaviour. Our collective natural herd instinct often misguides our beliefs and leads us down a path of making erroneous conclusions and thus wrong decisions, sadly often made by our own naïve beliefs.

Inexperience in life is our personal enemy and this is also applicable to any subject in which we lack good expertise.

Psychology is riddle with erroneous ideas. Philosophy is also riddled with erroneous ideas.

The difference is that ‘Psychology’ is founded upon the false knowledge belief that the subconscious is the reason for our thinking and behaviour. Whereas ‘Philosophy’ stays focused on the conscious mind and ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ focuses on the question of “What is our Belief System?” When we know a person’s belief system, we can quickly understand the reason for their thinking and behaviour.

Our ‘Belief System’, structured or not structured, fixed dogma or open mind, dynamic or comfort zone founded, negative or positive, optimistic or positive, good or bad, right or wrong, true or false, just or unjust, firm or reckless, wild or tame, nice or rude, mannered or crude, represents the reason for our behaviour. It is not about Psychology it is about our Philosophy.

Every person is a philosopher, even those that claim they hate philosophy are philosophers. If a person has a belief, be it a faith founded belief or another non-faith belief, it is still their philosophy.

We do not need ‘Psychology’ what we do need is ‘Philosophy’ and a good Philosophy founded upon the ‘Love of Wisdom’ is the guiding light to a better happier more successful life, when we always strive to do the right thing, by rejecting false knowledge and bad behaviour.

People who cling to Psychological thinking will too often make incompetent wrong thinking decisions whereas a person who is a philosopher is more likely to make better decisions. And a person who has ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ will have a higher success rate of getting it right 95% of the time being a Class ‘A’ thinker.

Even a mad person that has insane beliefs is not suffering from a psychological event they are suffering from a philosophical event which is founded upon wrong conscious philosophical thinking. The person may be plagued by bad experiences, excessively disturbed by hate and desire for revenge, by bitterness, cynicism, jealousy, envy and greed or uncontrolled sexual fantasies… but whatever the reason their obsessions are not subconscious psychological, they are conscious philosophical ideas founded upon their own negative, often dark thinking, belief system. A belief system may not be logical, but it is still a belief system.

Weak minded people that choose to stay safe in comfort zones of thinking, choosing the path of apathy and fixed dogma inadvertently hurt themselves and deny their own self the wonder of learning and enjoying the great knowledge and experience that is gained by living with a dynamic open mind that is not afraid to learn as much as they can in all subjects.

Weak-minded people are also susceptible to becoming the prey of unscrupulous people.

The essential subject fields of history, philosophy, and science need a dynamic mind. History expands into Pre-History, Ancient History & Modern History. Science expands into many fields, but for the average person who is not a scientist, the most important is Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Nature, Biology, and Cosmology. Obviously, Mathematics and Communication skills are essential and now in the new age of Computers, numerous skills development is required, including learning about the good and bad, and the dangers of ‘Transhumanism’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

It is sad that we die and do not learn it all, but to die and have never tried to become dynamically educated is the saddest loss of all.

It is our Belief System which is the key to understanding the reason for all human behaviour. When we change our Belief System, we do change our ideas, thinking and subsequent behaviour.

There is no name on a bullet that strives to not hurt innocent good people.

When innocent people are unjustly killed by wrong thinking beliefs, they do rise even higher in spirit as the guiding light to what we must all live, being true to the path of wisdom that is gentle and strong, tough and courageous, true to the cause of Truth, Justice, Love and Kindness for all life.

Allan Ivarsson 2020


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