Why Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is pushing Australians Towards ‘Civil War’

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A Voice to Parliament Approved by the Changed Australian Constitution Means…

The Aboriginal Flag and the Australian Flag will be Fighting Each Other in a Divided Country.


Say “No” to the Referendum Request by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese


Why Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is pushing Australians Towards ‘Civil War’


There is only one way Australia can avoid ‘Civil War’.

(i) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11067497/Indigenous-ABC-presenter-wants-reparations-justice-Aboriginal-people-Voice-Parliament.html?

Allan Ivarsson comments… “I do not trust sample Polls. They misguide the opinions of the people. We need the entire ‘Voting Population’ to voice their opinion decision, not just a sample Poll of limited numbers that can table a false indicator about what all Australian Voters believe.”

Australia now faces a dangerous challenge of their right to live free from tyranny. Padraig Collins wrote for the Daily Mail Australia on the 1st of August 2022, the following question before ABC editor demand is also tabled… “What exactly IS the ‘Voice to Parliament’ they want Australians to vote for? Aboriginal ABC editor calls for payments to FIRST NATIONS people for past injustices – and she wants it to have real power.”

A.I. comments… The question needs to be asked again and again to the point of boring repetition… “What exactly IS the ‘Voice to Parliament’?”

The next question… Were the Aborigines a First Nation? Or was their migration to Australia 70,000 years ago just a collective ‘Tribal History’ Culture of Native people who migrated to every part of Australia including Tasmania, before the land bridges disappeared under water? It is clear that all of the Aborigine Tribes wandering around the Australian Continent for over 50,000 years were independent tribes and most did not know each other or the history of each other. The 70,000 years of Aborigine Culture was not a United First Nation. They did not fly flags of any kind. Their love of the Australian Earth was a wonderful natural way to live. But they were not all united as one ‘Tribe Culture’ called ‘One Nation’ or called ‘First Nations as one united Country. Every tribe lived independent of every other tribe. They all were professional wanderers who loved ‘Walkabout’. It was a good way to live.

The Aborigines were not ‘First Nation Australians’. They were ‘First Australians’. Please speakers and writers choose your words correctly. The First Australians – the Aborigines were not united as a Nation. As I wrote previously, the Aborigines were independent tribes of people, who migrated to every part of Australia during their ‘Walkabout’ exploration adventures. They were not ‘First Nation Australians’. They were ‘First Australians’.

If the ‘First Fleet’ had not landed on its shores to claim the territory, it may well have been Islamic Indonesians who landed and if that had happened, they would have eliminated all Aboriginal culture. If the Chinese invaded this exciting continent, they would have imposed their own Chinese Culture upon this continent. The end of 70,000 years of Aboriginal Culture was evolving as Europe, Asia and Africa and America North and South changed over 20,000 years.

Despite the wrong thinking behaviour of many, not all, Caucasian characters invading the Continent now called Australia, the full-blood Aborigines were fortunate not to have been at a later date invaded by Muslim Indonesians or Communist Chinese, because in such event they would have lost their entire culture forever.

Now we shall explore the ‘Reckless Mission’ by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to change our ‘Australian Constitution’ using a deceitful Referendum focused on being a promotion of a ‘Blank Cheque’ giving the Aboriginals, many not being full-blood Aborigines, the ‘Authoritarian Right’ to overrule and oppress all non-Aboriginal Australians, stripping them of their cherished ‘Freedom Rights’, which all current Aborigines also enjoy in equality of rights, with certain privileges, which at times are questionable special rights.

“A senior ABC editor has called for the planned Indigenous ‘Voice to Parliament’ to include ‘reparations’ and for the ‘transfer of power’ and ‘control’ to Aboriginal people.” (i)

Reparations, [the Aboriginal ABC Editor said,] involve making amends for a wrong that has been done, by providing payment or other assistance to those who have been wronged.” (i)

A.I. comments… This open cheque demand By ABC Editor reads like a planned knee jerk shoot from the hip demand, whenever some ‘Aboriginal Activist’ invents a claim or absolute demand upon Australians to be enforced by the ‘Voice to Parliament’ approved by the New Australian Constitution’ engineered by Albanese [That is… if the Referendum is foolishly signed ‘yes’ by majority of Australians.] This demand process motivated by ‘Constitution Authority Voice’ will constantly, generation after generation, become an authoritarian unjust series of constant events focused upon one by one the bully oppression of all non-Aboriginal People.

Such unjust bully action will divide Australians and split our Nation wide open into fragmented territorial disputes reaching out to the use of violence to resolve differences of opinions and agenda goals. Such division in our Constitution would destroy Australia and give open-gate invitation for ‘Communist Beijing China’ to invade our Country and take control. All Aborigines and non-Aborigines will be wiped out if Xi Jinping invades Australia.

“On Sunday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese drew criticism from some quarters over the ill-defined and very broad powers of the ‘Voice to Parliament’ would work – after announcing it will be the subject of a referendum over the next three years.” (i)

A.I. comments… Albanese is irresponsible for ‘Wasting Taxpayers Money’ on this expensive ‘Referendum’… money which is urgently needed for use in so many other essential critical path projects. Putting us further into the red to finance a wrong thinking Referendum is absolutely irresponsible.

“Among those was the Coalition spokesman for Indigenous Australians, Julian Leeser, who said ‘we need to see more of the detailwhile broadly supporting the idea of a race-based body that will have the power to instruct government over any policies that impact Aboriginal people.” (i)

A.I. comments… Albanese recklessly opened a ‘Pandora Box’ of Dangerous Destructive Ideas for Australians to endure, often in misery. I knew Albanese was not going to be a good PM, which is why I did not vote for him. But I am stunned, I did not think any PM would be this stupid. It looks like Julian Lesser, Aboriginal spokesman, likes the broad-brush idea and is keen to unfold a list of agenda voice actions for enforcement upon Australians. It seems the ‘words “Let the Games Begin” is now here in Australia as ‘Fantasy Land’ ideas striving to jump into the drivers seat to cause mayhem and disrupt the lives of all Australians with serious concerns.

The Ancient Greek mythology of ‘Pandora Box’ originally not a box, was a large storage jar, which when foolishly opened, released a source of great and unexpected troubles that became a curse of conflict to many people on both sides of the fence. No one escapes the misery when the lightening storm inside the ‘Pandora Box’ is released. Physical and Emotional stress and mayhem is released by anyone that keeps opening the ‘Voice of Parliament’ approved by the unjust ‘Amended Australian Constitution’ planned by Anthony Albanese and eager Aboriginal Representatives that want to become ‘Change Agents.’

Before we proceed further on this subject, I wish to divert you to read this understanding which I published in my book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ 2017 through Amazon.com. This book is an important read for those that want to become smarter. Notice just above I highlighted in italics the words ‘Change Agents’, it has a different meaning now to the earlier years taught in Universities, when I worked in Corporations, I changed the meaning to establish a sharper wiser understanding to what really happens in the business world and in politics. Please read this insight before progressing forward to the review of ‘Anthony Albanese’ off the track unwise attempt to alter the existing Australian Constitution. You will also note my previous published 2013 remarks about Paul Keating’s mission failure to alter the Australian Constitution to make Australia a Republic. The ‘Baby Boomers’ were smart enough to say, “No” and the reason below is why. Question is… Will our Grandchildren and Children be smart enough to say, “No” to Anthony Albanese’s ludicrous incompetent thinking objective. At present the answer is ‘Blowing in the Wind’.

A.I. 2nd August 2022

Change Process


By A.I.

Paul Keating the 24th Prime Minister of Australia (1991-1996 C.E.) and Treasurer of Australia (1983-1991) had a good vision for Australia. Part of his agenda correctly included making Australia a Republic. Paul Keating was a talented man, but like all of us, some of his ideas, were wrong. This is why, we need freedom of speech, and the right to tactfully criticise ideas. Freedom of speech keeps all our ideas on the table in check and forces us to open our mind, by stepping outside the box of comfort zone thinking and fixed dogma mentality.

Jihad Islam finds the process of freedom of speech offensive and is willing to execute, torture and imprison those persons who disagree with Islam’s evil Totalitarian Apartheid ‘Sharia Law’ doctrine as founded upon instructions in the Qur’an.

True to his vision, the ‘Keating Government’ tried to establish an ‘Australian Republic’, which I might add…I supported the goal. The objective failed because the persons involved made the entire process over complicated. A lot of half-baked clowns were allowed, to get involved. In short, the entire debate and ideas process turned into an expensive circus. Fools wanted to radically change the ‘Australian Constitution’ and the ‘Australian Flag’. The one thing all these clowns had in common was that they did not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. As I said earlier, all they had to do was delete the Governor Generals seat the link to England and we can become a republic. Too easy! Democracy in decision is essential, but without P.I. it will fail.Oliver Cromwell’s democracy vision in the 17th Century, was defeated because those in parliament did not have P.I. and could not visualise a by the people government process.

Another classic example of lack of P.I. is when governments introduce a pragmatic good wholesome process, and a new incoming government of a different party, scraps the idea simply because it was not their idea. This idiocy happens in the business world as well when a new manager takes over a seat. Change for change sake is stupid. Change must always reflect a process of expanding continuous improvement. Change which goes recklessly up and down, is an out-of-control process, delivering expensive results going nowhere except around in circles.

Movers, Shapers, Maintainers & Change Agents


(Revision 1:2007)

By Author A.I.

I now refer to my previous published notes about Movers, Shapers, Maintainers, and Change Agents. I rewrote traditional university definitions and changed the business world definition of these process types. Of the five hundred people who have read this new definition, I do not believe anyone has grasped what this really means. Hence, I table the published comments below…

“A ‘Mover’ is a person who is a good maintainer of existing methods and contributes small innovative improvements to existent process methods. A ‘Shaper’ is a specialist who can identify ‘Strengths and Weaknesses’ within a scenario and can using Emotional Intelligence, Pragmatism, and Creative Visualisation, solve problems and create solutions of an advanced changing nature to the wholesome betterment of process performance and efficiency. A ‘Shaper’ specialises in solutions. A ‘Shaper’ is not a ‘Change Agent’. A ‘Maintainer’ lacks innovative vision and does the job the way it has always been processed as per training. Good ‘Maintainers’ are content with their job process and are essential to industry performance. ‘Movers and Shapers’ are never content to stay in a purely maintain seat for more than eighteen months. Inevitably ‘Movers and Shapers’ move on seeking new challenges. A ‘Change Agent’ is a person claiming to be ‘Shaper’ who lacks pragmatic creative visualisation and lacks emotional intelligence. A ‘Change Agent’ will reinvent the wheel and claim it as their own invention and will change for change sake- often for the incompetent worst.”

“Many employers make the same constant mistake…they fail to identify each seat requirement, that is, each needed position, as being a “Shaping position, a Moving position or a Maintain position or as a required combination of any three aspects of such skills.” Likewise, they foolishly fail to match the employee skills to the requirements of the needed performance. Result…wrong match discontent, failure and poor performance.” (i)

The above statement was recorded in 2000 C.E. and published in 2003. It now needs a slight addition. After years of research, I came to understand the existence of P.I. in 2007. Hence the following added definition…

“Movers, Shapers and Maintainers with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, can outperform those Movers, Shapers and Maintainers who do not have P.I. Change agents will never learn P.I. they are too reactionary to learn P.I. To establish P.I. one must first gain E.I. and become a smarter person. The world does not need Change Agents. Society does need Movers, Shapers and Maintainers with P.I.”.

Politicians need to change their automated ‘Change Agent’ thinking process to pragmatic thinking as ‘Shapers’ with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. The result would be less conflict in parliament and more harmony with the public. Ideas will never be smoothly received by all. But people with P.I. will be in better tune with each other. The first rule of being a great shaper, if someone in the seat previously, has created a great idea, an important process principle, don’t tear it down. Simply improve on it, via the evolutionary process of continuous improvement. Political Parties and New Owners of excellent businesses, often make the stupid mistake, of discarding proven path excellent methods and ideas. If it works significantly well, don’t change it. Use the Kiss method.

That is why Keating’s bid for creation of an ‘Australian Republic’ failed; too many participants were only ‘Change Agents’. With their involvement, the plan to create a ‘Republic’ was doomed to fail.

The founding fathers of the ‘American Constitution’ were ‘Shapers’ that is why they succeeded.

Source: Author’s Profile: Meditations (2000 C.E.) Blue Light Test Pilot Book, published 2003.

“Speaking on the Insiders program, the public broadcaster’s Indigenous Affairs editor Bridget Brennan filled in some of the blanks on what she thinks the Voice should mean.” (i)

“This has to be about justice. It has to be about reparations. It has to be about giving some power to Aboriginal communities, she said.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This is what I previously said and reflects in the instantaneous thinking of Bridget Brennan who filled in reactive blanks… “This open cheque demand By ABC Editor reads like a planned knee jerk shoot from the hip demand, whenever some ‘Aboriginal Activist’ invents a claim or absolute demand upon Australians to be enforced by the ‘Voice of the Constitution’. This demand process motivated by ‘Constitution Authority Voice’ will constantly, generation after generation, become an authoritarian unjust series of constant events focused upon one by one the bully oppression of all non-Aboriginal People.

Bridget Brennan says, “This has to be about justice.” Yes, Justice must exist for the Aborigines, but the same equal Justice must also exist for all Non-Aborigines. We cannot allow two opposing ‘Justice Systems’ to exist creating a division between Aborigines and Non-Aborigines. That process in Albanese Planned New Australian Constitution will create absolute Injustice, because where ‘Equality in Justice’ does not exist, Injustice Rules and that must not ever be allowed to exist in a Constitution. A divided Constitution will incite ‘Civil War’. Justice must serve all Australians Aborigine and Non-Aborigine.

“It has to be about reparations.” Bridget Brennan said. Again, she is offtrack. Reparations should never be part of a Constitution. Reparations is an independent Supreme Court subject and is not about a Constitution Standard. If we start recording Reparation Demands of Aboriginal Rights in a Constitution, we must then start recording Reparation Demands of Non-Aboriginal Rights in a Constitution. This is unjust chaos lack of common-sense logic. Reparation demands must never be part of a Nations Constitution. Bridget Brennan has limited thinking and by her unjust expectations is inciting a divisive conflict between all Australians. All Aborigines and Non-Aborigines are Australians and Justice is only served when ‘Equal Rights’ exist for all.

It has to be about giving some power to Aboriginal communities, Bridget Brennan said.” Wrong, every person in Australia, Aborigine and Non-Aborigine, must have the same equal rights. Aboriginal Communities must not ever be given superior ruling special privileges in the Australian Constitution.

If Aboriginal Communities keep pushing these unjust demands, then I will demand that all the special privileges given to Aborigines in numerous subjects must also now be given to all Non-Aborigines. Justice in Equality is only true when everyone enjoys the same rights and privileges void of variant exceptions.

I warn the Australian Labor Government, if you create a ‘Voice to Parliament’ in the Constitution which creates injustice towards all Non-Aboriginal Australian Citizens and gives Supreme Authoritarian Power to Aborigines, I will organise a ‘Civil War Council’ and attack the Australian Federal Parliament. Mark my Words back down on this unjust incompetent change in the Constitution demands or expect to face ‘Civil War’ unto death on both sides.

We the Australian Non-Aboriginal People respect the rights of all Aborigines as Australians to live Free with the same Equality rights of all Australians, but we will not tolerate or accept an unjust divided society created by an unjust corrupted Australian Constitution.

I warn Anthony Albanese do not make the mistake of corrupting our Constitution with words that incite injustice. Remember, if you do the wrong thing by the Australian People, you will be Charged with ‘High Treason’.

If Anthony Albanese crosses swords with me, he will lose. I have skills far more advanced than any Politician in Australia.

Am I angry? You bet I am. I hate injustice, Deceit, Cowardice and Corruption and I also hate Authoritarianism.

I am banning this Referendum as unjust and deceitful and not right for the Australia People. Albanese’s fear of tabling the exact proposed words for amendment must be tabled three months in advance for public review, discussion and debate. To do less is an Act of Treason’.

Allan Ivarsson 2nd of August 2022.

“So far, all that is certain about the Voice to Parliament is what the referendum question will be.” (i)

“The question likely to be put to the public is: “Do you support an alteration to the constitution that establishes an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice?” (i)

And my answer is… “No way!” I will not allow a ‘Blank Cheque’ Authority to rule as a Supremist Organization overruling the rights of all Australians, which includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and all Non-Aboriginal Australians. We are One People, One Nation, and shall not be divided by Authoritarian changes to our Australian Constitution.

The Prime Minister is concerned that giving too much detail would mean people voting ‘no’ if they ‘disagree with one out of 50’ clauses put forward. (i)

‘We’re not doing that, we’re learning from history,’ said Mr. Albanese – referring to the failed 1999 referendum on Australia becoming a republic, which many voted down not because they were against it in principle but because there was conflict over how the head of state would be chosen.” (i)

A.I. comments… Fifty new clauses in the Constitution? That is a dangerous reckless idea by Albanese.

The Prime Ministers truthful fear is an ‘Act of Cowardice’ and we do not want treasonous cowards leading our Government. When Politicians are afraid to table exact word changes in a Constitution, it means that the Politicians are planning an Authoritarian/Totalitarian Government to overthrow Australian Freedom Values. If that anti-freedom injustice happens, in our Constitution, I will lead Australia into ‘Civil War’.

And I will bring charges of ‘High Treason’ against all persons found guilty of striving to destroy ‘Australian Historical Freedom Values’.

Changes to a Constitution should be no more than focused brief amendment sentences or a small paragraph. If the planned Constitution Change involves Fifty New Clauses, then that means Anthony Albanese is planning to overthrow the Australian Constitution and impose an ‘Anti-Freedom Ideology Dialogue’ series of Oppressive Unjust Statements and that Agenda is not acceptable behaviour. If Albanese crosses that anti-freedom line of injustice for all Non-Aboriginal People, ‘Civil War’ shall become essential. And in such a war he will be the first casualty. Thousands of us on both sides of the conflict will perish, because of unjust changes to the Australian Constitution. The smartest thing Albanese can do is dump the objective to change our Constitution. I have immediately lost confidence in him as Prime Minister of Australia. By this hidden agenda change to the Constitution, Albanese has permanently lost Credibility as an Australian Leader in Politics.

Bridget Brennan falsely claimed… Speaking at the Garma Festival in the Northern Territory, “A Voice to Parliament would not supersede the Federal Parliament.” (i) That idea is a lie. All Politicians in the Senate and House of Representatives are voted in by the people at election time. It is their voice in a Democracy that must rule in Parliament, not the Voice of Aborigines that were not voted in by the people. If Aborigines want a voice in Parliament they must be voted in as an MP (Member of Parliament) at election time. This is the correct justice democratic process void of ‘Totalitarian’ oppressive tactics.

Brennan’s deceit continues… “The Parliament will have ultimate supremacy, of course,” she said. (i) [A.I. remarks… This simply means that the Aboriginal Voice in Parliament may easily have ultimate supremacy over all Non-Aboriginal People thus injustice and oppression will rule Australians. Such an Authoritarian dangerous status is not acceptable.]

If the ‘Aborigines’ are going be given a special status of ‘Voice in Parliament’ in the Constitution then to preserve Justice and Equality rights of all the ‘Non-Aborigines’ we must likewise be written into the Constitution as having a ‘Voice In Parliament’. This negates the credibility of the Australian Constitution and smashes the valued essential Pro-Freedom Principles of an election of MP’s.

Bridget Brennan says… “But what sort of transfer of power does this mean for Indigenous people, because that needs to happen.” (i) Wrong! A transfer of power which Brennan claims must happen is a transfer of anti-democracy power supporting ‘Authoritarian Supremacy Dictatorship Power Grab’ by Fanatic Aborigines to overrule justice and freedom values of the Australian Non-Aboriginal People. If that happened ‘Civil War’ must be declared as essential.

Ms. Brennan said the Prime Minister has a difficult task ahead of him, in convincing people across the country to vote Yes in the referendum.” (i) [Zero Tolerance to this proposed ‘Blank Cheque’ Australian Constitution Change. Vote No! No! No!]

A.I. continues to comment… If Albanese refuses to table what words he wants approved in the Referendum, which are not ‘Blank Cheque’ statements, then he will not succeed in gaining a majority vote by the people. We Non-Aboriginal People are not going to accept ‘Authoritarian Rule’ by some Aboriginal People (not all) who want to gain ‘Absolute Power Control’ over all Australians, bypassing Democratic Voting Process.

Brennan claims… ‘(Mr. Albanese) is going to have different messages to sell to people. But I actually think there is an appetite now to see some transformative change.” (i) Wrong! Only naïve idiots will support this ‘Blank Cheque’ Deceitful Secret Change’ planned by Albanese.

Brennan reveals her Authoritarian/Totalitarian Agenda objectives in the following statements she made…

“Ms. Brennan, who has Dja Dja Wurrung and Yorta Yorta heritage, emphasized that a Voice to Parliament needs to be strong and powerful.” (i) In other words… Brennan expects all Australian Non-Aboriginal Politicians must submit to the Aboriginal Voice in Parliament. This demand is not Democracy, it is Authoritarianism.

A.I. comments… Brenna’s ‘Voice to Parliament’ agenda is focused on the need to be strong and powerful so that she and others can strip the freedom of all Non-Aboriginal people and rule them by force.

As you read my strong remarks below in response to Brennan’s assertive aggressive demands, note… “I urge that Bridget Brennan be identified by the ‘True Australian People’ as an ‘Enemy of the State.’

Bridget Brennan says… “When we imagine what a Voice (to Parliament) would look like, it does need to have teeth, it does need to be feared (and) revered.” (i)

A.I. comments… With Reference to Bridget Brennan’s choice of words this is what she is saying…

The Aboriginal Voice needs to have teeth… in other words… needs to be aggressive and strongly assertive in demands, focused on use of ‘Authoritarianism’ as an aggressive tactic against all Non-Aboriginal Australian Citizens.

“The Aboriginal Voice needs to be feared… by all Australian Non-Aboriginal Citizens. In other words… if we disobey… the Aboriginal Voice in Parliament demands as approved in the Referendum change by Anthony Albanese, they will use aggressive force against us to ensure we fear them.

“The Aboriginal Voice needs to be revered… by all anti-Australian Aborigines. Brennan’s statements in choice of words openly suggests Aborigines must reject Australian Equality Freedom Values and take control of Australians by whatever degree of force is necessary.

Warning: This strategic agenda goal by Bridget Brennan is focused on the Aborigines ruling Australia by Changes in the Referendum Approved by the Labor Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese.

Anthony Albanese has committed ‘Political Suicide’ by agreeing to give Aborigines a Dominant Authoritarian Voice in Parliament, which by the planned strategy in alterations to our Constitution denies all Non-Aboriginal Australians an equal right to a Voice in Parliament. The equal rights of voices in Parliament will not exist. The rights of Non-Aborigines will be denied such a Voice in Parliament. The truth is no Australian Group should be given special privileges in the Australian Constitution which is denied to other groups. Equality rules must stand for all. The days of ‘Special Privilege Rights’ to Aborigines must now be ended. The Aboriginal Voice just crossed the line into the use of Authoritarian Demands. Authoritarianism in Australia founded in a planned corrupted rigged change in our Constitution is not acceptable, not now, not ever.

Brennan’s statement proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she wants to use physical dictatorship force to oppress the Australian Non-Aboriginal People and strip them of their freedom rights and democratic voting rights. Now in her aggressive words she is inciting the need of a ‘Civil War’. Let us make one thing clear… I do not revere such aggressive dictatorship tactics and I do not fear this coward female, all mouth no guts.

Bridget Brennan says… “It needs to be a building; it needs to be an institution that has much more than a voice. It has (to have) some control and some autonomy. i.e. This means the ‘Aboriginal Voice in Parliament’ must overrule all Non-Aboriginal voted in MP voices in Parliament. This entire process if approved by changes in the Australian Constitution will strangle Democracy in Parliament and destroy quality and justice for all Australian Citizens.

A.I. comments… In other words, Brennan demands the Non-Aboriginal People must submit to the Aboriginal Voice in Parliament and obey their demands. And my response is… “Like Hell! If you want ‘Civil War’ lets do it and give rid of this treacherous anti-freedom objective by ‘Authoritarian’ creeps that want to dictate to Australians what they can and cannot do. If you treasonous creeps want ‘Civil War’ say so… and will fight to the death.

Brennan you have opened my new understanding of Albanese incompetence and betrayal by your aggressive bully totalitarian agenda. Do You want a ‘Civil War’? Let’s have it! I will not tolerate treacherous anti-freedom, anti-equality thinking in Parliament approved by a ‘Blank Cheque’ change in our Australian Constitution.

Padraig Collins remarked… “However, there was concern that leaving the parameters of the Voice undefined risked making it too powerful.” (i)

A.I. comments… Collins you said it well. Bridget Brennan has made it clear she wants to make the Voice so aggressive that we all ‘Fear’ the Voice and that all Aborigines ‘Revere’ the Voice. Brennan’s dictatorship agenda is paramount to forcing us to fight in a ‘Civil War’.

Anthony Albanese is insane to support fanatics like Bridget Brennan and others like her. She must be tossed out of all association with Parliament, by whatever degree of force is necessary. Brennan is a dangerous enemy of all Australians. Her Authoritarian agenda proves Brenan is an enemy of the Australian people.

I learned when I was young man in the 1970’s never tolerate hoodlums and gangsters and never run from a fight, and yes, I used fear, not talking about, not threatening, just delivering a fight with no surrender until victory was the result. I never lost a fight on the streets or in academic battle throughout my Executive Project Management Career.

Now Fanatic Aboriginal Dictators want to rule Australians by use of the Voice of Fear in Parliament and more. That is the agenda goal Bridget Brennan and others want to enforce and Anthony Albanese supports this agenda.

Janet Albrechtsen, a columnist with The Australian, said the wording of the constitutional change establishing the Voice must include the right of parliament to abolish it.” (i)

Albrechtsen wrote… “The only safe way to ensure this novel indigenous body does not become a governance disaster of unholy scale is to give parliament the ultimate control to abolish it.” (i)

A.I. comments… Janet Albrechtsen comments reflect a valid serious concern. But the correct solution is to ban a change in the Constitution giving the Aboriginal Voice Superiority Power in Parliament over the non-Aboriginal People; I will persistently push hard again and hard again, against this ‘Blank Cheque’ change plan in the Australian Constitution. This unjust Authoritarian agenda will force us to engage in ‘Civil War’. To stop ‘Civil War’ the ‘Blank Cheque’ objective must be aborted, scrapped forever.

Once this alteration is tabled in the Australian Constitution it will become cement authority in the Constitution to bully harass all Australian Non-Aborigine Generations forever. The only way it will be shutdown is by ‘Civil War’.

This Referendum Plan by Anthony Albanese will divide Australians in a war against Aborigines. This Karma Result/Consequence will destroy Australia and give Communist Beijing China an Open Gate Opportunity to invade Australia and wipe out all Australians, including Aborigines and Non-Aborigines.

If you refuse to recognise the ultimate danger of this change in the ‘Australian Constitution’ then you are a serious part of the problem.

Janet Albrechtsen wrote… “The wording in the Constitution establishing the Voice must restrict the role of the Voice to making representations to parliament and to MPs, and not – as the proposed wording says – to being able to lobby ‘executive government’ over the fine detail of policies.” (i)

A.I. comments… Albrechtsen raised a valid concern. But wiser better yet, is to Vote “No!” to the change in the Constitution.

“Extending the reach of this body to everything done by executive government means it could permanently second-guess everything that passed across the desk of ministers or public servants, Ms. Albrechtsen wrote. “This extension is an act of massive overreach that will radically change our system of government.(i)

A.I. comments… “Well said Janet Albrechtsen.”

This massive change of government means that the Aboriginal ‘Voice in Parliament’ approved by a Referendum Change, will give Aborigines absolute Authoritarian Power to rule all Australian non-Aborigines, in much the same way as Marxist Socialist Communists ruthlessly and aggressively rule and forcefully oppress all of the Mainland Chinese People, including now Hong Kong and since 1950 Tibet. We Australians do not want this anti-freedom Aboriginal Rule of Government. Which is why if this Constitution Change is made, we will be forced to fight a ‘Civil War’ which spells ‘Disaster’ for every Australian.

We cannot live under the rule of ‘Aboriginal Authoritarian Oppression’, which is why we will be forced to fight a Civil War caused by Anthony Albanese.

Bridget Brennan said… “It was important the Voice has much more than just an advisory role.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson remarks… This comment by Brennan proves again that she wants Aborigines to gain absolute ‘Authoritarian Rule Control’ of all Australian Non-Aboriginal People. Such an Agenda Mission is an ‘Act of High Treason’ against all Australian People, which is why I said previously “Bridget Brennan is an Enemy of the State.”

“Some of the criticism of the process of getting a Voice to Parliament has come from within the Indigenous community.” (i)

“Writing on Facebook… Country Liberal Party Senator Jacinta Price, a Warlpiri-Celtic woman, said ‘the Voice is being (led) by members of the Indigenous elite who’ve spent their lives on the backs of the most marginalized and changed nothing for them…” (i)

The Voice to Parliament is a gravy train attempting to ingrain itself into the constitution so despite its failures and lack of accountability can never be dismantled.” (i)

Thank you, Senator Jacinta Price, for tabling the Truth. Three Cheers for Price.

Now some naïve people may think that the danger of ‘Civil War’ does not exist if these fanatic Aborigines with ‘Authoritarian Mentality’ gain a ‘Constitution Approved ‘Voice in Parliament’. But you are wrong, sooner or later ‘Aboriginal Fanatics’ will misuse their ‘Constitutionalized Power’ to impose Oppression upon the Australian People, and sadly, ‘Civil War’ will be the only tragic solution and Anthony Albanese will be held accountable for deliberately engineering this crisis by use of change to the ‘Australian Constitution’.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a wholesome good decent society.

Transcript of Slide Statement by Allan Ivarsson on Anthony Albanese Significant Dangerous Australian Constitution Planned Change to Divide Australia into a Nation of Conflict.

I will not accept a ‘Blank Cheque’ “Voice to Parliament” being written into the Constitution. If Anthony Albanese does not have the courage to table exact words to be added into the Constitution for a ‘Three Month’ in advance discussion and debate by the people, before a Referendum is launched to the people, then the Referendum must be outlawed.

Justice for who? All the full blood Aborigines victims are deceased. A large percentage of Aborigines today are not full blood. They are whites with black blood, being less than half cast, quarter cast and many even more less in cast, claiming aboriginal rights. Where is the justice in denial of equality for all Australians, when so-called Aborigines more white than black, can claim special benefits denied to all other Australians?

“The question likely to be put to the public is: ‘Do you support an alteration to the constitution that establishes an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice?’ (i)

“The Prime Minister is concerned that giving too much detail would mean people voting ‘no’ if they ‘disagree with one out of 50’ clauses put forward. (i)

‘We’re not doing that, we’re learning from history,’ said Mr. Albanese – referring to the failed 1999 referendum on Australia becoming a republic, which many voted down not because they were against it in principle but because there was conflict over how the head of state would be chosen.” (i)

Fifty new clauses in the Constitution? That is a dangerous reckless idea by Albanese.

The Prime Ministers truthful fear is an ‘Act of Cowardice’ and we do not want treasonous cowards leading our Government. When Politicians are afraid to table exact word changes in a Constitution it means that the Politicians are planning an Authoritarian/Totalitarian Government to overthrow Australian Freedom Values. If that anti-freedom injustice happens, in our Constitution, I will lead Australia into ‘Civil War’.

And bring charges of ‘High Treason’ against all persons found guilty of striving to destroy Australian Historical Freedom Values.

I have always been against ‘Civil War’ because it is an unjust destructive method. But so too is destruction of our ‘Freedom Values’ by unjust deceitful alterations in the ‘Australian Constitution’ recorded as authoritarian manipulation to bully all Australians into submission of forced imposed dictatorship upon us.

A ‘Voice to Parliament’ is a wide open ‘Blank Cheque’ giving dictators the opportunity to do what they want to do to all of us non-Aborigine people. Such thinking and planned behaviour is not acceptable, not now, not ever. We have an Australian Flag, defended during many wars in past history and we will not accept design change of that flag.

‘A ‘Voice to Parliament’ is an engineered deceitful copy of ‘Anti-Freedom Ideology’ Marxist Socialist Communism. We are a ‘Free Nation’ and we shall stay free, even if we must fight a bloody ‘Civil War’ to protect our right to live free.

“Victory or Death!”

Sack Anthony Albanese! Anyone who deceitfully thinks like this cannot be be trusted to do the right thing by all Australians.

Aborigines are Australians, we are One Nation and we shall not be divided. If Division is forced upon us… we will deal with it though ‘Civil War’!

We Must Stop Anthony Albanese ‘Blank Cheque’ Mentality.

Our National Anthem will Fall from Grace if Aboriginal Voice in Parliament Rules.

Australia Day Celebration & Anzac Day will be banned if Authoritarian Aboriginal Voice in Parliament Rules.

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