“It will be mandatory for all women to wear hijab or burka if they prefer, bikinis will be displayed in Museums but not on nubile bodies anymore. When that happens everything in Australia will be Halal Certified”, wrote Muslim Mohamed El-Mouelhy in 2017.”

Defamation Lawsuits


Lawsuits by Muslims against non-Muslims are out-of-control in Australia and America.

This is the overview story of one Australian case an unjust defamation lawsuit, recorded as a treatise.

The Sydney Morning Herald tabled the story headlines… “Halal certification defamation case against Kirralie Smith settled out of court.” By Georgina Mitchell February 27, 2017. (i)


“A Supreme Court defamation case brought by halal certifier Mohamed El-Mouelhy against the far-right Q Society has been settled out of court, with the organisation, its board members and politician Kirralie Smith making an apology.” (i)

Mr El-Mouelhy, chairman of the Halal Certification Authority, brought defamation action against the Q Society and Ms. Smith in early 2015, over two YouTube videos she presented on halal certification.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Before we proceed to review the outcome of this lawsuit and the motivation of parties against each other… I shall start by tabling a cosmic reality…

‘Cosmicism’ has revealed that it is a criminal offence by ‘Cosmic Law’ to file a lawsuit for reasons of defamation or because of what someone has said. In fact filing such a lawsuit is deemed by ‘Cosmicism’ to be an act of cowardice. Many Islamic organisations in the West are filing lawsuits against ‘Freedom of Speech’, and one of the most insidious Islamic Organisations that exists in USA & Canada is CAIR. [In Canada the Islamic Group has changed its name, but it is still CAIR.]

Read… ‘Lawsuits “Eye of the Tiger” in book COMPENDIUM II (ii)

(ii) ‘Cosmic Law’… “Thou shalt not sue for reasons of defamation or greed”

It is deemed by ‘Cosmicism’ to be an act of dishonour to file a lawsuit for reasons of defamation and greed.

It should be noted that ‘Cosmicism’ does not recognise the political words ‘far left’, ‘left’ ‘right’ and ‘far right’. They are meaningless words designed to antagonize readers and listeners. The correct way to identify ideas is by ‘Belief System’ analysis. It is not about left or right, it is about belief system. One day, we hope smarter journalists and activists and politicians will wake up and stop using mindless words like ‘far left’, ‘left’ ‘right’ and ‘far right’ and Sexist and Racist and Islamophobic; which are all gasoline words, designed to oppress the thinking of people and encourage conflict.

Based upon this defamation action lawsuit by El-Mouelhy, we the non-Muslim people have the right to posthumously sue Muhammad for the defamation recorded attacks against Jews and Christians and all of us unbelievers. The Qur’an is by its recordings guilty of defamation against every unbeliever. The allowance by legislated laws in the ‘Free World’ to sue for defamation gives people the right to sue every Islamic leader and every Islamic Organisation for promoting defamation as taught in the Qur’an of all non-Muslims. Can you see how crazy and wrong are defamation lawsuits? I am not going to be offended by what Muslims or non-Muslims say about me. If they make wrong statements about me, I will respond truthfully to the best of my ability and table my point of view. The people can decide what they believe, I am not going to waste my time trying to convince people, when someone deliberately strives to defame me.

I am forbidden by ‘Cosmic Law’ to file a lawsuit for ‘Defamation’.

“We are free to live as we choose but we must respect ‘Cosmic Law’ ignore it and Karma will take us down, one piece at a time.” This warning message was given to me by ‘God of Creation’ in 1986 but the exact words said to me were…

“You are free to live as you choose but you must respect ‘Cosmic Law’ ignore it and Karma will take you down, one piece at a time.”

Charles Darwin after his death has been unjustly defamed many times as has been many other famous people including Copernicus and many politicians of the 20th Century now deceased. Do we go mad and start suing everyone because of what they falsely said of the dead that are no longer alive to defend themselves? Absolutely not.

Legislated laws must ban the use of lawsuits for defamation. Most lawsuits for defamation are also focused on making money backed by the motive of greed. Which is an insidious reason.

‘Cosmic Law’ overrules all legislated law around the Universe, including on Planet Gaia/Earth when legislated laws fail to equal the standards of higher ‘Cosmic Law’.

Read… “What is Cosmic Law?”

Author’s Note: ‘What is Cosmic Law?’ was first published in pdf format on e-mail to global friends on 3rd December 2015. And later published in 2017 with ‘What is Cosmic Law II’ in book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Kirralie Smith was Senate Candidate at the last election in 2016 for The Australian Liberty Alliance. I am a fan of Ms. Smith for her courage to stand up and be counted when she revealed the unjust dark side of Halal Certification.

Kirralie Smith left the ALA and joined the Australian Conservatives. In a reply to my e-mail question about Ms. Smith leaving the ALA on the 30th October 2017, Debbie Robinson President of the Australian Liberty Alliance replied promptly on the same day and said…

Dear Allan,

Kirralie made it clear when she first joined us at ALA that if CB [Cory Bernardi] were to form a party, she would support him. It came as no surprise to us when she moved to Australian Conservatives.

We continue to fund and operate ALA and have re-registered the party for another year. The fight will be a long one and not something that will change overnight.

I would be happy to call you to discuss further. Let me know.

Kind Regards,

Debbie Robinson.

Kirralie Smith withdrew her involvement in pursuing a political career and her position with Australian Conservatives in March 2019. She explained some of her good thinking in the following video. To watch it you need to visit her Facebook site. (iii)


Read… “Australian Conservatives’ Kirralie Smith withdraws from running for senate.” Posted 1st April 2019. (iii)


A.I. comments… It should be noted that Cory Bernardi founded the Australian Conservatives in 2017 and disbanded this minor political party in June 2019. [Voluntarily deregistered the party with the Australian Electoral Commission.]

“Mr El-Mouelhy alleged the videos – both of which named him – portrayed him as “part of a conspiracy to destroy Western civilisation from within”. (i)

A.I. comments… It appears that the alleged videos have been removed from YouTube and thus the so-called evidence Kirralie Smith defamed him does not exist. If it was evidence, then the alleged evidence should not ever be removed from public view. Evidence is history forever and must always be preserved. The right of challenge for and against must always exist.

Let’s look at the idea of ‘Conspiracy’. Conspiracy means the secret plan to do something unlawful or harmful. It is a plot, a scheme to do something bad or illegal.

Ms. Smiths rejection of anti-freedom Islam and Halal Certification is not a Conspiracy. Her opinion and views are openly on the table. All ‘True Blue’ Aussies do reject Islam and Halal Certification and are not impressed with the submissive behaviour by Politicians and Corporate CEO’s to Islamic Demands.

Conspiracy? There is nothing secret in publicly speaking about how one feels. It is called “Freedom of Speech”. Something which many anti-freedom Muslims and anti-freedom Socialists are striving to ban, making up false knowledge excuses why freedom of speech must not be allowed. In other words, true to ‘Totalitarian Tactics’, there are ‘Thought Police’ striving to tell us what we can say and not say.

Read… 2016 ‘The 1975 Racial Discrimination Act’ & 2017 ‘Let’s put 18C to the test’ in my 2018 book COMPENDIUM I

So, when El-Mouelhy states that he is committed to Australia becoming an Islamic country, which he claims is inevitable… “Is that a Conspiracy?” …no because he is not planning Islamic takeover in secret. He makes it truthfully public that he is striving for ‘Islamization of Australia’ which means anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ will remove the ‘Australian Constitution’ and the Australian Flag, to be replaced by an Islamic Flag. And the country renamed ‘Austistan’ to stay with the flow of names like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, etc.

It should be noted that the commitment to implement ‘Sharia Law’ is a process of destruction of Western Civilization from within. And that statement is a common-sense fact. Western Civilization stands for ‘Freedom Values’. ‘Sharia Law’ rejects ‘Freedom Values’ that is the difference.

Muslims protested in Britain in 2010 supporting Sharia Law.

El-Mouelhy states he is committed to enforcement of Halal Certification, whether we Aussies like it or not. His focus is to make us submit our right to enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of choice. He used our lawsuit system to bully deny us the right to speak openly and reject Islamic Doctrine. He targeted Ms. Smith who also is not guilty of conspiracy as he alleged, because there was not anything said in secret, it was said in public view as a concern and objection to Islamic Dictatorship. And thus El-Mouelhy proved true to Islamic thinking to be a hypocrite when he sued Kirralie Smith. El-Mouelhy sued Ms. Smith to silence her… the good news is he failed. She refuses to be silenced.


“The matter was set to be heard in the Supreme Court in March” (i)

“However, the parties had a lengthy meeting on Monday where they decided to settle. This was announced to the media by the Halal Certification Authority on Monday night.” (i)

A.I. comments… ‘El-Mouelhy is the Chairman of the ‘Halal Certification Authority’. The power of control is held by him. And many politicians are afraid of him.

“The settlement document was signed by Mr El-Mouelhy, Ms. Smith, the Q Society, and its board members Debbie Robinson, Peter Callaghan and Ralf Schumann.” (i)

“In the settlement, the parties say they had no intention to defame each other.” (i)

“Today the parties in these proceedings have settled their legal dispute and intend to move forward without engaging in further disputation,” the settlement says. (i)

“None of the parties, in expressing their views, had any intention to defame the other and each regrets that occurring.” (i)

A.I. comments… This lawsuit was never about ‘Defamation’. The charge of defamation was a lawsuit subterfuge tactic. The real focus by El-Mouelhy was to stop criticism of Islam and rejection of ‘Halal Certification’. The latter is a very profitable business for El-Mouelhy and the financial empowerment of Islam in Australia. It is not about financing terrorism; I have never believed that phony allegation. It is worse than that. Terrorism can be fought. But infiltrated expansion of anti-freedom Islamic takeover of Australia, is far more difficult to stop, when we have Politicians and CEOs who are afraid to recognise ‘The Dark Truth about Islamic Doctrine’.

El-Mouelhy said… “I personally didn’t want to settle. I wanted to go to the nth degree. If you read the page, they have apologised. I didn’t apologise for anything.” (i)

Such is the determined vanity of El-Mouelhy, and Muslims smile with him, because in truth he won the settlement. And nothing has changed, Halal Certification has not been stopped, Muslims keep making more money paid by all non-Muslims when they are forced to buy Halal food. It is a reality, buy the food or starve. And most Politicians approve of this food dictatorship imposed by 2.6% population of Muslims upon our Nation. How do I know this is true? “Silence is Approval”.

“…El-Mouelhy said, now the legal action was over, it was time to focus on the heart of the matter – that halal certification is a reputable process which creates jobs in Australia.” (i)

A.I. comments… think about what El-Mouelhy claimed… “halal certification is a reputable process which creates jobs in Australia.” Really? Who has got what jobs? All Muslims? Any non-Muslims? Who, what, working positions? Reporting to who? Working for what organisation? The media rarely challenges ideas to seek higher truth, they just apathetically, like a parrot, report what they see and hear.

Receiving a minimum of $13 billion per year, El-Mouelhy could afford to build Manufacturing Businesses to help create real jobs for Aussies. But that idea will not work. Why? Because the Qur’an rejects assimilation with all non-Muslims. And El-Mouelhy does not have the skills to establish excellent world class standards manufacturing. And that is a subject I know well. Working for a Muslim organisation would not work, because all non-Muslims would be expected to pray five times a day. All female employees would be required to wear the hijab. And all non-Muslims would be expected to reject Christmas and Easter Celebrations and practice Ramadan. Thus, it is clear the only jobs El-Mouelhy is creating in Australia is for Muslims. Meanwhile all of Australian Politicians, in Federal, State and Local Government are asleep like Rip Van Winkle and have not got a clue about how clever and cunning El-Mouelhy really is against the Freedom Values of Australia, which now exists at half-mast because of our 18C anti-freedom of speech laws, enforced by the Greens, the Labor Party and the Liberal Party. Yes even Liberal Politicians are afraid to shut 18C legislation down to stop unjust bully lawsuits against what people say.

Remember… Read… 2016 ‘The 1975 Racial Discrimination Act’ & 2017 ‘Let’s put 18C to the test’ in my 2018 book COMPENDIUM I

The Q Society had fund raisers in Sydney and Melbourne to raise the money to pay for the legal battle. This is why I have a high-level contempt for defamation lawsuits… it is all about greed and deliberate acts of anti-freedom oppression to silence people and make them afraid to table a public opinion.

Consequently, totalitarian belief systems, be they religious, political or philosophical can harass and persecute people because they don’t like what they say. Thus defamation lawsuits are nothing more than another form of ‘Totalitarianism’ and is an enemy of the human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’.

Shame on society for allowing this anti-freedom of speech dictatorship to exist.

Now you know why Cosmic Law states… “Thou shalt not sue for reasons of defamation or greed”

Read… 2015 ‘It’s Okay to Disagree – No Offence Taken’ in 2018 book COMPENDIUM I

In flashback we step back to the beginning of the lawsuit announcement to learn more…

“A defamation case between a halal certifier and an anti-halal campaigner in the New South Wales Supreme Court is being closely watched by some of the country’s highest profile conservative politicians.” (iv)

ABC News (iv) with headlines jumps off the page… “Halal certifier Mohamed El-Mouelhy sues anti-halal campaigner Kirralie Smith for defamation.” By Sarah Whyte, posted 7th February 2017.


Mohamed El-Mouelhy, President/Chairman of the ‘Halal Certification Authority’ said…

“Halal certification is an industry and it is bringing in a few billion dollars. Last year, I think it was about $13 billion. It is a requirement by all Muslim countries.” (iv)

“He said that what he did with his money was of no concern to anyone else.” (iv)

“What I do with my money is my business,” said El-Mouelhy. (iv)

“Everybody supports their own faith, so why is supporting my own faith wrong but supporting other faiths is right?” (iv)

“I have every right to sue.” (iv)

A.I. comments… No El-Mouelhy you don’t have the right to sue, not under ‘Cosmic Law’.

He admits we Aussies are paying him $13 billion dollars per year minimum, which is added to our nations’ food bill. Corporations don’t carry the cost, consumers pay higher costs for food, which makes the cost of living for pensioners and poorer Aussie Battlers a tough financial struggle. But that is okay according to El-Mouelhy that seeks to bleed money from Aussies, and it is okay with all Politicians and CEOs that are afraid to say no to Halal Certification fees.

Thus we the people have been betrayed by greed and cowardice.

It has been claimed by some Corporations that they are not passing forward ‘Halal Certification’ costs to consumers. But that is not true. All costs are overheads, which impact upon profit, and regardless of whatever methods of control are used for costs… to maintain correct profit margins, all costs must be included in overhead calculation of product prices to ensure profit margins are maintained. CEOs are not going to allow reduction of profit levels to absorb ‘Halal Certification’ fees. And $13 billion per annum in ‘Halal Certification’ fees have to be spread absorbed by all Industries in Australia that are paying ‘Halal’ fees. This write-off by Australian commerce is nuts.

As El-Mouelhy said… “It is a requirement by all Muslim countries”. But we are not a Muslim Country… but El-Mouelhy thinks we are a Muslim Country and he makes that accurately clear by his vision and commitment backed by all Islamic leaders that their mission is to Islamize Australia. He said it in 2017… “One Day Australia will be an Islamic Country”.

We shall revisit El-Mouelhy’s claim… “It is a requirement by all Muslim countries”. I have not seen any evidence that all Muslim Countries are bleeding the Muslim people by charging them ‘Halal Certification’ fees to help Islamic Leaders like El-Mouelhy to get rich at the expense of the Muslim poor people. And a large percentage of Muslims do live poor in Islamic Nations, whilst the leaders are wealthy.

If in a small population country like Australia of only 25 million, why are we giving millions of dollars, i.e. taxpayers money to Indonesia instead of helping our homeless with accommodation and employment opportunities? Indonesia has a population of 264 million @ 2017. If Australians are being bled for an average minimum of $13 billion dollars per year that means Indonesia can earn $143 billion in Halal Certification fees. Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. Where is the proof that Indonesia makes such money from Halal Certification? I will safely bet that El-Mouelhy lied and no such Halal Certification system- a money making Islamic Racketeering process exists in Indonesia. The same question applies to Saudi Arabia the heart of Islam, and Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and all other Islamic Nations. And are all Indians… Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains and Muslims etc. in India paying ‘Halal Certification’ fees? Again, I bet El-Mouelhy lied and these ‘Halal Certification’ fund raising systems don’t exist in these countries. If they do exist then the majority of Muslims are being ripped off and the system is making most Muslims poorer, while the greedy running Halal Certification operations are getting richer. I believe El-Mouelhy is only honest about his ambitions to us Aussies because of his vanity obsession to rule us by his target to impose anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ upon all ‘True Blue’ non-Muslim Australians. I don’t believe that all Muslim Countries are paying Halal Certification fees… he lied to us. And the defence lawyers for the Q Society and team, were clearly weak and did not investigate El-Mouelhy agenda. Now you know why I refuse to defend myself in court using lawyers- I don’t trust incompetence and weakness. I always choose to stand alone in battle on the streets against hoodlums when I was young, in Corporations as a Junior and later Senior executive, and in the Trucking World in my youth when I was a truckie. And in court on the once rare occasion when I had to deal with an error by the Police. I never lose… because I do my homework well.

We must fight the fights we can win… and we can defeat anti-freedom Islam and anti-freedom Socialism. Why is that true? Because ‘Totalitarianism’ is riddled with flaw systems, simply because anything that rejects 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & ‘Freedom of Choice’ & ‘Freedom of Equality’ is founded upon incompetence and weakness. And history has proven around the world over the last ten thousand years that all military strength can be defeated when it fights for oppression of the people. In the end freedom wins and the naïve vanity-based thinking tyrants fall.

“What I do with my money is my business,” said El-Mouelhy. What El-Mouelhy is saying that the average $13 billion per year minimum that he receives is all his money and he can do what he likes with that money. Doesn’t bells ring in the ears of our politicians? Why is he allowed to get away with this extortionate Halal fee charge, which is ripping dollars out of the income of every Aussie, so that El-Mouelhy can get rich and finance the building of more mosques, to teach more Muslims as instructed in the Qur’an that they must conquer all non-Muslims and takeover all of Australia. Who is going to stop them? Greedy coward politicians? Or greedy CEOs more focused on making money than caring about what is the right thing to do for the people. Greedy people and cowards are not true patriots.

“Everybody supports their own faith, so why is supporting my own faith wrong but supporting other faiths is right?” said El-Mouelhy.

Most Aussies don’t support any religious faiths. We mostly give to charities, regardless of whether they are religious or non-religious charities. We the average working people are not obsessed with being greedy like El-Mouelhy and many politicians and CEOs.

And all other faiths are not striving to eliminate each other and not striving to oppress the people in society. ‘Sharia Law’ strives to oppress the people.

El-Mouelhy has been open and honest about his agenda he is focused on financing Muslims to takeover control of Australia. And he uses Halal Certification fees to finance that objective. And our Politicians, Federal and State run and hide and put the treasonous objective in the two hard basket. And thus we the people not only have increasing contempt for Muslims, but we also have contempt for coward Politicians and greedy CEOs.

Defamation lawyer Jeremy Zimet said the online space was quickly emerging as a new frontier for defamation cases.” (iv)

“It’s important for observers to realise that there are consequences for posting publications online, whether it’s on social media or review sites.” He said. (iv)

A.I. comments… What Zimet is saying is no doubt true. But what that really means is that ‘Freedom of Speech’ is being denied the right to speak and criticise lest the writer and speaker be sued for defamation; which is a deliberate excuse to silence people, and ban them from freedom of speech by bullying them to submit to anti-freedom dictatorship. Often greed is associated with lawsuits focused on legally ripping off people for money, which becomes in effect a legalised scam. And the average person cannot afford to pay the excessive legal costs of lawsuits.

Mohamed El-Mouelhy filed the lawsuit to make more money. He is rich at the rate of receiving a minimum income of $13 billion dollars per year from Halal Certification fees, hence, he does not need more money. His real motive? Is to do what all Muslim leaders and Muslim Organisations do that launch lawsuits… is to silence all criticism and opposition to anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ and anti-freedom Qur’an and all other anti-freedom Islamic Doctrine demands. His mission is to conquer Australia… which he has admitted in writing.

Kirralie Smith is not guilty of defamation. She is simply criticising an ideology. And she has a right to reject ‘Halal Certification’ being imposed upon her. And she certainly is not a racist or a bigot for justifiably rejecting Islamic Doctrine. If we can justify calling each other racists and bigots for criticising Islam, then we can also justify calling Muhammad a racist and a bigot against Judaism, Christianity, Atheism and all other unbelievers. The world will become a societal mess if we allow ‘Defamation Lawsuits’ to continue to exist.

No court in the land can control the rage of the people and the more Muslims demand the closer Australia is moving forward towards ‘Civil War’.

‘True Blue’ Aussies shall never submit to any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ be it Communism, Islam or Socialism’. Don’t underestimate the courage, strength and determination of ‘True Blue’ Aussies… the Patriot Spirit of the ANZACs shall live with us forever. Remember the ‘Kokoda Trail’… and why they fought and died protecting our right to live free. Lest We Forget.

PS. I will never post on videos…the power of the written word is mightier and is a permanent record. Nor shall I ever tolerate lawsuits for defamation and greed. Videos on opinions usually vanish in the end. And the inspiration and truth are lost. And the next generation starts again in ignorance. We will never climb out of the gutter, if we keep recycling history back into ignorance.

El-Mouelhy said, “We are free in this country to express our opinions politely and clearly” (v)

A.I. comments… That is not completely true, we Aussies are bullied by anti-freedom of speech law 18C and by anti-freedom of speech defamation laws, which El-Mouelhy launched to silence what we say about Halal Certification and anti-freedom Islam. El-Mouelhy has admitted that he wants Sharia Law to rule Australia. And he knows that ‘Sharia Law’ abolishes the human right to freedom of speech and does enforce anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’. It is clear El-Mouelhy is playing the art of being a ‘con’.

El-Mouelhy said, “The figures charged by Halal Certification companies are insignificant when compared to the amount of money the industry earns from exports to Islamic countries.” (v)

A.I. comments… That comparison is not relevant. And is not a justified argument for charging Halal Certification fees. The people are not being paid a bonus from what the Australian Industry earns in export. As a pensioner I have never seen any such bonus. But I am paying higher costs for food, because of Halal Certification fees going to Mohamed El-Mouelhy and other Muslims and the financing of the expansion of Islam in Australia, whose mission is to oppress us by replacement of our laws with Sharia Law.

“He [El-Mouelhy] objects to anti-Halal campaigners’ characterization of the fees as a tax.” (v)

“A tax is something that the government can do, not something I can do,” he said. (v)

A.I. comments… Once again, El-Mouelhy lied, when people are forced to buy food at an increased price, which includes a Halal Certification fee that is taxing the people. And that is exactly what is happening. The cost of manufacture of products, includes Halal Certification fees, which forces Manufacturers to increase their prices to make a profit. No profit and manufacturing closes down and food supply ceases to exist. Halal Certification fees is a tax and anyone that says that is not true is a liar.

“Concerns about Sharia Law were also overblown,” El-Mouelhy said. (v)

A.I. comments… El-Mouelhy lied. He has in other writings in 2017 said that once Sharia Law rules Australia that people will be forced to change and by some of the rules, he tabled in writing that means rule by oppression. He clearly is a liar more than he tells the truth about what would happen to us if Sharia Law rules. Now many of us who know ‘Islamic Doctrine’, know that Sharia Law will take away our freedom to enjoy, Christmas and Easter Celebrations. We will be prohibited from drinking alcohol, from eating ham and bacon. Dogs and Pigs will be eliminated from existence in Australia. Many organisations like Guide Dogs for the Blind and the RSPCA will be closed down. The list rolls into pages and pages of anti-freedom Sharia Law objectives to rule us. And Freedom of Speech shall definitely be closed down and all Christians, Jews, Atheists and Gays will be closed down. The Bikini and all one-piece costumes will be banned, and the wearing of Hijab and Niqab/Burqas will be mandatory. Thus El-Mouelhy lied, when he claimed concerns about Sharia Law were overblown. He has admitted some of the things that will be banned in past 2017 writings.

“You cannot say the word Sharia and Law in one sentence – it is a way of life, not a law, he [El-Mouelhy] said. (v)

A.I. comments… Yes, it is a way of life, a culture, but it is enforced by ‘Sharia’ which also enforces ‘Blasphemy Law’ and consequently Sharia is a process of law and those who disobey ‘Sharia’ can be brutally/cruelly punished true to instructions in the Qur’an.

We can correctly say ‘Sharia Law’ in one sentence because Sharia is a process of rules and enforced law. Hence, once again Mohamed El-Mouelhy lied to the press.

SBS News: “The settlement ends a two years long defamation case.” By Ben Winsor 28/02/17 (v)


“Australia is a multicultural country and will continue to be so” El-Mouelhy said. (v)

A.I. comments… Again El-Mouelhy lied. He is focused on enforcing ‘Sharia Law’ and wherever Sharia Law exists, multiculturalism no longer exists in freedom of choice, every person, regardless of colour must obey ‘Sharia Law’ and that includes all Australian Aborigines who shall lose their cultural rights and their land rights under Sharia Law. Look at the heart of Islam, Saudi Arabia, where is all the freedom rights of different religions and other cultures? Answer… they don’t exist. In Iran visitors from overseas are being imprisoned and many executed, including wildlife conservationists. In Bangladesh and Pakistan people are demanding the death penalty for anyone guilty of ‘Blasphemy’. Where is freedom under Sharia Law? Answer… it does not exist.

Mohamed El-Mouelhy has been ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’.

‘Cosmicism’ is not an organisation, it is a ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ that is penniless and rejects ownership of wealth. It lives in the spirit of every person that cares about doing the right thing and stands for the eternal human right to live for 100% ‘Freedom Values’ in Speech, Choice and Equality, provided such freedom respects the rights of every other person to live free.

‘Cosmic Law’ is founded upon the ‘Ten Commandments’ and all other ‘Cosmic Laws’ do interface with the wisdom of the ‘Ten Commandments’ as ordained by ‘God of Creation’ for all eternity.

Anti-freedom Islam is not founded upon the ‘Ten Commandments’.

‘Cosmicism’ uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe… it is called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.


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