‘High Treason’ Down Under

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Between two countries.

‘High Treason’ Down Under

This Treatise does more than identify an Australian Traitor deemed as guilty of ‘High Treason’ by Allan Ivarsson; it also reveals the subtle cunning of Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’ to rule the world with Beijing as head-office of ‘Communist Intelligence’. Beijing’s tactics makes the Russian Communist KGB look like amateurs.

[The existence of the KGB Intelligence ended on the 6th November 1991.]

The World needs to focus on the International Commitment to free the Chinese people from the bully dictatorship of ‘Communism’. And now the important ‘Treatise’ begins. I have written this paper for court presentation if the Federal Government ever decides to deal with this serious concern of ‘High Treason’.

The October 30, 2016 video news report that opens up the concern for all Aussies that value their right to live free from the danger of ‘Communist China’ invasion…

Daniel McCulloch wrote for Australian Associated Press, subject titled, ‘Morrison pushes for ‘mature’ China meeting’ dated December 17, 2020. (i)

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison is continuing to push for a meeting with his Chinese counterpart to discuss an increasingly bitter trade and diplomatic dispute.” (i)

“Mr Morrison has not spoken to Chinese President Xi Jinping for 18 months. The pair last spoke during a G20 Summit at Osaka in June 2019.” (i)

(i) https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/7059392/morrison-pushes-for-mature-china-meeting/?

Allan Ivarsson comments… Back on the 19th May 2020, Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’ imposed an 80.5% tariff on Australian Barley. During the months ahead right into December 2020 and beyond, ‘Communist China’ continued to block our export business with Chinese Trading Partners. The 2015 ‘Free Trade’ Agreement with ‘Communist China’ was closed down at random. Xi Jinping reneged on the deal.

Some writers have been incorrectly calling the conflict ‘Trade Strikes’. This fight is not about trade strikes, it is about rule changes launched by Xi Jinping and the ‘Chinese Communist Party’.

Xi Jinping wants Australia to submit to his dictatorship. Jinping will not accept anything less than submission. It is not a conflict about diplomacy, there is no diplomacy, it ceased to exist, when the bully abuse of Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’ attacked our ‘Free Trade Agreement’ and resented afterwards ‘Australia’s Foreign Investment Laws’, which were recently upgraded out of survival common-sense necessity.

Whilst Morrison may be pushing for a meeting with Xi Jinping, I do not think it would be a successful meeting because Xi Jinping wants Australia to submit to the dictatorship of ‘Communist China’ on his shift. If anyone cannot recognise that truth, they are not very alert.

Forget about the billions of dollars of trade involved, write the income dream off. Get real think safety, think survive and adapt or perish. Find new ‘Trading Partners’ in the free world that rejects ‘Totalitarian’ doctrine.

We do not need ‘Communist China’. We survived for decades including two decades without China as a ‘Trading Partner’ and we can again.

“With Chinese ministers still refusing to take calls from their Australian counterparts, there is no end in sight for problems plaguing the relationship.” (i)

A.I. comments… Rule of Life in Social, Business or Relationships, never push for discussion when the person rejects the opportunity to discuss a problem or concern. Except for reasons of self-defence when under attack, always walk away. We do not need conflict with ignorant people that refuse to be reasonable and refuse to calmly negotiate. Walk away and choose other alternative deals and other friends and associates. We Aussies, do not need the bully dictatorship of ‘Communist China’, dump all trade deals and leave them to fall flat on their face for being so ignorant and stupid.

We do not need to live a life of tensions, with ignorant people. We do not need their stress tactics. Walk Away.

Morrison has correctly said that Australia will not compromise its values to get trade ties back on track. He emphasized the importance of mature discussions and that each country will act in their own national interests.

“The relationship between Australia and China is a mutually beneficial relationship and the current tensions are of no value to China or Australia,” Mr Morrison said. (i)

A.I. comments… The problem is that Xi Jinping suffers from a case of vanity and lust for power. He refuses to lose face. And he is still fixated with his ambition to rule Australia on his shift. No one can successfully reason with emotional people that are afraid to lose face. Negotiation is a waste of time, walk away, Australia does not need ‘Communist China’ as a ‘Trading Partner’. When China frees the people and gives them the right to live free of persecution then talk trade and not before.

Now let’s get past this opening concern and deal with the real reason I am here tabling critical path issues.

Now we must deal with Andrew Robb Australia’s former ‘Minister for Trade and Investment’ who betrayed Australia. During this overview, I shall look at his philosophy, which influenced his wrong political decision making that was clearly also focused on personal greed, and not on the wholesome welfare of Australia.

Andrew Robb
Born 20th August 1951 Age 69 years in 2020

Challenged by…

Allan Ivarsson
Born 26th December 1948 Age 72 years in 2020

“Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, OiOiOi.”


More truth comes to light as the following insight is tabled. It is clear to me now that Andrew Robb betrayed Australia in 2015-2016 for ‘Greed’ gain. He should be arrested and charged with ‘High Treason’, but it will never happen because our Politicians and our Political System is weak and lacks the toughness of mind which exists in ‘Communist Chinese Government’. We clearly in Australia do not have tough enough Federal Laws to stop ‘Treason’ and ‘High Treason’.

This is a 24 A4 page report, including images on the incident, no doubt more detail is floating out there… as yet I have not found it. This should concern every ‘True Patriot’ Australian. I read some reports and rejected them as being too wishy-washy and not trustworthy for accuracy. The interface of reports for this treatise which I selected, pull together with a sense of logic and truth.

“Access to the narrow-and shallow-waters to Australia’s north has been a bone of contention in recent years.” ##

“In 2015, then Trade Minister Andrew Robb signed off on a $506 billion, 99-year Port of Darwin lease to the Chinese state-owned Landbridge Group. A year later he resigned to take on a $880,000-a-year “high-level economic consultancy” role with Landbridge despite its ties to the People’s Liberation Army. ##

The United States was furious. It had plans to use Darwin and the Northern Territory as a major Marine Corps and Naval base to counteract China’s ballooning regional influence. Those plans were now at risk.” ##

## Source… https://allanivarsson.com/2020/12/18/png-submits-to-communist-china/

“The rosy days of 2015 – when the Northern Territory government decided to lease the Port of Darwin to Chinese-owned company Landbridge for 99 years – now seem long gone, but such deals cannot be undone.” # Source…

# https://allanivarsson.com/2020/12/09/communist-chinas-strategic-takeover-of-australia-is-now-under-investigation/

# https://allanivarsson.com/2020/12/13/australian-states-and-territories-are-a-weak-link-in-dealing-with-foreign-interference/

A.I. comments… I agree with the anger of the United States Government. We Aussies need the additional protection of American Marine Corps and a Naval base.

Andrew Robb took advantage of the years of unstable Australian Federal Government and made a private deal with ‘Communist China’ for profit, which betrayed Australia by supporting ‘Communist China’ gaining control by lease of Port of Darwin.

As a Minister of Trade and Investment, Andrew Robb should have by a patriotic code of ethics known better. Honesty only exists when greed for money is not involved.

However, it should be noted that Andrew Robb did not start the work on negotiating a deal for the successful bid of Landbridge for the lease of Port of Darwin. He simply took advantage of the potential income gain that came by resigning from Australian Politics and supporting the ‘Communist Chinese’. A decision that did not prove to be as successful as he had visioned. But to cover his decision, his arse in other words, he still stands by ‘Communist China’.

Andrew Robb did ‘sign-off the Port of Darwin deal, by agreeing with the deal. He ceased to do anything about the deal. In other words, he approved of the deal and gained the opportunity to make money out of the deal by supporting ‘Communist China’ investment in Australia. He saw this last opportunity before his retirement as a final financial gain. Thus after Robb’s sign-off he became silent and did not oppose the Port of Darwin Deal.

After the year 2015, he chose with enthusiasm to defend working with ‘Communist China’ for the false knowledge advantage of it benefiting Australia. But by 2020 we alert Aussies began to identify all the aggressive tactics by ‘Communist China’ were subtle strategies planned by Xi Jinping years earlier, before the 2015 ‘Free Trade Deals’, which by 2020 were no longer deemed by Xi Jinping to continue as ‘Free Trade’.

For the history books, I am charging Andrew Robb with ‘High Treason’ against Australia. It is clear, our Politicians will not have the courage to enforce this charge. But it certainly is now a historical record. He should not be allowed to get away unnoticed with his act of ‘High Treason’.

And now for today’s final review…

“The man who signed an Australian trade deal with China believes the decimated relationship can slowly be salvaged.” (i)

A.I. comments… The 2015 ‘Free Trade Deal’ was signed by Andrew Robb Trade and Investment Minister (2013-2016) and now by 2020 the deal backfired because Xi Jinping had no intention of honouring this Trade Deal. Jinping supported the ‘Trade Deal’ temporarily because he had ulterior motives focused on gaining control of Australia.

Australian Politicians that were too intellectually lazy to read Karl Marx and the ‘Communist Manifesto’ and were too lazy to look at the evil history of ‘Communism’ around the world since 1917, including China since 1949, jumped into the frying pan, dreaming about making great money for Australia, because the Politicians over the decades failed to fight to protect Australia’s self-sufficiency in Primary Industry and Manufacturing.

Andrew Robb recognised a great opportunity to upgrade his career and income by being recognised by Australians and Chinese as the man who in 2015 signed the ‘Trade Agreement’ and in the same year signed-off in agreement the ‘Port of Darwin’ lease deal. After he agreed to the ‘Port of Darwin Agreement’ he resigned from politics to collect more money from ‘Communist China’ via Landbridge.

At this point of time, whilst I am criticising Andrew Robb for his anti-Australia acceptance of the ‘Port of Darwin’ deal, I am charging him with ‘High Treason’ for choosing to make a lucrative income paid by Landbridge which reports to Beijing. To me this is the same behaviour as accepting graft. And it suggests to me that Andrew Robb was easily manipulated by the wishes of Xi Jinping through Beijing instructions to Landbridge.

I am not criticising Andrew Robb for signing the 2015 ‘Free Trade Deal’ because this serious error belongs to the ownership of every Politician Labor and Liberal right back to John Howard that was involved in the evolution of this deal, which began even before Xi Jinping became President of the ‘People’s Republic of China’. The error in signing the ‘Free Trade Deal’ is linked to the stupidity of all Australian Politicians that supported this Trade Deal’ who failed to understand the ‘Totalitarian’ nature of Communism. And should have known, free people cannot ever trust a Communist.

Andrew Robbs error is agreeing to sign the ‘Free Trade’ deal, which he should have as a conscientious objector refused to sign and approve. A conscientious objector is more than about military opposition. It is about opposition to any ideas, ideology, on moral conscience grounds.

The genuine grievance by all ‘True Blue’ Aussies is the fact that after he signed the agreement, he resigned and accepted renumeration in the form of income from ‘Communist China’ and that greed decision is unacceptable and is an act of ‘High Treason’ against Australia. For a Politician he should have know better and first he should have been a man of conscience true to Australian Patriotism.

No doubt he cannot even comprehend the point of my argument.

The decision by the Northern Territory Government to lease parts of Darwin to the Landbridge Group that was duty bound to report to Beijing, came into effect on the 16th November 2015. Flashing back, in October 2015, the Communist Chinese Landbridge Group won the bid for a lease of Port of Darwin. The port was originally operated by the Darwin Port Corporation. The then foolish Country Liberal Northern Territory Government granted the Communist Chinese Company a 99-year lease for A $506 million, which has as income been used out completely now by the State Government.

Xi Jinping smiled at the stupidity of the Northern Territory Government for such a cheap price. ‘Communist China’ now has strategic rights to in part, blockade the US and Australian Military, defence of Northern Australia. Later, Xi Jinping gained control of Daru Papua Guinea to support ‘Communist China’s’ determination to strengthen their military control of this entire region.

Andrew Robb saw nothing wrong with these deals, he made more money for his retirement that is all that counted.

“Former trade minister Andrew Robb says despite the nose-diving political relationship and string of trades strikes, commercial links have never been stronger.” (i)

“China has targeted a laundry list of Australian consumables but is still buying shiploads of iron ore.” (i)

A.I. comments… These remarks by Andrew Robb prove that his thinking is in bed with ‘Communist China’. That is what greed does to a persons mentality, it warps their judgement.

As I mentioned above… “Some writers have been incorrectly calling the conflict ‘Trade Strikes’. This fight is not about trade strikes, it is about rule changes launched by Xi Jinping and the ‘Chinese Communist Party’.

Xi Jinping started this ‘Trade Conflict’… it was not started by Australia. Hiding, avoiding speaking the truth lest he offends Xi Jinping, Andrew Robb is silent.

Peekaboo… “I see you Andrew.”

That laundry list is not a laundry list write-off as Robb demoted the products. It is an important ‘Export List’ to bring in more cash flow, and we should go elsewhere and dump trying to sell it to China who has reneged on the 2015 Trade Deal. Andrew Robb has no problem with that… after all to him it is only a laundry list.

China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, is the largest buyer of iron ore exports and is by far the largest supplier of imports.” (i) #

A.I. comments… We know this… we have reviewed this previously. Australia does not need this iron ore business from ‘Communist China’ no amount of money is worth selling our soul and risking losing our ‘Freedom Values’ by selling to a ‘Dictatorship Nation’. Make no bones about it, ‘Communist China’ does want to invade and take control of Australia, first by invasion from within, by investment and imports. #

When Xi Jinping started attacking our exports income, he did it deliberately to hurt us, because he knew that our exports were exceeding imports and he did not want the people of Australia to enjoy too much financial growth. He wanted to slow us down. And furthermore, he only hit hard those exports that he could avoid needing by importing from some other country. He did not stop the supply of iron ore because he needs steel to build his military force needs in ships, planes, trucks, tanks, missiles, etc. for use to invade us down-the-track. He also needs steel to support his ‘Space Program’ to conquer space to control planet earth like a ‘Big Brother’ tactic through Artificial Satellites and Space Colony strategy. Do not underestimate ‘Communism’. They want control of our planet to make slaves out of the people. #% #

# % https://allanivarsson.com/2020/12/06/why-it-is-time-for-australia-to-walk-away-from-trading-with-communist-china/

# https://allanivarsson.com/2020/12/12/do-not-panic-we-do-not-need-communist-china-as-a-trading-partner/

I repeat… Xi Jinping did not stop the supply of iron ore because he needs steel to build his military force needs in ships, planes, trucks, tanks, missiles, etc. for use to invade us down-the-track.

True to his peaceful support of ‘Communist China’ Andrew Robbs did not mention what Xi Jinping’s primary use of steel is being used for… I know Jinping is planning to build several more aircraft carriers by 2050. Why does ‘Communist China’ need so many aircraft carriers and the obvious answer is… so that China can conquer and rule the entire South Pacific.

Trust Andrew Robb as a key defender of Australia? No way!

“Mr Robb says two-way trade has doubled since he signed the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement five years ago.” (i)

A.I. comments… Not anymore, Xi Jinping does not want Australia to make a profit where exports income, exceeds import expenditure. Andrew Robb is living in fantasy land.

“He (A.R.) believes diplomatic tensions boil down to a “major misunderstanding”: China thinks the United States is trying to contain its rise and assumes that Australia is doing America’s bidding.” (i)

A.I. comments… Where did this Robb clown come from? How did he successfully gain political seats? Was his competition in politics so weak? Or was he a manipulator that played ‘too-faced games’? True enough gaps in politics existed between 2010 to 2018 because of instability in both parties. I wrote about this in my treatise, “PNG Submits to Communist China” ##

## https://allanivarsson.com/2020/12/18/png-submits-to-communist-china/

Xi Jinping is not a fool, he knows exactly what is going on. He wants to weaken the alliance between USA and Australia so that ‘Communist China’ can easily invade Australia. There is no “major misunderstanding”Andrew Robb lied to keep in the good books with Xi Jinping.

“Mr Robb says Australian leaders must take every opportunity to emphasis they make independent, sovereign decisions and want China to succeed.” (i)

“He said public comments must focus on the complementary nature of the trade relationship.” (i)

A.I. comments… More false knowledge garbage rolling out of Andrew Robbs’s mouth. Xi Jinping already knows this reality, but he wants Australia to submit to his dictatorship and he will not accept anything less than complete submission.

Scott Morrison has already emphasized that he respects the right of both countries to fair trading deals for profit and gain. But the ‘Chinese Embassy’ and the ‘Global Times’ the propaganda mouthpiece of Xi Jinping have already said, “No Deal” they not interested in anything less than Australian submission to Communist Chinese demands.

Don’t worry Andrew Robb does not have the courage and toughness of mind to fight for Australia. He would rather walk soft to be in favour with Xi Jinping.

“What we do well China needs, and what China does well we need,” Robbs told ABC radio. (i)

A.I. comments… That is an obvious with good trading partners, but China has proven they are not good trading partners, they want to rule Australia and will not accept less than submission. Furthermore many of our imports from China are poor quality items and should be rejected and banned from entry. Australian Distribution fails to maintain high quality specification control of imports. Our distribution CEO’s need a boot up the arse, there degree qualifications are not worth a damn.

“Mr Robb, who has various business links in China, concedes the trade strikes on Australian exports have been deeply disruptive.” (i)

A.I. comments… Hey Robb dummy, they are not trade strikes, they are manipulation tactics implemented by bully Xi Jinping to try and hurt us and force Australians to submit to the dictatorship of ‘Communist China’. Well it is not going to work. We ‘True Blue’ Aussies will never submit to Xi Jinping. It is obvious you have to make money from dealing with ‘Communist Chinese’. You are not visiting China as a political representative of Australia; you are there to make money for yourself. Looking after yourself, failing to do your patriotic duty is what you have clearly done best since 2015 to 2016 and thereafter. Respect You? No way you by your greed have become an enemy of all ‘True Australians’.

“We have to try and work past that and get those opportunities back again, look for opportunities to work together on different things, keep the door open, avoid the megaphone,” (Robb) he said.” (i)

A.I. comments… No we will not. Andrew Robb is filled with dishonest wind. He truly sees nothing wrong with ‘Communism’ and refuses to recognise that all this conflict between Australia and China was started by Xi Jinping and his puppet ‘Communist Comrades’. Trust Andrew Robb? No way! I will say it again and again. Xi Jinping is not stupid, he knows exactly what he is doing. He has a very focused agenda, and that objective is to first gain complete control of the South Pacific, starting with Australia, PNG and Fiji and whatever other significant opportunities are easily available.

“If we can do these sorts of things and be patient, because the level of distrust is fairly significant at this stage, time will heal it.” (i) Said Andrew Robb.

A.I. comments… Is Andrew Robb that stupid that he believes what is coming out of his mouth? Or is he getting well paid to say what he tables? He should be working for the Communists propaganda news rag, the ‘Global Times’.

“We will get back to some sense of normality, but we have to be patient and disciplined in how we do that.” (i) Says Andrew Robb.

A.I. comments… If we did not know his name, would have to say, “Who is this clown?”. We can say how did this fool become Trade Minister. Were our political parties that fractured in intelligence that anyone could slide into the seat?

I will say it again, I do not trust Andrew Robb he is in bed with the Communists for profit. A patriot would put Australia first ahead of ambitions for profit.

We do not need to say much about Andrew Robb he says it for us delivering idiotic statements expecting us to bend over backwards for Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’. Robb has damaged his own reputation by cashing in for profit advantage working for Beijing. And he continues to defend ‘Communist China’ to keep the door open for him to gain more financial advantages. Andrew Robb has destroyed his own credibility for greed. Now how stupid is that?

By his thinking and behaviour Andrew Robb has sold out Australia.

A brief report caught my eye on 21st December 2020, which was updated on June 6, 2017 by Nick McKenzie, Richard Baker and Chris Uhlmann titled, ‘Liberal Andrew Robb took $880k China job as soon as he left Parliament’. Posted on behalf of ‘Sydney Morning Herald’. (ii)

Allan Ivarsson comments… I know I have already posted this fact from another source, but this brief report tables more details of Andrew Robbs financial benefit and who he was connected to. Disturbing verification of the ‘High Treason’ activity of Andrew Robb, revealing that greed first is more important to him than patriotic loyalty.

The disturbing thing that jumped out at me. No one has correctly alleged that Andrew Robbs is guilty of ‘High Treason’ that is, ‘Betrayal of Australia’. He got away with it without challenge. Though sections of the media did raise their eyebrows in comment, nothing more happened; the concern was thrown into the too hard basket by Politicians in the Liberal and Labour Parties, Federal and State. And the Media did not push the concern any further.

“Former Australian trade minister Andrew Robb walked straight out of Parliament last year and into an $880,000-a-year job with a billionaire closely aligned to the Chinese Communist Party and its key trade policy.” (ii)

“As part of the “confidential” consultancy deal, Mr Robb, the architect of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, began consulting to [Billionaire] Ye Cheng the day before the July 2 federal election last year.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Andrew Robb chose to support confidential information about ‘Communist China’ as being more important than patriotic loyalty to Australia. Why? Because Financial gain was more important to him than Australians right to live free of ‘Communist’ bully tactics.

It is incorrect to call Andrew Robb the architect of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, the idea evolved over several years involving support by all Liberal and Labor Party Leaders, starting with John Howard and even Bob Hawke, supported the planned deals.

“The arrangement, uncovered by a Fairfax Media-Four Corners investigation, involves monthly payments of $73,000 (including GST) to Mr Robb starting on July 1, 2016. Mr Robb had announced months earlier he would not recontest his seat of Goldstein.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Now when you read Andrew Robbs defence of Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’ saying that the trade conflict is a misunderstanding and that Australia should be patient and work at healing the conflict wounds between the two Nations, you will understand why he walks soft with ‘Communist China’. He has business deals with the ‘Communist Chinese’ in China which he does not want to lose. In other words, profit gained from China is more important to him than what is right for Australia.

Mr Ye [Billionaire] is the owner of Landbridge, which controversially acquired the 99-year lease for the Port of Darwin in 2015. He is also a member of the national Chinese People’s Consultative Committee, an advisory body that President Xi Jinping has directed to “uphold the CPC [Chinese Communist Party] leadership without wavering”. (ii)

(ii) https://www.smh.com.au/national/liberal-andrew-robb-took-880k-china-job-as-soon-as-he-left-parliament-20170602-gwje3e.html

“Mr Ye frames much of his business activity, including the acquisition of the Port of Darwin lease, in terms of advancing Beijing’s ambitious global trade and infrastructure policy “One Belt, One Road”. (iii)

Refer Victoria Deal with China and PNG Deal with China.

A.I. comments… Thus it can be observed clearly that Andrew Robb is in bed with ‘Communist China’ for profit in preference to loyalty to Australia.

In the following Sydney Morning Herald important follow up story about Andrew Robb, his thinking and behaviour, it is revealed, without allegation, but certainly written in a serious tone of concern, by Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker dated February 19, 2019. Subject title, ‘Andrew Robb quits China-linked firm before foreign interference law kicks in.’ (iii)

(iii) https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/andrew-robb-quits-china-linked-firm-before-foreign-interference-law-kicks-in-20190219-p50yv0.html

A.I. comments… Thus Andrew Robb recognised danger in his obvious linked association with ‘Communist China’ and bailed out to save his image from being tarnished by his deals with his ‘Communist Comrades’.

“Former trade minister Andrew Robb has quietly ceased his controversial $880,000 per annum consultancy with a company closely linked to the Chinese government, as the deadline looms for lobbyists for overseas state interests to sign up to Australia’s new foreign influence register.” (iii)

A.I. comments… In other words, Robb quit to protect his now questionable character from being exposed more about his deals with ‘Communist China’. And he gets away with it, because no one but Allan Ivarsson is now openly criticising and rejecting the disgraceful thinking and behaviour of Andrew Robb’s deals with anti-freedom ‘Communist China’.

“Mr Robb’s consultancy with the leaseholder of the Darwin Port, Landbridge, was trumpeted by the Chinese-government aligned company in 2016 but became intensely controversial when an investigation by The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and Four Corners revealed his fee, and that he had joined the company straight after quitting parliament.” (iii)

A.I. comments… Robb knew before he quit Parliament that he was intending to join Landbridge, he knew before he signed the Port of Darwin lease deal that he was going to leave Parliament and join Landbridge in support of ‘Communist China’ and even Xi Jinping had approved of this deal with Andrew Robb through Beijing, because nothing happens without Beijing’s approval.

“It’s estimated that Mr Robb pocketed more than $2 million plus expenses from Landbridge. A company document revealed that Mr. Robb’s consulting contract was so vague and ill-defined he would be paid even if he did nothing.” (iii)

A.I. comments… There we go… more evidence, backed by no action against Robb betrayal tactics. And no doubt even during 2019 and 2020, Andrew Robb was making more business deals in ‘Communist China’ after he resigned from Landbridge, which is why he wants Australia to walk soft with Trade Deals with China. Because if China and Australia completely divorce from all trade deals, Robb will lose a lot of financial business opportunities. He is more concerned for himself than he is by what is right for Australia.

Just for the record Xi Jinping is not a fool, he uses Andrew Robb as a political pawn, until he no longer needs him. And then Jinping will expel Robbs’ association with China. Foolish Robb has temporarily nothing to fear, he is gaining income from ‘Communist China’ because he is still a useful propaganda puppet of Beijing’s aspirations.

No amount of money is worth destroying your character and your integrity.

“Mr Robb has confirmed that he has left Landbridge for the time being because, “at this stage, Landbridge has no other projects relevant for me to assist.” (iii)

A.I. comments… This is a cop out statement by Robb. His evasion statement was stated because in reality with changes in government laws, he was vulnerable to being prosecuted, and he knew it. He kept the door open to work for Landbridge again if the pressure against Foreign Investment softened and became relaxed like it was during 2010 to 2018 before Australian Patriot eyes started to question what was going on with Foreign Communist Chinese investment in Australia.

If he was investigated, I bet Andrew Robb was making more money than most of the Politicians in Parliament, Federal and State, which is why he left Parliament, chasing greener pastures offering more lucrative gains.

“I had been commissioned by Landbridge for well over a year to prepare a comprehensive report on ways that Australia’s world class health industry could assist with a major improvement of China’s public health system.” Mr Robb wrote in answer to questions.” (iii)

A.I. comments… Robb obviously thinks that Australians are asleep. Andrew Robb does not have the experience and skills to write such a report about Australia’s health industry. China has enough talented ‘Chinese Operatives’ working in Australia that can feed information about Australia’s health system to Beijing ‘Communist Intelligence’. They do not need Andrew Robbs input about Australia’s Health System. This ploy statement by Robb was a cunning tactic to hide his real reason for joining Landbridge, which was stated previously…

“As part of the “confidential” consultancy deal, Mr Robb, began consulting to [Billionaire] Ye Cheng the day before the July 2 federal election last year.” (ii)

No mention about his pretend commitment to do a report on Australia’s Health Industry when Andrew Robb first joined Landbridge. Robb avoided for confidential reasons what his real employed objective was all about, and we will never know, if ‘Australian Intelligence’ never investigates his activities. On this subject I suspect that ASIO is asleep.

“Just before Landbridge had an opportunity to formally present my report to Chinese authorities, they were advised not to bother because the relationship between the Australia and Chinese governments ‘had become toxic’ that the report would be binned.(iii)

A.I. comments… This tall tale fantasy story was tabled by a retired politician from Parliament. Now you know why many Aussies do not trust politicians. It competes with ‘Fish Tale Stories’ the fish was so big… Robb really was desperate to save face from being exposed. If Xi Jinping really wanted that report, he would have demanded it from Landbridge. If Xi Jinping cares about his people he would use overseas knowledge and skills wherever it came from, in other words, picking other peoples brains, to give him a decisive advantage over other Nations.

The report would not be binned because of a conflict between China and Australia.

No such report was copied to the Australian Government. Why? Because it did not exist. Andrew Robb lied.

“He [Andrew Robb] described the situation as “reviewable,” suggesting he may begin working for the [Landbridge] company again in future.” (iii)

A.I. comments… In other words, Robb will work for the ‘Communist Chinese’ if the opportunity offers him financial benefit. No intelligent Australian Organisation would hire a two-faced shifter like Robb. He changes statements whenever it suits his purpose to guide people away from thinking about his real goals and past profit motivated actions.

“Late last year, the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme became active with the launch of a public register for people who seek to influence the Australian political process on behalf of foreign interests. The new register is designed to ensure that, if a person is advocating on behalf of a foreign power, it is declared.” (iii)

“Mr Robb, who quit as a minister in Malcolm Turnbull’s government before the last election, previously denied working on behalf of Beijing, and defended his contract with Landbridge, saying he was not doing business in Australia, so could not be captured by the new scheme.(iii)

A.I. comments… Thus Andrew Robb lied and got way with his deceit to the Australian people without challenge.

The real reason for Andrew Robbs departure from Landbridge comes out on the table in the following reported remarks…

“In December 2017, then Attorney-General George Brandis suggested that Mr. Robb would have to sign up to the new register.” (iii)

“Landbridge confirmed Mr Robb’s departure. The company has previously denied its operations are influenced by the Communist Party and stated that Mr Robb was not engaged in political representation on its behalf in Australia.” (iii)

A.I. comments… Thus Andrew Robb did not want to sign up for the new register and Landbridge did not want him to be signed up on the register. Both lied to cover their arse. Landbridge does report to Beijing, because all Chinese Companies in Australia and other foreign country locations are expected to report to Beijing to ensure their activities are approved by Beijing. Hence, Landbridge lied again… Landbridge is influenced by the Communist Party.

As previously stated … “The Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme became active with the launch of a public register for people who seek to influence the Australian political process on behalf of foreign interests.” (iii)

“The scheme was largely prompted due to concerns about undeclared Chinese Government efforts to influence Australian institutions but applies to any lobbyist or consultant working for a company or think tank controlled by a foreign nation and involved in influencing the political process.” (iii)

A.I. comments… Andrew Robb has admitted he was a ‘Consultant’ for Landbridge and his constant comments striving to influence the Australian Government not to fight Beijing proves that he needs peaceful relationship between China and Australia so that he can continue enjoying his profit advantage of doing business as usual with ‘Communist China’.

If an Australian Government ever finds the courage to prosecute Andrew Robb for ‘High Treason’ I am confident that through ‘Intelligence’ investigation they will find more evidence which I have not seen to bring charges against this traitor.

“Lobbyists have until March 1, 2019 to register, although government sources have acknowledged that enforcing the scheme may be difficult given the lack of legal precedent surrounding its operation and the likelihood that some potential registrants will argue it does not apply to them.” (iii)

A.I. comments… Dishonourable people can escape the registration. So much for its legal strength. Thus Andrew Robb avoided having to register and escaped the scrutiny of being investigated more closely.

Flashback… Sydney Morning Herald dated July 2, 2018 By David Wroe and Eryk Bagshaw, subject title, ‘Former trade minister takes swipe at Washington’s China policy.’ (iv)

(iv) https://www.smh.com.au/business/the-economy/former-trade-minister-takes-swipe-at-washington-s-china-policy-20180628-p4zo8y.html

Allan Ivarsson comments… We have covered a lot of hypocrisy and incriminating evidence tabled by Andrew Robb himself, by his own comments and philosophical attitude, about ‘Communist China’ a country which he finds acceptable and has no problem with the oppressive character of ‘Communist Leadership’ towards its own people, who have not been approved to join the 92 million only ‘Communist Chinese’ out of 1.4 billion Chinese people, of which most Chinese want to live free of ‘Communist’ dictatorship.

Andrew Robb is okay with this oppression doctrine, thinking and behaviour, provided he can still make a profit dealing with ‘Communists’ in China.

“Former trade minister Andrew Robb has attacked United States policy towards China, saying both sides of politics in Washington were obsessed with a “futile and counterproductive” effort to contain the rising Asian power.” (iv)

A.I. comments… Of course to stay in business with China for profit, Robb had to support Xi Jinping’s attack against ‘Liberty Based’ America that correctly rejects the dictatorship tactics of the ‘Communist Party’ which is approved by Andrew Robb.

Robb obviously thinks that Australia and America should submit to the “Rising Totalitarian Ideology of Asian power.” His treasonous coward thinking disgusts me. His thinking must be motivated by cowardice or greed, probably both.

“Mr Robb, who has received a large salary as a consultant to Chinese firm Landbridge, launched the broadside against Australia’s major ally during a speech to the mining industry on Monday night.” (iv)

A.I. comments… Thus Robb spoke treason against our American ally since World War I choosing to support ‘Communist Chinese’ dictatorship and by speaking unjust treason against America Andrew Robb did betray Australia. In 2020 Xi Jinping abused Australia for being friends with America, Japan, and India and for participating in war games with these countries. ANZACS would be disgusted with the thinking and behaviour of Andrew Robb.

“The former minister, who secured several free trade agreements during his time in government, including that with Beijing, said both China and India were re-emerging as major players in Asia and would “share” power with the US over the course of this century.” (iv)

A.I. comments… ‘Communist China’ wants complete rule of the South Pacific and all South Asia and will not ever recognise India if they refuse to submit to the dictatorship of China. As last cab off the rank, ‘Communist China’ wants to rule America, starting with infiltration of American business and investment in American Property, in much the same way China has been striving to takeover ownership of Australia. Xi Jinping is angry with Australia because our current federal government the Liberal Party has refused to submit to the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party. And Andrew Robb has revealed he is not happy with this resistance by Australia, because it offends his money-making objectives with China. Greed controls the mind of Andrew Robb.

“Unfortunately, the United States appears yet to accept this inevitability, with both sides of the political aisle in Washington endlessly focusing on ‘containment’ of China – a futile and counterproductive approach in my view,” he [Andrew Robb] said according to speech notes provided in advance.” (iv)

A.I. comments… I felt anger when I read extracts of Andrew Robb’s speech. In his thinking he demonstrated subservience to the expanding dictatorship of ‘Communist China’ and failed to comprehend that no human being is safe under the rule of a ‘Totalitarian’ Nation and that he is wrong. ‘Communist China’ can be stopped if the entire free world is not afraid to challenge Xi Jinping and his 92 million ‘Communist Comrades’. They can be defeated. To submit to the dictatorship of ‘Communist China’ is not only unthinkable it is not acceptable to any person, in any Nation that values their right to live free.

Robb was lucky I did not hear his speech. I would have without hesitation accused him of cowardice and betrayal of Australian and American way of life. And he and I would have faced each other head-on, and I would never submit to his deceitful dictatorship thinking.

I have a zero tolerance for treason.

“Mr Robb said China and India’s rise would have to constitute a “transition to power-sharing”, which carried opportunities and threats.” (iv)

A.I. comments… Andrew Robb lied to manipulate the naïve. India will grow stronger not as fast as aggressive ‘Communist China’ methods. Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’ have no intension of sharing their power base with India, USA or Australia. ‘Communist China’ has one ambition to rule the World one stage at a time, starting with the entire South Pacific. And coward traitor Andrew Robb submits to this mission by ‘Communist China’. It is a historical disgrace if Andrew Robb is not held accountable for ‘High Treason’. If Xi Jinping succeeded in the unlikely event of conquering Australia during Robb’s lifetime, the Communists would never tolerate a traitor that betrayed his own country. Even ‘Communists’ hate traitors, they use them only as puppets to serve them. In the end they cut the strings and get rid of the puppets. But Robb is not smart enough to comprehend that truth. Karma strikes down whoever does the wrong thing by free people. Consequence result is always a reckoning.

Another report revealed more disturbing facts that alerted my investigation senses even further. The problem I have with all these Media reports over the years they get lost in archives and the wrong thinking and behaviour gets buried and justice is never served by prosecution, in this case against Andrew Robb.

Subject title, ‘Chinese sell-out Andrew Robb land banks his millions’. By Leith van Onselen, by Unconventional Economist in Australian Politics, dated June 12, 2018. (v)

(v) https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2018/06/chinese-sell-andrew-robb-banks-millions/

“In February 2016, Andrew Robb quit his role as Australia’s trade minister having just finalized the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement. Robb remained a member of parliament until 2 July 2016 and then immediately took an $880,000 ‘consultancy’ role at China’s Landbridge Group – the owner of the 99-year lease over the Port of Darwin – presumably on the back of the inside information he gained as a senior minister.” (v)

Mr Ye [Cheng Billionaire] is the owner of Landbridge, which controversially acquired the 99-year lease for the Port of Darwin in 2015. He is also a member of the national Chinese People’s Consultative Committee, an advisory body that President Xi Jinping has directed to “uphold the CPC [Chinese Communist Party] leadership without wavering”. (ii)

“Robb’s appointment to Landbridge clearly breached the statement of ministerial standards, which states that ministers should not lobby or advocate with the government for 18 months after their political retirement, nor take personal advantage of information to which they had access in their ministerial role.” (v)

A.I. comments… Andrew Robb did not wait 18 months after political retirement. He was hungry for big money and was more interested in immediate gain then doing the right thing as an Australian Responsible Citizen. Thus by his lack of integrity and code of honour, Robb proved that he could not be trusted with doing the right thing by Australia.

The report delivers more evidence about the wealth of Andrew Robb. And immediately the question came to my mind, “Why would a person who is financially strong, risk his reputation to make more big money?” And my answer is ‘Greed’.

“Over the weekend, Robb reportedly purchased a # Cremorne Point house for $3,985,000 which comes on top of last year’s purchase of a $3,735,000 clifftop house at Palm Beach.” (v)

“The purchase, in wife Maureen Robb’s name, is expected to be a permanent base for the couple, replacing their former Melbourne home in Brighton they sold a year ago for $2,655,000 in his former Goldstein electorate.” (v)

“The # two-story house is set on 424 square metres and includes separate living areas, a large study, spa and double garage.” (v)

“The optics here are terrible and could encourage future Australian politicians to sell-off sensitive national security information for personal profit. The Coalition should make an example of Andrew Robb and eject him from the party.” (v)

A.I. comments… I did not start looking at the treasonous activities and thinking of Andrew Robb until December 2020. Other writers were concerned over two years before me, and it appears no one listened to what they wrote. The truth was archived by apathy. Readers, said nothing, did nothing and Andrew Robb continued to live free as a bird.

“The use of optics characterizes a situation in which a person or organization worries about the public perception of a decision more than the substance of the decision itself.” Source Internet April 18, 2011.

In other words, political apathy and incompetence was more concerned with the disadvantage of public perception than dealing with what is clearly wrong thinking behaviour. Andrew Robb should have been held accountable and he was not, thus because he got away with his wrong thinking behaviour, he has opened the door to encourage other politicians to do the same thing or worse betraying Australia. Which is unacceptable behaviour.

Quickly I shall have a look at another point of view information tabled by the Fairfax Media, Sydney Morning Herald, titled ‘Ex-trade minister Andrew Robb gets job with Chinese firm that leased Darwin Port’ date, October 31, 2016. This review is flying backwards into the past. (vi)

“Chairman Ye Cheng is quoted as saying that, for Landbridge to achieve its goals, “it will be necessary to draw on experts such as Mr Andrew Robb who have global vision and global influence.” (vi)

“A ceremony [in September 2016] celebrating Mr Robb’s appointment was described as “auspicious” and included a floor-to-ceiling banner reading: “Appointment ceremony of Senior Economic Adviser Mr Andrew Robb of Landbridge Group.” (vi)

(vi) https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/extrade-minister-andrew-robb-gets-job-with-chinese-firm-that-leased-darwin-port-20161030-gse7c8.html

A.I. comments… When we read ahead of this date, which I posted earlier, we learn…

“As part of the “confidential” consultancy deal, Mr Robb, the architect of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, began consulting to [Billionaire] Ye Cheng the day before the July 2 federal election last year.” (ii)

“I had been commissioned by Landbridge for well over a year to prepare a comprehensive report on ways that Australia’s world class health industry could assist with a major improvement of China’s public health system.” Mr Robb wrote in answer to questions.” (iii)

“Just before Landbridge had an opportunity to formally present my report to Chinese authorities, they were advised not to bother because the relationship between the Australia and Chinese governments ‘had become toxic’ that the report would be binned.(iii)

A.I. comments… First it was claimed Andrew Robb was hired as a Senior Economic Adviser, then the job shifted to the role of World Class Health Industry Adviser, then that mission was dumped. The complete deal between Robb and Cheng reeks with deceit and hidden agenda. I doubt we will ever know what the agenda between Robb and Cheng deceit game was about; certainly, deceit was in the game hiding their objectives from the view of ‘Australian Intelligence’. Then Robb says… “reviewable”

“He [Andrew Robb] described the situation as “reviewable,” suggesting he may begin working for the [Landbridge] company again in future.(iii)

Trust Andrew Robb? No way! Trust Ye Cheng? No way! He reports to Beijing. Trust Beijing? No Way! Beijing is anti-freedom Communist. What does it take to wake up Australian Politicians?

“However, his job only came to light on Sunday when the ABC commissioned a translation of a September 2 statement by the Landbridge Group.” (vi)

“According to the ABC, the translated statement reads: “The process of internationalization of the Landbridge Group and the results achieved had greatly impressed him [Mr. Robb].” (vi)

“Chairman Ye Cheng is quoted as saying that, for Landbridge to achieve its goals, “it will be necessary to draw on experts such as Mr Andrew Robb who have global vision and global influence.” (vi)

A.I. comments… The process of internationalization of the Landbridge Group which reports to ‘Communist Beijing’ is to make the ideology of anti-freedom ‘Communist China’ an International Commitment to accept its beliefs and mission to rule the world. In other words, Communist China using Landbridge and other Chinese Companies that all report to Beijing is planning by agenda, to infiltrate every nation around the world with the sole purpose of gaining control of these Nations within, including through the Nations ‘Banking System’ so that ‘Communist China’ can control that countries economic status. Imagine how powerful ‘Communist Beijing’ can become by controlling every Nations economy.

The fact that Mr. Robb is impressed by the ‘Internationalization of the Landbridge Group’ proves that Andrew Robb has no problem with the infiltration of anti-freedom ‘Communist China’ throughout the world.

Cheng described Mr Robb as an expert with global vision. Yes, expert at supporting the spread of anti-freedom Communist ideology. Robb’s expertise is not worth a damn to the ‘Free World’. As for his so-called global influence, not one of us is that good to succeed in controlling the world by global influence. But if all the right moves are made on the world chess board, through economic strategy, ‘Communist China’ can achieve control of the world and Xi Jinping understands this potential reality. Don’t underestimate ‘Jinping’. To him Andrew Robb is just a pawn in a global chess game.

“Landbridge Group paid $506m for the 99-year Darwin Port lease, which began in November 2015. The deal was seen as an attempt to expand trade between Australia and China.” [Not true Xi Jinping dumped this objective.] (vi)

A.I. comments… The SMH not true comment is correct.

“At the time, Mr Robb welcomed the deal, lauding it as a “wonderful outcome for the Northern Territory, and for Australia as a whole.” (vi)

A.I. comments… This statement proves that Robb is either an ignorant fool, or he is deliberately making this statement to win more support from Beijing. Whatever is the reason for his wrong thinking decisions, he clearly sees no problem with anti-freedom ‘Communist China’ infiltrating takeover of Australia and any other Nations in the world. I don’t think Robb is that stupid as to not comprehend the danger of ‘Communist Chinese’ infiltration of Australia. He knew exactly what he was doing, his focus was on greed for self, not loyalty to his country as a patriot. Andrew Robb by his belief system thinking and behaviour does not care about the destruction of Australian Freedom, which China will impose if they gain majority control of Australian economy.

Andrew Robb is clearly by his wrong treasonous thinking willing to sacrifice the rights of all the grandchildren of us seniors to live free as adults. I have nothing but contempt for Robb’s betrayal behaviour.

“In his time as trade minister, Mr Robb negotiated four trade agreements, including the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and China.” (vi)

A.I. comments… As we have seen recorded earlier, Andrew Robb succeeded in Australian Politics during the era of 2010 to 2018 when Australian Government both Labor and Liberal were fractured in thinking and behaviour. If Politicians had been philosophically smarter during those years, I doubt Robb would have succeeded in becoming ‘Trade Minister’. His thinking is not that good.

“When the 65-year-old announced his resignation in February, he said he wanted to have one more career before he turned 68. His career move has already been criticised.” (vi)

A.I. comments… Andrew Robb could have worked longer in Australian Politics with a good income, but he wanted more… greed for higher income was more important to him than doing the right thing by Australia. And Ye Cheng jumped in to support Robb to help ‘Communist China’ divert China’s real motives for wanting the Landbridge lease deal to proceed. Xi Jinping Beijing approved of Andrew Robbs appointment. Problem is that Robb’s appointment to Landbridge proved to be a political ploy by Beijing to camouflage ‘Communist China’s real agenda. Part of the agenda became tabled when Beijing gained control of PNG Daru Island. And another part was when Socialist Daniel Andrews Premier of Victoria signed the Belt and Road Initiative Deal with China on the 8th October 2018.

Daniel Andrews did not do anything treasonous, because no Federal Law was in place at the time to control Foreign Investment in Australia. But the signing of the deal with China did prove that Daniel Andrews does not have philosophical common-sense.

All the deals between PNG and China are part of the global strategy of ‘Communist China’ to gradually take over the control of all Nations. That tactic is called by China, the ‘Belt and Road Initiative Deals’. And many naïve politicians are falling into the ‘Communist Chinese’ trap by signing such deals.

Peter Jennings, the executive director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, told The Australian, Mr Robb needed to explain his “cosy” appointment.” (vi)

“It is appropriate that we get an explanation about when he was approached by the company [Landbridge] to take on this role,” Mr Jennings said. (vi)

“He has to be very careful to make sure he can explain if there is a conflict of interest or why there isn’t a conflict of interest in this appointment, based on his obvious involvement in the free trade agreement arrangements when he was the minister for trade.” (vi)

A.I. comments… This questioning was quoted in October 2016, it is now December 2020, and nothing has changed. No Political movement in State or Federal challenged the thinking and behaviour of Andrew Robb for doing a deal with ‘Communist China’ through Landbridge. He without much challenge got away with his career move strategy, which was right for him to make higher income, but was not right for Australia.

As previously tabled, Andrew Robb was appointed as a Consultant… Andrew Robb was hired as a Senior Economic Adviser, then the job shifted to the role of World Class Health Industry Adviser, then that mission was dumped by Xi Jinping. In short, Robb did not deliver anything to the Chinese except serve as a pawn for Jinping to help hide the real agenda of the ‘Communist Chinese’ which includes investing in Australia to gain economic advantage and strategic property location, for Chinese control in the event of China deciding to invade Australia. Andrew Robb was misled by Greed thus he was easily manipulated by Beijing.

Remember previously stated “As part of the “confidential” consultancy deal, Mr Robb…”

Confidential between Communist China and Andrew Robb excluding Australian Intelligence. As said previously… this ‘Confidential Consultancy Deal’ became automatically, a conflict of interest between loyalty to ‘Communist China’ and loyalty to Australia. The deal was more than about trade it was about ‘Communist Chinese’ agenda.

Remember previously… “The deal was seen as an attempt to expand trade between Australia and China.” [Not true Xi Jinping dumped this objective.]

Thus it was clear that Xi Jinping’s objective did not need Australian export trade, importing into their country, except for iron ore to make steel and build a larger military physical force.

Xi Jinping is very cunning he gets what he wants, and so far, Australians are letting him get away with his dictatorship bully stunts.

The history of employment of Andrew Robb reads like fiction intelligence espionage story, but sadly although not very interesting read, it is a flow of fact, hiding the clever subtle tactics of Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’. Robb did enjoy personal enrichment and the Australian Voter did lose by his betrayal of Australia’s interests. China gained more and Australia lost more, by deals with ‘Communism’.

We lost Port of Darwin and other Australian properties and Islands, because of politicians blind enthusiasm to invite the ‘Trojan Horse’ of Communism into our territory bearing gifts of investment that came with a sad price.

In the beginning of the 2015 Trade Deal with China, it looked like Australia was enjoying an economic advantage, but in the end started by COVID-19 and followed by Xi Jinping’s insidious unjust dictatorship demands, China dumped the original dreamy ‘Free Trade’ deal for the true agenda of ‘Communist China’ to force Australia to submit to the dictatorship of Beijing. And Andrew Robb was okay with this because he was getting paid by China directly and indirectly in business deals. Which is why he said…

“We have to try and work past that and get those opportunities back again, look for opportunities to work together on different things, keep the door open, avoid the megaphone,” (Robb) he said.” (i)

Andrew Robb has too much to financially lose if Australia closed down the ‘Trade Deal’ with China because of Beijing’s bully tactics. In the background, he is doing deals with Chinese Companies in China. What those deals are, is not clear. After all Robb is a man who believes in confidential deals with China that excludes Australian Intelligence from learning the truth.

A brief comment about the Port of Darwin Deal hits the table…

Christopher Walsh posted on the 12th March 2019 a subject titled, ‘How and why did the Northern Territory lease the Darwin Port to China, and at what risk?’ (vii)

“… Why did the Northern Territory Government do it and how did they get away with it?” (vii)

The simple reason why is “stupidity”, said Neil James, executive director of the Australian Defence Association (ADA). (vii)

“If [Landbridge] offer was the best offer, but it introduced a major element of strategic risk for the whole country, they should have had the common sense to realise they take the second-best offer or the third best offer and not have any strategic risk,” he [Neil James] said.”

A.I. comments… Neil James said it right. Read this ABC link to learn how stupidity flowed through the political fractured years of federal government between 2010 to 2018. The old ‘Forrest Gump’ adage works well here… “Stupid is as stupid does”.

(vii) https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-03-12/why-did-northern-territory-sell-darwin-port-to-china-what-risk/10755720

The first thing that caught my eye during my scan read of the ABC report was the subtitle subject… ‘NT Government defends deal.’

“Jodie Ryan, who sat on the selection panel that chose Landbridge and was later promoted to the role of head public servant after the Gunner Labor Government’s 2016 election victory, said the long-term risks of leasing the port to a Chinese-owned company were “considered as part of the assessment” and that “substantial due diligence was undertaken and involved independent financial and legal advisers.” (vii)

A.I. comments… Not one of the selection panel including Jodie Ryan and the financial legal advisers had the intelligence to recognise that this Darwin Port had strategic military advantages to ‘Communist China’ in the event they decide to declare war on Australia. The deal in PNG Daru Island and the Darwin Lease deal has given ‘Communist China’ a powerful military strategic advantage in time of war. Where did these politicians that approved this deal get their basic training from? Fantasy Land? It is unbelievable how many degree qualified politicians are so incompetent and have no common-sense understanding of real life.

“If Landbridge are no longer able to run the port it returns to NT government control,” she said. (vii)

A.I. comments… The Communist Chinese running the port will not fail to manage the business deal they are a lot smarter than the politicians that approved the deal. They secretly know that Beijing needs this location to add to its military advantage in time of war. The President of the United States was smart enough to recognise the danger of the deal, yet the politicians in the Northern Territory did not have the common-sense intelligence to recognise why the deal should never have been approved. Because of their incompetent stupidity every politician that authorised this deal including Jodie Ryan should have been sacked. But… Once again, the opposition came only with a whimper and then the ball was dropped, and ‘Communist China’ won another victory over Australia.

“In an interview in Beijing in 2016, Mr Ye [Landbridge] said the Darwin Port investment fit the company’s strategy to expand its shipping and energy interests and served China’s foreign goal known as One Belt, One Roadan initiative the Australian Commonwealth has still not signed up to, citing security concerns raised by intelligence agencies.(vii)

The Federal Government was smart enough not to sign the One Belt, One Road initiative. The Northern Territory Selection Panel are equally guilty for allowing ‘Communist China’ to bid for control of Darwin Port. But they alone are not totally responsible for the dangerous decision to award the Darwin Port to Communist Chinese Control.

As for China’s One Belt, One Road initiative as we learned earlier it was idiot Socialist Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews who signed up with ‘Communist China’ and likewise it was Prime Minister of PNG James Marape that signed up with ‘Communist China’… both committed to One Belt, One Road Communist Chinese objective to rule the world.

A special selection committee was established to control the entire bidding process for the lease of Port of Darwin. After the bids were shortlisted, they were referred to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) and ACCC who during the period of fractured federal politics between 2010 to 2018 were clearly an incompetent board. They saw nothing wrong with the Landbridge bid and let it be approved. The (ACCC) Australian Competition and Consumer Commission obviously must have approved the Landbridge lease idea because there does not appear to be any challenge by this Federal Government organisation.

The Country Liberal Party Northern Territory was in power between 2012 to 2016 and was responsible for approving the Lease of Port of Darwin to Landbridge ‘Communist China’. It was this party that decided all assets in Northern Territory were up for grabs the first on their list was the Port of Darwin. They had no problem with Landbridge being the winner of the bid. According to ABC “Expressions of interest were sought in late 2014 and early 2015, with 33 respondents signalling their interest in acquiring it.” (vii)

All the players that signed off and signed the Port of Darwin lease agreement with Landbridge are all guilty of allowing this treasonous deal to be awarded to ‘Communist China’ via Landbridge that reports to Beijing. Those players are Northern Territory Liberal Party, their Selection Team for controlling the Bid Process and final decision, the Federal Government Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Andrew Robb the then Trade Minister, also signed off the objective deal. Their decision was treasonous founded upon stupidity.

Adam Giles was the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory (2013-2016) as well as the leader of the (CLP) Country Liberal Party (2013-2016). He clearly approved of the Port Darwin deal with Beijing to make more money for the NT. He failed to identify the danger of doing an investment deal with Beijing.

There is more explanation behind the FIRB failure read the ABC report. (vii)

It is not viable to bring charges of treason against them because the incompetence of the Foreign Investment Review Board is guilty of the highest level of incompetence for failing to overrule the NT Liberal Party objective. And we cannot prosecute Andrew Robb for supporting this stupid decision.

But we can independently prosecute Andrew Robb for joining Landbridge as a Consultant and for secretly working with the goals of ‘Communist Chinese’ instructions to Landbridge by Beijing.

“We can thank Australian Stupidity and Prime Minister of PNG James Marape for this increased danger of ‘Communist Chinese’ presence in the North.”

The Northern Territory Selection Team for management of the Darwin Port bidding was as per ABC list… “Director of major projects Ann Tan, Tourism NT chief executive Alastair Shields, then under-treasurer Jodie Ryan, head public servant Gary Barnes, former Queensland head public servant Jon Grayson and John Watkinson, who sat on the Port Corporation’s board.” (vii)

A.I. comments… with all the players approving this treasonous deal with ‘Communist China’ who deems this Landbridge deal to be part of the Belts, Road Global Project, I cannot help wondering how so many degree qualified people could be so intellectually incompetent and not recognise the danger of dealing with ‘Communism’. Now you know why I keep saying a large percentage of degree qualifications are not worth a damn.

“The NT Government has refused to release the final proponents offers, citing commercial-in-confidence reasons.” (vii)

A.I. comments… That hidden secret excuse for not revealing the names of the thirty-three bids is why the Port of Darwin was successfully awarded to the control of Beijing via Landbridge.

There should be a Federal Law that demands all bids are displayed for public scrutineering to challenge any proposed ‘Foreign Investment’ in our Nation. If such a law existed, a large percentage of Australians would have rejected Foreign Investment by Beijing through its ‘Communist Chinese Companies in Australia. This idiotic lease deal would have been responsibly stopped.

“Back in mid-December, when the current Labor Government was trying to explain how the NT was in the middle of a full-blown crisis that sees it borrowing $4 million a day to keep operating, Jodie Ryan was asked in a briefing what happened to the $506 million the NT received for the port.” (vii)

“She said it was put into general revenue and spent. It’s long gone, with less than 96 years left.(vii)

A.I. comments… And Beijing is laughing at our stupidity and smiling as Xi Jinping’s strategic military expansion plan is successfully working to gain control of PNG and Australia.

It is clear that the treasurer of NT was clearly not that alert in managing the $506 million received from the Port of Darwin lease. – it was all spent with less than 96 years of no money coming in from the lease. The Taxpayers of the next three generations are trapped by economic disadvantage. Thus the deal was both an economic bungle and a military strategic disaster.

As for Andrew Robb he does not care about the danger Australia is now facing, he is happy with gaining income from his Communist Comrades.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

Specialist using the most advanced intelligence in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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